UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

December 11-12, 1947 

Volume 6 - Pages 43-51

                       REGENTS MEETING
                    December 11-13, 1947

The regular meeting of the Board was called to order by Chairman
Ross at 1:15 P.M., December 11, 1947, in the President's office.
Present:  Regents Sheerin, Cahlan, Hilliard, Ross; Comptroller
Gorman and President Moseley.

Chairman Ross presented a Restraining Order and Order to Show
Cause which had been duly served, together with Summons, on the
Chairman and the Secretary of the Board, as follows:


    RALPH KING, Plaintiff    )                    Number:  2778
             Vs.             )         Filed:  December 6, 1947
         Defendant           )

    James T. Boyd,
    D. W. Pirest, Oscar Zaph
    and Brown and Wells,
    Attorneys for plaintiff.

                        RESTRAINING ORDER AND
                         ORDER TO SHOW CAUSE

    UPON READING, the verified complaint filed herein, and par-
    ticularly upon observing the allegations of said complaint
    upon which the prayer for a restraining order is predicated
    and the Court deeming that the same is just;

    IT IS HEREBY ORDERED, that an undertaking be deposited forth-
    with with the clerk of the Court, in the amount of $500, as
    required by the provisions of section 8696, N. C. L. of 1929.

    IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, that the defendant, THE BOARD OF RE-
    GENTS of THE UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, as a legal entity, and
    each and every individual member thereof, individually, is
    restrained from considering or acting upon any recommendation
    to the Governor of Nevada, for the appointment of an honorary
    board of regents, or any individual appointee to such board,
    until further order of this Court.

    IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, that the defendant appear before the
    above entitled Court, in the Courthouse of Lander County,
    located in the town of Austin, County of Lander, State of
    Nevada, on the 7th day of January, 1948, at the hour of 10
    A.M., on said date, to then and there show cause, if any it
    has, why said act of the Nevada Legislature (43rd Session)
    of the year 1947, should not be adjudged unconstitutional
    and void, and show cause, if any it has, why said restrain-
    ing order should not be made injunctive and perpetual, and
    why plaintiff should not be awarded his costs.

    IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, that duly certified copies of this
    order, be forthwith served upon:

        1.  Chairman Silas E. Ross, of the said Board of Regents,
        2. Miss Alice Terry, Secretary to the Board of Regents.

    DONE IN OPEN COURT, in the town of Austin, County of Lander,
    State of Nevada, this 6th day of December 1947.

                             W. R. Reynolds
                             District Judge

    I hereby certify that the above and foregoing is a full, true
    and correct copy of the original to be filed herein.

                         /s/ D. W. Priest
                             One of the attorneys for plaintiff.

Motion by Mr. Hilliard passed unanimously that the matter be
referred to the Attorney General for his advice.

At 1:30 P.M. an inspection tour of the physical plant of the
University was conducted as follows:

    a - Library
    b - Journalism building
    c - old Gymnasium
    d - Quonset Huts
    e - temporary classroom buildings
    f - Orr Ditch
    g - President's home
    h - Dining Hall
    i - Experiment Station Farm
    j - South Virginia Farm
    k - Experimental Dairy Farm

The Board recessed for the day.

At 9:30 a.M., December 12, 1947, the meeting was called to order
by the Chairman in the President's office.  Present:  Regents
Cahlan, Hilliard, Sheerin, Henningsen, Ross; Comptroller Gorman
and President Moseley.  Present also were Art Palmer, Assistant
to the Legislative Council, and Allan Mc Gill reporter.

Motion of Mr. Sheerin passed unanimously that the reading of the
minutes of the regular meeting of September 20, 1947, and the
special meeting of November 9, 1947, be dispensed with and that
they be approved as submitted.

