Students: Sandesh Kannan
Sandesh Kannan

Sandesh Kannan

President, Graduate Student Association (GSA) 
University of Nevada, Reno



Sandesh Kannan is an international student from India. With a bachelor’s degree in business management from Christ University in India, he moved to the United States to get his master’s degree in business administration (MBA) from the University of Nevada, Reno. He graduated with his MBA in the summer of 2016, and he is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in equity and diversity in education. 

Sandesh started his journey in the Graduate Student Association in the spring of 2015 as a council member. In fall of 2015 he was elected as the vice president of external affairs. As a vice president, Sandesh initiated and spearheaded a flagship event of GSA, Unity in Diversity.

For the year 2016-17, Sandesh was re-elected as a vice president of external affairs and eventually in September he was elected as the President of GSA, taking over the office on October 1, 2016.  As president, Sandesh intends to strengthen GSA by strengthening three main pillars:  professional development, diversity, and communication among student community and GSA council members.