UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
December 19-20, 1979


Pages 47-72



December 19, 1979

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the Teacher

Education building, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Members present: Mr. Robert A. Cashell, Chairman

Mr. James L. Buchanan, II

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Mrs. Molly F. Knudtsen

Dr. Louis E. Lombardi

Mr. John R. Mc Bride

Mr. John Tom Ross

Mrs. June Whitley

Others present: Chancellor Donald H. Baepler

President William Berg, NNCC

President Joseph Crowley, UNR

President Jack Davis, WNCC

President Judith Eaton, CCCC

President Leonard Goodall, UNLV

President Lloyd Smith, DRI

Also present were Faculty Senate Chairpersons Campana (DRI),

Christopher (CCCC), Elliott (WNCC/N), Marschall (UNR), Melrose

(NNCC), Moser (Unit), Pugsley (WNCC/S), Van Vactor (UNLV); and

representatives of student associations from the Community

Colleges and Universities.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Cashell at 9:15 A.M.

1. Adoption of Consent Agenda

The Consent Agenda (identified as Ref. A and filed with

permanent minutes) containing the following items, was sub-

mitted for approval:

(1) Approval of Minutes of November 2, 1979, with the fol-

lowing addition to Item #4, Page 26, requested by Mrs.

Fong: "An alternative to San Diego was suggested by

Mrs. Knudtsen. The alternative suggested was Austin,

Nevada, and Mrs. Fong thought having the workshop in

Austin would be a good idea since Mr. Cashell's sug-

gestion, in response to advice from AGB, was to re-

move the participants from their normal environment."

(2) Acceptance of gifts and grants as reported in Ref. C-2.

(3) Request from donors of a total of $870 to the Nancy

Gomes Scholarship fund to transfer their contributions

to the Soroptimists International of Truckee Meadows.

(4) Amendment of the purchasing policy to allow for

purchases directly by the College of Agriculture of

livestock feed without reference to the Purchasing


(5) Abolition of the position of Dean of Admissions and

Records, UNLV, vacant since the retirement of Muriel

Parks, and utilization of the budgeted salary to create

a staff position in the Registrar's Office and one in

the Office of Admissions.

(6) Authorization to write off $4,149.97 in uncollectible

student loans at UNR and $640 at NNCC.

(7) Augmentation of the DRI Interview and Recruiting

Account and the Board of Regents Host Account by al-

location of $5,000 to each from the Board of Regents

Special Projects Account.

(8) Revision of the UNLV Nevada Dance Estimative Budget to

accommodate an increase of $39,936.

(9) Approval of a transfer of $12,785 from UNR Arts and

Science Equipment Account to the Department of Biology,

to purchase instruction-related equipment.

In addition to the gifts reported in Ref. C-2, President

Goodall reported that $10,000 had been received from Mr.

William Morris to establish an Excellence in Teaching Award

in the College of Arts and Letters, and expressed his hope

that similar awards could ultimately be established for each

of the Colleges at UNLV.

Dr. Lombardi commented on the report of a gift from former

Regent Helen Thompson, noting that it reflected her contin-

uing interest in the University and her concern with pro-

viding adequate funds for faculty travel. Mr. Buchanan also

commented on the gift by Miss Thompson and recalled her con-

tinuing interest in and support of the University, particu-

larly her assistance in developing the North-South Mall of

the UNLV Campus. He suggested that consideration be given

to naming that Mall in her honor and in appreciation of her

contributions. It was agreed that this matter would be

placed on the February agenda for consideration.

Mrs. Fong moved adoption of the Consent Agenda as submitted,

including the gift from Mr. William Morris reported by

President Goodall. Motion seconded by Dr. Lombardi, car-

ried without dissent.

Chancellor Baepler announced that the Report of the DRI National

Advisory Board, Agenda Item #2, has been withdrawn.

2. Appointment of President, DRI

Upon motion by Mr. Mc Bride, seconded by Mrs. Fong, a per-

sonnel session was convened to discuss the professional com-

petence of the candidates for the Presidency of the Desert

Research Institute. Upon reconvening into regular session,

Chancellor Baepler recommended appointment of Dr. Clifford

J. Murino as President of the Desert Research Institute,

effective at a date mutually agreeable to the Institute and

Dr. Murino. Chancellor Baepler recommended that the ap-

pointment carry the same salary and perquisites presently

provided to the Presidents of UNR, UNLV and DRI, and that

the negotiations with Dr. Murino include the offer of tenure

upon appointment if necessary to secure his acceptance of

the position.

Mr. Buchanan moved approval of the recommendation that Dr.

Clifford J. Murino be offered the appointment of the Presi-

dent of the Desert Research Institute, under the terms and

conditions cited by the Chancellor, and that in approving

the appointment, the Board also authorize the Chancellor to

make such administrative changes within the Institute as

appropriate to effect the change in Administration. Motion

seconded by Dr. Lombardi, carried without dissent.

Chairman Cashell commended the DRI Presidential Search

Committee for its effective work and for the successful

conclusion of its assignment.

Mr. Buchanan noted the inclusion on the agenda of a recommenda-

tion for appointment of a Scientific Information Officer for the

Desert Research Institute, and a proposal for the creation of a

Regents DRI Advistory Board, and moved that both recommendations

be tabled until a subsequent meeting to allow for consideration

by the new President of the Institute. Motion seconded by Mr.

Karamanos, carried without dissent.

3. Proposal for DRI Space in Southern Nevada

President Smith recalled that at the September meeting there

had been discussion concerning lack of office and laboratory

space for the Institute's Water Resources Programs in South-

ern Nevada, and the Board had directed that alternatives be

explored which would offer a solution to the space problem.

President Smith proposed that the Institute be authorized

to purchase office trailers as needed, and place them on the

DRI property on Maryland Parkway, across the street from the

UNLV Campus; that the Institute be authorized to proceed

with the sale of 60 acres it owns in San Bernardino County,

California, and to designate the proceeds of the sale for

the purchase of the office trailers; and that the Board des-

ignate the Maryland Parkway property owned by DRI as the

location for the new DRI building to be constructed from

funds appropriated by the Legislature.