President's Informal Report:

A.  Enrollment

    Fall figures are:  Men      1252
                       Women     503
                       Total    1755

    Of the above students, 856 are attending under the Veterans
    Education Bills as follows:

        Under G. I. Bill                    811
        Under Vocational Rehabilitation      45

B.  Housing

    Women housed      182
    Men housed        349
    Couples housed    148

    Manzanita Hall           Artemisia Hall       Lincoln Hall
    Students    83           Students    97       Students   127
    Adults       1           Adults       1
                84                       98

    Old Gymnasium            Field House
    Students    72           Students    12

    Highland Terrace Housing Units
    Dormitory No. 27  Students  40
    Dormitory No. 28  Students  40
    Dormitory No. 30  Students  50

    Couples - 20 (not under University supervision)

    Campus Housing Units              Trailer Court
    Students        96                Couples          36
    Faculty         16
                   112 (8 units, 14 couples each)

C.  Personnel


    a)  Miss Grace Semenza, who was appointed as Assistant in the
        Department of Economics, Business and Sociology at the
        June 7, 1947 meeting for the Spring semester, 1948, will
        not be able to accept the appointment.

    b)  Dean John W. Hall, Professor Emeritus of the School of
        Education, died in Trumansburg, New York, November 25,
        1947.  Mrs. Hall passed away last September.


    a)  John Allen Bisbee died on November 26th of poliomyelitis
        at the Veterans Hospital.  All possible precautionary
        measures were taken and no other case has been reported.


    Present staff is as follows:  (all on a 10-month basis)

        Dr. Robert Locke, Physician - $360 per month
        Miss Mary Peck, R. N., Head Nurse - $230 per month
        Mrs. J. B. Lunch, Assistant to Head Nurse, $112.50 per
        Miss Mary Rotter, R. N., Relief Nurse, $50 per month


    Mrs. Barbara Pinjuv, Executive Secretary to the Campus YWCA,
    is resigning as of December 20th or as soon thereafter as a
    successor is named, in order to remain at home.  Steps are
    being taken to secure someone to take her place.

    The Advisory Board has been reorganized, and will be composed
    as follows:

        Active Members

            Mrs. Richard G. Miller, Chairman
            Miss Margaret Ernst, Secretary
            Miss Alice Terry, Treasurer
            Mrs. Joe Moose
            Miss Alice Jane Chism
            Mrs. Harold Creek

        Ex-Officio Members

            Mrs. John O. Moseley
            Miss Elaine Mobley
            Mrs. Ruth Belew (downtown Y Secretary)

        Student Members

            Miss Marjorie Menu
            Miss Barbara Olesen
            Miss Joylin Johnson
            Miss Elizabeth Burr

    Board of Athletic Control is composed of the following

        Harry Frost, Chairman
        P. A. Lehenbauer (faculty)
        M. W. Deming (faculty)
        Jordan Eliades (student, Block N)
        James Glynn (Student Body President)
        Joe T. Mc Donnell (Graduate Manager)
        Eugene Mastroianni (Assistant Graduate Manager)

D.  Gifts

    1)  Admiral James Fife sent a check for $150 as a Christmas
        present to the University, which was credited to the
        President's Discretionary Fund.

    2)  Mr. William Pappas of Reno paid $250 of the scholarship
        for our Greek woman student Miss Angeline Constantinidou.

    3)  Mr. Harry Calury of Reno contributed $100 toward the
        scholarship fund for Miss Constantinidou.

    4)  The Soroptimist Club of Reno donated $25 to the Student
        Union Building Fund.

    5)  Dr. Charles W. Mc Nitt of Reno gave $50 for use of the
        English Department in the purchase of a collection of

E.  Miscellaneous

    Extension Course - At the request of some 25 teachers in the
    Carson area and Miss Mildred Bray, the University is offer-
    ing its first extension course to be taught for credit off
    the Campus.  Dr. Paul Jensen of the School of Education is
    scheduled to begin a course in audio visual aid in Carson
    City on December 15th for a semester's duration.  Accrediting
    and registration details will be handled through the corres-
    pondence study department under Dr. Deming.

    The Christmas Nativity Scene on the southwest lawn of the
    Campus below the tram was constructed by Craig Sheppard of
    the Art Department with the assistance of Art students.

