UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

December 12-13, 1935 

Volume 5 - Pages 163-167

                       REGENTS MEETING
                      December 12, 1935

The Board of Regents met in the Office of President Clark at
10 o'clock Thursday morning, December 12th, all members being
present.  Vice President Adams acted for President Clark who had
been called to Columbus, Ohio, by the death of his brother.

On motion of Judge Brown, the minutes of the September 24th meet-
ing were approved by unanimous vote.

Dr. Adams stated that President Clark had left with him, for pre-
sentation to the Board, the following recommendations numbered 1
to 7 inclusive:

1.  Dr. Clark recommends that for the new athletic setup, where-
    in the University Administration becomes responsible from and
    after January 1, 1936 for the full management of all Varsity
    athletics, that the Department which has heretofore been
    known as the Department of Physical Education for Men shall
    be known, from the above January 1, 1936, as the Department
    of Physical Education and Athletics for Men.

    Mr. Ross moved the adoption of this recommendation, which was
    carried unanimously.

2.  Dr. Clark recommends the election of Douglas Dashiell, now
    Vice Principal and Coach of the Las Vegas high school, to be
    an Assistant Professor and full-time member of the staff in
    our University's Department of Physical Education and Ath-
    letics for Men, at a salary of $3000 for his 1st year, to
    begin August 1, 1936 and with understanding that if his
    services through that year are acceptable to the President
    of the University, his salary shall be advanced for his 2nd
    year, beginning August 1, 1937, to $3300.  Mr. Dashiell is
    receiving a salary of $3000 for his services in the Las Vegas
    high school.  If elected, it is understood that Mr. Dashiell
    will be the Head Coach of Varsity football, as an important
    assignment of duty as a member of the staff in the above
    named Department.

    In this connection, President Clark further recommends, that
    the President of the University be authorized to make ar-
    rangements to secure the services of and arrange the compen-
    sation for those services of Mr. Dashiell, if possible, for
    2 to 4 weeks of Spring football practice.

    Mr. Wingfield moved the adoption of these recommendations,
    seconded by Mr. Ross and carried unanimously.

    Mr. Ross moved that the President of the University be held
    responsible for the Department of Physical Education and
    major Athletics for Men to the Board of Regents and, as such,
    make all nominations and recommendations for the Department
    until such time as the Board of Regents are satisfied that
    the Department is efficiently and properly organized.  The
    motion was carried unanimously.

Two men from the State Highway called to request permission to
take gravel from certain places in the University Farm, provided
tests proved its quality to be right, for use on the Peckham Lane
and other nearby work about to be undertaken by them.  It was the
judgment of the Board that Dean Stewart and Professor Wilson,
together with Mr. Gorman, should go to the Farm and determine
whether or not in their judgment it was desirable to permit the
removal of 33,333 cu. yds. of gravel from the Farm and, if this
seemed desirable to them, on motion of Dr. Olmsted, the Executive
Committee was authorized to grant this request.  The motion was
carried unanimously.

3.  Dr. Clark recommends the election of Mrs. Elizabeth Stubbs
    True to be Assistant Registrar of this University of Nevada
    at her option beginning service on the first of March or on
    the first of April, 1936, with understanding that she shall
    be paid $100 per month for each of the first 6 months of full
    time service which she renders as Assistant Registrar.  It is
    understood that, at her option, she may have one or more
    months between the period June 1 to August 14, 1936, as free
    time, without pay, for making such household and other ad-
    justments as she may choose to make in view of her new place-

    Dr. Clark further recommends that from and after the expira-
    tion of her 1st 6 months of full-time paid service, her pay
    as Assistant Registrar shall be at rate of $125 per month.
    It is to be understood that after Mrs. True has served a
    full year, she will be entitled to 1 month's vacation each
    year with full pay.

    Mr. Williams moved the approval of these recommendations.
    Carried unanimously.

4.  Dr. Clark recommends that Vice President and Dean, Dr. Max-
    well Adams, be given a leave of absence, with full pay, from
    service at the University from January 1 to July 1, 1936.  In
    this connection, he recommends that the President be author-
    ized to make any arrangements necessary to carry Dr. Adams'
    work in his respective fields during his absence.

    Dr. Olmstead moved the adoption of this recommendation, which
    was seconded by Mr. Wingfield and carried unanimously.