Chancellor Baepler stated that he fully supported the pro-

posal by Dr. Smith and agreed with the recommendation for

meeting the immediate space needs of DRI; however, he stated

that he wished to defer the part of the proposal concerning

the location of the new building, noting that there is no

need to make that decision immediately and he would prefer

that Dr. Murino have a further opportunity to look at the


Mr. Buchanan stated that Dr. Murino had expressed strong

support for the location of the new building on the Mary-

land Parkway property. Mr. Mc Bride and Mrs. Fong con-

curred, stating that this preference had been very clear

in their discussions with Dr. Murino.

Mr. Buchanan moved that President Smith's proposal be ap-

proved, including the recommendation that the new building,

to be constructed from State appropriated monies, be located

on the Maryland Parkway property now owned by DRI. Motion

seconded by Mrs. Fong.

President Smith reported that the staff of the Institute

have strongly endorsed the Maryland Parkway location. DRI

Senate Chairman Michael Campana concurred and urged favor-

able action by the Board.

Motion carried without dissent.

Upon request of President Goodall, the request for authorization

to sell a parcel of UNLV property, and a proposal for a special

laboratory fee for the College of Education were withdrawn from

the agenda.

Mrs. Knudtsen entered the meeting at 9:45 A.M.

4. Request for Allocation for UNLV Museum of Natural History

President Goodall submitted a request from the Director of

the Museum of Natural History for the completion of several

remodeling projects for the Museum (request included with

the agenda, identified as Ref. F. and filed with permanent

minutes), with the first two priorities totaling approxi-

mately $95,000. President Goodall reported that there are

surplus funds of $78,000 remaining in the State appropria-

tion for Campus improvements which could be directed toward

the funding required, and requested that the balance of

$17,000 be provided from the Board of Regents Special

Projects Account in order that the first two priorities on

the request could be accomplished. Chancellor Baepler

recommended approval.

Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr.

Buchanan, carried without dissent.

5. Proposal for Naming of Running Track, UNLV

President Goodall recommended that the running track at

UNLV be named in memory of Myron Partridge, a longtime Las

Vegas resident who served as an official at athletic events

for nearly 50 years. He noted that Mr. Partridge had form-

ed the Southern Nevada Officials Association, which is now

responsible for officiating of all local high school ath-

letics and recreation programs.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Mc Bride,

carried without dissent.

6. Request for Loan for Marching Band, UNR

President Crowley reported that during the current year, a

55-piece pep band had been formed at UNR, as a first step

toward the formation of a marching band. He suggested that

in order to have a marching band assembled for 1980-81, ap-

proximately $200,000 will be required for equipment, uni-

forms, financial aid, graduate assistantships and miscel-

laneous costs. The Wolf Club organization has committed

$50,000 toward this total, and additional support in the

amount of $20,000 to $25,000 is expected to be forthcoming

through the efforts of ASUN and activities of the Alumni

Association. Approximately $70,000 in other private funding

($8,500 of which has already been raised) will provide fur-

ther support.

President Crowley requested the balance of the required

funding, $55,000, be made available in the form of a loan

from the Board of Regents Special Projects Account. Chan-

cellor Baepler recommended approval.

Mr. Ross moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr. Lombardi,

carried without dissent.

7. Proposed Name Change for Medical School, UNR

President Crowley recommended that the name of the School of

Medical Sciences be changed to the School of Medicine, ef-

fective immediately, noting that this change has been en-

dorsed by the School's faculty and the Advisory Board and

has been approved by the UNR Faculty Senate and Academic

Council. Chancellor Baepler recommended approval.

Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

President Crowley requested that the report on the Special Events

Center be withdrawn until a subsequent meeting.

8. Proposed Gaming Careers Program, CCCC

President Eaton proposed the establishment of a Gaming

Careers Program at CCCC, providing Associate of Arts de-

grees in Casino Management and Slots Management, as well as

Certificates of Achievement in Casino Operations and Slot

Mechanics. A copy of the proposal containing Phase I and

Phase II program development information is on file in the

Chancellor's Office.

President Eaton requested authorization to initiate Gaming

Career offerings on a part-time basis in Spring, 1980, and

allocation of $10,324 from the Board of Regents Special

Projects Account for instructional and operating costs

associated with this initiation. Chancellor Baepler con-


Mr. Karamanos moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Whitley, carried without dissent.

President Goodall commented on the proposal, noting that

discussions between UNLV and CCCC have proceeded concurrent-

ly with the development of this program and he was pleased

with the cooperation between the two institutions. He re-

ported that he was satisfied that the program will be non-

duplicative, but will be transferable.

In response to a request from Mrs. Fong concerning the fund-

ing for continuation of the program until such time as ap-

propriated funds can be secured for its support, President

Eaton stated that she would be bringing back another request

to the Board for funding when the 1980-81 Work Program is

submitted to the Board.

Motion carried without dissent.

9. Campus Improvements, CCCC

President Eaton reported that the project for acoustic

treatment to the TV studio, control rooms and theater, Cam-

pus graphics, and a sound system was estimated to cost

$244,000, and funding was authorized from the CCCC Capital

Improvement Fee Fund. However, she noted, the architect's

estimate indicates that the projects require approximately

$120,000 more to do the necessary work. President Eaton

requested authorization to use up to $120,000 additional

from the CCCC Capital Improvement Fee Fund to augment the

project budget for these improvements in order to accomplish

the scope of work as defined. She noted that previously

completed projects were closed out below budgeted costs,

thereby making these funds available at this time.

Mr. Karamanos moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

10. Appointments to NNCC Advisory Board

President Berg recommended the following reappointments to

the NNCC Advisory Board for two year terms, expiring

December, 1981:

Mr. Harvey Barnes, Jiggs

Mr. Warren Monroe, Elko

Mr. Steve Hernandez, Elko

Mrs. Marla Boies, Jackpot

Dr. Berg reported that Dr. Hugh Collett, Mr. Frank Stanko,

and Mr. Bill Wunderlich are presently serving terms which

expire December, 1980, and recalled that Mr. Art Glaser and

Mr. Carl Shuck were appointed at the November meeting to

two year terms expiring in December, 1981.

Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr.

Lombardi, carried without dissent.

11. Sabbatical Leave Recommendations for 1980-81

Nevada Revised Statutes and Board of Regents policy provide

for the total number of sabbatical leaves which may be a-

warded each year.

Chancellor Baepler reported that, utilizing the criteria

which has been followed in previous years, the maximum

available leaves for 1980-81 are: 11 for UNR, 7 for UNLV,

1 for the Unit, 2 for DRI, 4 for CCCC, 3 for WNCC, and 1

for NNCC.

A. University of Nevada, Reno - President Crowley recom-

mended the 11 sabbatical leaves available to UNR be

awarded as follows:

Hyung K. Shin, Chemistry, Fall 1980

Thomas R. Kozel, Microbiology, Academic Year 1980-81

Warren L. D'Azevedo, Anthropology, Academic Year 1980-81

Beth W. Carney, Foreign Languages, Academic Year 1980-81

M. Ann Ronald, English, Academic Year 1980-81

Glen W. Atkinson, Economics, Academic Year 1980-81

Joseph W. Metzgar, History, Academic Year 1980-81

James C. Mc Cormick, Art, Spring 1981

John Altrocchi, Behavioral Sciences, Academic Year


Robert B. Mc Kee, Mechanical Engineering, Academic Year


James L. Owen, Speech and Theatre, Fall 1980


Gordon I. Zimmerman, Speech and Theatre, Spring 1981

Lyle G. Warner, Sociology, Academic Year 1980-81

Richard L. Siegel, Political Science, Spring 1981

Gerald W. Kimble, Mathematics, Academic Year 1980-81

A summary of proposed projects was included with the

agenda, identified as Ref. G. and filed with permanent


B. University of Nevada, Las Vegas - President Goodall

recommended the 7 sabbatical leaves available to UNLV

be awarded as follows:

Robert Burgan, Theatre Arts, Academic Year 1980-81

Jean Decock, Foreign Languages, Academic Year 1980-81

Thomas Holder, Art, Academic Year 1980-81

Richard Kallan, Communications Studies, Academic Year


Douglas Peterson, Music, Spring, 1981

John Swetnam, Anthropology, Academic Year 1980-81

Philip Taylor, Management, Academic Year 1980-81


Paul Burns, History, Spring 1981

Verdun Trione, Education, Spring 1981

Darlene Unrue, English, Spring 1981

A summary of proposed projects was included with the

agenda, identified as Ref. H. and filed with permanent


C. Unit - Chancellor Baepler recommended the 1 sabbatical

leave available to the Unit be awarded to Robert Laxalt

for one-half year beginning July 1, 1980. Mr. Laxalt

proposes to spend this period doing the necessary re-

search, and oral and written interviews in the Basque

Provinces of France, preparatory to the writing of a

semi-biographical novel tracing four generations of one

family. A second part of the research will be conduct-

ed in the isolated range country of Nevada.

Chancellor Baepler noted that his recommendation for

approval is subject to the ability of the University

Press to budget for a replacement for Mr. Laxalt during

the period of his leave.

D. Desert Research Institute - President Smith recommended

the 2 sabbatical leaves available to DRI be awarded as


John W. Hess, Water Resources Center, for one year

beginning September 1, 1980.

Joseph A. Warburton, Atmospheric Sciences Center, for

six months beginning July 1, 1980.

A summary of the proposed projects was included with the

agenda, identified as Ref. I. and filed with permanent


E. Clark County Community College - President Eaton recom-

mended the 4 sabbatical leaves available to CCCC be

awarded as follows:

Mary Burnett, Child Development, 1/2 year

Paul Swartz, Business Management and Marketing, 1/2 year

George Isham, Social Science, 1/2 year

Donald Starr, Data Processing, one year


Mary Williams, Business Programs, one year

Stephen Liu, English/Foreign Languages, 1/2 year

Kenneth Hill, Audio-Visual, one year

Heinz Rettig, Business Management, 1/2 year

Chuck Ayoub, Automotive, one year

A summary of the proposed projects was included with the

agenda, identified as Ref. J. and filed with permanent


F. Northern Nevada Community College - President Berg

reported that no applications were received for the 1

sabbatical leave available to NNCC.

G. Western Nevada Community College - President Davis

recommended the 3 sabbatical leaves available to WNCC

be awarded as follows:

Ronald K. Remington, Liberal Arts, WNCC/North, one year

James V. A. Conkey, Liberal Arts, WNCC/North, Fall 1980

Charlotte Bowen, Student Services, WNCC/North, one year


Lewis E. Scott, Occupational Education, WNCC/North,

one year

A summary of the proposed projects was included with the

agenda, identified as Ref. K. and filed with permanent


Chancellor Baepler noted that one sabbatical leave will go

unused since NNCC will not be using the one allocated to

them. He stated that this sabbatical would be awarded to

an alternate from one of the other institutions, and its al-

location would be determined after a review of past practice

concerning distribution of unused sabbatical leaves.

Mr. Ross moved approval of the recommendations for sabbati-

cal leave as submitted, save and except for the last para-

graph of C. Motion seconded by Mrs. Knudtsen, carried with-

out dissent.

12. Report and Recommendations on the Status of Graduate Fellows

Chancellor Baepler recalled that at the August 1979 meeting,

information was presented concerning the status of graduate

fellows within the University of Nevada System. As a result

of that presentation, the Board requested a specific recom-

mendation be developed for consideration at a subsequent


Dr. John Marschall reported that the UNR Academic Council

and Faculty Senate had formed a joint ad hoc committee to

study the report which was the basis of the August presenta-

tion, together with newly gathered data. He noted that the

committee had addressed a number of concerns and had ulti-

mately focused on a narrow and crucial set of recommenda-

tions which it believed would resolve the most pressing

problems of graduate fellows and of graduate programs with-

in the System.

