UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

December 17-18, 1938 

Volume 5 - Pages 234-238

                       REGENTS MEETING
                      December 17, 1938

The Board of Regents met at the University on December 17, 1938.
Present:  Chairman Ross, Judge Brown, Dr. Olmsted and Dr. Hart-
man.  Absent:  Mr. Wingfield and Mr. Williams.

The meeting was called to order by Mr. Ross.

Dr. Hartman presented "Thank you" letters from:

a.  Mr. Vaughn for use of Gym bleachers
b.  Mr. Wooster for Mackay Field for high school championship
c.  President of Mississippi State College for Mr. Creel's serv-
    ices during the past year
d.  Dean Mack for permission and fares to Cleveland meeting
e.  Mrs. irving Berlin, John W. Mackay and Mrs. Anna C. Mackay,
    for flowers and tribute to Mr. Mackay by Regents

Dr. Hartman gave word of the gift of $191 by Mrs. Ludovich D.
Graham to cover the cost of installation of her gift of all-
Italian marbles to the University.

The report of Attorney Joseph D. Doyle to the effect that our
University would not benefit under the Will of Augusta A. Benham
of Syracuse was presented.

Dr. Hartman recommended that the salary of Miss Eva Adams be ad-
vanced to $1440 per year, effective January 1, 1939.  Judge Brown
moved that Miss Adams' salary be advanced to $1440 per year, ef-
fective September 1, 1938.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Dr. Hartman recommended that the retirement maximum age for staff
members be reduced from 72 to 70 years.  Mr. Ross moved that this
recommendation be adopted by the Board.  Carried unanimously.

Dr. Hartman recommended that Miss Sameth be authorized to secure
a Teaching Fellow for the academic year 1939-40 at $500 per year
in place of Miss Schnell, now receiving $850.  Miss Sameth has
been allowed $175 in the budget for part-time secretarial service
for the next year and, if she can secure as Teaching Fellow a
young woman who can handle the secretarial work as well, wishes
permission to pay this amount to the new Fellow in addition to
the $500.  Judge Brown moved the granting of this authorization.

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Miss Sameth's request, addressed to the Regents, that she receive
top salary for her rank was, on motion of Mr. Ross, ordered plac-
ed on the table until such time as the Acting President feels he
should make a recommendation.  Carried unanimously.

Mr. Francis Smith and Mr. Ed Reed appeared on behalf of the
Alumni Committee on the athletic situation at the University.
Mr. Reed, as spokesman, said that the Committee was not yet ready
to submit its report; there were certain questions they wished
to ask before rendering their final report, but they had worked
out 3 possible plans, as follows:

1.  To turn the administration of Athletics, with entire finan-
    cial responsibility therefor, back to the students and to es-
    tablish a Board of Athletic Control with a Graduate Manager,
    that Board to have full charge of supervising the athletic
    setup, hiring and firing personnel.  Their thought was that
    the Board should comprise 5 members, 3 to be members of the
    University staff and 2 to be members of the student body.
    The coaching staff would not be members of the University

2.  The Alumni Committee felt that complete fairness to the
    present personnel might not be covered under the first plan
    so, for their second plan, they proposed a definite split
    between the Athletics and Physical Education, leaving the
    present personnel as faculty members but having supervision
    of all athletics handled by a Board of Athletic Control, with
    a graduate manager.  Under this second plan a reallocation of
    student fees is indicated.

3.  Theoretically their third plan is the most perfect but prac-
    tically it is the most difficult for it contemplates the re-
    moval of all persons employed at present and replacement with
    new members.  However, the findings of the Committee failed
    to produce evidence sufficient to warrant the Committee's
    recommendation that any one of the present personnel should
    be dismissed.

