UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
December 14-15, 1914

Volume OD - Pages 537-542

                         Reno, Nevada
                      December 14, 1914

The Regents met at their Office at 9:00 A.M. on Monday, December
14, 1914.  Present were Regents Reid, Pratt, O'Brien, Henderson,
Codd and President Hendrick.

Minutes of the meeting of October 21, 1914 were read and upon
motion approved.  Under the heading of business arising out of
the minutes of the last meeting, motion was made by Henderson,
seconded by Pratt, that the engagement of Bliss and Faville of
San Francisco, as University architects be approved, the under-
standing being that they are to make all preliminary drawings
for proposed buildings or alteration of buildings, which pre-
liminary drawings are to be contributed free to the University.
If, however, the work on any of these buildings is proceeded
with, they are to have the regular architect's fee of 6% on the
cost of the work done.

The President reported an interview with Professor Ordahl and
read some correspondence.  The recommendation was made by the
President that the leave of absence to Professor Ordahl be ex-
tended to the first of September at half pay and that he be
notified that his connection with the University would cease at
that time if he were successful in getting a new position; other-
wise, the University would retain him in its employ not to exceed
one year after that date.

The President presented for confirmation the appointments of Dr.
Edward Records as an assistant in Dr. Mack's laboratory at $2000
per year, and of Dr. Stephen Lockett as assistant in Dr. Mack's
laboratory at $2000 per year, both appointments to expire on the
first of July, 1915, and to require renewal by the Board of Re-
gents at that time.

On recommendation of the President, motion was made by Henderson,
seconded by Codd, that $16 be established as the rate of charge
of board at the University Dining Hall for such students as are
not residents in the Dormitories.

On motion of Pratt, seconded by Henderson, leave of absence was
granted Assistant Professor George D. Powers to the first of
July, 1915, at half pay.

The President brought to the attention of the Board the request
of Professor Romanzo Adams that he be allowed to reduce his work
in teaching in order to complete a monograph on "Taxation".  On
motion of Henderson, seconded by Pratt, the President was in-
structed to inform Professor Adams that the Regents desired that
he should finish his monograph, but it should not be allowed to
interfere with his regular duties at the University.

On motion of Pratt, seconded by Henderson, the Regents agreed to
guarantee the expenses of the Debating Society in amount not to
exceed $175, this amount to be used only in case of deficiency.

Moved by Henderson, seconded by Pratt, that Mr. Glasscock be
confirmed as Coach to the athletic teams for the second semester
at a salary of $125 a month for a period of 5 months, it being
understood that this does not carry any obligation after this

Motion made by Codd, seconded by Pratt, that the President be
authorized to grant in his discretion leave of absence to Dr.
Mack in order that he may be permitted to rest and regain his

Moved by Pratt, seconded by O'Brien, that the President be
authorized to secure an assistant in Mechanical Engineering at
a salary not to exceed $125 per month, engagement to last to
the first of July, 1915.

Moved by Henderson, seconded by O'Brien, that the President be
permitted to make loans out of any available funds of the Uni-
versity to deserving students, in amounts not to exceed $50 in
any case, on terms in the discretion of the President.

The President presented in some detail the method of preparing
the budget of the University.  Motion made by Henderson, seconded
by O'Brien, that the method and plan be approved and that the
President be instructed to proceed with the preparation of the
budget along that line.

The President presented plans for a new Agricultural building
with a statement of the needs of the University for the same;
in connection with the same introduced to members of the Board
Professors Frandsen, Knight and Mack, and Associate Professor
Bardenwerper.  On motion of Codd, seconded by Pratt, the Presi-
dent was authorized to instruct the architects to complete these
plans and that they be incorporated in the budget of the Univer-

Dean Scrugham was introduced and made a statement of the desira-
bility of the University approving the plans of the land grant
Engineering Colleges to request of Congress an appropriation of
$10,000 to the State for experiment in extension and research
in Engineering.

Motion was made authorizing the President to loan Professor
Lincoln to the University of California for one week's lectures.
Moved, seconded and carried that the plan for exchange of Pro-
fessors in the Mining Schools be carried out and the required
expense be placed in the next year's budget.

Moved by Codd, seconded by O'Brien, that the books of the Uni-
versity relating to public funds of the State be audited at the
convenience of the Comptroller, and that $15 per day be author-
ized for this work, the total not to exceed $150 and with the
preference of the Board for Mr. Paul C. Gaston, the State Public

The Comptroller is authorized to provide for the expenditures
in the Public Service Departments of the University out of any
available funds until the appropriations are confirmed by the

Motion was made and seconded that Mr. Clark be paid salary at
the rate of $150 per month until the first of January, 1915, and
that the Comptroller be authorized to make payment of this money
out of the proper funds without reference to his engagement to
teach Animal Husbandry.

Motion by Henderson, seconded by Pratt, that the Regents carry
an appropriation for a College Farm, and that it be carried
separate from the University appropriations and that it be pre-
sented fairly to the Legislature with the argument of the value
to the State of such a plan; that there be carried in the College
budget an appropriation sufficient to teach Animal Husbandry
which shall be a separate and distinct item.

Moved by Codd, seconded by Pratt, that Dean Scrugham be author-
ized to proceed with his efficiency and welfare conference.

Owing to the lateness of the hour the Board found itself unable
to listen to the report of Director Doten of the Experiment
Station.  The President was authorized to make a copy of the
report for the Board and distribute it to the Board for consid-
eration at their next meeting.

The Board ajourned to meet on January 4, 1915.

                             H. E. Reid

Geo. H. Taylor

Taken from letter of Mr. Chas. B. Henderson of June 16th,
naming the Committees of the Board:

    Finance Committee - A. A. Codd, Dr. J. J. Sullivan,
                        Walter E. Pratt

    Property Committee - Walter E. Pratt

    Library Committee - A. A. Codd

    Instruction Committee - J. W. O'Brien

    Student Welfare Committee - Dr. J. J. Sullivan