UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
December 13-14, 1911

Volume OD - Pages 379-393

                         Reno, Nevada
                      December 13, 1911

The Board of Regents met at their Office in Morrill Hall on
Wednesday, December 13th, 1911.  All of the members excepting
Regent Henderson were present.

The minutes of the meeting of November 9th were read and

President Stubbs read his report as follows:

To the Honorable
The Board of Regents
of the University of Nevada


The attendance at the University for this semester is as follows:

    Total University Students               249
        Men                         116
        Women                       133

    Total High School Students               83
        Boys                         42
        Girls                        41

    Grand Total                             332


I have sent to the Board of Regents and to the Secretary of the
Board of Regents reports on the following subjects:

1.  The report on the relation between the number of students and
    the number of Professors as given in a table in "Science".

2.  Report on a meeting of the Association of American Agricul-
    tural Colleges and Experiment Stations of which President
    Kenyon L. Butterfield of the Massachusetts Agricultural
    College is Chairman, and which was held at Columbus, Ohio.

3.  The report of Vice-President Lewers as delegate to the meet-
    ing of the Association of American Agricultural Colleges and
    Experiment Stations.

4.  A letter to the potato growers of Nevada.

Therefore the Regents have information in relation to the sub-
jects contained in these various reports.


Regent Williams attended a meeting of the State Board of Agricul-
ture held last Saturday evening at the Overland Hotel.  I accom-
panied him with the proxy of Mr. True.  We anticipated some con-
troversy in the election of a President for the Board of Agricul-
ture, but it resulted in the election of Charles Sadlier as Pres-
ident, and then Mr. Williams presented to the Board the reasons
why they should continue the rental of the Fair Grounds to the
University.  Although there were two other bids presented of-
fering $500 and $525 respectively for the Grounds, the Board
preferred to rent to the University for $450 a year, a year at
a time.  Mr. Williams in behalf of the Board of Regents was will-
ing to begin the year on January first instead of March first.
The Board Directors therefore rented to the Agricultural and
Mechanical College of the University of Nevada the State Fair
Grounds for one year from January first, 1912.  The agreement
was that the University shall have control of the land suitable
for agriculture, and the buildings running east from the entrance
gate, and exclusive of the building of exhibits on the north.


For the week or more preceding Thanksgiving my time was largely
was given to the eel worm problem.  I had two or three meetings
of the Station staff on the subject, and further, I went to
Sacramento Monday, November 25th, to confer with the Commissioner
of Horticulture of California with the result made known to the
Regents in the letter to potato growers in Nevada.

As a result of our deliberations it was concluded best to send
two of our men to visit all ranches and districts where potatoes
are grown and make a report upon the matter.  In pursuance of
this plan Miles B. Kennedy and Ellsworth R. Bennett spent last
week visiting ranches and districts were potatoes are grown in
Churchill and Lyon Counties.  They have made a report on these
districts and I have consolidated these reports and herewith
give the Board of Regents their findings:


     Name          District    Acres   Tons  Infection Crop Value

E. S. Harriman     Fallon        50     400     50%       $ 8800
Ernest Dondero     Fallon        65     330     25%         9000
G. E. Burton       Fallon        20     100     75%         2000
A. Mongelo         Fallon         7      35     Bad          775
Edmond Dietz       Fallon         4      20     Slight       400
Antonio Mugge      Fallon        20     140     Moderate    3640
P. Mori            East Fallon   26     200     Slight      5000
P. Markwell        South Fallon   8      50     Slight      1250
J. W. Johnston     S. W. Fallon  15      65     Slight      1625
S. Gottanni        Fallon        60     200     Bad         5000
Ernest Capucci     Fallon        14      75     Bad         1875
A. T. Giberson     South Fallon   4      12     None         300
A. C. Sparks       South Fallon  11      40     None        1000
P. V. Connor       South Fallon   2       4     None         100
G. Bachelor        Mason         12      60     None        1320
P. Domanici        Mason         25     135     None (?)    3375
F. H. Knemeyer     Mason         12      60     Bad         1500
A. Pardi           Mason         78     375     Slight      9375
A. Grulli          Mason         50     300     Very Slight 7500
         (Above ranches reported by Mr. E. R. Bennett)

