UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
December 12-13, 1879


Volume OA - Pages 134-136

                             Elko, Nevada

                           December 12, 1879

The Board of Regents met at the call of the President at their

Office in Elko.  Present:  T. W. Stone, President, W. W. Bishop

and J. S. Mayhugh.

The entire minutes of all meetings from March 26, 1879 were read

and approved.

The Board proceeded to take up and examine the following bills

which were duly credited and allowed:

   *Bills for publishing ads for State University for August,

    September and October, 1879

    Eureka Daily Leader *                                $  45.00

    Daily Reville       *                                   30.00

    Pioche Record       *                                   22.50

    Daily Silver State  *                                   18.00

    Tybo Sun            *                                   25.00

    Eureka Sentinel     *                                   30.00

    W. W. Bishop        Expenses                            30.00

    W. C. Dovey         Salary for November                250.00

    Frank Burris        Janitor salary for November         20.00

    W. C. Dovey         Salary for October                 250.00

    Frank Burris        Janitor salary for October          20.00

    S. E. Benson        Material (60) & Labor (10)          70.00

    D. W. Hull          Office rent for 9 months            75.00


                                              Total       $885.50

Mr. Mayhugh moved that the Board hold regular sessions for audit-

ing bills and transacting business on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of

each month, which was seconded by Mr. Bishop and carried.

The following resolution was adopted:

    RESOLVED, that at the commencement of the term in the year,

    1880, instruction be given in Minerology and Assaying to such

    pupils as are qualified to pursue such branches; also that

    Spanish be added to the list of studies and that the resident

    members of the Board be authorized to purchase the necessary

    apparatus to carry out this resolution; also to purchase such

    apparatus as may be needed to complete the scientific instru-

    ments now on hand and to cause the same to be properly mount-

    ed and put in good order.

    RESOLVED, that the present occupant of the Dormitory be al-

    lowed to remain in the same until notified to vacate by a

    written notice, signed by two members of the Board.  Said

    notice shall be served thirty (30) days prior to the speci-

    fied time requiring the premises.

    RESOLVED, that the University be insured for three years for

    the sum of Ten Thousand Dollars and the Dormitory for Five

    Thousand Dollars for a like time, and that the President of

    the Board be authorized to place the same in reliable com-

    panies at regular rates of premiums.

    RESOLVED, that Professor W. C. Dovey be continued as Princi-

    pal of the University until the Summer vacation of the year

    1880, and that he be notified by a majority of the Board of

    Regents by the 1st day of May, 1880, whether his services

    will be required longer than the time specified in this


    RESOLVED, that the Board of Regents hold a meeting in Eureka

    on January 17, 1880.

    RESOLVED, that the President of the Board of Regents be

    authorized to procure a set of Cutters Physiological Charts,

    a Geared Tellurian, a brass stand, and 30 feet of slated

    cloth by 3 feet wide for use in the University building.

    Also, an improved Gyroscope.

    RESOLVED, that the resident Regents cause the north east

    room to be fitted up for Laboratory and cases for apparatus.

                             T. W. Stone


                             Board of Regents