NSHE PEBP Benefits Task Force

NSHE PEBP Benefits Task Force

Chancellor Dan Klaich initially organized the PEBP Benefits Task Force in September 2010, in response to the PEBP Board's changes to employee benefits effective July 2011.  In January 2011, the Task Force concluded its work and issued a final report to Chancellor Klaich. One of the recommendations of the Task Force was to establish an ongoing committee to address health care issues. This need became more apparent as employees began to report significant difficulties with the new PEBP plan as to cost, coverage and service.

To that end, Chancellor Klaich reconvened the PEBP Benefits Task Force in August 2011 with an expanded role to continue its work. The Chancellor has asked the Task Force to:

  1. Examine the impact of PEBP changes to NSHE and its employees. 
  2. Further consider alternative plans and supplemental benefits.
  3. Monitor and provide input on further PEBP plan modifications.
  4. Gather input from NSHE employees on significant problems they are experiencing with the PEBP plan.
  5. Work with the new NSHE Health Care Consultant in order to help carry out the specific tasks noted above. (The NSHE Health Care Consultant is expected to be selected by November 2011.)

The Task Force would like to hear from all employees on how the benefit changes are affecting them, as well as any concerns or suggestions you may have.  This web page is intended to provide a forum for feedback and ideas from active and retired employees regarding benefits changes, as well as to communicate the activities of the Task Force.

This site is intended solely for soliciting employee comments and for reporting on the Task Force's activities.  Employees should continue to contact their human resources department for questions about their individual benefits plan (see “Human Resources Links" to the right).  For questions regarding the Public Employees' Benefits Program please go to the PEBP web site at http://pebp.state.nv.us/.


The Task Force welcomes and encourages your input and suggestions in the comment box below.  (You may include your name and e-mail address or you can choose to remain anonymous.)

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