NSHE iNtegrate Project

Financial Review Team

During the project's implementation phase, substantial resources will need to be identified, allocated and spent, both at the system and campus levels.  As financial planning and other finance related issues arise, the Business Officers Council will meet and make recommendations to the iNtegrate Steering Committee and the Implementation Team to address these financial issues.  Recommendations may also include policy changes that are needed to optimize NSHE’s investment in this new system.

The membership of this existing council includes the senior business officers from each campus and the system. Other campus financial officers (controllers, budget officers, etc.) may attend when needed. It is chaired by Vice Chancellor for Finance and Facilities Planning, Mark Stevens.

Mark Stevens
Vice Chancellor of Finance
Larry Eardley
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Budget & Finance
Sandra Cardinal
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Audit & Risk Management
Ginny Wiswell
Director of Facilities Planning, Management & Analysis
Ruby Camposano
Director of Banking & Investments

Patty Charlton
Senior Vice President for Finance & Facilities

Ellie Oppenheim
Interim Senior Vice President for Finance & Administration
Art Roberto
Financial Services Office

Sonja Sibert
Budget & Human Resources Officer

Buster Neel
Vice President for Finance & Administration

Glenda Krietlow
Budget Director

Delores Sanford
Vice President of Finance & Administrative Services

Gerry Bomotti
Senior Vice President for Finance & Business

Ron Zurek
Vice President for Administration & Finance

Daniel Neverett
Vice President for Finance & Administrative Services