5.  Dr. Clark recommends that in view of the fact that the Uni-
    versity is receiving as from July 1, 1935 an added $20,000
    for the year ending June 30, 1936 and will receive $20,000,
    with some small advance for each subsequent Federal fiscal
    year from the new Federal Grant for resident teaching through
    the Bankhead-Jones Act, all staff salaries which have been
    cut for 3 years beginning January 1, 1933, be restored.  Such
    restoration of salaries from the General Fund is made possi-
    ble, with some margin still for other use, from the above
    stated addition to resident teaching income.  The staff sal-
    aries in the Experiment Station and in the Extension Service
    can be covered safely from the funds available to these 2
    branches of our University service and the salaries on the
    Mackay Funds can be duly restored through the funds available
    from the special State grant in lieu of Mr. Mackay's pledge
    of $18,000 per year for staff salaries in the Mackay School.
    Restored salaries in the Public Service Departments can be
    covered from Public Service Funds.

    It is the President's clear judgment that the members of the
    University staff on the General Funds and the staffs of the
    Agricultural Experiment Station, the Agricultural Extension
    Service and of the other Public Service Divisions and of the
    Mackay School of Mines, having made a very great sacrifice
    through 3 full calendar years, are fully entitled to have all
    salaries that were cut because of enforced economy restored
    at this time, when, for the first time, funds are available
    completely to cover the fully restored salaries.

    This recommendation covers the restoration of all salaries to
    members of the University staff which were cut in accord with
    the schedule of salary cuts adopted by the Board of Regents
    to be effective from January 1, 1933 except the salary of the
    President of the University.  The President is not at this
    time making any recommendation of any restoration from cuts
    made in the salary of the University's President.

    Mr. Williams moved that staff salaries be restored, in accord
    with the above recommendation.  The motion carried unanimous-

6.  Dr. Clark recommends,

    a.  The acceptance of the resignation of Warren C. Eveland
        as Technician in the State Hygienic Laboratory, to take
        effect from the morning of December 5th, with his pay
        terminating the night of December 4, 1935.

    b.  That the President of the University be authorized to
        employ a successor to Warren C. Eveland at an initial
        salary of not to exceed $125, which was being paid to
        Mr. Eveland.

        Mr. Wingfield moved that Mr. Eveland's resignation be
        accepted and that the President be authorized to employ
        someone in his stead at an initial salary of not to
        exceed $125 per month.  The motion was carried unani-

    c.  That Mrs. Annie Hargrove, Janitor and Assistant Tech-
        nician in the State Hygienic Laboratory, be advanced in
        pay from $75 to $90 per month, effective from September
        1, 1935.  Mrs. Hargrove has been in service in this
        Laboratory for 10 years.  She started in part-time
        janitorial service and has gradually worked up until
        in recent years she has been giving nearly full-time
        service with an appreciable part of that service of a
        clearly technical character.

        Mr. Williams moved granting the $15 increase to Mrs.
        Hargrove, as recommended, and the motion was carried

7.  Dr. Clark recommends that the Board formally accept and ac-
    knowledge receipt of the Ford Coupe, recently given by Mr.
    J. F. Hunt to the Mackay School of Mines.

    Mr. Williams moved the adoption of this recommendation and
    that the Secretary express to Mr. Hunt the Board's appreci-
    ation of his gift.  Motion carried unanimously.

Dr. Adams presented notice of the proffer, through Professor
Federick Wilson, of the Vern F. Henry Memorial Masonic Scholar-
ship of $50 annually, for 5 years beginning with the Spring of
1936 from Mrs. Merle K. Henry of Odgen, Utah.

Mr. Ross moved that the Board accept this new scholarship and
that the President and the Comptroller be authorized to accept
the money, payment for the 1st award being already at hand, and
that the Chairman of the Board of Regents write a letter of ap-
preciation to Mrs. Henry.  Motion carried unanimously.

Dr. Adams presented letters from the Graduate Manager, Robert
Creps, and the Football Manager, Silas E. Ross, Jr., showing
that of the $750 and $2700 amounts advanced by the Comptroller
for the expenses of the San Jose and of the Idaho-Chico football
games, $183.15 and $611.80 respectively, totaling $794.95, were
unaccounted for by Coach Mitchell and that Mr. Creps and Comp-
troller Gorman both needed Regent action on this matter in order
to clear their books.

