NSHE iNtegrate Project
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Project Overview

iNtegrate is the brand given to the system-wide implementation of new information systems for all Nevada System of Higher Education (NSHE) institutions.

The first information system selected for implementation is the Student Information System, giving priority to improving student services. The name, iNtegrate, was chosen because it represents the means to a functioning and unified system of information and the efficient management of administrative services for students, faculty and staff.

The iNtegrate Project is an NSHE initiative to implement PeopleSoft student services technology.

  • NSHE is comprised of two universities, a state college, four community colleges, and a research institute.
  • NSHE is governed by an elected Board of Regents.
  • Working on behalf of the Board, the Chancellor's Offices (north and south), also referred to as System Administration, develops NSHE strategy and implements Board policies.

 Through the collaborative efforts and resources of each of the NSHE components, the project was launched in July 2008, with a completion date of October 2011. This project is made possible through the support of the students of the Nevada System of HigherEducation, the Board of Regents and the Nevada State Legislature.

The iNtegrate implementation team would like to acknowledge the ongoing support and leadership of the many individuals involved; for the many tireless hours; and the variety of resources committed to making the iNtegrate Project a success.