President's Recommendations

A.  Recommendations for Degrees


B.  Recommendations on Personnel

    Civil Engineering

    1)  That, effective September 1, 1947, Weld Arnold be ap-
        pointed as Lecturer in Civil Engineering for the school
        year 1947-48 at a salary of $3000 for the school year.

    Economics, Business and Sociology

    2)  That, effective February 1, 1948, Francis Bagley be ap-
        pointed as Lecturer in Sociology at a salary of $300 for
        the semester in the place of Miss Grace Semenza.

    3)  That, effective February 1, 1948, Thomas C. Wilson be ap-
        pointed as Lecturer in Business Administration at a
        salary of $300 for the semester.


    4)  That, effective January 1, 1948, Dr. Robert M. Gorrell,
        Assistant Professor and Chairman of the Department of
        English, be increased in salary to $3960 per year.

    Home Economics

    5)  That, effective February 1, 1948, Miss Virginia Carroll
        be appointed as Assistant in Home Economics for the
        Spring semester 1948 at a salary of $450 for the semes-


    6)  That, effective the Spring semester 1948, a Department of
        Horticulture be created in the College of Agriculture
        and that Dr. Philip A. Lehenbauer be appointed as Profes-
        sor and Chairman of this new Department at no increase in
        his present salary and that it be understood that Dr.
        Lehenbauer will continue to teach courses in the Depart-
        ment of Biology of the College of Arts and Science until
        such time as there is a demand for his full time service
        in the College of Agriculture.

    Physical Education for Men

    7)  That, effective December 12, 1947, the resignation of
        James W. Coleman as Associate Professor of Physical
        Education for Men be accepted.

    8)  That, effective February 1, 1948, George A. Broten be
        appointed as Instructor in Physical Education for Men
        at a salary of $1400 for the semester in place of Mr.

    Physical Education for Women

    9)  That, effective July 1, 1948, Miss Elsa Sameth be retired
        as Professor of Physical Education for Women, with a
        retirement pay of $110 per month for 12 months per year,
        and that the University supplement the earnings of her
        policy with the Teachers Insurance and Annuity Company
        by an amount sufficient to make $110 per month.

    Motion by Mr. Sheerin passed unanimously that the above
    recommendations, 1 to 9, inclusive, be approved.

The Board recessed at 10 A.M. as a Board of Regents and convened
as a Board of Control for the Agricultural Experiment Station.

Recommendations on Personnel

    1)  That, effective November 16, 1947, Ray K. Peterson be
        appointed as Horticulturist in charge of Tomato Plant
        investigations at a salary of $4500 per year.

    2)  That, effective as soon as arrangements can be made,
        Mrs. Lois Cazier be appointed as Clerk-Technician in
        the Department of Soils at a salary of $235 per month.

    Motion by Mr. Cahlan passed unanimously that the above rec-
    ommendations, 1 and 2, be approved.

The Board adjourned as a Board of Control for the Agricultural
Experiment Station and re-convened as a Board of Regents.

C.  Recommendations on Policy

    1)  Student Fees - Motion by Mr. Hilliard passed unanimously

        a)  The following statement be deleted from the Univer-
            sity Catalogue (page 68 of the 1947-48 issue):

                Students enrolled for 5 or less semester hours
                will pay a fee of $2 per credit hour in addition
                to the regular matriculation, registration and
                incidental fees.

        b)  That the visitors fee be raised from $1 to $2 per
            course credit hour.

    2)  Use of the New Gymnasium - Motion of Mr. Cahlan passed
        unanimously that no athletic teams be allowed to use the
        new Gymnasium unless they meet one of the following con-

        1 - Must be playing the University Varsity or Freshman
        2 - Are particpants in regular intra-mural program under
            the supervision of the Men's Physical Education De-
        3 - Are participating in the District or State High
            School basketball tournaments.

        In view of possible misunderstanding as to the $25 per
        day charged for high school basketball tournaments in the
        new Gymnasium, motion by Mr. Sheerin passed unanimously
        that a letter be written to the President of the Inter-
        scholastic League of Nevada pointing out that the $25
        is a daily service charge for light, heat and janitor
        service during the time the Gym is in use by the League,
        and that the University is very much in sympathy with the
        objectives of the League and willing to do everything
        possible to make their stay on the Campus pleasant.

