UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
December 26-27, 1867


Volume OA - Page 25

                      Executive Department

                       Carson City, Nevada

                        December 26, 1867

The Board of Regents met pursuant to an adjournment.  Present:

H. G. Blasdel, C. N. Noteware and A. N. Fisher.

The minutes of former meetings were read, amended and approved.

On motion, C. N. Noteware was instructed to address Britton &

Gray, Attorneys of this Board, resident at Washington, D. C.,

requesting them to endeavor to secure title for the State of

all lands within C. P. R. R. reservation, heretofore applied

for, acre for acre.

C. N. Noteware presented the following resolution, which was

adopted and a copy of the same ordered transmitted to the


    RESOLVED, that in the opinion of this Board the interests

    of the State demand that the State Register's notices to

    County Surveyors inviting sealed proposals as provided in

    Section Six of the State Land Law, include all sixteenth

    and thirty-sixth sections and lands selected in lieu thereof

    subject to sale by the State.

On motion, adjourned to meet at 10 A.M. tomorrow.

                             H. G. Blasdel


A. N. Fisher