UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

December 12-13, 1942 

Volume 5 - Pages 353-358

                       REGENTS MEETING
                      December 12, 1942

Meeting called to order by Chairman Ross at 9:30 A.M.

Present:  Ross, Wardin, Williams, Gorman, Hartman and Sirkegian
(who will take office as Regent in January).  Judge Brown and Dr.
Olmsted were not present because of illness.

Mrs. Wardin moved approval of the minutes of the Regents meeting
of September 26, 1942.

    Mrs. Wardin          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Dr. Hartman read thank-you letter from Dr. J. E. Church for his
portrait which was unveiled in the University Gymnasium on Decem-
ber 4, 1942.

Dr. Hartman read letter from Miss Bray with reference to Mrs.
Wagner's teaching program and salary.

Dr. Hartman reported that he had granted leaves of absence to Mr.
Joseph M. Mc Leod of the Department of Weights and Measures, ef-
fective November 16, 1942 for the duration of the war and six
months thereafter, and to Mr. Lawton B. Kline of the Department
of Modern Languages, effective October 13, 1942 until such time
as he may be discharged from service.

Dr. Hartman reported the payment of $1172.50 on the bill of
$1402.06 for the 1941 football team for a training table at the
University Dining Hall - balance due $230.56; fees 1939-41,
$1057.58; and present status of deferred fees for the year 1942.

Mr. Gorman presented the Financial Report for the period ending
December 31, 1942.

Mr. Gorman reported on the Hartung Estate.  Mrs. Wardin moved
that a Guarantee Title to the Loraine Hotel - part of the estate
- be secured and that additional insurance should be placed on
furniture and fixtures when an inventory of the contents is com-
pleted; also confirmed Mr. Gorman's action in placing an addi-
tional $10,000 insurance on the building.

    Mrs. Wardin          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Mr. Gorman reported on the settlement of fire insurance on the
first and second barracks fires.  Mrs. Wardin moved approval of
the settlement amounting to $7,466.93, and also moved that Comp-
troller be authorized to sign papers for the settlement.

    Mrs. Wardin          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Mr. Gorman reported that the endowment to the University provided
for in the Will of Dr. W. H. Hood, deceased, would probably not
be forthcoming since his estate has been assigned to his cred-

Mr. Gorman reported that the Orr Ditch viaduct under the tramway
is too narrow and creates a dangerous situation during high water
periods.  The west end of the viaduct should be widened at a cost
of $750 when the ditch is empty in March.  Mrs. Wardin moved that
the Chairman of the Board be authorized to approve this improve-

    Mrs. Wardin          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

With reference to the heating and ventilating system for the new
Gymnasium, Mrs. Wardin moved that permission be granted to move
the unused fan from the Mackay Science Hall to the new Gymnasium.

    Mrs. Wardin          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Mr. Gorman reported that through an error on the part of the
architect the radiators for the main floor of the Gymnasium are
too large for the space assigned to them.  He recommended that
other radiators be ordered for the main floor and that the radi-
ators on hand be used in the basement where the size will not
matter.  Mr. Williams moved approval of the change only in the
event that new radiators for the main floor can be obtained.

    Mrs. Wardin          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Mrs. Wardin moved that if and when the new Gymnasium is definite-
ly usable the Committee on Building and Grounds of the Board of
Regents be authorized to approve remodeling of the old Gymnasium
for the use of the R. O. T. C.

    Mrs. Wardin          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Mr. Gorman reported that WPB has not granted priority for materi-
als to change heating plant to steam, but that he has located one
and possibly two second-hand converters which could be used.  Mr.
Williams moved that the President and Comptroller be authorized
to secure these second-hand converters.

    Mrs. Wardin          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Mr. Gorman presented letter from Mr. Charles Thompson requesting
$1600 for the work yet to be done on the heating plant for the
Gymnasium.  Mrs. Wardin moved that Mr. Gorman be given authority
to employ an engineer for this job.