The Alumni Committee submitted the following questions and with-
drew, understanding that answers would be available for their use
on Monday night:

 1.  There are 3 plans under consideration.  One plan is in a
     sense, to turn the control of Athletics back to the students
     under the supervision of the Athletic Board, the employment
     of a Graduate Manager.  Plan No. 2 contemplated retaining
     the present set-up of Athletics as now in force at the Uni-
     versity, but with a definite division between the Physical
     Education and the Athletics.  The Athletics side would be
     under the supervision of an Athletic Board with a Graduate
     Manager.  Plan No. 3 under discussion contemplates that the
     present set-up of handling Athletics and Physical Education
     is desirable, but an entire new personnel would be employed.
     I might say that under this plan no specific or factual
     charges have been raised that would warrant such removal by
     the Board of Regents.

     The Committee would like to have the advice of the Regents
     as to which plan they think most suitable.

 2.  The Committee would like to know how much financial support
     the University Administration could give for salaries of
     Coaches under either Plan 1 or 2.

 3.  What would be the most desirable status of the Coaches in
     relation to faculty standing?

 4.  Would the University Administration approve of an Athletic
     Board as possible or satisfactory to supervise the Athletic

 5.  All plans contemplate the employment of a Graduate Manager
     at a salary ranging from $1800 to $2400 per year and that it
     might be possible for this individual to be the Alumni Sec-
     retary.  Would it be possible for the University to assume
     part or all of this salary?

 6.  At the present time there is an estimated overdraft of $7000
     against the athletic account.  Is this to be written off by
     the University or will it be charged against a new athletic

 7.  The Committee would appreciate knowing, if possible, what
     will be the policy of the Board of Regents and the Univer-
     sity Administration toward an Intercollegiate Athletic Pro-
     gram and supporting the same.

 8.  Your advice will be appreciated in regard to how the matter
     of employing and discharging the coaching personnel should
     be handled in its relation to the Athletic Board and the
     University Administration.

 9.  What will be the policy of the Board in relation to types
     of games scheduled?

10.  The Committee would like to know how far it will be possible
     for the Board of Regents to go in supporting the recommenda-
     tion of your Alumni Committee.

11.  If an Athletic Board is established for the control of Ath-
     letics, how far would the Board of Regents and the Univer-
     sity Administration go towards supporting the authority of
     this Board?

12.  Inasmuch as intramural sports are now part of the Physical
     Education Department and the plans contemplate putting such
     sports under the Athletic Department, what would be the
     attitude of the Board of Regents and the University Admin-
     istration toward such changes?

13.  Athletes at the University are now partially supported
     through outside aid.  What would be the attitude of the
     Board of Regents and the University Administration toward
     establishing athletic scholarships which would be announced
     publicly at the Commencement Exercises of the University, or
     announced in some other public manner?

14.  If an Athletic Board is approved, what faculty representa-
     tion would be acceptable to the Board of Regents and the
     University Administration?

Dr. Hartman presented his budget estimate for the 1939-40 bien-
nium, as per attached pages.  Discussion followed.  Dr. Olmsted
moved that this budget be accepted by the Board as a minimum
budget and that Dr. Hartman and Mr. Gorman draw up a supplemen-
tary budget to include items that they considered very desirable
but which it had not been possible to include in the minimum
budget.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Dr. Hartman reported that, following instructions from the Board
November 26 he had appointed the following Committee to make a
study of pension systems and to report their findings:

    Dean Stewart, Chairman
    Professor S. Palmer
    Professor Carpenter
    Dean Traner
    Dean Thompson

Dean Stewart wishes to know who are eligible to come under the
benefits of the new plan.  Discussion developed that the Board
felt the plan could not properly provide for the entire Univer-
sity staff, that those included should be limited to the members
of the University faculty (which includes the Librarian and the
Registrar), the Comptroller, the Superintendent of Buildings and
Grounds and the Chief Assistant of Buildings and Grounds.  Of the
faculty no one is eligible who has not been in full-time service
for at least 2 full years with the rank of Instructor at least.

Of the above, the Board approved Dean Stewart's suggestion that
a questionnaire should be sent to each of them asking if each one
wishes to enter into such an arrangement, with stated understand-
ing that those who do not reply within the specified time limit
for replies are to be left out and the University is to be re-
lieved of all obligations for these persons.

