UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
December 17-18, 1955

Volume 7 - Pages 194-199

                    UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA
                       REGENTS MEETING
                      December 17, 1955

The Board of Regents met in regular session in room 205, Morrill
Hall, University of Nevada.  The meeting was called to order by
the Chairman at 9:15 A.M.  Present:  Regents Lombardi, Grant,
Thompson and Chairman Ross; President Stout and Comptroller
Hayden.  Regent Hardy was in the East on business.  Reporters
Laxalt, Hulse, Armstrong, Bennyhoff and Finch covered the meet-
ing.  Mr. Priest, representing the office of the Attorney Gen-
eral, and Dean Bertrand of the College of Agriculture were pres-
ent for the items of business pertaining to the University Farm.

 1.  Minutes of Previous Meeting

     Motion by Mr. Grant carried unanimously that the minutes
     of the regular meeting of December 3, 1955 be approved.

Mr. Redfield came into the meeting at 9:55 A.M.

 2.  Land - North Virginia Street

     Referring to the land owned by S. J. Nielsen and William
     Schmitt which adjoins the University Campus, discussion
     brought out the fact that to date the University and the
     owners have not been able to get together on purchase of
     the property.  Advice of the Attorney General (meeting of
     October 1, 1955) was that an attempt to purchase at a
     reasonable price should be made before condemnation pro-
     ceedings were undertaken.

     Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that an appraisal
     be made of the land owned by Mr. Nielsen and Mr. Schmitt
     which is needed by the University at this time.

 3.  Nurse's School

     Letters which have been received recently from hospitals
     throughout the State and from medical and health groups
     urging the establishment of a School of Nursing were dis-
     tributed for the information of the Board.  President Stout
     outlined a proposal that, as soon as money is available,
     the program be activated.

     President Stout read a letter from Mr. Arthur E. Orvis,
     dated December 15, 1955, including the following paragraph:

         In keeping with the above statements (from previous
         letters) I am enclosing my check for $20,000 as payment
         of the first installment of my gift, even though the
         School of Nursing has not as yet been activated.  Since
         my gift of $100,000 for the establishment of a Depart-
         ment to be known as the Orvis School of Nursing is to
         be used only for that purpose, I request that the Uni-
         versity of Nevada place the money in a separate fund
         until it can be used for said School.

     Motion by Mr. Grant carried unanimously that the gift of
     $20,000 from Mr. Orvis be accepted upon terms stated, and
     that a letter of appreciation be sent to Mr. Orvis on be-
     half of the Board of Regents.

Governor Russell came into the meeting at 10:20 A.M.

 4.  University Farm

     a)  Bids for Sale of South Virginia Street Farm - Chairman
         Ross reported that no further bids had been received on
         the South Virginia Street Farm since the meeting of the
         Board of Regents on December 3, 1955, and asked if any-
         one present desired to submit a bid.  There being no
         response, Mr. Ross read the bid of Mr. L. V. Redfield,
         which was submitted at the meeting of December 3, 1955,
         as follows:

             Board of Regents               Reno, Nevada
             University of Nevada           December 3, 1955

             I, L. V. Redfield of Reno, Nevada, pursuant to that
             certain notice to bidders, published in the Reno
             Evening Gazette the dates of October 19, 1955 to
             November 3, 1955, advertising the South Virginia
             Street Farm of the University of Nevada for sale,
             and calling for sealed bids therefore, subject to
             the approval of the Governor, do hereby submit a
             firm bid of $700,000, dollars cash for said Farm,
             subject to all of the conditions and reservations
             contained in the advertised notice for bids hereto-
             fore referred to.


                         /s/ L. V. Redfield

             P. S.  Above bid is to include all water rights
                    with the Farm.

                         /s/ L. V. R.

         President Stout recommended acceptance of Mr. Redfield's
         bid because it would enable the University to improve
         on what it is now doing in the way of agricultural re-
         search and in assisting the citizens of the State en-
         gaged in agriculture.  He further stated that the Uni-
         versity must look ahead 5, 10 or 15 years and that in
         looking ahead, the South Virginia Street Farm is not
         adequate to meet needs of the expanding population of
         the State.  The Advisory Committee on Research and In-
         structional Land Needs for the Max C. Fleischmann Col-
         lege of Agriculture evaluated the South Virginia Street
         Farm and the University Dairy Farm, and decided unani-
         mously that neither farm, nor both farms, would be
         adequate for the needs of the University's Agricultural

         Motion by Mr. Grant carried unanimously that the offer
         of Mr. L. V. Redfield of $700,000 cash for the South
         Virginia Street Farm be accepted, subject to the ap-
         proval of the Governor.

         Letter from Mr. Hardy was read, as follows:

             Mr. Silas E. Ross, Chairman        December 8, 1955
             Board of Regents
             University of Nevada
             Post Office Box 2407
             Reno, Nevada

             Dear Mr. Ross:

             I expect to be in the East on business during the
             week of December 17th when the Board meets to con-
             summate the sale of the South Virginia Street Farm.

