The Nevada System of Higher Education is currently undertaking several initiatives to improve the quality and efficiency of Nevada's public higher education system. To learn more, click a link below:


15 to Finish

The Nevada System of Education is encouraging full-time college students to finish college faster by completing a full 15-credit schedule each semester, or 30 credits a year, the standard course load for on-time graduation.

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Common Core State Standards

Nevada and the majority of other states have adopted the Common Core State Standards. The standards outline what students should master in each grade and shape curriculum development at each grade level. The standards establish a clear roadmap of academic expectations, so that students, parents, and teachers can work together toward shared goals. 

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Diversity & Inclusion

NSHE is committed to supporting campuses that are reflective of the state population to meet the current and future social, economic and workforce needs of a highly diverse state. The following is a summary of the most notable initiatives that System leadership is engaged in to help create diverse and inclusive policies and practices.

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Efficiency & Effectiveness

The Nevada System of Higher Education launched the Efficiency and Effectiveness Initiative to optimize resources to yield savings and cost avoidance for the state's public higher education system. 

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Formula Funding Study

The Nevada Legislature and NSHE have been working together to revise the state's funding formula to better meet the needs of our students, the state, and to allow the institutions the freedom to use resources in the best way possible to meet their missions of teaching, research and service. A new formula model was introduced in 2013. 

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Fresh Look at Nevada's Community Colleges

The Fresh Look at Nevada Community Colleges task force was formed by Chancellor Dan Klaich in June 2010 to examine the mission of Nevada’s four community colleges, and to define and identify required resources to accomplish those missions.

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NSHE e-Learning Task Force

The NSHE e-Learning Committee is a state-level committee that is charged with the distance education related issues that support student success a System-wide priority and focus on a common goal of graduating more students. Creating online remedial math and English modules for all NSHE institutions, as well as developing an "e-Ncore" of master general education courses transferable to all institutions.

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