UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

December 9-10, 1920 

Volume OE - Page 272

                         Reno, Nevada
                       December 9, 1920

A meeting of the Board of Regents was held in the office of Judge
Cheney at 2 o'clock Thursday, December 9th.  There were present
Judge Curler, Mrs. Hood, Mr. North, Judge Cheney and President
Clark.  Absent:  Regent Pratt.

The Board unanimously approved the action of the Board members in
signing the two claims listed in minutes of December 1, 1920 for
the net sum of $7280.80.

The Board unanimously approved the informal acceptance of the
resignation of Abbie Louise Day made by the 4 members giving
individual approval on December 2nd.

On motion, unanimously carried, all members present accepted the
resignation of Doctor G. F. Ruediger, Director of the State
Hygienic Laboratory, his resignation to take effect from January
1, 1921.  The Board expressed its appreciation of his splendid
service and its regret that he has resigned.

The motion of Judge Curler, seconded by Mrs. Hood, that Doctor
Alice Thompson be elected Acting Director of the State Hygienic
Laboratory for the 6 months' period beginning January 1, 1921
and ending June 30, 1921, at a salary of $250 per month for this
6 months' period, was carried by the following vote:

    Mr. North            Aye
    Mrs. Hood            Aye
    Judge Curler         Aye
    Judge Cheney         Aye


                             A. C. Cheney

Carolyn M. Beckwith