             I would like to register my vote in favor of a sale
             either to Mr. Redfield, or a higher bidder, with a
             proviso that a suitable replacement outdoor farm
             laboratory is first obtained for the Agricultural
             College; also, with the understanding that any
             differences in the amount realized from the sale
             and the amount expended to purchase a new farm,
             in favor of the University, would accrue to the
             Max C. Fleischmann College of Agriculture.

                             Sincerely yours,

                         /s/ Roy A. Hardy

         Governor Russell gave his approval orally, stating his
         written approval would follow.  (See letter page 199).
         In approving the sale of the South Virginia Street Farm,
         Governor Russell explained that when he turned down the
         Farm transaction a year ago, he acted upon the recom-
         mendation that the deal be made in cash, not as a trade.
         This transaction, meeting that recommendation, had his

Governor Russell left the meeting at 10:35 A.M.

         Motion by Mr. Thompson carried unanimously that the
         Attorney General be requested to draw up the deed to
         be executed by the Chairman of the Board and attested
         to by the Secretary.

Mr. Gilbert came into the meeting at 10:45 A.M.

         Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that, since
         the University has 6 months in which to decide what
         will be needed on any newly purchased property, any
         "improvements" so needed will be moved from the South
         Virginia Street Farm by that time, and that no "im-
         provements" will be moved for any other purpose.

         For clarification, at the suggestion of Mr. Priest, it
         was agreed that "improvements" shall include buildings.

         Mr. Thompson suggested, and it was agreed by consensus,
         that Mr. Redfield be given one set of the two appraisals
         on the South Virginia Street Farm.

     b)  Proposals for Sale of Property to University - Dean
         Bertrand reported on the meeting of the Advisory Com-
         mittee on Research and Instructional Land Needs for
         the Max C. Fleischmann College of Agriculture, which
         considered the 3 proposals to sell land to the Uni-
         versity for development as a Main Station Farm.  The
         Committee presented the following resolution, which
         was read to the Regents by Dean Bertrand.

                          TO DEAN OF AGRICULTURE
                             December 14, 1955

             WHEREAS, it is imperative that the State of Nevada
             have a College of Agriculture adequate to serve
             its expanding population and the present and future
             needs of agriculture;

             WHEREAS, the members of the Advisory Committee to
             the Dean of Agriculture of the University of Nevada
             have studied the facts concerning the proposed
             purchase of a University Main Station Farm which
             should include the following specifications:

                 1.  Ready accessibility to the Campus
                 2.  Sufficient acreage for future expansion
                 3.  Living accommodations sufficient to maintain
                     a good working staff
                 4.  Varied soil types
                 5.  Adequate water rights
                 6.  Small irrigation costs
                 7.  Fully equipped;

             WHEREAS, full and due consideration was given to the
             three properties which were proposed for sale to the
             University following public solicitation of pro-

             THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that this Committee unani-
             mously recommend to the Dean of Agriculture that the
             Gilbert Ranch best meets the needs of the College of

                  ORIGINAL SIGNED BY:

                             B. H. Robinson
                             H. D. Sanford
                             C. A. Sewell
                             Norman D. Glaser
                             Fred Strosnider
                             Eyer H. Boies
                             Grant T. Anderson
                             Elmer Bowman
                             F. H. Settlemeyer
                             Roy G. Bankofier

         In his presentation, Dean Bertrand reviewed his sug-
         gested plan to get ready to move the Ladino Dairy Farm
         before it is placed for sale.  He further suggested that
         when the Ladino Dairy Farm is sold, the money realized
         be placed in an endowment fund for research in agricul-

         President Stout recommended that the Gilbert Ranch
         property be purchased, pending completion of the trans-
         action with Mr. Redfield.

         Motion by Mr. Thompson carried unanimously that, upon
         the condition that Mr. Redfield completes his purchase
         of the South Virginia Street Farm and makes payment of
         the additional $600,000 on or before January 17, 1956,
         the President and the Comptroller be authorized to de-
         posit $525,000 in escrow with the Washoe Title Insurance
         Company, under proper instructions, for purchase of the
         Gilbert property.

         It was agreed that, by the next meeting of the Board,
         Dean Bertrand will have prepared a statement of the
         amount of money needed to place the Gilbert Ranch prop-
         erty in shape for efficient use by the University.

Mr. Gilbert left the meeting at this point.

         President Stout recommended that the difference between
         the sale price of the South Virginia Street Farm and
         the purchase price of the Gilbert Ranch property be
         deposited in a special fund in the Comptroller's office
         for use of the Max C. Fleischmann College of Agricul-

         It was agreed, by consensus, that action of the above
         recommendation be postponed until the next meeting of
         the Board.

         President Stout commended Dean Bertrand, his staff and
         the Advisory Committee for the work they have done in
         connection with these farm matters.

         Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that a note
         of appreciation be sent to members of Dean Bertrand's
         Advisory Committee, on behalf of the Board of Regents.

The meeting adjourned at 12:05 noon with the understanding that
the next meeting will be held in January 18, 1956 at 9:30 A.M.
unless a special meeting is called by the Chairman.