UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
December 19-20, 1912

Volume OD - Pages 447-449

                         Reno, Nevada
                       December 19, 1912

The Regents met in their Office at 10 o'clock A.M. Thursday,
December 19, 1912.  Present:  A. A. Codd, Chairman, Charles B.
Henderson, Frank Williams, J. W. O'Brien, Dr. H. E. Reid and
Robert Lewers, Acting President.  Also by invitation, the newly
elected Regent Walter E. Pratt from Goldfield.

Minutes of the meetings held November 15th and 19th were read
and approved.

Report of Vice President Lewers read and ordered filed in the
President's Report Book.

Upon motion of Henderson, seconded by Reid, the recommendation
of Acting President Lewers concerning the appointment of Miss
Elsie Sameth of Goldfield for the position of Physical Culture
Director for young women at a salary of $125 per month, begin-
ning January 1, 1913, was approved.

Upon motion of Regent Henderson, seconded by Regent O'Brien,
Vice President Lewers was authorized to confer with Professor
George D. Louderback with reference to employing him as Professor
in the Mackay School of Mines for the Chair of Geology at a sal-
ary not to exceed $3000 to take effect July 1, 1913.

Upon motion of Regent Williams, seconded by Regent Henderson,
the action of Vice President Lewers in increasing the salary of
Mr. E. R. von Janinski, Instructor in German, from $66.66 to $100
per month, for the 5 months ending May 31, 1913, was approved.

The report of the Comptroller of the University was read and upon
motion ordered filed with the President's report.

Upon motion of Regent Reid the report of the Vice President was
received and taken up for discussion.

Upon motion of Williams, seconded by Henderson, the letter of
President Stubbs, written under date of December 6th from London,
was read by Miss Beckwith and ordered filed with the President's

The letter of F. J. De Longchamps, architect, was then read and
ordered filed in the Regents' minutes.

                                     Reno, Nevada
                                     December 18, 1912
Honorable Board of Regents
Nevada University


As an explanation of the drawings submitted for a temporary
Library building, I wish to make the following statements.

A brick building with space requirements as outlined by the
Librarian and including plumbing and heating can be constructed
for about $8000 (not more) and finished as shown on sketches.
The basement would be under about half the building, using
stone walls and footings.  The main walls would be brick 13"
thick, the roof tar and gravel, the walls trimmed with Terra
Cotta and the cornices of galvanized iron.  The ceiling height
will be 15 feet, which is sufficient for two tiers of cases.
This building would be constructed so that it could be used for
a number of years if such should be necessary.

The design is conservative but pure to harmonize with the other
new buildings of the Campus.  It is the writer's opinion that a
$10,000 appropriation would be ample to complete building and
and equip the building ready for occupancy.

There is another possible way of housing the Library and that is
by building a portion of the contemplated Biology building, but
this I believe, would be more costly, as it would be necessary
to excavate for basement same as would be necessary for completed
building, and the walls and footings would need to have the car-
rying capacity for two stories and would necessitate the best
material.  After this portion of the building will have stood a
few years and then completed.  The difference between the new
and the old would be apparent.  The appearance of the building
partially built would also be very much out of proportion.

I shall be pleased to make more complete drawings for either
scheme with whatever changes or suggestions you may have to
make and have them ready for your report.

                             Yours very respectfully,

                             F. J. De Longchamps

The meeting then adjourned to Friday evening, December 20, at
7:30 P.M.