Remedial Enrollments

In 1997, the Nevada Legislature approved Senate Bill 482 (Chapter 473, Statutes of Nevada 1997 ) directing the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) to provide certain information to Nevada school districts on enrollments in remedial courses within the NSHE and the costs associated with providing that instruction. Codified in Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 396.548, the mandate states the following:

The Board of Regents shall require employees of the System to provide to the Board of Trustees of each school district of this state, as appropriate, information regarding the:
Number of pupils who graduated from a high school in the district in the immediately preceding year and enrolled in remedial courses in reading, writing or mathematics at a university, state college or community college within the System.
Costs incurred by the System in providing remedial instruction pursuant to subsection 1.

The data necessary to satisfy this requirement are collected from the institutions of the NSHE and are summarized in this report. The information is provided to both the school districts and to the individual secondary schools, as appropriate, along with information regarding the placement methods utilized by the institutions of the NSHE.

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