Diversity & Inclusion

NSHE is committed to supporting campuses that are reflective of the state population to meet the current and future social, economic and workforce needs of a highly diverse state. The following is a summary of the most notable initiatives that System leadership is engaged in to help create diverse and inclusive policies and practices.

» Board of Regents Cultural Diversity Committee
This committee studies issues and recommends policies to the Board in an effort to promote cultural and ethnic diversity throughout the System in order to ensure access and equity for all students.  The committee reviews and examines issues, information, and activities that promote diversity among the students, staff and faculty of the System; examines information and indicators of student access and equity; makes recommendations to the Board intended to create, enhance, promote, and support an educational environment that welcomes all cultural and ethnic minorities; and takes actions appropriate to increase awareness, visibility, and emphasis of campus diversity programs.  Presidents from NSHE institutions are asked to present institutional diversity plans and updates on these plans on a regular basis. (Board of Regents Handbook, By-Laws, Title 1, Article 4, Section 3.d)

» Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Council
Reporting to the chancellor, this council provides statewide leadership in best practices; proposes policies and practices for the improvement of equity, diversity and inclusion issues; and supports and monitors the Board of Regents’ Master Plan diversity related goals and strategies.  The council encourages regular collaboration among employees and institutions on matters related to equity, diversity, and inclusion and makes regular reports, supported by current research and related data on the work of the council.  Each NSHE president appoints a representative to serve on this council  (Board of Regents Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 8, Section 5).

» Nevada Emerging Hispanic-Serving Institutions
Emerging Hispanic Serving Institutions are colleges and universities who serve a Hispanic population between 15 and 24.9 percent. According to Hispanic Association of College and Universities and Excelencia in Education, the Nevada System of Higher Education has five emerging Hispanic-Serving Institutions.. 

» College Access Challenge Grant (CACG)
The Nevada System of Higher Education was awarded a U.S .Department of Education grant to focus on increasing the number of low-income and underrepresented students who attend college. Through a competitive process, Nevada public colleges and universities were awarded nearly one million dollars to carry out activities that will provide information to students and families on the benefits of a college education.

» Inclusive Excellence Advisory Board
In 2010, Chancellor Dan Klaich created an Inclusive Excellence Advisory Board.  The purpose of the advisory board is to provide meaningful insights, suggestions and recommendations on how the Nevada System of Higher Education can significantly increase college participation and completion amongst our most vulnerable and underrepresented student populations.  The advisory board is composed of approximately 15 community and business members who represent ethnically diverse communities, industries, and perspectives. The advisory board meets with the chancellor on a quarterly basis to discuss relevant issues and concerns and to provide recommendations.

» Nevada Complete College
Nevada is one of 24 states who has committed, through a pact with Complete College America, to increase the number of students who complete college with a certificate or degree.  Nevada was among the first group of states to join the Alliance in February 2010. Under this pact, Nevada agreed to: 1) Establish annual state and campus-specific degree and credential completion goals through 2020; 2) Develop and implement aggressive state and campus level action plans for meeting the state's college completion goals; and 3) Collect and report common measures of progress.  Furthermore, Complete College America aligns directly with The National Governors’ Association Initiative, Complete to Compete.

» Educational Equity and Postsecondary Student Success
In 2010, the Nevada System of Higher Education was selected to participate in a Western Interstate Commission on Higher Education (WICHE) and University of Southern California (USC) Center for Urban Education (CUE) initiative funded by the Ford Foundation.  This project will provide NSHE and its institutions data-driven models and benchmarks to measure and better plan for student success, particularly for underrepresented populations.  Nevada was the first state selected for this national project and with its partners, will be analyzing data and using the results to positively transform educational outcomes.  One important goal of this project is to make racial equity a priority for Nevada.