UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
December 12-13, 1919

Volume OE - Pages 236-237

                         Reno, Nevada
                      December 12, 1919

The Regents met in the Office of the President at 10:30 A.M.
There were present Regents Cheney, Pratt and North.  Absent:
Mrs. Hood and Judge Curler.

The minutes of the meeting of November 29th were approved as
corrected, the correction being the change of the word "to"
to "from" in the 4th paragraph thereof, after the date November
17, 1919.

The President stated that Doctor Romanzo Adams had requested a
leave of absence from this University for a year and a half for
health reasons.  He read a letter to Doctor Adams from President
Arthur L. Dean of the College of Hawaii offering him a position
as Professor of Economics and Sociology in that institution at
a salary of $3600 and $300 for traveling expenses.  The President
then read the following letter from Doctor Adams:

                                            December 6, 1919

    To the President and Board of Regents
    University of Nevada


    Will you grant me, as Professor of Economics and Sociology,
    a leave of absence from the University for a period of 18
    months beginning January 1, 1920, with the understanding
    that I shall have the privilege of resigning at any time
    within this period provided notice of such resignation be
    given by me not later than January 1, 1921?

    I make this request in view of the imperfect condition of
    my health and in view of the advice of my physician that I
    seek, for a time, at least, a lower altitude and a milder
    climate.  A position similar to the one I hold here has been
    offered to me by the President of the College of Hawaii, at
    Honolulu, and I desire to accept it for a year and a half
    with the idea of returning to Nevada at the end of that
    period, or remaining in Honolulu as shall seem best after
    I have tested the climate and become familiar with condi-
    tions in that place.  I would plan to notify the President
    of the University of Nevada of my decision at as early a
    date as feasible and not later than January 1, 1921.

    In asking this leave of absence involving, as it does, the
    possibility of complete severance of relations, I wish to
    say that the conditions under which my work is done are
    pleasanter now than they have ever been at any previous time
    and I anticipate a growth and development of the University
    under the leadership of President Clark that will make work
    here increasingly attractive.  The City of Reno and the State
    of Nevada are undergoing developments of a character to make
    the general social and community life more satisfactory to
    members of the University faculty.  For these reasons, and
    also because all the members of my family are very reluctant
    to leave the numerous friends we have made in the 17 years
    of life in Nevada, we would not consider this transfer ex-
    cept for the reasons previously given.

    Thanking you in advance for your generous attitude toward me
    in past time and for the further favor I am now asking, I

                             Sincerely yours,

                         /s/ Romanzo Adams

Regent Pratt moved that, on the recommendation of the President,
Doctor Romanzo Adams be granted a leave of absence without pay
for a period of 18 months beginning January 1, 1920, with the
understanding that he should have the right to resign at any
time within that period provided that he give notice of such in-
tent not later than January 1, 1921 and that failure to give such
notice or to advise the Board that he would return to the Uni-
versity of Nevada at the expiration of the 18 months by January
1, 1921, shall operate as a tender of resignation.  The motion
was seconded by Regent North.  Vote:

    Judge Cheney         Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mr. North            Aye

Regent North moved that it was the sense of the Board that it
would be appropriate and fitting to convey to Doctor Adams the
appreciation of the Board of his splendid services to this
University and the deep regret of the Board that the state of
his health necessitates his taking this leave of absence and that
the Board hopes that he may return to Nevada at the expiration
of his leave and not find it necessary to remain in Hawaii.

    Judge Cheney         Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Mr. North            Aye

President Clark briefly outlined the result of his eastern trip.
In speaking of the Chicago meetings which he attended, he men-
tioned that the name of the Association of American Agricultural
Colleges and Experiment Stations had been changed to the "Land-
Grant" Institutions; that other matters were merely routine

In Washington he talked with Doctor Thomas A. Storey and out-
lined with him a program of work in Physical Education which,
if acceptable to the University faculty, will permit Doctor
Storey to grant us $6000 a year for our work in Physical Educa-
tion.  This will allow us to employ an assistant for Coach
Courtright, to provide for an increase in his salary and in
the salary of Miss Somers and would leave us with a good work-
ing balance.  With two men and two women in the Physical Educa-
tion Department we should be able to accomplish things of real

The President also reported that he had a conference with Senator
Henderson while in Washington and that Senator Henderson is doing
everything that he can do to secure a Mining Experiment Station
for this University and feels confident that he will be able to
succeed in this endeavor.

The President further reported that while in New York City, he
had a conference with Ralph Stubbs, which had been arranged at
the latter's request, and that Mr. Stubbs stated that he is
planning to establish in the near future a scholarship in honor
of his father and mother.

There was some general discussion and then the Board adjourned.

                             A. E. Cheney

Carolyn M. Beckwith