Pursuant to Board of Regents’ policy, the Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) prepares a diversity report intended to provide an overview of the current status of enrollment and employment of members of diverse groups across the System. Title 4, Chapter 8, Section 6 (in part) of the Board of Regents’ Handbook provides that:

The Chancellor’s Office shall collect and maintain information on (1) the number of minorities, women, and members of other protected classes employed in professional and classified positions; and (2) the number of minorities, women, and members of other protected classes registered as students. Annually, periodically, or upon request, this information shall be reported to the Board of Regents.

These reports include information on NSHE student enrollments in the context of Nevada’s changing demographics. In addition, the reports provide data on the recruitment and performance of NSHE students within defined ethnic/racial categories. As required by Board policy, the reports also provide data on the enrollment of women across NSHE institutions. The ethnic/racial distribution of NSHE faculty and staff is also included.

Should you have further questions, please contact Linda Heiss, director of institutional research, at Linda_Heiss@nshe.nevada.edu.


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NSHE Diversity Reports