Mr. Trego, reporter, came into the meeting.

Comptroller's Report and Recommendations

1 - Storage - 4 steel buildings have been received, 20 x 48 feet
    each, similar to the temporary classroom buildings, delivered
    to the University f. o. b. Reno without cost.  It was tenta-
    tively planned to use them as follows:

        1 20 x 48 ft. for the Fleischmann Dairy Farm
        1 20 x 48 ft. for the South Virginia Farm
        1/2 20 x 24 ft. for steam boiler for Mechanical Engineer-
            ing Department
        1 1/2 20 x 72 ft. for Buildings and Grounds

    Motion by Mr. Sheerin passed unanimously that the request of
    Mr. Fleming that one building 20 x 48 ft. originally intended
    for the South Virginia Farm be made available for the Soils
    Department to be erected at the expense of the Agricultural
    Experiment Station, and that the Buildings and Grounds Com-
    mittee of the Regents, together with the President, be au-
    thorized to find a suitable location for the building on the
    Campus, to be erected at once.

    Motion by Mr. Sheerin passed unanimously that the location
    for the Buildings and Grounds storage unit as selected by
    the Buildings and Grounds Committee in the rear of the pres-
    ent Quonset Huts on the north end of the Campus, be approved.

    Motion by Mr. Sheerin passed unanimously that the Comptroller
    be authorized to proceed with the installation of the new
    steam boiler for the Mechanical Engineering Department at an
    estimated cost of $25,000.

2 - Agricultural Building Repairs - Motion by Mrs. Henningsen
    passed unanimously that the Comptroller be authorized to go
    ahead with installation of an oil burning hot water boiler
    with an auxiliary hot water storage tank in the basement of
    the Agricultural building at an approximate cost of $1425.50,
    and the erection of an outside chimney on the west side of
    the building at an approximately cost of $1100, in order to
    relieve the burden on the present hot water system and to
    furnish sufficient hot water for the Home Economics Depart-

3 - Office Personnel - Motion by Mrs. Henningsen passed unani-
    mously that the Comptroller be authorized to employ one ad-
    ditional Clerk, the salary to be paid from County funds,
    after January 1, 1948, when expenditures are made for sup-
    port of County Agents and County budgets are filed in the
    Comptroller's office.

    Motion by Mr. Sheerin passed unanimously that, effective
    January 1, 1948, Miss Mary Moulton, Clerk in the Comptrol-
    ler's office, be increased to $200 per month.

4 - Lewis Retirement - Motion by Mr. Cahlan passed unanimously
    that Maurice E. Lewis, Custodian of the Library building,
    be retired on July 1, 1948, at an amount equal to 1/3 of
    his average salary for the 5 years preceding June 30, 1948
    (which is $48.66) and that the University supplement the
    earnings of his policy with the Teachers Insurance and
    Annuity Company by an amount sufficient to make $48.66 per

5 - Gabbs Pilot Plant Equipment - Negotiations have been under
    way with the War Assets Administration and the Federal Works
    Agency to secure the equipment for the Mining School of the
    University.  The estimated cost for moving the material from
    Gabbs to Reno is $2,000, and the installation cost is esti-
    mated to run from $35,000 to $40,000.

    Director Carpenter appeared before the Board and expressed
    his desire to secure the pilot plant which, he said, would
    be of great benefit to Mining students.  A suitable location
    would have to be found, perhaps off the Campus on leased

    Motion by Mr. Cahlan passed unanimously that the University
    continue negotiations with the Federal agencies to secure
    this pilot plant.

6 - Heating Plant - It was the consensus of opinion that the
    inverted siphon should be constructed to divert waters from
    the Orr Ditch before the Heating Plant building is construct-
    ed thereby enabling the Heating Plant building to be moved 25
    to 30 feet further west, and leaving that much more room for
    the lower Campus.