     Name          District    Acres   Tons  Infection Crop Value

Burrolie           Dayton         9     120     Slight    $ 2400
Gardella           Dayton         6      60     Moderate    1200
Tangredi Cordelli  Dayton         8     100     Moderate    2000
Quillici Brothers  Dayton        18     180     Slight      3600
Perie & Company    Dayton         4      30     Moderate     600
Sorani & Company   Dayton       1/2     1/2     Moderate      10
Venturi Brothers   Dayton       1/2     1/2     Bad           10
J. de Poli         Dayton         7      40     Very Slight  800
D. Baroni          Dayton        15     150     Slight      3000
V. Quillici        Dayton        16     160     Slight      3200
A. Quillici        Dayton        15     140     Slight      2800
Martini & Company  Dayton        10     120     Slight      2400
D. P. Randall      Dayton         7     100     Slight      2000
G. Teglia          Dayton        10     120     Slight      2400
O. Cordelli        Dayton         9     100     Moderate    2000
L. Lenci           Dayton         6      50     Moderate    1200
Lommori            Mason         30     150     None        3000
P. Bianchi         Mason         60     400     None        8000
F. Fenelli & Co.   Mason         30     150     None        3000
R. Rosaschi        Mason         35     220     None        4400
C. Scatena         Mason         30     280     None        5600
E. Togneitt        Mason         18     110     None        2200
E. S. Cross        Mason          7      45     None        1100
A. Maionchi        Mason         30     300     None        6000
O. Romani          Mason         50     300     None        6000
A. Fenelli         Mason         30     250     None        5000
A. G. Mc Gowman    Mason      3 1/2      30     None         600
F. O. Stickney     Mason         20     150     Moderate    3000
M. Kagikami        Mason         14      90     None        1800
Ki Fuci            Mason          8      90     None        1800
Joe Yama           Mason         14     135     Very Slight 2700
Charlie Takashima  Mason         10      75     None        1500
Tony Tomani        Mason     (Not at home; no report)
V. D. Santani      Mason         20     150     Moderate    3000
L. Santani         Mason         20     120     Slight      2400
A. Rosachi         East Walker   70     700     Very Slight14000
         (Above ranches reported by Mr. M. B. Kennedy)

I was absent from the office the week following Thanksgiving
negotiating the sale of some property which I had acquired at
Pacific Grove.  I returned on Friday morning, December 8th, and
since that time have given a great deal of time to the consider-
ation of the eel worm infection.  For these reasons two or three
subjects which I had expected to finish this month and present to
the Board of Regents have been delayed.


A visit of inspection of the University took place Saturday,
December 9th, by Dr. J. C. Babcock, Assistant Chief of the Bureau
of Education, Department of the Interior.  Mr. Babcock was for-
merly President of the University of Arizona, and I knew him
quite well.  He made a careful examination of the University --
visited the laboratories and classes that were in session Satur-
day forenoon, devoted the afternoon to an examination of the
Morrill Fund, the attendance, the conditions of admission, and
so forth.

He finished his examination a little after 6 o'clock on Saturday.
At the conclusion he said to me that he had found everything all
right and he was surprised to find the number of students that
we had from a State of such limited population; that our entrance
requirements were standard.  On the whole he was very much grati-
fied with our University and what he found here.

He called my attention, however, to two questions:

1.  In the Act of 1862, containing laws for Agricultural Col-
    leges -- otherwise the first Morrill Act -- Section 4 says,
    "That all moneys derived from the sale of lands aforesaid
    by the States to which the lands are apportioned, and from
    the sales of land scrip hereinbefore provided for, shall be
    invested in stocks (including bonds, I presume) of the
    United States, or of the States, or some other safe stock,
    yielding not less than 5% upon the par value of said stocks;
    and that the money so invested shall constitute a perpetual
    fund, the capital of which shall remain forever undiminish-

    Mr. Babcock said that the funds arising from the sale of
    lands for the benefit of the University by the State must
    be invested in stock yielding not less than 5% per annum.
    As the Board of Regents know, this fund constituting the
    90-thousand acre grant is invested in bonds of the United
    States, of Massachusetts, and of the State of Nevada, bear-
    ing 4% interest.  Dr. Babcock said that under this National
    Law the University funds could be invested in any stock
    that was regarded as a safe investment of any State or any
    county in the State, and he said that it was our plain duty
    to invest these funds in stock or bonds not less than 5%

2.  He said that we ought to have the banks where the Morrill
    and Nelson Funds were left pay 2% on daily balances, or
    from 3% to 4% on loans in the Savings Departments.

