UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
December 27-28, 1882


Volume OA - Page 163


                       December 27, 1882

The Board of Regents met at Elko on the date above written.

Present:  J. S. Mayhugh, President, and C. H. Sproule.

The minutes of October 4 meeting read and approved.

The continuance of the University for the coming year was dis-

cussed, and it was ordered that T. W. Stone be continued as

Principal of the Preparatory Department for six months, from

January 1, 1883, at his present salary.

It was the unanimous decision of the Board to continue the

Assaying and Mining Department, but owing to the appropriation

for the support of that Department being exhausted, the matter

was deferred for future action.

The following bills were audited:

    T. W. Stone         Principal for December           $ 250.00

    Charles Gardner     Janitor for December                15.00

    J. E. Gignoux       A & M Department                   250.00

    T. W. Stone         Supplies                            31.75


                                     Subtotal            $ 546.75

    T. W. Stone         Principal for October            $ 250.00

    T. W. Stone         Principal for November             250.00

    J. E. Gignoux       A & M Department                   500.00

    J. E. Gignoux       A & M Department                   250.00

    Charles Gardner     Janitor, Oct & Nov                  30.00


                                     Final Total         $1826.75

Board adjourned.

                             T. W. Stone