    Motion by Mr. Cahlan passed unanimously that the State Plan-
    ning Board be asked to secure an opinion from the Attorney
    General on the following points:

    1)  Would the construction of an inverted siphon to divert
        waters from the Orr Ditch in order to make it possible
        to move the Heating Plant building west on the land now
        occupied by the Orr Ditch be a legitimate charge against
        the appropriation for the construction of the Heating
        Plant, in view of the fact that the inverted siphon is an
        integral part of this construction project?

    2)  Would it violate the provisions of Chapter 247, Statutes
        1947, making an appropriation for the construction "of a
        modern, efficient and adequate Heating Plant" to con-
        struct only the Heating Plant and boilers at this time,
        taking into consideration the fact that the complete
        Heating Plant system cannot be constructed with the funds

Reporters Mc Gill and Trego left the meeting at 12 noon.  Mr.
Palmer left at 12:15 and the Board recessed for luncheon at the
University Dining Hall.

Agricultural Meeting - The recessed meeting was called to order
by Chairman Ross at 2 P.M. in the Education Auditorium and the
following order of business was pursued:

     1 - Remarks by Chairman Ross
     2 - Remarks by President Moseley
     3 - Introduction of students registered in the College of
     4 - Introduction of faculty of the College of Agriculture
     5 - Introduction of resident staff of the Agricultural
         Extension Division
     6 - Introduction of field staff of the Agricultural Ex-
         tension Division
     7 - Introduction of Experiment Station Staff
     8 - Introduction of others connected with the University
         of Nevada Agricultural program
     9 - Remarks by:
         (a)  Cecil W. Creel, Dean of Agriculture
         (b)  Verner E. Scott, Director of Residence Instruction,
              College of Agriculture
         (c)  Charles E. Fleming, Director of Agricultural
              Experiment Station
         (d)  Edward Records, Director of State Veterinary
              Control Service
         (e)  Wayne D. Adams, Commissioner of State Food and
              Drug Control Service
         (f)  George Hardman, State Soil Conservationist
         (g)  Le Grand Walker, Manager of University Farms
         (h)  Florence Bovett, Executive Secretary to Nevada
              State Farm Bureau
    10 - Remarks by members of the Board of Regents

Reporters Mc Gill and Trego were present throughout the after-

The Board recessed at 4:30 P.M. and went with the entire agri-
cultural group to the President's house for a reception honoring
the members of the Board of Regents.

The recessed meeting of the Board was called to order by Chairman
Ross in the President's office at 10 A.M., December 13, 1947,
with all Regents, the Comptroller and the President present.
Also present were Jeff Springmeyer and Art Palmer of the Legis-
lative Council, and Allan Mc Gill, reporter.

Report of Committees

a)  Buildings and Grounds Committee reported that the bleachers
    have been installed in the new Gymnasium and have a seating
    capacity of 1200.

b)  President Moseley reported on his efforts to secure funds
    for publishing the material of Dr. Church in the development
    of his snow survey work.  No definite progress has been made
    as yet but a further report will be given at the January
    meeting of the Board.

Reporter Trago came into the meeting.

Old Business

a)  Race Track - The request of the State Agricultural Society
    that the University accept lease to the race track property
    for whatever use they may wish to make of it was brought up
    for reconsideration.

    Motion by Mr. Hilliard passed unanimously that the State
    Agricultural Society be notified that, in view of having
    received different sets of values on the buildings and land
    involved, the Regents are reconsidering their former resolu-
    tion and will take the matter up again at their next regular
    meeting; in the meantime, the State Agricultural Society is
    free to do whatever they see with the property.

b)  Outside Employment - President Moseley read a letter from
    Dean Wood as Chairman of the Administrative Council recom-
    mending that Mr. Plumley, Assistant Professor of Economics,
    Business and Sociology, and Mr. Smith, Associate Professor
    of History and Political Science, be allowed to continue
    their part time employment with other State agencies, but
    that their teaching load and their salary be pro-rated ac-

    Motion by Mrs. Henningsen passed unanimously that the recom-
    mendation be approved for this school year because of present
    circumstances, but with the definite understanding that no
    further extension of time will be granted.