I recommend that the Board of Regents appoint some of its mem-
bers a Committee to see about the investment of the land grant
fund in interest-bearing stock or bonds giving not less than 5%
income and that a Committee of Regents and the Secretary of the
Board consider the advisability of the Washoe County Bank and
the Farmers and Merchants National Bank paying interest on the
funds in their possession in some equitable form.


1.  I recommend that the interest allowed by the banks for the
    use of the Agricultural and Mechanical College Fund be used
    to pay the rental of the Fair Grounds from the State Board
    of Agriculture until the Regents and the State Board of
    Examiners have determined whether this rental cannot be paid
    out of the annual appropriation of the University of Nevada.

2.  That the $600, with interest, borrowed for the Laboratory and
    Guarantee Fund at the Farmers and Merchants National Bank,
    be paid as soon as we have the means from the Rent and Ma-
    terial Fund of the University.

3.  On November 8, 1909, I borrowed at the Nixon National Bank
    for the credit of the University Building Account $1253,
    and I paid the following checks:  one to Clock and Shea for
    building the Speakers' Stand, $575; Bliss and Faville,
    $28.75; Clock and Shea for the addition to the Gymnasium
    $649.25; making a total of $1253.  I recommend that you pay
    this note from the Rent and Materials Fund of the University
    as soon as that account has enough funds in it.


There have been two Institutes held in the Deputy Superintend-
ent's Districts during the latter part of November and the first
of December.  Miss Day, our training teacher in the College of
Education, was an Instructor both weeks -- at Fallon and at Reno.
Dr. Ordahl also gave one lecture before the Institute in Reno.
They both won golden opinions from their thorough work and their
scholarly presentation of the subjects in hand.  Miss Day is
engaged at the Institute of the First Supervision District (Elko
County) for all of the next week, and Dr. Ordahl is engaged as
Instructor at the Institute for District No. 2 at Ely, White
Pine County, next week.

Miss Day is also going to do the work in the District that in-
cludes the Counties of Nye, Esmeralda, Lincoln and Clark.  She
will also instruct at the 3 days' session of the Institute at
Tonopah.  Regent Frank Williams gives an address before the
Institute to be held at Las Vegas the first week in January.
The Chairman of the Board of Regents visited the Institute at
Fallon and spoke before the teachers.  The President of the
University spoke at the Institute at Fallon and the Institute
at Reno.  During the coming week he will speak at the session
of the Institute at Elko and at Ely.  If circumstances permit,
he will also speak at the Institutes at Las Vegas and at Tonopah.


On Saturday evening, December 16th, Dr. Mack and the President
are to speak to the Farmers of Mason Valley at Yerington on the
subjects of hog cholera and the eel worm.


I have notified the students at Assembly that the Regents would
pay $5 for the best name for our lake, or pond, and I submit
these to the Regents to open and make the award for the best


The Convention of the Bankers of the State is to be held in Reno
Friday and Saturday, the 15th and 16th of December.  I recommend
that in the name of the Regents and the President of the Univer-
sity, an invitation be sent to them to visit the University and
inspect the buildings and grounds during their stay here, and
that the Regents appoint one of their number who with the Presi-
dent shall show them the buildings and grounds and the work of
the University.


I understand from the morning paper that there will be a gather-
ing of the newspaper editors and publishers of this State in
Reno on the 15th and 16th of December to form a State organiza-
tion of the newspapers of the State.  I recommend that the Re-
gents and the President extend to them an invitation to visit
the University and examine the buildings and grounds and see
what the University is doing, and to this end appoint one member
of the Board of Regents who, together with the President, shall
escort the editors through the University.