The Committee's report and recommendations were included

with the agenda (identified as Ref. L. and filed with per-

manent minutes).

Dr. Marschall commented on the report, citing the following

three specific recommendations:

A. That the five-level stipend schedule for the academic

year be retained, but that the steps be increased from

$200 to $250, and that the five levels range from

$5,000 at level 1, to $6,000 at level 5.

B. That, after the large "catch up" increment brings

graduate fellow stipends in line with the movement of

the CPI, the stipends move at the same rate as the

average increase in professional salaries.

C. That the policy of referring to all graduate students

getting assistance as graduate fellows be abandoned,

and that the following categories be adopted:

(1) Graduate Assistant - to include the subcategories

of Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant, or

any other appropriate title.

(2) Graduate Fellow - to designate individuals

receiving a stipend that would be treated as a

scholarship (i. e., with no specific duties re-

quired for such awards).

Dr. Marschall commented on the recommendation contained in

paragraph A, that the beginning level of the stipend sched-

ule be increased from $3,800 to $5,000, and suggested that

one possible way of funding this increase would be utiliza-

tion of College Work-Study funds, noting that the funds in

this program have just recently been extended to allow

institutions to supplement current graduate student support


Mr. Ross moved approval of the specific recommendations con-

tained in the report from the Committee on the Status of

Graduate Fellows, and implementation of those recommenda-

tions, subject to institutional and research budgets.

Motion seconded by Mrs. Knudtsen, carried without dissent.

13. Revision to University Code and Related Policy Changes

Chancellor Baepler recalled that at the September meeting,

the Board approved a proposal to amend all pertinent Univer-

sity documents to remove the word "Division" as it pertains

to an organizational entity of the University of Nevada

System, and directed that hereafter the organization of the

University of Nevada System would include UNR, UNLV, DRI,

CCCC, NNCC and WNCC as autonomous and independent institu-

tions. The Board also directed the consideration of the

elimination of the as-yet unfilled position of Vice Chan-

cellor for Community Colleges, and requested that consid-

eration be given to the feasibility of separating WNCC

into two Colleges.

Chancellor Baepler further recalled that, subsequently, at

the November meeting, the Board agreed to the elimination of

the position of Vice Chancellor for Community College

Affairs, but deferred action on establishment of a replace-

ment position, to be titled "Community College Analyst",

until a final decision had been reached on the question of

Division status for the Community Colleges.

To implement the foregoing action of the Board, the follow-

ing recommendations were submitted for Board consideration:

A. Separation of Western Nevada Community College into two

Colleges, with the entity now known as the North Campus

to be renamed and to serve the greater urban area of

Reno-Sparks; and the entity now known as South Campus to

retain the name of Western Nevada Community College, to

serve Storey County, Carson City, Douglas County, Lyon

County, Churchill County, Pershing County, Mineral

County, Incline, and the rural areas of Washoe County.

B. Designation of Executive Vice President Eardley as

President of the College created from the North Campus

of WNCC, at an annual salary of $43,000, and with

perquisites at the same level provided the other

Community College Presidents (i. e., a $400 monthly

automobile allowance, and an accountable host and

entertainment expense fund of $5,000 per year, prorated

for the remaining months of the current fiscal year).

C. Assignment of Mr. David Wilkins and Dr. Anthony Calabro

to the North Campus, with tenure in that institution.

D. Adoption of the revisions to the UNS Code, as reflected

in the document included with the agenda (identified as

Ref. M. and filed with permanent minutes). It was noted

that this revision has been referred to all institution-

al Senates and Administrations, and no exception has

been taken. In adopting this revision to the Code, the

stipulations contained in the covering memo of Ref. M.

were assumed to be an integral part of the recommenda-


E. Final adoption of the proposed amendment to the Board

of Regents Bylaws, as reflected in Ref. N., distributed

with the agenda and filed with permanent minutes.

F. Approval of the establishment of a Community College

Analyst, within the Chancellor's Office, at a salary

range of $18,000 to $20,000, to be filled by internal

recruiting. A proposed position description was includ-

ed with the agenda (identified as Ref. O. and filed with

permanent minutes).

Betty Elliott, Senate Chairman, WNCC/N, reported a faculty

and staff preference for the name of Truckee Meadows

Community College to replace the designation of WNCC/North

Campus. Mark Rea, ASWN President, also reported a majority

preference by the students for the name of Truckee Meadows

Community College.

Mr. Mc Bride moved approval of the recommendations submitted

for action by the Board, with adoption of the name Truckee

Meadows Community College for the Campus previously known

as WNCC/N. Motion seconded by Mrs. Whitley.

In the discussion following, Mrs. Knudtsen raised a concern

about the creation of a fourth Community College President,

suggesting this kind of proliferation of major Executive

Officers would cause the organization of the University and

the work of System committees to become unmanageable.

Chancellor Baepler pointed out that the two Campuses have

been operating for some time as two Colleges and that sepa-

ration at this point would involve only a minor adjustment

to Mr. Eardley's salary upon his elevation to President. He

also pointed out that the way in which WNCC was structured

administratively has forced its separation into two Colleges

but noted that he did not foresee either the Henderson or

Fallon Centers becoming automomous institutions and recom-

mended that they not be allowed to move in such a direction.

In response to a question concerning the composition of Sys-

tem committees Chancellor Baepler stated that a method would

be devised for the weighting of the membership of such com-

mittees to insure that the two Universities and the Desert

Research Institute would have adequate representation along

with the four Community Colleges.

Mr. Buchanan stated that he was in agreement with separa-

tion of WNCC into two Colleges but was opposed to the crea-

tion of a fourth Presidency. He suggested that WNCC/N be-

come a separate College but that Mr. Eardley's title not be

changed to President.

Mr. Buchanan moved to amend the motion before the Board to

specify that the head of Truckee Meadows Community College

be titled Vice President. Motion to amend seconded by Mrs.


