Students: Noah Teixeira

Noah Teixeira-ASUN President

Noah Teixeira

President, Associated Students of the University of Nevada (ASUN)
University of Nevada, Reno




Noah Teixeira is a passionate northern Nevada native who is currently pursuing a dual degree in Economics and Political Science with minors in both Economic Policy and Accounting. Noah has previously held positions in both the Executive and Legislative branches of ASUN. In his sophomore year, he served as a Policy Analyst for the Department of Legislative Affairs. In this role, he analyzed policy issues that would affect students and created plans of action for ASUN leaders to lobby on these topics. Last spring, Noah was elected as a Senator for the College of Business, and was subsequently elected as Speaker of the Senate. Noah has led the 84th session to focus and fight for their constituents of all backgrounds and experiences in order to create a more dynamic, engaging student experience on campus. He is a visionary who wants to see the students of the university succeed in every facet of life on campus and in their future lives.