Professor Gordon H. True was appointed a delegate to the Irriga-
tion Congress by the County Commissioners of Washoe County, and,
after consultation with Regent Reid (in the absence of the
Chairman of the Board), I appointed Professor True as delegate
to this Livestock Show and delegate to the Irrigation Congress
from the University.


At the suggestion of Regent Williams, I invited the members of
the State Board of Examiners by letter in the name of the Board
of Regents to attend the session of the Board of Regents this
morning.  You will remember that I invited them in the name of
the President of the University a month ago.  I received a phone
message last evening from the Lieutenant and Acting Governor
Gilbert M. Ross saying that the Board of Examiners could not
very well attend the Regents' meeting today owing to the funeral
of Frank Golden in Carson City.  I also received the following
letter from the State Controller to whom I gave an invitation
to be present with the State Board of Examiners today.

The amount of money held up for some time by the State Board of
Examiners has grown to serious proportions and the Regents
ought to take some steps to have the State Board of Examiners
say what they will allow and say what they will not allow so
that the Board of Regents can take proper steps in the matter.


Herewith I hand the Regents the financial report of the Secre-

                             Respectfully submitted,

                             J. E. Stubbs

Upon motion of Regent Williams, seconded by Regent O'Brien, the
Chairman of the Board of Regents was authorized to close the
contract with the State Agricultural Society and the University
for the rental of the State Fair Grounds for 1912 at a rental of
$450 per year from January 1, 1912.

Upon motion of Dr. Reid, seconded by Regent Williams, a Committee
was appointed by the Chairman of the Board to look into the in-
vestment of funds for the Morrill Fund and rate of interest from
banks on the Morrill Fund, and report as soon as possible.  Re-
gents Reid, Williams and Codd were appointed on the Committee.

Upon motion of Regent Williams, seconded by Dr. Reid, President
Stubbs was authorized to invite Dr. Aked of San Francisco to
deliver the Lincoln Day address at the University on Tuesday,
February 13, 1912.  The Regents agree to pay his traveling ex-
penses and $50.

Upon motion of Regent Williams, seconded by Regent O'Brien, Dr.
Reid and President Stubbs were authorized to invite the State
Bankers attending the convention in Reno to visit the University.

Upon motion of Dr. Reid, seconded by Regent Williams, the Pres-
ident and Regent O'Brien were instructed to invite the Editors
of the Press of the State to visit the University on Friday, the
15th of December.

Upon motion of Regent Williams, seconded by Regent O'Brien, the
appointment of Professor Gordon H. True to attend the Livestock
Show at Chicago by the President was approved.

Upon motion of Regent O'Brien, seconded by Regent Williams,
the President was asked to tender the thanks of the Regents to
the Freight Department of the Southern Pacific Company for ship-
ping 5 horses from Reno to Elko for experimental purposes free
of charge.  He was also asked to thank the Passenger Department
for granting passes to certain members of our faculty for use
in the State of Nevada.

Upon motion of Dr. Reid, seconded by Regent Williams, it was de-
cided that no bills or accounts be paid from the Revolving Fund
except postage, express, freight, or an emergency bill for labor,
not exceeding $20, without first being approved by a majority of
the Regents.

Upon motion of Regent Williams, seconded by Dr. Reid, it was de-
cided that no claims be allowed or paid from the Reno and Materi-
als Fund until approved by the Regents.

Upon motion of Regent Williams, seconded by Dr. Reid, the Depart-
ment of Grounds was authorized to provide ropes and life pre-
servers to be kept at the pond in case of an emergency.

Upon motion of Dr. Reid, seconded by Regent O'Brien, it was moved
that the President of the University designate someone in author-
ity to have charge of the pond and to forbid anyone to go on the
ice when it is not safe, and to strictly enforce said rule.

Upon motion of Regent Williams, seconded by Dr. Reid, the pur-
chase of a Burroughs adding machine, cost not to exceed $375,
was authorized.  This adding machine is to be paid from the State
Administration Fund.

Upon motion of Regent Reid, seconded by Regent Williams, Profes-
sor Scrugham was authorized to make a test of the Chemical Engine
and ascertain if it is of any value for fire purposes, and, if
not, to put it in order.