    Mrs. Wardin          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Mr. Gorman reported with reference to the freezing of salaries by
the Federal Government that Internal Revenue Office is not yet
able to give any information as to the exact application of this
"freezing" process to the University.

Mr. Gorman reported that the electrical and plumbing shop in the
basement of Lincoln hall constitutes a serious fire hazard.  The
University needs a separate building to house the electrical
shop, plumbing shop, paint shop, carpenter shop and blacksmith
shop.  Tentative plans were made for a one-story building to be
located south of the new Engineering building, but this location
did not seem desirable.  On the north line of the University
grounds and east of the property recently contracted for from
the Rickard estate is a small triangle of land belonging to Mr.
Nelson; he seems willing to sell this land to the University
but has not yet written the Board concerning price, etc.  This
piece of land would seem to be an ideal spot for a shop building.
Mrs. Wardin moved that the President and the Chairman of the
Board be given authority to have architect make tentative plans
for a two-story building to occupy this space, to be used as a
shop building.

    Mrs. Wardin          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Mr. Gorman reported on the Fire Chief's request that graveled
roads be built at several points on the Campus to the Lake and
the Orr Ditch so that water could be taken from these sources by
pumping in the event of another fire on the Campus; he also read
a letter from the Assistant Fire Chief confirming this request.
Mr. Williams moved that the President, Comptroller and Chairman
of the Board be authorized to select these sites in cooperation
with the Fire Chief.

    Mrs. Wardin          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Eugene Mastroianni and Clifton Young appeared before the Board on
behalf of the student body to present their ideas for requests
for the University at the next meeting of the Legislature as fol-
lows:  (1)  Sell University Farm and buy one closer to the Uni-
versity; (2)  Increase salaries of Instructors; (3)  Remove old
barracks from Campus and obtain a new shop building; (4)  Have
one Head for the Department of Extension, Experiment Station and
College of Agriculture.

Dr. Hartman presented without recommendation:

(a)  Letter from Mr. S. C. Dinsmore requesting that the salary of
     Mr. V. E. Cokefair be increased from $150 to $175 per month
     payable from the Weights and Measures allotment and effec-
     tive January 1, 1943.

(b)  Letter from Mr. S. B. Doten requesting:

     (1)  That the salary of Miss Agnes Schmith be advanced from
          $1800 to $2100 per year, to be paid from Station Funds,
          effective January 1, 1943;

     (2)  That Mr. Fred Harris, Assistant in Range Economics in
          Elko be advanced in rank to the position of Associate
          in Range Economics with an advance in salary from $2400
          $2700 per year, payable from Station Funds, effective
          January 1, 1943.

Mrs. Wardin moved that the Board take no action on these recom-
mendations pending receipt of information from the Federal Gov-
ernment as to legality of such increases.

    Mrs. Wardin          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Dr. Hartman presented without recommendation a letter from the
Board of Athletic Control requesting:

(1)  A leave of absence for Mr. Joe T. Mc Donnell as Graduate
     Manager, effective when he reports for duty and extending
     until his release from the Army after the termination of the

(2)  That Arthur J. Palmer be appointed as Acting Graduate Man-
     ager, his appointment to run from the date Mr. Mc Donnell
     leaves until June 1, 1943, and his salary to be $60 per
     month, the University to pay $46.67 and the A. S. U. N. to
     pay $13.33 per month.

It was the opinion of the Board that this request should not have
come before them until Mr. Mc Donnell is actually accepted or
drafted.  Mrs. Wardin moved that the matters contained in (1)
and (2) in the above paragraph be left entirely in the Presi-
dent's hands.

    Mrs. Wardin          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Dr. Hartman recommended the establishment of a separate Depart-
ment of Journalism under Mr. A. L. Higginbotham as Professor of
Journalism beginning with the year 1943-44.  Mr. Williams moved
approval of this recommendation.

    Mrs. Wardin          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Dr. Hartman recommended that the University authorize, if con-
ditions seemed to justify, a Summer Session of 12 weeks to extend
from June 7 to August 28, 1943 and underwrite same to the extent
of $2500.  Mrs. Wardin moved approval of this recommendation.