New Business

Dining Hall - The Student Improvement Committee appeared before
the Board of Regents and under the Chairmanship of Henry Stewart
requested that a thorough investigation of the University Dining
Hall be made.  Present also were Dean Mobley, Dean Griffin and
Mr. Grayson.  Two resolutions had previously been passed in a
meeting held at the Dining Hall, as follows:

    1.  That the Student Improvement Committee present the case
        to the Board of Regents.

    2.  That from now on a financial statement be published
        monthly in the Sagebrush covering income and expendi-
        tures of the Dining Hall.

Chairman Ross thanked the students for coming before the Regents
and for giving them this information, as well as for the research
which they carried out, and stated that this matter would be in-
vestigated with a view of working out a plan which will be fair
to everybody and practical to everybody.

The Board recessed at 12:40 noon to have luncheon at the Dining
Hall, and was called to order at 1:30 P.M. by the Chairman in
the President's office.

Motion by Mr. Sheerin passed unanimously that the President be
authorized to employ an expert in the field of College Dining
Rooms, known and recommended by Dean Mobley, and that if this
woman cannot be secured, the President be authorized to look
for someone else qualified to analyze the managerial aspect of
the Dining Hall and make recommendations.

Board of Athletic Control - The following members of Athletic
Control appeared before the Regents:  Harry Frost, Chairman,
Meryl W. Deming, P. A. Lehenbauer, James Glynn, Joe Mc Donnell,
Gene Mastroianni.  Present also were F. W. Wilson, Chairman of
the Faculty Athletic Committee, Art Palmer, Assistant to the
Legislative Council, and Bob Trego, reporter.

Dr. Deming presented for discussion the statements regarding the
Faculty Athletic Committee and the Board of Athletic Control as
they appear in the University catalogue, the Rules and Regula-
tions for University Faculty and the Regulations for the Guidance
of Undergraduates.

Motion by Mr. Hilliard passed unanimously that the original reso-
lution as adopted by the Regents on April 3, 1939, be the pre-
vailing document and that all University publications be revised
in accord with the statement appearing on page 75 of the Univer-
sity of Nevada Bulletin, Catalogue Issue, 1947-48, as follows:

    The duties of the Faculty Athletic Committee are as follows:

    To certify the scholastic eligibility of intending partici-
    pants in all sports, both Freshmen and Varsity.  Cases of
    ineligibility shall be reported both to the Coaches and stu-
    dents concerned.

    The eligibility rules are printed in the current issue of
    Regulations for the Guidance of Undergraduates.

Mr. Mc Donnell brought up for discussion the matter of payment
for permanent improvements to athletic facilities.  The Board
of Athletic Control, in the past, has paid for improvements and
is asking that a policy be set regarding future payments.  Mr.
Mc Donnell was asked to present in writing a statement of such
expenditures by the Board of Athletic Control together with a
recommendation for the consideration of the Board of Regents.

Mr. Frost was requested to prepare recommendations on eligibility
from the Board of Athletic Control to be presented to the Board
of Regents.

Chairman Ross thanked the group for appearing; Chairman Frost
thanked the Regents on behalf of the Board of Athletic Control
for the cooperation and good will of the Regents.

Student Union Building

President Moseley told of the request of the Alumni Association
as presented to him by Mark Yori, President, that the Alumni
Association take the lead in raising funds for a Student Union
building.  By unanimous agreement, the request was granted, with
the understanding that all other groups and individuals be allow-
ed to participate in securing money for this pupose.

Old Gymnasium

President Moseley expressed the hope that it will be possible
to house the 72 now sleeping in the old Gymnasium in more suit-
able quarters with the least possible delay, not only for the
benefit of the men, but also in order to make this space avail-
able for classes in Physical Education.  In this connection,
Regent Hilliard volunteered to go to Hawthorne to look at bar-
racks which might be suitable for Dormitory housing.

The meeting adjourned at 4:10 P.M.

The next meeting was set for January 24, 1948.