NSHE iNtegrate Project

Steering Committee

This reconstituted committee will provide oversight and deal with major operational aspects related to implementing the iNtegrate project, including issues brought to the committee by the iNtegrate Project Director.  This committee will meet as often as needed to maintain sufficient oversight. 

The committee consists of the iNtegrate Project Director, the Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs, two campus chief financial officers (CFOs), two campus chief information officers (CIOs), two campus academic affairs officers and two campus student service officers (CSOs).  To maximize campus participation on this committee, the CFOs, CIOs and CSOs all have rotating terms. It is chaired by the NSHE iNtegrate Project Director.

Dr. Jane Nichols
Vice Chancellor, Academic & Student Affairs

Dr. Steven Zink
Vice Chancellor for Information Technology

Marilyn Delmont
Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Technology

James McKinney
iNtegrate Project Director

Rita Singleton
iNtegrate Project Manager

Ms. Patty Charlton
Vice President, Finance & Budget

Mr. Mike McFarlane
Vice President, Academic Affairs

Dr. Erika Beck
Interim Provost

Dr. Patty Young
Executive Director of Student Programs

Mr. Stephen Zideck
Director, Information Technology Services

Ms. Delores Sanford
Vice President, Finance & Administration

Mr. Gerry Bomotti
Vice President, Finance & Business

Dr. Lori Temple
Vice Provost for Information Technology

Dr. Shannon Ellis
Vice President, Student Services

Mr. John Kinkella
Dean, Student Services