Judge Brown moved that the Comptroller be authorized to clear
this student account on receipt of this statement without re-
ceipts from the Graduate Manager and the Football Manager, pend-
ing statement and receipts from former Coach C. L. (Brick)
Mitchell covering this $794.95.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Wingfield        Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye
    Mr. Ross             Not voting

Comptroller Gorman presented Regents Check No. 5151 on the First
National Bank in Reno in the sum of $2594.66, being the amount of
dividends received from Leo Schmitt, Bank Receiver, as follows:

    No. 2 -  5% Bank of Nevada Savings & Trust Co.   $ 906.47
        3 -  5% United Nevada Bank                     155.05
        5 - 10% Riverside Bank                        1533.14
                                       Total         $2594.66

Judge Brown signed the check and moved that under Statutes of
1933, Chapter 116, it be sent to the State Treasurer.  Motion
carried unanimously.

The Comptroller presented a request from the First National Bank
asking that in lieu of the deposit of bonds with the State
Treasurer as security for the deposits of the Board of Regents
in said First National Bank, the Regents rent a Safety Deposit
Box in which sufficient bonds shall be deposited to secure the
deposits of the Regents.  The Comptroller of the University and
a designated officer of the Bank in the presence of each other
would have access to said Safety Deposit Box when necessary.
This would save the Bank the high premium now being paid by the
Bank as insurance on the bonds deposited with the State Treasur-
er.  A copy of the required agreement covering this arrangement
accompanied the request of the Bank.

Mr. Williams moved that the Chairman of the Board of Regents be
authorized to execute the agreement with the Bank and that the
Bank be requested to deposit $75,000 in bonds as said security,
and that, upon the execution of said agreement and deposit of
bonds in the sum of $75,000, the Chairman of the Board authorize
the State Treasurer to deliver to said Bank the bonds now held
by the State Treasurer as security for Board of Regents deposits.
Carried unanimously.

Mr. Ross stated it was his belief that the Regents should begin
to accumulate a surplus fund for emergencies.  Discussion follow-
ed and action on the matter was held over until the January meet-
ing of the Board when the President could be present.

Chairman Brown presented the renewed suggestion of the so-called
Protective Committee of the Postal Telegraph and Cable Company
that the Regents should sign a letter authorizing this Committee
to act for the Regents "in pending proceedings before the U. S.
District Court for the Southern District of New York and in
negotiations for the reorganization of the Postal Telegraph Cable
Corporation, and in any and all other matters related thereto".
The Board throught it best to take no action on this matter and
the Secretary was authorized to write the Secretary of the Com-
mittee to this effect.

Mr. Ross moved that it is the opinion of the Board of Regents
that it is not desirable to assign any more funds for the pur-
chase of equipment and books until after the January meeting of
the Board.  Motion was carried unanimously.

A Mr. Weldon appeared before the Board and asked that they sign
an agreement which bears the names of all other property owners
under the Cochran Drain Ditch, which agreement frees the Univer-
sity from all responsibility for this ditch, both in cleaning and
in assessments.

Mr. Wingfield moved that the Chairman and the Secretary of the
Board be authorized to execute this agreement.  The motion car-
ried unanimously.

The next meeting of the Board was set for January 31, 1936.


                             George S. Brown

Carolyn M. Beckwith


At the meeting of the Board of Regents on Monday, June 24, 1935,
the Regents present, namely, Judge Brown, Frank Williams and
Silas Ross, requested the President of the University to indi-
cate in the time order in which he thought them most desirable
to be erected, if funds were available, 4 additional, needful
buildings on the University Campus, and further requested him to
give his estimate of the needful costs of each of these 4 build-
ings.  After some discussion with the Board, President Clark sub-
mitted the following list in keeping with these direct requests:

Name of Building       Location                  Estimated Cost

Arts and Science       Site of Stewart Hall         $325,000
Civil Engineering      Below ditch north of Dairy
                           building                  125,000
Student Union          Between Education and Mackay
                           School of Mines building  125,000
University Hospital    Virginia Street, south of
                           Hatch Station building     75,000

The President noted that he believed his estimates adequate to
cover these buildings in Class A, fireproof form.  He further
noted that his estimate for the Arts and Science building he
believed to be adequate and meant to include:

a.  A full basement at least 3/4 of which should be given to
    additional stackroom for the University Library, which
    basement stackroom in the new building should be directly
    connected with the stackroom in the present University
    Library building by means of a tunnel under the street.

b.  The moving of the present Hall of English and placing it
    upon a new foundation located between the present little
    hospital and Lincoln Hall, facing the University Lake.

The Regents present informally approved the listings of these
buildings in the order given and for the amounts given as the
official listing to be used in case opportunity for new con-
struction upon the University Campus should be made available
through State or Federal Funds or a combination of these.