    Mrs. Wardin          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Meeting recessed at 12:30; reconvened at 1:45.

Dr. Hartman presented a request from the Extension Division that
Dr. Charles W. Hodgson - part-time Range Management Specialist
for the Extension Service - be granted a leave of absence for the
duration of the war to serve as District Extension Agent for
White Pine and Eureka Counties, succeeding Mr. C. R. Townsend,
deceased, effective January 1, 1943.  Mr. Williams moved approval
of this request.

    Mrs. Wardin          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Dr. Hartman presented a proxy to vote the stock of the Bank of
California, National Assn., for signature.  Mrs. Wardin moved
that the Chairman of the Board be granted authoity to sign this

    Mrs. Wardin          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Dr. Hartman presented a letter to the Board of Regents from the
Nevada State Farm Bureau requesting a thorough study of the Ex-
tension Service before a Director is appointed.

Dr. Hartman read Mr. Creel's letter of November 19, 1942 together
with his reply to same dated November 21, 1942 as follows:

    I hereby make application for appointment to the position of
    Director of Agricultural Extension at the University of
    Nevada.  I have now completed all correspondence and reports
    in connection with the activity in which I have been engaged
    for the past 3 months, and will be free to commence work at
    the University by December 1, 1942, if my application can
    receive consideration and is approved by the Board of Regents
    prior to that date.

                             Cordially yours,

                         /s/ Cecil W. Creel

    I have at hand your letter of November 19, 1942 in which you
    make application for appointment to the position of Director
    of Agricultural Extension at the University of Nevada.

    It is my judgment that if you were to be appointed Director
    of Agricultural Extension at the University of Nevada after
    you had resigned this position in order to present yourself
    to the voters of the State as a candidate for the office of
    United State Senator, such appointed by University officials
    would constitute a palpable evasion of the Hatch Act.  I am
    not prepared to recommend, therefore, your appointment to
    this position.

    For the past 3 years your work has been such as to require
    much of your time away from the University of Nevada Campus,
    and you have been interested in work in Washington where it
    would seem that one with your ability, extensive training
    and wide acquaintence should devote his time to problems
    and activities of national import.  You have been interested
    also in securing the Presidency of 2 or 3 different Agri-
    cultural Colleges where such positions were vacant, and it
    would seem probable that at the present time such positions
    would be available to you and command your interest.

                             Very cordially yours,

                         /s/ L. W. Hartman

Dr. Wood, Chairman of the War Council, was called in to discuss
best methods of showing cooperative spirit of the University with
the National War Effort.  Should write directly to proper author-
ity in Washington and not take matter up through Senators or
Congressmen so as to avoid political connection.

President requested by Board to write letter to Head of Extension
Service in Washington, Mr. M. L. Wilson, asking whether the re-
appointment of Mr. Creel would violate the Hatch Act and whether
Mr. Buckman's appointment extends until successor is appointed or
or only to December 31, 1942.  Mr. Ross moved that the President
communicate with Mr. M. L. Wilson immediately requesting that an
investigation be sent here to make a study of the Extension Serv-
ice; if Department does not have funds available, the University
will pay for the investigation.

    Mrs. Wardin          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Dr. Hartman presented a report on a meeting with a group of
alumni - Messrs. Smith, Quilici, Wooster and Blakely - in which
the group asked for means and discussed methods by which the
alumni may be able to serve the University during the next legis-
lative session.  The group suggested that:

(1)  The program to be presented to the Legislature be sent to
     all Legislators prior to the legislative session.

(2)  This group be permitted to discuss with the Board of Regents
     or its Executive Committee the proposed program in advance
     of the legislative session so that this group may be inform-
     ed and therefore be of greatest service to the University.

The group criticized former method of presentation of the Uni-
versity program to the Washoe County delegation as this made the
proposal a matter for the Washoe County group rather than a pro-
posal to be presented to all the Legislators of the State.

