UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
December 15-16, 1906


Volume OC - Pages 438-440

Reno, Nevada

December 15, 1906

The Board of Regents met at 2:30 P.M., Saturday, December 15,

1906 at their Office, a full Board and the President of the Uni-

versity being present.

Minutes of meeting held November 10th read and, upon motion,


Upon motion of Regent Booher, seconded by Regent Starrett, the

appointment of Professor Lewers, as Vice-President of the Uni-

versity, by President Stubbs, was approved.

Upon motion, the Register, submitted by the President of the

University, was approved.

The resignation of Miss Frances E. Short, Instructor in the

Department of English, to take effect December the first, 1906,

was accepted.

Upon motion of Regent Booher, seconded by Regent Starrett, the

Secretary of the Board was instructed to notify Professor L. W.

Cushman, that his services at the University will not be re-

quired on and after September the first, 1907.

President Stubbs recommended that Miss Jeanne E. Wier be paid

Twenty Five dollars per month for extra work performed in the

months of September, October, November and December 1906, which

was approved.

Claims were presented and allowed as follows:

Contingent Fund & Interest Account Deficiencies

October Payroll - Employees, P & I $1571.70

October Payroll - Students 291.70

November Payroll - P & I 1280.04

November Payroll - Students 263.45

December Payroll - P & I 1280.04

December Payroll - Students 126.85

Reno Mercantile Co. 8.12

Reno Mercantile Co. 84.20

E. L. Drappo 537.50

The Baker Taylor Co. 1.56

E. C. Stewart 144.80

G. E. Stechert & Co. 44.45

Nevada Hardware & Supply Co. 2.50

Reno Power Light & Water Co. 150.00

Yawman & Erbe Manufacturing Co. 55.40

Total $5842.31

Metallurgical Laboratory Equipment

Porteous Decorating Co. $ .80

Nevada Hardware & Supply Co. 27.21

Nevada Hardware & Supply Co. 25.22

Reno Mercantile Co. 5.65

Geo. H. Taylor 2.00

Cann Drug Co. 30.60

Yawman & Erbe Manufacturing Co. 68.45

C. W. Marwedel 4.80

Total $ 164.73

Agricultural & Mechanical College - Morrill Fund

November Payroll $1919.99

December Payroll 1844.84

Nevada Engineering Works 4.50

Nevada Hardware & Supply Co. 1.95

Nevada Transit Co. 8.00

Sunset Telephone & Telegraph Co. 3.00

Reno Mill & Lumber Co. 6.50

Bausch & Lomb Optical Co. 14.91

J. W. Phillips 30.70

A. C. Mc Clury & Co. 3.98

Central Scientific Co. 65.40

Geo. H. Taylor 94.88

Geo. H. Taylor 170.27

Total $4168.92

Recommendation of the President that Miss Laura de Laguna, Miss

Jeanne E. Wier and Dr. Ralph S. Minor be appointed Professors

was approved.

The report of the President to the Regents as required by Law

was submitted, read and approved.

No further business appearing, the Board adjourned to meet at

10 o'clock A.M., Monday the seventh day of January, 1907.

Oscar J. Smith


Geo. H. Taylor