Upon motion of Regent Reid, seconded by Regent Williams, it was
ordered that the Business Office of the University be kept open
from 8 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. on all working days of the week (6 days)
except Saturdays, when said hours shall be from 8 A.M. to 1 P.M.
and that someone be in the office at all times during said hours.

Upon motion of Dr. Reid, seconded by Regent Williams, it was or-
dered that Mr. Brown be instructed to have all garbage from the
Dining Hall and other buildings hauled away to the City dumping

The following motion of Regent Williams, seconded by Regent
O'Brien, was carried:

1.  That all Heads of Departments be provided with blank time
    slips made to read as follows:

    "This is to certify that _____________________ has performed
    ________ hours labor on _______________, 19__, at 20 cents
    per hour for the Department of _______________.

                             Signed:  _________________________"

2.  Whenever student labor is performed by a student for any
    Department, the Head of such Department shall fill out this
    certificate and deposit same with the Auditor.

3.  That all bills against this University be handed in to the
    Auditor, and that he be informed of the details of all
    contracts or business agreements affecting this University.

4.  That as soon as convenient check vouchers be used in paying
    all bills from the Agricultural and Mechanical College, Hatch
    and Adams Funds.

5.  That the Auditor is hereby voted with all necessary authority
    to carry these resolutions into effect.

The following motion of Dr. Reid, seconded by Regent Williams,
was carried:

    The books of the Auditor shall contain all accounts of the
    University of whatever nature, including Revolving Fund,
    Rent and Material Fund, Students' Guarantee Fund, Farm Sales
    Account, Livestock and Horticulture.

    That the Regents be furnished a statement of all accounts
    now carried in the different banks, including old notes,
    overdrafts, etc., and that by next Board meeting the same
    shall be brought before them, and be accompanied by bank
    statements of the various accounts.

    Also a statement of all old accounts against the University
    such as the Water Company, etc., etc.

    That in the future all payrolls be made up in sections, keep-
    ing all Administration salaries together, all Buildings and
    Grounds salaries together, all Instruction salaries, etc.
    Student payroll to be made and kept separate from other pay-
    rolls, and stating in every case nature of employment and
    rate of pay.

    That the Auditor render a monthly statement to the President
    and Regents giving in detail all receipts and disbursements
    from the Rent and Material, Students' Guarantee and Revolving

    All Professors in Adams and Hatch work should make a state-
    ment to the President and Regents showing work performed in
    their Departments for the previous semester.

    No employee of the University, nor Professor, to be allowed
    extra compensation for any work unless by special action of
    the Regents before the work is performed.

    That the Secretary's or Auditor's books be reconciled with
    the State Controller's books at once, and as soon as that is
    done a schedule of the various salaries be made and appor-
    tioned to be different funds and no variation from this
    schedule to be permitted unless by special action of the

    That the Auditor be made responsible and see to it that all
    bills, claims, salaries, etc., paid from the various U. S.
    Government Funds are in strict accordance with the instruc-
    tions issued by the U. S. Auditors for the disbursement of
    these funds.

    That no bills be presented to the Board for their signature
    without first having been approved by the President and

    The Auditor is strictly prohibited from auditing or receiv-
    ing for payment any bills for goods not ordered on regular

Motion of Dr. Reid, seconded by Regent O'Brien, President Stubbs
was authorized to take from the Reno Evening Gazette a page of
advertising for $125, and 250 copies of the Magazine at 10 cents
per copy.

Motion of Dr. Reid, seconded by Regent Williams, the Chairman of
the Board was authorized and directed to engage an expert to
audit the books and accounts of the University for the year 1911
and make a written report to the Board of Regents.

