UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
December 18-19, 1978


Pages 126-129

                         BOARD OF REGENTS

                          SPECIAL SESSION


                         December 18, l978

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the Teacher

Education building, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Members present:  Fred M. Anderson, M. D.

                  Mr. John Buchanan

                  Mrs. Lilly Fong

                  Mr. Chris Karamanos

                  Mrs. Molly Knudtsen

                  Miss Brenda D. Mason

                  Mr. John Tom Ross

Members absent:   Mr. James L. Buchanan, II

                  Louis H. Lombardi, M. D.

Others present:   Chancellor Donald H. Baepler

                  President Joseph H. Crowley, UNR

                  President Brock Dixon, UNLV

                  General Counsel Larry Lessly

                  Secretary Bonnie Smotony

Also present were Regents-elect Robert Cashell and John Mc Bride,

CSUN President Chuck White, and Dean Thomas Scully, UNR Medical


The meeting was called to order by Vice Chairman Molly Knudtsen

at 12:10 P.M., who noted that a special meeting of the Board had

been called to hear a report on the Medical School Residency Pro-

gram and to act upon three recommendations concerning the UNLV

Sports Pavilion.

 1.  Report on Medical School Residency Program

     Chancellor Baepler reported that agreement had been reached

     between the Medical School and Washoe Medical Center con-

     cerning the residency programs proposed to be initiated in

     July, 1979.  He noted that the resulting contracts do not

     require the Board's approval but since the negotiations had

     received so much attention in the media during the past

     weeks, he believed it would be helpful to have a report on

     the status of those negotiations.  At President Crowley's

     request, Dean Scully reported that the Washoe Medical Center

     Board of Trustees had passed two motions on December 15, as


         That the motion adopted by the Joint Liaison Committee

         on December 13, 1978, approving in substance and prin-

         ciple but not in any detail the three residency programs

         in Family Practice, Internal Medicine and Pediatrics,

         as listed in the applications now pending before the

         Liaison Committee on Graduate Medical Education, be af-

         firmed by this Board and adopted as its own, and that

         the LCGME be notified forthwith.

         That the Board of Trustees accept and approve the

         agreement for assumption of cost as submitted by the

         Joint Administrative Liaison Committee.

     Dr. Scully explained that the agreement on the assumption of

     costs referred to in the second motion of the Trustees, pro-

     vided as follows:

         The Hospital, through the Board of Trustees, agrees to

         permit for the first year of the residency program, fis-

         cal year 1979-80, the training of up to eleven residents

         in the three residencies designated -- Family Practice,

         InternaI Medicine and Pediatrics -- at WMC, utilizing

         the facilities available, in accordance with and under

         the program and guidelines as developed.  The cost of

         residents' salaries or direct or indirect benefits is

         to be paid in full by the University of Nevada Medical

         School and Medical Sciences.  The Hospital agrees to

         donate up to 25% of the professional time of retained

         or salaried Hospital-employed physicians working in the

         emergency room, clinic or clinic in-patient services,

         for the direct supervision and education of the eleven

         residents.  The Hospital shall bill and receive all

         revenue for charges for patient services performed by

         or under the supervision of those retained or salaried

         Hospital-employed physicians.  The Medical School shall

         maintain archive malpractice insurance on all residents

         in an adequate amount to be determined by the parties

         thereto and shall be responsible for the costs thereof.

         The Hospital agrees to continue this program for the

         first eleven residents for two additional fiscal years,

         regardless of whether additional residents are approved

         and funded for subsequent years.  Any increase in the

         number of residents over and above the original eleven

         hereto referred to must be approved by the Hospital

         Board of Trustees on or before September 1 of the year

         preceding the fiscal and academic year in which they

         are appointed.  Residents shall be considered primarily

         students of the Medical School and shall not be employ-

         ees of the Hospital but they shall have the status of

         of Hospital-authorized personnel under the joint control

         and direction of the Hospital and the Medical School.

     Dr. Scully further noted that this agreement provides an

     immediate solution to the problem of funding the residents

     at TMCC but is not intended to commit the Hospital or the

     School to future funding.

     In response to a question concerning a suggestion made in

     the media that the School was very late in approaching WMC

     concerning these residency programs, Dr. Scully reviewed the

     history of the negotiations, dating back to the first formal

     contract in August, l977, by Dr. George Smith, then Dean of

     the Medical School.

     Following a brief discussion during which Dr. Scully and

     Chancellor Baepler responded to additional questions,

     Chairman Knudtsen declared the discussion closed.

 2.  UNLV Sports Pavilion

     President Dixon reported that a gift of $250,000 had been

     received from H. Parry Thomas and Jerome Mack as part of

     their $1 million pledge toward the design, construction and

     operation of a Sports Pavilion to be constructed on the

     UNLV Campus.  Dr. Dixon recommended acceptance of the gift

     and requested authorization to proceed with a contract for

     architectural design with W2C Architects, a partnership com-

     prising John Carl Warnecki, F. A. I. A., Arturo Cambeiro,

     A. I. A., and Domingo Cambeiro, A. I. A.  He further recom-

     mended that the facility be named in honor of Mr. Thomas

     and Mr. Mack.

     Mrs. Fong expressed concern that the operation and mainte-

     nance costs of the building will exceed revenues produced

     from the athletic events which will be held in the facility.

     Chancellor Baepler agreed that they probably would but

     pointed out that approximately 85% of the scheduled events

     in the facility will be other than athletic events and those

     events will also generate revenue which may be used toward

     the operation and maintenance costs.  Dr. Baepler also em-

     phasized that the recommendation to name the building in

     honor of Messrs. Thomas and Mack was in recognition of their

     many contributions to the development of UNLV, most notably

     their very effective work with the UNLV Land Foundation over

     the years.

     Mr. Karamanos moved acceptance of the gift of $250,000 from

     Mr. Thomas and Mr. Mack.  Motion seconded by Mr. John

     Buchanan, carried without dissent.

     Mr. Karamanos moved that the Sports Pavilion be named in

     honor of E. Parry Thomas and Jerome Mack with the exact name

     to be determined following consultation with Messrs. Thomas

     and Mack.  Motion seconded by Mr. John Buchanan, carried

     without dissent.

The meeting adjourned at 12:50 P.M.

                             Bonnie M. Smotony

                             Secretary of the Board