NSHE iNtegrate Project

Implementation Team

This team will handle the major and ongoing tactical issues that will arise with the iNtegrate implementation project.  The team, comprised of the NSHE iNtegrate Project Director, NSHE iNtegrate Project Manager and the Project Leads from each institution and SCS, will meet regularly and frequently.

When requested by the Project Director or when invited by other chairs, this group will also meet with the iNtegrate Steering Committee and other committees or groups to discuss larger issues and to be updated on project progress and issues.

James McKinney
iNtegrate Project Director

Rita Singleton
iNtegrate Project Manager

Linda Heiss
Director of Institutional Research

Lynne Kourtidis
iNtegrate Project Documentation & Training Manager

John Bearce
Interim Director of Institutional Research & Planning

Dan Morris
Executive Director Finance & Administration

Jan Loomis
Project Manager

Todd McElroy
Project Manager

Ed Novak
Assistant VP of Information Technology,
Chief Information Officer

Lora McCarty
SIS Operations Manager

Sonja Sibert
Budget & Human Resources Officer

Andrea Martin
Documentation and Training Coordinator

Brian Chongtai
Director of Information Technology

Ginger Holladay-Houston
Director of Information & Application Services

Chris Winslow
Executive Director, Information Technology Operations

Sharon Wurm
Director of Financial Aid

Lori Temple
Vice Provost for Information Technology

Shannon Goodman
Executive Director of Student Systems

Dr. Melisa Choroszy
Associate Vice President for Enrollment Services

Michael Bakker
Manager PeopleSoft Project

Eric Thornton
Programmer/Analyst & Campus Project Lead

Lori Tiede
Director, Financial Assistance

Andrew Lockey