UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
December 22-23, 1926

Volume OE - Page 480

                         Reno, Nevada
                      December 22, 1926

The Committee meeting called for 9 o'clock December 22, 1926,
was attended by Chairman Pratt and Mrs. Williams only of the
Regents.  Comptroller Gorman and President Clark were present.

List No. 12, Regents Checks Nos. 6136 to 6148 for the net sum
of $47,764.22 and List No. 25, State Claims Nos. 282 to 289 for
the net sum of $12,083.67 were signed by Mr. Pratt and Mrs.
Williams, with understanding that these lists should come up
for approval at the December 31st meeting.

President Clark made formal announcement of the two new scholar-
ships:  those of Mr. Charles Elmer Clough for annual awards of
$150 each to a Junior and to a Senior Engineering student; those
of Mr. J. W. and Mrs. Katherine Morrison German of $500 for each
of two consecutive University years to be awarded to a Nevada
high school graduate to be selected by the President of the Uni-
versity biennially in each odd-numbered year and to go first to
a man and then to a woman student alternating through the years.

Chairman Pratt read his report to the Governor and President
Clark read parts of his report to the Regents.

After some discussion, adjourned with understanding that the
next meeting of the Board should be held on December 31, 1926
at 9 o'clock.  The Secretary was instructed to include in the
call for the December 31st meeting a call for an organization
meeting to be held on January 3, 1927 at 9 o'clock.

                             Walter E. Pratt