UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
December 16-17, 1954

Volume 7 - Pages 86-88

                      December 16, 1954

The Executive Committee of the Board of Regents met for luncheon
at the Riverside Hotel on Thursday, December 16, 1954.  The meet-
ing was called to order at 12:15 noon.  Present:  Regents Hardy,
Lombardi, Ross; Comptroller Hayden and President Stout.

Student Fees

    President Stout recommended change in course fees for the
    College of Arts and Science as follows:

    (1)  Fees for new courses.

         Art     277    $ 5
         Art     278      5
         Art     326      5
         Art     346      5
         Art     471     10
         Zoology 223     10
         Zoology 224      5
         Zoology 226      5

         These 3 courses in Zoology replace Zoology 211 and 246,
         for which fee deletions are listed below.

    (2)  Fees to be deleted.

         Art     133    $ 5 (course number changed to 326)
         Zoology 211     10 (course dropped)
         Zoology 246      5 (course dropped)
         Biology 480      5
         Botany  491-492  5
         Zoology 491-494  5

    (3)  In line with the curriculum changes in the Department
         of Health, Physical Education and Athletics recommend
         that fees read $3 to $10 instead of $3.  The Women's
         Division has read $3 to $10, while the Men's had read

         The integration of the two Departments and the inclusion
         of co-educational activity classes call for a more var-
         ied use of equipment and facilities for the men.

         The breakdown of fee changes follows:

         1.  Theory Courses                        No Charge

         2.  Recreation Games                         $ 4.00
             Bowling                                   10.00
             Life Saving                                5.00
             Beginners Swimming                         5.00

         3.  All Other Activity Courses                 3.00

         These fees cover towel charges, special equipment and
         use of outside facilities.

     Motion by Dr. Lombardi carried unanimously that the above
     fee changes be approved.

Max C. Fleischmann College of Agriculture

    President Stout reported on his visit with Mr. Summerfield,
    Chairman of the Trustees of the Max C. Fleischmann Foundation
    of Nevada, as requested by the Board of Regents in its meet-
    ing of December 10, 1954.  In the discussion by the members
    of the Executive Committee, it was agreed, by consensus, that
    name of the College of Agriculture be the "Max C. Fleischmann
    College of Agriculture" as previously set by the Board of
    Regents, and that the suggestion be made to the Trustees of
    the Max C. Fleischmann Foundation that the School of Eco-
    nomics be named for Sara Hamilton Fleischmann.  It was fur-
    ther agreed that the President be delegated to write the
    letter, after polling the other members of the Board of

    Note:  Poll was conducted by telephone.  Mr. Grant and Mr.
           Crumley voted in the affirmative.

Additions to the Budget

    President Stout reported on the meeting with the State Plan-
    ning Board, held in Carson City on Saturday, December 11,
    1954, which was attended by Mr. Ross, Mr. Hardy, Mr. Hayden
    and President Stout representing the University of Nevada.
    The President reported that he had reached Regents Lombardi,
    Grant and Crumley by telephone following the meeting.  The
    vote was unanimous that the Planning Board's recommendation
    be accepted that $100,000 be added to the University's re-
    quest for building fund to purchase land north of the Campus
    on which to build the housing units, in addition to $750,000
    already in the request for student housing.

Monroe-Bradley Account

    Mr. Hayden reported on the meeting with the State Board of
    Examiners concerning the Monroe-Bradley Account, saying that
    the Board of Examiners did not approve payment.

The meeting adjourned.