Claims were allowed from the several Funds as follows:

                         STATE FUNDS

General Support of University


        American Assoc. for Advancement of Science   $     3.00
        Bennetts Newspaper Agency                         12.60
        Boston Book Company                               35.08
        F. A. Brockhaus                                   27.05
        Florence Chandler                                204.50
        J. W. Hampton Jr. & Co.                            4.00
        A. C. Mc Clury Company                           130.19
        National Municpal League                          10.00
        F. C. Stechert Company                            18.91
        G. E. Stechert Company                             1.82
        Smithsonian Institute                             13.10
                                    Total            $   460.25

        T. F. Banigan                                $    60.35
        Bausch and Lomb                                   45.20
        J. R. Bradley Company                             17.65
        Braun-Knecht-Heimann                             243.36
        Builders Iron Fry                                  4.12
        California Art, Metal and Wire Company             3.50
        Central Scientific Co.                            56.60
        H. S. Crocker Company                             22.48
        Diack and Smith                                   21.50
        Daniels and Steinmetz                            193.00
        Eimer and Amend                                  265.75
        Flanigan Wood and Lumber Company                 205.32
        Grey, Reid, Wright Company                       177.80
        W. A. Harms                                       12.50
        Herz and Bros.                                    12.50
        Kny-Scheerer Company                             250.00
        Sol Levy                                           1.50
        Menardi Music Company                              3.00
        George Ford Morris Studio                         45.00
        Nevada Hardware and Supply Company               320.89
        Nevada Machine & Electric Company                  8.17
        Nevada Press Company                               8.50
        Nevada School Journal                             12.80
        Nevada Transfer Company                           23.00
        Pacific Telephone & Telegraph Co.                 29.00
        W. E. Paul                                         9.00
        Pierson Mill and Lumber Co.                       28.40
        Porteous Decorative Company                        2.50
        Postal Telegraph and Cable Co.                     7.51
        Reno Ice Delivery Co.                              1.50
        Reno Mercantile Company                           22.85
        Reno Oil Company                                 448.63
        Reno Power Light and Water Company               335.75
        Reno Printing Company                              8.25
        Riverside Hotel                                   91.85
        A. J. Smith                                      290.00
        J. J. Smith                                       32.50
        J. W. Spurling                                    13.83
        J. W. Spurling                                    27.65
        G. H. True                                         6.00
        Western Union                                      1.65
        University Revolving Fund                         38.27
        University Revolving Fund                        283.40
        White Company                                     71.25
        H. E. Reid                                        12.40
        J. W. O'Brien                                     10.00
        Frank Williams                                    76.50
        A. A. Codd                                         9.00
                                    Total            $ 4,332.43

    Support of Experiment Station

        A. J. Mc Phetres                             $     5.00
        Red Cross Drug Company                             9.20
        Reno Mercentile Company                           10.55
        Reno Mill and Lumber Company                      31.55
        Reno Mill and Lumber Company                      44.85
                                    Total            $   101.15

    Food and Drug Control

        Braun-Knecht-Heimann                         $    47.01
        Reno Ice Delivery                                  2.00
        University Revolving Fund                         13.00
        University Revolving Fund                          2.10
                                    Total            $    64.11

    State Hygienic Laboratory

        Bausch and Lomb                              $    43.50
        Braun-Knecht-Heimann                              30.19
        Porteous Decorative Company                       33.00
        Fuel Reno Yard                                     2.95
        Reno Ice Delivery                                  1.00
        Troy Laundry Company                               2.90
        University Revolving Fund                          1.55
        University Revolving Fund                          4.99
                                    Total            $   120.08

    Electrical Building and Equipment

        W. G. Mc Ginty                               $ 6,304.00
        W. G. Mc Ginty                                   311.00
        Mack Auto                                         13.80
        Joseph Musto Sons & Co.                           60.20
        Nevada Engineering Works                          25.00
        Nevada Transfer Company                            3.50
        Parcells Safe Company                             92.25
        University Revolving Fund                    $ 6,856.80

    M & M Equipment Fund

        University Revolving Fund                    $    33.50

    Mackay Building Fund

        University Revolving Fund                    $      .72

    Improvement of Grounds

        Reno Construction Company                    $   630.00
        T. F. Banigan                                     40.50
        H. P. Boardman                                    20.00
        Reno Construction Company                        200.00
        Reno Construction Company                        173.70
        Reno Construction Company                        423.80
        Reno Power Light and Water Co.                   124.24
        University Revolving Fund                         65.23
                                    Total            $ 1,677.47