Betty Elliott, Chairman of WNCC/N Faculty Senate, and Dale

Pugsley, Chairman of WNCC/S Faculty Senate, spoke in support

of the separation of the College into two autonomous insti-

tutions, and recognition of Mr. Eardley's responsibilities

for the North Campus by the designation of President.

Chancellor Baepler suggested that it would not be feasible

or defensible to have the second largest Community College

in the State administered by a Vice President, with two

smaller Colleges administered by Presidents.

Mrs. Knudtsen again expressed concern about the reaction of

the Legislature to such a change. Mr. Buchanan agreed, ar-

guing that it would be difficult to justify and defend this

kind of administrative structure to the Legislature.

Mr. Cashell disagreed, stating that he believed this would

result in a more efficient operation, and he was fully con-

vinced that it could be defended with the Legislature. He

suggested that if the Board did not go forward with the

proposals concerning Western Nevada Community College, the

only other alternative would be a study and possible re-

structuring of the total organization of both Campuses,

with the possible relocation of the current President to

the North Campus.

Motion to amend failed by the following roll call vote:

Yes - Mr. Buchanan, Mrs. Knudtsen

No - Mrs. Fong, Mr. Karamanos, Dr. Lombardi, Mr. Ross,

Mr. Mc Bride, Mrs. Whitley, Mr. Cashell

Main motion carried by the following roll call vote:

Yes - Mrs. Fong, Mr. Karamanos, Dr. Lombardi, Mr. Ross,

Mr. Mc Bride, Mrs. Whitley, Mr. Cashell

No - Mr. Buchanan, Mrs. Knudtsen

President Eardley was invited to join the other Officers at

the Board table.

14. Report of Finance Committee

Mr. Mc Bride reported that the Finance Committee had met

the previous day and had developed the following recommenda-

tions for Board consideration:

A. The Finance Committee recommends that the Administration

be authorized to develop a proposal for consideration by

the Interim Finance Committee whereby installation of

the recreation field lighting at UNLV, scheduled for

funding from HECC funds in 1981, can be advanced and

early installation of the lights can be realized.

Mr. Mc Bride requested approval of the Committee's


Mr. Ross moved approval of the above recommendation of

the Finance Committee. Motion seconded by Mr.

Karamanos, carried without dissent.

B. The Finance Committee recommends that the Administration

be requested to review the current student fee structure

and the internal distribution of those fees, and that a

report and recommendation be developed for consideration

by the Board of Regents.

Mr. Mc Bride emphasized that it was the intent of the

Finance Committee that there be two committees -- one

for the Universities and one for the Community Colleges

-- and that there be two reports submitted.

Mrs. Fong moved approval of the Finance Committee's

recommendation. Motion seconded by Mr. Karamanos,

carried without dissent.

C. The Finance Committee supports the concerns expressed

by the ad hoc Salary Study Committee in its Report on

Alternative Solutions for Rectifying Compensation

Schedule of Professional Personnel, and recommends the

Board of Regents endorse an approach to the Board of

Examiners with a reasonable request for utilization of

surplus funds which might otherwise be reverted for a

one-time relief adjustment to professional salaries,

within the parameters suggested by the ad hoc committee.

It is understood that any such adjustment would be a

one-time action and will not be built into the salary


It is further understood that the Administration will

continue exploring alternatives for relieving the pro-

fessional salary situation in the event this approach

to the Board of Examiners proves not to be successful,

and to also develop a proposal for providing salary

relief during the 1980-81 fiscal year.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Whitley, carried without dissent.

Chairman Cashell recalled that at the Finance Committee the

previous day, Chancellor Baepler had reviewed the status of

the Biennial Budget preparation and the target dates estab-

lished for consideration by the Board, and asked that the

Chancellor reduce this information to writing and provide

copies to all Regents and Officers.

Mr. Mc Bride also recalled that the Finance Committee had

requested that the Chancellor present to the next meeting

of the Committee a report showing the 6-month spending pat-

tern of each of the Departments and Colleges; i. e., a com-

parison of how much money was appropriated to a given area

and the balances remaining in the accounts.

15. Appointment of Foundation Fund Boards

Chancellor Baepler recalled that at the November meeting the

Board had approved the creation, within the framework of the

University of Nevada System Endowment Program, of Foundation

Funds for each of the University of Nevada institutions and

directed that members of each Foundation Fund Board would be

appointed by the Board of Regents from among nominations

submitted by the respective President.

President Goodall recommended the following appointments to

the UNLV Foundation Fund Board:

Mr. George M. Dickerson, Attorney

Mr. A. W. Ham, Jr., Attorney

Mr. William Laub, Sr., President, Southwest Gas Corp.

Mr. Jerome Mack, Vice Chairman of the Board, Valley Bank

Mr. Irwin Molasky, Paradise Development Co.

Mr. Mike O'Callaghan, Executive Vice President, Las

Vegas Sun

Mr. Grant Sawyer, Attorney

Mr. E. Parry Thomas, Chairman of the Board, Valley Bank

Mr. Louis Wiener, Jr., Attorney

Ms. Claudine Williams, President and General Manager,

Holiday Casino

Mr. Buchanan moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs.

Whitley, carried without dissent.

Chancellor Baepler further noted that under the policy

adopted by the Board, each Foundation Fund Board is to elect

its own Chairperson, with each such Chairperson to serve as

a member of the Regents' Investment Advisory Committee, with

authority to vote on investment matters pertaining to the

Foundation Fund represented. In order to accommodate this

expanded membership of the Investment Advisory Committee, a

revision to Article IV of the Bylaws is necessary and a

proposed revision was submitted with the agenda for first

reading, with final action to be requested at the Board's

meeting of February 1, 1980. (Proposed revision identified

as Ref. Q, filed with permanent minutes.)

16. Proposal for Study of UNS Computing Center

Chancellor Baepler recalled that in September the Board had

directed that consultants be retained for a study of the

UNS Computing Center, with the study to consist of a com-

plete analysis of the capability of the hardware, programs

and staff of the Center as it relates to the University.