Mr. Williams moved that the Board of Regents accept the offer of
Joseph D. Layman as outlined in his letter of December 7, 1942
to President Hartman to deed his property at 1027 Sierra Street
to the University of Nevada to endow the Carrie Brooks Layman
Scholarship; that from the income received from the rental of
this property $200 per year be assigned to fulfilling the terms
of the Carrie Brooks Layman Scholarship as outlined on pages 81-
82 of the University of Nevada catalogue issue of 1942-43, and
that all income in excess of $200 per year be reserved for the
insurance, upkeep, repair and improvement of this property; and
that the Board of Regents express their sincere appreciation to
Mr. Layman for this generous gift and for his continued interest
in the University of Nevada.

    Mrs. Wardin          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Since Mr. Williams is retiring at the end of this meeting, to be
replaced by Mr. Paul J. Sirkegian of Kimberly, Nevada, Mr. Ross
made the following speech:

Mr. Williams:

The Board of Regents regrets that this will be your last official
meeting with us.  You are completing the longest service as Re-
gent that has ever been rendered by a citizen of Nevada.  A
total of 24 years, 20 of which have been consecutive.

It has been my privilege to observe these years of service as a
student, a faculty member and as a Regent.  Please permit me then
to testify here, before the President and other members of this
Board, that your service as Regent has been one of unselfish de-
votion, marked by keen interest and foresight which has reflected
to the advancement of our University.

During your term of service, the physical plant of this Institu-
tion has grown from a few buildings to many buildings.  The
Campus has been improved from sagebrush and board walks to spa-
cious lawns, trees, shrubs, cement and brick walks and paved
driveways.  The student body has grown from less than 300 to
more than 1000; the faculty enlarged from a few well educated
and energetic men and women, to many, of the same quality of
education and enthusiasm.  Departments have grown and been made
stronger.  Other Departments have been added, so that the Uni-
versity might better serve the State, her youth and her tax-
payers.  Year by year, the University has become a more integral
part of the State and the welfare of her people.

There have been trials and tribulations in this progress.  Not
all has been clear sailing.  Many storms have been encountered,
and the going has been hard and sometimes perilous.  Through it
all, you, because of the love and devotion you have for your
adopted State and this University, have braved the storm.  Your
vision and devotion have materially helped to bring us through
safely.  Today, our University stands proud of its record of
accomplishment.  It is ready and willing and qualified to face
the problems of the future.

Certainly, when you reflect upon this growth and accomplishment,
you must inwardly feel a great satisfaction in having a part in
this evolution.  Undoubtedly, there will be an inward heartache
in severing your affiliations with the University.  The accom-
plishments during your term of service should soften this ache,
and minimize any regret.  Yours should be a satisfaction of a
job well done.

We are sad at your leaving us, but bow to your judgment.  We
sincerely and gratefully thank you for your aid and assistance
during these many years.  The citizens and taxpayers of Nevada;
graduates and former students; the student body and faculty
members feel as we do.  We are deeply indebted to you and can
express verbally only a portion of our gratitude.  We wish you
continued happiness and success; a future full of the real
satisfaction to which you are entitled, as well as prosperity.
When your time comes to drop the working tools of life, and you
have come to the end of life's toilsome journey, we know that
it will be your privilege to hear from Him Who sitteth as the
Judge Supreme:

    Well done, thou good and faithful servant; thou hast been
    faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over
    many things.  Enter thou into the joy of the Lord.

Mr. Harris and Dr. Church discussed the Nevada Art Gallery with
the Regents.  Mr. Williams made his report on the Art Gallery
as rquested in previous meeting.  Mr. Williams moved that the
Board of Regents accept the offer of the Nevada Art Gallery to
turn over their property to the University with the understanding
that the members of the Gallery will cooperate in securing legis-
lative approval for the acceptance of his gift and that the Board
of Directors of the Art Gallery will take the necessary steps
for transfer of the property to the University.

    Mrs. Wardin          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Meeting adjourned at 4:30 with understanding that the next meet-
ing will be held in January subject to the call of the Chairman.