NSHE iNtegrate Project

Student Services Module Task Force

As the project begins the implementation phase, the Vision of this task force and many of its collaborative strategies will begin to materialize within the business rules and designs of the new Student Services Module. As student services and functional-backfill related issues arise, this committee will meet and make recommendations to the iNtegrate Steering Committee and the Implementation Team to address these issues. These recommendations may also include policy changes that are needed to optimize NSHE's investment in this new system.

The membership of this existing committee has transitioned to include the senior Student Affairs/Services officers from each campus and the system.

Dr. Jane A. Nichols
Vice Chancellor for Academic & Student Affairs,

Sandi Cardinal
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Internal Audit & Risk Management

Linda Heiss
Director of Institutional Research

John Bearce
Interim Director of Institutional Research & Planning

Chemene Crawford
Dean Student Services

Ed Novak
Assistant Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Janice King
Director of Admissions and Registrar

Lynn Mahlberg
Vice President for Student Services

Dr. Steven Zink, Ph.D.
Vice Chancellor, Information Technology

Andrea Martin
Documentation and Training Coordinator

Patty Young
Director for Student Programs

Ginger Holladay-Houston
Director of Information & Application Services

John Tuthill
Vice President for Academic and Student Services

Sharon Wurm
Director of Financial Aid

Dr. Juanita Fain
Vice President for Student Services

Kari Coburn
Asst. Vice Provost Institutional Analysis and Planning

Melisa Choroszy
Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services

Dr. Shannon Ellis
Vice President for Student Services

Carol Lange
Interim Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs

John Kinkella
Dean of Student Services