UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
December 19-20, 1956

Volume 7 - Pages 290-291

                      December 19, 1956

The Executive Committee of the Board of Regents met for a lunch-
eon meeting at the Riverside Hotel on Wednesday, December 19,
1956.  Present:  Regents Hardy, Lombardi, Thompson, Ross;  Comp-
troller Hayden and President Stout.  Regent-Elect Anderson was
present as an observer.  Mr. Poolman was present to discuss the
building program.  Mr. Laxalt was present as News Editor.  The
meeting was called to order at 12:30 P.M. by Chairman Ross.

Alumni Petition

     William Parish and Sam Francovich, representing the Execu-
     tive Committee of the Alumni Association, came into the
     meeting to present the petition for financial assistance
     in the University budget to employ a full-time Alumni
     Secretary and to institute a student aid work program (see
     minutes of December 13, 1956).

University Budget

     Recent newspaper articles indicated that the Nevada Tax-
     payers Association believed that it should have received
     a copy of the University budget prior to its presentation
     to the Governor on October 1.  Mr. Hayden explained that Mr.
     Neil Humphrey, Executive Secretary, had visited the Univer-
     sity soon after his appointment in the Fall, that he had
     talked with Mr. Hayden and received information which had
     been presented to the Regents concerning the budget.  Mr.
     Humphrey then talked with the President and was promised
     a copy of the budget when copies were available.  President
     Stout pointed out that it is not the usual practice to
     submit a budget to any group prior to its being submitted
     to the Governor and the Budget Director, and that the
     budgets were received from the State Printer during the
     weekend just past.  It was agreed that a meeting arranged
     with the Executive Committee of the Nevada Taxpayers
     Association to discuss these things and to answer any
     questions that anybody might have in regard to the Uni-
     versity budget.  In the meantime, Mr. Humphrey will be
     supplied with copies of the budget.

     The Regents asked, also, that supplementary information be
     supplied to the Governor and the State Budget Director as
     follows:  list of buildings indicating priority of need,
     all salary items including new positions, breakdown in
     increase in enrollment figures, breakdown of Las Vegas
     budget separate from budget for Reno Campus.

University Building Program

     Mr. Poolman read a letter he wrote on December 4, 1956 ad-
     dressed to the State Planning Board in which request was
     made for information concerning the specific type of equip-
     ment which might be included in the legislative provision
     of "erection, furnishing and equipping" the Classroom
     building.  Misunderstanding apparently existed on the part
     of the State Planning Board as to the University's intent,
     which was for an opinion from the Attorney General on the

     Further discussion of the University Building Program
     brought out the fact that the State Planning Board had not
     followed the University's recommendation in its Building
     Program, nor had the Planning Board consulted with the
     University Administration concerning changes.  At the same
     time, Governor Russell had stated that he would recommend
     only the items in capital outlay which the State Planning
     Board approved.

     It was agreed by consensus that a meeting be arranged
     whereby the Board of Regents and the State Planning Board
     might discuss these matters.

Alumni Petition (Continued)

     Following general discussion, and agreement that careful
     study should be given to the petition of the Alumni Associ-

     Motion by Mr. Thompson carried unanimously that the Secre-
     tary write to the President of the Alumni Association ac-
     knowledging receipt of the petition, delivered in person,
     and telling him that it is a matter which cannot be con-
     sidered in an Executive Committee meeting, but that it will
     be included on the agenda of the next regular meeting of
     the Board of Regents, sometime in January.

The date for the January meeting was to be set early in January,
if possible, at a time when the members of the Executive Board
of the Nevada Taxpayers Association and the members of the State
Planning Board can meet with the Board of Regents.

The meeting adjourned at 2:00 P.M.