The Comptroller is authorized to provide Dean Stewart with the
salary amounts of all those who certify their desire to be in-
cluded in the new pension plan.

Dr. Hartman presented plans submitted by Major Bassett for a bul-
let stop for the rifle range.  After general discussion, Judge
Brown moved that this matter be held in abeyance until after the
Session of the 1939 Legislature.  If we are granted a new Engi-
neering building a number of adjustments can be made within the
barracks and this matter can be gone into thoroughly.  Carried

Dr. Hartman read a letter from Alden Chace of the Class of 1929
offering his suggestion in re. the present athletic program.

Dr. Hartman read a letter from Mrs. Simas in which she requested
the Regents to allocate to the A. W. S. a minimum of $700 a year
from the A. S. U. N. funds.  No action was taken on this since
the Regents have no authority over A. S. U. N. funds.

Dr. Hartman presented two plans for an Engineering building, the
first for Civil Engineering only, the second for Civil Engineer-
ing with an added wing for Mechanical Engineering.  After some
study of these plans, Mr. Ross moved that they be adopted in
general with understanding that the building will cost in the
neighborhood of $300,000.  Carried unanimously.  The architect's
fee of 6% was not covered in the estimated cost of $268,000 to
$300,000 submitted by the Building Committee.

Mr. Gorman reported that the Washoe County delegation would meet
with the Regents Thursday night, December 29, in the Washoe
County building at 8 o'clock.

Mr. Ross read the Alumni's Committee's questionnaire, point by
point, and the following answers were approved and unanimously
given by the Regents:

 1.  Do not approved of proposition No. 3.

 2.  None.

 3.  None under Plan 1; under Plan 2 would remain as is.

 4.  Yes, provided the Board consists of not more than 5 members,
     3 of whom are to be members of the University staff appoint-
     ed by the President.

 5.  Yes, to assume part of the salary of a Graduate Manager,
     as such.

 6.  If the students are willing to contribute their saving ac-
     count towards the $7000 deficit, the University will pay the
     balance on either No. 1 or No. 2.

 7.  We contemplate the continuation of intercollegiate athlet-

 8.  Question is not clear, but it appears to Regents that the
     Board of Regents would certainly hear the recommendations of
     the Athletic Board and would insist on a fair hearing on any
     proposition of discharging one of the coaching personnel.

 9.  Conference games so far as possible on our schedule; other
     games scheduled to be with institutions that have equivalent
     scholastic (academic) requirements; that games should not be
     scheduled where large deficits are in prospect.

10.  Question cannot be answered until recommendations are before

11.  Same policy to be pursued as is pursued in all University
     matters; support when we consider they are in the right;
     no support when convinced they are in the wrong.

12.  Would be experimental only and if not found satisfactory,
     change would be made to meet the condition.

13.  Regents cannot be party to athletic subsidization of any

14.  On the Athletic Board of not more than 5, 3 to be members
     of the University staff appointed by the President of the

Dr. Hartman and the Secretary were asked to withdraw.  After an
interval, Dr. Hartman was recalled.

Later the Secretary was recalled and instructed to embody the
following in the minutes:

    Because of the impairment of the endowment of the Mackay
    School of Mines, it is necessary to exercise economy in the
    carrying on of that branch of the University and it is
    resolved that the Acting President, in the event that Mr.
    Fulton returns to the Mackay School of Mines at the expira-
    tion of his present leave of absence, advise him that here-
    after he will be required to teach a regular schedule of
    not less than 12 hours per week and that his salary will
    be $4500 per year beginning with January 1, 1939.

Dr. Hartman was instructed to advise all members of the Univer-
sity staff that, during the 1939 Session of the Legislature,
University staff members were to be in Carson City when requested
to appear before the Legislature or some committee thereof.

Adjourned, with understanding that the next meeting of the Board
would be held January 28, 1939.

                             Silas E. Ross

Carolyn M. Beckwith