Dr. Baepler reported that an invitation to bid was subse-

quently forwarded to fourteen firms, and the following

five proposals were received:

SRI International $25,000

Deloitte, Haskins & Sells 29,792

Arthur D. Little 30,000

Arthur Anderson & Co. 30,000

Coopers & Lybrand 30,000

These proposals were reviewed by the Data Processing Policy

and Planning Board and it was the unanimous conclusion of

that Board that the proposal presented by Arthur D. Little,

Inc. was the most responsive and that this firm, in compar-

ison to the other firms responding, had the most experience

in providing academic, research and administrative consult-

ing to Universities facing issues similar to those at the

University of Nevada. The DPP Board further believes that

the proposal submitted by Arthur D. Little, Inc. more prop-

erly addressed all issues presented in the University's in-

vitation to bid, and that this firm will respond to those

issues. The DPP Board also took into consideration the fact

that the consulting staff of Arthur D. Little has heavy Data

Processing experience.

Chancellor Baepler concurred in the recommendation of the

Data Processing Policy and Planning Board and requested

authorization to enter into a contract with Arthur D.

Little, Inc., for $30,000 to provide the consulting serv-

ices to the University of Nevada Computing Center as speci-

fied in the invitation to bid.

Mr. Buchanan moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

17. Progress Report on Advisory Committees for Minority Affairs

Chancellor Baepler reported that each of the Campuses has a

committee related to minority affairs and, at Mrs. Fong's

request, each of the Presidents was prepared to report con-

cerning the status of their institutional committees and

the activities in the area of minority affairs.

Following presentation of those reports, Mr. Mc Bride noted

that President Eaton had, in addition to her oral report,

submitted a written report which he found helpful. He asked

that each of the Presidents provide a written statement as a

supplement to their oral presentations. It was agreed that

copies of these written reports would also be forwarded to

former Regent Brenda Mason so that she might be informed of

the progress in this area in view of her efforts to encour-

age the establishment of these committees.

18. Allocation to Faculty Exchange Program

Chancellor Baepler recalled that in 1974 the Board estab-

lished a fund to underwrite travel expenses for UNR and UNLV

faculty serving as guest lecturers at the other Campus. He

noted that the program had been successful and that Presi-

dents Crowley and Goodall have each requested an augmenta-

tion of $2,000 to allow the faculty exchange program to


Chancellor Baepler recommended that $2,000 be provided to

each of the Universities by allocation from the Board of

Regents Special Projects Account.

Mr. Ross moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Buchanan,

carried without dissent.

19. Board of Regents Workshop

Chancellor Baepler recalled that in August, the Board had

agreed to participate in a Workshop under the sponsorship

of the Association of Governing Boards' Board-Mentor Program

and agreed to complete a self-study, using the guidelines

developed by AGB for Governing Boards of public institu-

tions. The Board appointed a committee (Regent Lombardi

and Regent Mc Bride) to organize the self-study, arrange

for participants from the Board-Mentor Program, develop a

proposal for dates, location, budget, and an agenda for

the Workshop.

Dr. Baepler noted that the self-study has been completed

and a compilation of the responses has been distributed to

all participants and to Board-Mentors. The Board-Mentors

will be Mrs. Mary Louise Petersen, President of the Iowa

State Board of Regents and Chairman of the Association of

Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges, and Mr. James

Killorin, Vice President and New Mexico General Manager of

Mountain Bell, and Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Uni-

versity of Albuquerque. Both have served as Board-Mentors

for similar Workshops for Governing Boards of public


Chancellor Baepler proposed that the Workshop be held in San

Diego, beginning Sunday evening, January 6, and concluding

at noon on Tuesday, January 8, with an agenda developed by

Mrs. Petersen and Mr. Killorin, in consultation with Chair-

man Cashell and Chancellor Baepler. Expenses for the Board-

Mentors (honoraria and travel expenses) and the transpor-

tation, meals, lodging for Regents and Officers, and cost of

facilities and special equipment will total between $4,500

and $5,000. Chancellor Baepler requested an allocation of

up to $5,000 from the Board of Regents Special Projects

Account for this purpose.

Mrs. Fong stated she felt that going to the Del Coronado

for this purpose was an extravagance and believed that the

Board could hold the Workshop at home with less expense.

She noted that the UNLV Choral Group was going to appear at

the Del Coronado shortly and suggested that her share of

the funds be allocated for that purpose.

It was suggested by Mr. Ross that if she objected to using

University funds for her attendance at such a Workshop,

perhaps she would consider going at her own expense. Mrs.

Fong stated that she would not be participating in the


Mr. Mc Bride moved approval of the Chancellor's recommenda-

tion. Motion seconded by Mrs. Whitley, carried with Mrs.

Fong opposing.

20. Appointment of System Endowment Officer

Chancellor Baepler reported that applications had been re-

ceived and interviews concluded for the position of System

Endowment Officer and Assistant General Counsel, with fund-

ing for the position to continue to come from unrestricted

endowment income available to the Chancellor's Office. He

noted that there is presently some consideration being given

to a restructuring of this position during the next fiscal

year, with half-time continuing to be devoted to Assistant

General Counsel, but with the remaining half-time devoted to

fund raising exclusively for UNLV, or perhaps shared between


Mr. Karamanos moved approval of the appointment of Mr.

Rivera as recommended. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong, car-

ried without dissent.

21. Law School Consultant Selection Committee

Mr. Cashell announced the appointment of the following

Nevadans to serve on the Committee to recommend consultants

to update the 1975 Law Sccool Study:

The Honorable William Beko, District Judge, Nye County,

to serve as Chairman.

Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa, Attorney, Reno

Mr. John Foley, Attorney, Las Vegas

The Honorable Addeliar Guy, District Judge, Clark County

The Honorable Paul Goldman, District Judge, Clark County

Mr. Harley Harmon, Sr., Las Vegas

The Honorable Procter Hug, Jr., Judge, Ninth Circuit

Court of Appeals

Mr. Jon Key, President, Washoe County Bar Association

The Honorable Noel Manoukian, Justice, Nevada Supreme


Mr. Bruce Roberts, President, Nevada Bar Association

Mr. Richard D. Weisbart, President, Clark County Bar


Mr. Cashell reported that the charge to the Committee will

be to identify, evaluate and recommend to the Board of

Regents a potential consultant (individual or firm) to up-

date and expand the 1975 Law School Study. He explained

that he had not appointed Regents or University personnel

to the Committee since it seemed that their appropriate

role would be to serve as resource persons to the Committee

and then, later, to the consultant selected, and had asked

that the Secretary of the Board provide any staff support

required by the Committee.

Mr. Cashell stated that he planned to ask Judge Beko to

call an early meeting of the Committee, at which time he

would explain the charge to the Committee and the time-

table for submission of the updated study, and would ask

the Committee to participate in the review of the study

when it is ready for Board consideration. To facilitate

meetings of the Committee, he requested an allocation of

up to $2,500 for travel from the Board of Regents Special

Projects Account.

Mr. Buchanan noted that there was a report of a gift on the

supplemental agenda which was related to the Law School

study and suggested that action on the request for travel

funds be considered in conjunction with consideration of

the gift.

22. Acceptance of Gifts

A. President Crowley reported that UNR has received assets

totaling $662,510.24 from the estate of H. E. "Mac"

Mc Coskey. He recommended the assets be accepted and

that they be used to establish a permanent endowment for

scholarships for the UNR Medical School, as stipulated

in the bequest. Dr. Crowley noted that this gift to the

University was due to the efforts of former Regent Clark

J. Guild and UNR Vice President Edward L. Pine.

B. President Goodall reported that UNLV has received a gift

of 200 shares of Warner and Swasey common stock with a

market value of approximately $13,000, from State

Senator Bill and Judith Hernstadt, with a stipulation

that the proceeds from the sale of the stock are to be

used to update an existing feasibility study on a Law

School in the State of Nevada or to pay part of the cost

of a new study, with such study to be done by an outside

independent, recognized consultant for that type of

work. President Goodall noted that this gift was pos-

sible through the efforts of Mrs. Lilly Fong.

Mr. Buchanan moved that the two gifts be accepted for the

purposes stated, and further moved that an allocation of

$13,000 be provided from the Board of Regents Special

Projects Account as matching funds to the Hernstadts' gift,

to be used to update the feasibility study and to complete

any architectural studies necessary in conjunction with

that study, with the necessary travel required by the Law

School Consultant Selection Committee to be covered from

the matching monies allocated from the Board of Regents

Special Projects Account. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

23. Sanitary Sewer Extensions through UNR Campus

President Crowley reported that the City of Reno has re-

quested permission for an 8" temporary sewer connection

from an existing sewer line in Evans Avenue through the UNR

Campus to an existing 18" University interceptor east of

Scrugham Engineering Mines building. This will allow use

of the existing sewer for a proposed development and will

eliminate the requirements for a sewage lift station. This

extension will also eliminate an existing capacity problem

and allow for sewer service for additional Campus develop-


Dr. Crowley reported that the City has also requested per-

mission for an 8" temporary sanitary sewer connection from

a proposed sewer interceptor on Mc Carran Blvd., and con-

struction of an 8" sewer line from Mc Carran, connecting

with an existing University line serving the Children's

Behavioral Services Facility, north of the Medical School,

thereby assisting the University in future development of

land between the Medical School and the Children's Facility.

President Crowley recommended that the necessary permission

be given the City of Reno for these temporary sewer exten-

sions, noting that when the proposed sewer interceptor on

Mc Carran is completed, these temporary extensions will be


A third request by the City of Reno, still under negotiation

and not ready for Board action, is a proposal that the Uni-

versity offer to the City of Reno the 8" sewer line connect-

ing the Children's Behavioral Services Facility to the City

Main on Evans Avenue, to be operated and maintained by the

City. President Crowley stated that a report on this third

request will be submitted to a subsequent meeting.

Mr. Buchanan moved approval of the temporary sewer exten-

sions as requested by the City of Reno. Motion seconded by

Mrs. Fong, carried without dissent.

24. Approval of Fund Transfers, UNLV

President Goodall requested approval of the following fund

transfers from the Contingency Reserve:

#80-025 $100,000 to Extended Day Supplement, to provide

funds for professional letters of appointment for

the Spring semester.

#80-033 $12,000 to Library Acquisitions to provide funds

for back issues of scientific journals and


Chancellor Baepler recommended approval.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Buchanan,

carried without dissent.

25. Request for Augmentation of Interview and Recruiting Account


President Crowley requested an augmentation of the UNR

Interview and Recruiting Account by allocation of $10,000

from the Board of Regents Special Projects Account, noting

that UNR is presently engaged in recruiting for a Vice

President for Academic Affairs, a Vice President for

Business, a Dean of the Orvis School of Nursing and a Dean

of the School of Medicine.

Mrs. Fong moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr. Buchanan,

carried without dissent.

The meeting adjourned for lunch and reconvened at 1:30 P.M. with

Vice Chairman Ross presiding in the absence of Chairman Cashell.

26. Design Development Drawings, Henderson Center, CCCC

Design development drawings for the Henderson Center of CCCC

were presented by Leo Borns, project architect. It was not-

ed in the presentation that this project consists of approx-

imately 20,600 gross square feet. The total project budget

of $1,924,000 was authorized from the State General Fund and

includes $1,558,000 for construction and $132,000 for fur-


President Eaton recommended approval of the design develop-

ment drawings as presented and authorization to proceed to

development of final plans. Chancellor Baepler concurred.

Mr. Buchanan moved approval. Motion seconded by Dr.

Lombardi, carried without dissent.

27. Design Development Drawings, Fallon Center, WNCC

Design development drawings for the Fallon Center of WNCC

were presented by Maurice J. Nespor, project architect.

