UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
December 22-23, 1917

Volume OE - Pages 113-116

                         Reno, Nevada
                      December 22, 1917

The recessed meeting of the Board of Regents was called to order
at 3 o'clock by the Chairman.

Present:  Regents Curler, O'Brien, Sullivan and Abel, and Presi-
dent Clark and Vice President Lewers.  Absent:  Regent Baker.

Vice President Lewers reported that the present number of men
taking drill had fallen below the number set for the retention
of a R. O. T. C. Unit, being a little more than 70 men; the
government was to provide uniforms wherever there was such a
unit.  The reduction in numbers was reported to the War Depart-
ment and on the application of Major Ryan and Mr. Lewers, on
account of the large percentage of withdrawals being on account
of boys entering war service, the Unit was ordered retained here
even though below the required number.

The matter of commutation for uniforms was discussed, the govern-
ment cost being $14; students could not provide themselves with
uniforms for less than $20, making a difference of $6.  The
question of title to the uniforms under the plan of the govern-
ment paying the $6 difference was discussed.  That the military
work might proceed properly, the Commandant had asked for an
early settlement in regard to the uniforms, the question to be
decided whether the University would pay the $6, or whether the
students should pay such a deposit, or whether they should be
asked to secure their own uniforms outright.

Mr. Abel asked if whether the University lost the R. O. T. C.
Unit its income under the Agricultural and Mechanical Grant would
be endangered in any way.  Assurance was given by the Acting
President that there was no danger to this fund, that we would
only lose the R. O. T. C. Unit and the order of military in-
struction would be as it had been prior to the establishment of
this R. O. T. C., when such drill by virtue of being part of the
instruction required of Land Grant Colleges was required, and
the students so taking it required to furnish their own uniforms.
Mr. Lewers suggested that if Seniors and Juniors were required
to take military instruction, and the age limit was changed,
that doubtless the number would be great enough, to retain the
R. O. T. C.; he suggested that this be looked into and that some
changes for the coming catalogues be considered, and it was sug-
gested finally that the matter be left with the President, he to
confer with the Commandant and submit recommendations in regard
to the Military Department to the Board at the next meeting that
the same might be approved for use in the next catalogue.

Major Ryan, Commandant, asked for permission to appear before
the Board, and he was admitted.  He stated the matter as the
Vice President had, and added that it was important for the work
of his Department that the men taking drill should have uniforms,
and that early action was desirable.  Major Ryan explained that
Land Grant Colleges having less than 100 men in drill could not
operate under the R. O. T. C. Unit, though this University had
permission to do so for the present.

Comptroller Gorman was called before the Board and read his re-
port to the Board dated December 21, calling particular attention
to the following items:

    1.  The University State Tax Fund
    2.  The University Farm Sales Account
    3.  The Dairy Sales Account

The overdrafts in these two latter accounts were discussed full
and in detail and the Comptroller was asked for a recommendation
regarding the same, which he offered as follows:  That the Board
of Regents authorize the transfer of $3002.71 from the Student
Fees Reserve Fund to the University Farm Sales Account, to cover
the overdraft in that account; and authorize the transfer of
$2559.48 from the Student Fees Reserve Fund be transferred to
the Dairy Sales Account to cover the overdraft in that account,
both as of December 21, 1917.

Dr. Sullivan took the Chair.

Regent Abel offered the following motion:  I move you that there
be transferred from the Student Fees Reserve Fund the amount of
$3002.71 to cover the overdraft in the Farm Sales Account and
the amount of $2559.48 to cover the overdraft in the Dairy Sales
Account, as of December 21, 1917.  Vote:

    Mr. O'Brien          Aye
    Mr. Abel             Aye
    Mr. Curler           Aye
    Dr. Sullivan         Aye
    Mrs. Baker           Absent

Mr. Abel resumed the Chair.

The matter of the policy for the Dairy and the financing of it
was referred to the President.

A letter was read from the Reno National Bank advising of the
deposit of bonds with the State Treasurer.  The letter was or-
dered received and filed.

Notice was brought to the attention of the Board of the gift by
Mrs. W. A. Clark, Jr., of Los Angeles, California, of a bronze
of Eugene Field, and of some speciments of ore from the Butte
District, both of which had been received at the University.  The
Secretary was instructed to draft a letter acknowledging to
Mrs. Clark the gifts, which the Chairman would sign.

It was moved by Regent O'Brien that the report of the Comptroller
be received and placed on file.  Motion carried, all voting aye.

It was moved by Mr. Curler that the President be authorized to
take the necessary steps to meet the provisions of the Smith-
Hughes Vocational Training bill.  Motion carried, all voting aye.

The Secretary was, upon motion, instructed to spread upon the
minutes the following resolution on the death of Adolphus W.
Wier, and to send a copy of the same to Jeanne E. Wier, Profes-
sor of History in the University.

    In the death of Adolphus W. Wier, father of Jeanne Elizabeth
    Wier, the University of Nevada recognizes the loss of one
    who has given rich and ungrudging service to the cause of
    education and who has unselfishly served the interests of
    the community and the State.  The Regents of the University
    desire to give to Miss Wier and to the other members of the
    family their sympathy for the loss of a devoted husband and
    loving father.

There being no further business, it was moved and duly carried
that the Board adjourn.

                             J. F. Abel

Louise Blaney