    Weights and Measures

        University Revolving Fund                    $     2.00

    Eel Worm Fund

        J. E. Stubbs                                 $    12.10


General Support of University Claims       $4,332.43 $
General Support of Payroll November         3,659.80   7,992.23
University High School Payroll November                  610.00

Support of Experiment Station Claims                     101.15

Food and Drug Control Claims                   64.11
Food and Drug Control Payroll November        375.00     439.11

State Hygienic Laboratory Claims              120.08
State Hygienic Laboratory Payroll November    305.80     425.88

Electrical Bldg. & Equip. Claims            6,856.80
Electrical Bldg. & Equip. Payroll November    150.00   7,006.80

M & M Equipment Fund Claims                               33.50

Mackay Building Fund Claims                                 .72

Improvement of Grounds Claims               1,677.47
Improvement of Grounds Payroll                322.80   2,010.27

Weights and Measures Claims                                2.00

                                    Total            $18,621.66


    Andrew Martin                          $    3.00
    Reno Livery Company                         5.00
    Reno Mercantile Company                     9.35
    Robison Bros.                              13.50
    University Revolving Fund                   6.45 $    37.30

    Payroll Month Ending November 30, 1911             2,972.85

                                    Total            $ 3,010.15

                         ADAMS FUND

    Boston Gear Works                      $    3.47
    J. E. Church Jr.                           19.70
    Cleator-Dexter Company                     10.00
    Coffin and Larcombe                        93.17
    Cortland Stables                          110.00
    James M. Crane                             46.00
    Thomas A. Edison Inc.                      10.60
    Henry J. Green                              4.05
    Hamp Simas Company                         14.75
    International Inst. Co.                    20.80
    Holbrook M & S                             12.50
    Sol Levy                                    2.00
    A. C. Mc Clury                              9.16
    A. J. Mc Phetres                           25.00
    Nevada Hardware & Supply Co.                6.78
    Miss Jennie Picetti                         2.50
    Randall Faichney Co.                        3.55
    Reno Mercantile Company                     2.02
    Reno Power Light and Water Company          8.65
    Scrannage Bros.                            18.99
    Spencer Lens Company                        2.94
    F. C. Stechert                             14.60
    A. J. Wilkinson & Co.                      14.15
    University Revolving Fund                  27.66
    University Revolving Fund                  91.30 $   574.34

    Payroll Month Ending November 30, 1911             1,016.67

                                    Total            $ 1,591.01

                         HATCH FUND

    Auditors                               $   30.00
    White Company                               5.50
    University Revolving Fund                  25.00 $    60.50

    Payroll Month Ending November 30, 1911               698.35

                                    Total            $   758.95

                       LIVESTOCK FUND

    E. A. Brainerd                         $  380.00
    C. H. Dana                                  4.75
    John I. Cazier                             20.85
    C. A. Darling                              20.85
    Lester Harriman                            20.85
    C. A. Milentz                              20.85
    Joseph W. Wilson                            7.85
    University Revolving Fund                   1.90
    Nixon National Bank                        45.47
    Nixon National Bank                        13.28
    Washoe County Bank                          8.35 $   545.00


                          November 29, 1911

    General Appropriation                            $73,645.75
    Hygienic Laboratory                                6,013.64
    Pure Food & Drug                                   5,363.91
    Regents Fund                                       3,475.00
    Weights and Measures                               3,593.90
    Improvements to Grounds                            5,306.11
    Electrical Building and Equipment                 31,917.13
    Experiment Station                                 3,173.12
    Mackay School of Mines (Inst. Fund)                3,448.17
    Mackay Building Equipment                             20.71
    A & M College, Morrill Fund                       29,462.68
    Experiment Station, Adams Fund                     3,443.69
    Experiment Station, Hatch Fund                       770.10
    Experiment Station, Livestock                        491.86
    Experiment Station, Horticulture                     106.25
    Experiment Station, Farm Sales                        90.55
    Experiment Station, Miscellaneous                      5.63
    University Loan Fund                                 192.65
    Income, Interest on Loans                             65.00

No further business appearing, the Board adjourned to meet at
the call of the Chairman.

                             A. A. Codd

Geo. H. Taylor