The project comprises approximately 10,000 gross square

feet. The total project budget of $851,000 comes from the

State General Fund and includes $674,300 for construction

and $60,000 for furnishings.

President Davis recommended approval of the design develop-

ment drawings as presented and authorization to proceed with

development of final plans.

Mr. Buchanan moved approval. Motion seconded by Mrs. Fong,

carried without dissent.

28. Report of Investment Advisory Committee

Mr. Karamanos reported that the Investment Advisory Commit-

tee had met the previous day and took the following actions:

A. Received a report from Mr. Bob Lee at First National

Bank of Nevada, who reported that FNB had not implement-

ed the authorization for purchases of stock which they

had requested at the November meeting. After a discus-

sion of the degree of discretion which the banks have

in carrying out the transactions which are authorized

by the Board of Regents, the Committee recommended that

Vice Chancellor Lessly draft new agreements with each

of the three banks, after meeting with their representa-

tives, to clarify the parameters within which the banks

will operate.

Upon request by Mr. Lee, the Committee recommended that

the Board rescind its authorization for the stock pur-

chases requested by FNB at the meeting of November 2,


B. Chancellor Baepler recommended, and the Committee en-

dorsed, a policy whereby the distribution of income to

scholarship accounts in the endowment pool would be

limited to six percent annually, with any excess earn-

ings to go back into the corpus of the account, unless

such reinvestment is prohibited by the terms of the

gift. The purpose of this limitation would be to in-

crease the corpus of the endowment fund, while estab-

lishing an income level which could more reasonably

be maintained in the event of a period of decreased


C. Received a report from Mr. Tom Josephsen of Security

National Bank, who recommended that the $200,000 in

the account of the Mamie Kleberg Chair in Historic

Preservation be invested in U. S. Treasury notes and

long-term AAA telephone bonds, as follows:

50,000 U. S. Treasury, 2 year with a market yield of


100,000 U. S. Treasury, 5-15 year with a market yield of


50,000 AAA Telephone Long Term, such as Pacific

Northwest Bell at 10-1/8%, due 2019, with a

market yield of $11.00

The Committee recommended that these investments be


Mr. Josephsen requested that the Committee recommend the

rescinding of authorization for transactions which SNB

received at the September meeting of the Board of

Regents. The Committee endorsed this request.

D. Received a report from Mr. Monte Miller of Valley Bank.

Mr. Miller reported the purchase of previously

authorized stocks and bonds, as follows:

Bond Purchase

100M U. S. Treasury Notes, at 10-3/8%, due 5/15/85,

approx. price, 100-11/32, approx. value of

$100,340, and a 10.29% yield to maturity

Stock Purchases

1000 shares International Paper, approx. price of 38,

approx. value of $38,000, market yield of


1400 shares United Air Lines, approx. price of 21-3/4,

approx. value of $30,450, market yield of


Mr. Miller also requested that the Committee recommend

the rescinding of all remaining authorizations which

have not been implemented by Valley Bank. The Commit-

tee endorsed this request.

Mr. Karamanos requested approval of the Committee's actions.

Dr. Lombardi moved approval. Motion seconded by Mr.

Buchanan, carried without dissent.

29. New Business

A. Mrs. Fong requested that there be some look at salary

inequities, particularly with reference to salaries for

part-time faculty.

Mr. Mc Bride pointed out that this was addressed in the

meeting of the Finance Committee the previous day and

was included in a request that the Administration

proceed with development of a proposal to correct such


Mrs. Fong requested a report on the matter. Chancellor

Baepler stated that the report would be very brief,

noting that the part-time salaries are embarrassingly

low. It is a priority issue with the Legislature to

get funding for upgrading these salaries; the funding

was not provided. It would again be a request during

the next legislative session; however, Dr. Baepler

pointed out that the magnitude of the problem, given

the great number of people involved in this category,

is such that it is not possible to turn to any current

operating budgets for an immediate resolution of the


Mr. Mc Bride suggested that the Chancellor's Office

might develop some comparative data on part-time sal-

aries at other institutions.

B. Mrs. Fong stated that she had become aware that there

were several visitors present at the Board meeting who

did not have copies of the agenda and asked if a synop-

sis of the agenda could be made available at future

meetings. It was noted that such a synopsis was avail-

able and it had been the practice over the past several

years to provide such copies at each meeting.

C. Mr. Mc Bride asked that Dean Mazzaferri be requested to

present to the Board at a subsequent meeting in Reno, a

status report on the relationship between the Medical

School and the Washoe Medical Center, and information

concerning the School's accreditation position, and any

other matters concerning the School about which the

Regents should be informed.

D. Mr. Mc Bride asked that the Presidents of UNR and UNLV

be requested to convene their Athletic Councils to look

into the problem of makeup credits, and to specifically

examine the question of whether it should be required

that all makeup credits be completed in Nevada institu-

tions, with a report concerning this to be brought back

to the February meeting.

E. Mr. Buchanan expressed concern that a substantial por-

tion of research dollars within the State of Nevada is

going to out-of-state organizations and suggested that

the Desert Research Institute should make a greater

effort to publicize its expertise and availability to

participate in these research projects. He noted that

the State of Nevada, through several State agencies,

and at county levels, is addressing a number of environ-

mental projects and it was his opinion that DRI should

be taking the leadership in this area.

Chancellor Baepler agreed that DRI should be more visi-

ble and its capability better advertised, but pointed

out that the Institute and the Universities are not

totally missing from the picture and are involved to a

limited degree in many of the State-sponsored research


President Smith stated that DRI is eager to participate

more fully in seeking solutions to some of the problems

the State is now addressing, and the Institute is now

actively engaged in identifying ways in which they can

become more fully involved.

F. Mr. Ross reported that he had been asked to announce

that Chairman Cashell will shortly make appointments to

the two Campus work load study committees.

G. Mrs. Fong asked for a report on the status of the Health

Manpower Study.

The meeting adjourned at 2:35 P.M.

Bonnie M. Smotony

Secretary of the Board