UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
December 8-9, 1983


Pages 69-93



December 8-9, 1983

The Board of Regents met on the above dates in the Pine Auditori-

um, Student Union, University of Nevada, Reno.

Members present:  Mr. John R. Mc Bride, Chairman

Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa

Mrs. Lilly Fong

Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Mrs. Joan Kenney

Mr. Daniel J. Klaich

Mrs. Jo Ann Sheerin

Mrs. June F. Whitley

Others present:   Chancellor Robert M. Bersi

President William Berg, NNCC

President Anthony Calabro, WNCC

President Joseph Crowley, UNR

President V. James Eardley, TMCC

President Leonard Goodall, UNLV

President Paul Meacham, CCCC

Acting President Warren Kocmond, DRI

Mr. Donald Klasic, General Counsel

Ms. Mary Lou Moser, Secretary

Also present were Faculty Senate Chairs Richard Bareuther (Unit),

William Cathey (UNR), Joan Doggrell (CCCC), Richard French (DRI),

Michael Hardie (WNCC), Louis Horton (NNCC), Mary Ann Lambert

(TMCC) and Allen Mori (UNLV), and Student Association Officers.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Mc Bride at 8:50 A.M.

1.  Approved the Consent Agenda

Approved the Consent Agenda (identified as Ref. A, and filed

with the permanent minutes) containing the following items:

(1)  Approved the minutes of the regular meeting held

October 27, 1983.

(2)  Accepted the gifts, grants and contracts as listed in

Ref. C-1 and filed with the permanent minutes.

(3)  Approved the appointment of Dr. Paul R. Fenske as

Executive Director of the Water Resources Center.

Dr. Fenske is now Acting Executive Director of that

Center.  This decision was reached after a nationwide

search for the position.

(4)  Approved the appointment of Ms. Sharon W. Rea as

Executive Assistant to the President of DRI.

(5)  Approved the following estimative budget for 1983-84

for the Nursing Allied Health Workshop at TMCC:




Estimated Opening Cash Balance        $      0

Workshops                               30,000

Total Revenue                     $ 30,000

Expenditures and Fund Balance

Professional Salaries    1125 P/T     $  4,800

1100 FTE        3,200

Fringe Benefits                             80

Wages                                    5,000

Fringe Benefits                             50

Estimated Operating Expenditures        10,000

Out-of-State Travel                      4,500

Ending Fund Balance                      2,370

Total Expenditures                $ 30,000

(6)  Approved a lease between the U. S. Government and UNLV

for the leasing of the Taylor building for one year.

(7)  Approved Campus use of Capital Improvement Fee Funds

as needed to support instructional/academic computing

for the current biennium only.

(8)  Approved the following estimative budget for a new

account in the College of Agriculture established to

collect the fees to be charged for use of the gas

chromatograph-mass spectrometer.  The fees will be

used to 1) support a professional Research Associate

who will be employed to operate and maintain the

equipment and 2) to fund the cost of repairs and to

purchase laboratory supplies.

GC-MS Sales


Opening Cash Balance                  $ 16,790

Interdepartmental Sales                 25,000

Outside Sales                            8,000

Total Revenue                     $ 49,790


Professional Salaries                 $ 13,000

Wages                                    1,000

Fringe Benefits                          1,510

Operating                               26,280

Out-of-State Travel                      1,000

Ending Fund Balance                      7,000

Total Expenditures                $ 49,790

(9)  Approved statement on Litigation Expenses.  In Febru-

ary, 1983 the Board requested a policy on the payment

of litigation expenses be presented for their con-

sideration.  In September, 1983 such policy was dis-

cussed, with objections forthcoming from the Campus

Presidents.  The matter was referred back to the

Presidents' Council for further discussion, with

Regents Del Papa and Sheerin assisting.

Approved the following statement:

Litigation Expenses:  The Board of Regents Special

Projects Fund will continue to fund 100% of the

UNS litigation expenses for the remainder of FY

84.  Beginning in FY 84-85, the Campuses will

budget for 50% of the deductible costs and the

Board of Regents Special Projects Fund will pay

for 50% of the deductible and 100% of the expenses

over the deductible.  In 1985-87 the Campuses are

to request 100% of the deductible in their appro-

priate budgets.

The deductible is to be determined as a percentage

of the State appropriated budget for the Campuses.

The deductible for UNLV is $50,000 and UNR is

$50,000; the other Campuses' deductible is to be a

percentage of that amount pegged to each Campus

State appropriation.

(10)  Approved a change in signature authority on the UNS

Board of Regents Accounts at Nevada National Bank

which is necessary due to the creation of the in-

stitutional account offices.

Bank Accounts                    Signature Authority

UNS General Account        Add:  Stephen Salaber

Deputy Controller

Payroll Account         Remove:  Art Roberto

Acting Controller

(11)  Approved the amendment of a deed of trust on property

donated to the University of Nevada School of Medicine

by Mr. Claude I. Howard.  The property, the Vegas

Verdes Apartment-Motel, 1635 N. Main Street, North

Las Vegas, had an original principal sum of $270,000

which has now been reduced to $264,318.  The owners

requested to change the terms of the deed which was

issued at 12% interest with the principal sum to be

retired in 20 years.

The interest will be reduced to 10% and the term of

the mortgage will be extended to 30 years as of Janu-

ary 1, 1984.  The costs of changing the documents

will be borne by the owners of the property.

(12)  Approved an amendment to the Ebbley Mining Lease

which sets forth certain rights and privileges of the

Lessee and stipulates the payment schedule.

(13)  Approved the School of Medicine budget for an Internal

Medicine account titled, "The Hoffman La Roche Con-

tract", which principally receives fees from a con-

tract with that company to do laboratory testing.

Hoffman La Roche Contract


Opening Cash Balance                  $ 16,700

Lab Test Fees                            2,000

Total Revenue                     $ 18,700


Professional Salaries                 $ 15,000

Fringe Benefits                          2,308

Operating                                1,392

Total Expenditures                $ 18,700

(14)  Approved the following appointments to the Mackay

School of Mines Advisory Board:

Mark Anderson               Tonopah, Nevada

James H. Bright             Reno, Nevada

Robert Cheatham             Reno, Nevada

Timothy Collins             Virginia City, Nevada

Arthur Columbo              Reno, Nevada

Douglas R. Cook             Reno, Nevada

Francis E. Du Bois III      Fallon, Nevada

W. G. Flangas               Las Vegas, Nevada

Fred Gibson                 Henderson, Nevada

Joyce M. Hall               Reno, Nevada

Laurence D. Hartzog         San Francisco, Ca.

Dean Kerr                   Salt Lake City, Utah

David Kinneberg             Hurley, New Mexico

Larry L. Lackey             Reno, Nevada

Frank W. Lewis              Reno, Nevada

Robert Shoemaker            San Francisco, Ca.

Donald L. Simpson           Round Mountain, Nevada

Howard Winn                 Reno, Nevada

Hans Wolfe                  Reno, Nevada

(15)  Approved signature authorities for NNB accounts.  At

the September 15, 1983 Board of Regents meeting, Vice

Chancellor Dawson was authorized to negotiate with UNR

to develop any special operating procedures required

to operate the Lawlor Events Center.  As a result, a

bank account has been opened at Nevada National Bank

for the issuance of checks to performing groups on the

night of their performance.  It will be funded through

regular University procedures on the next morning or

next regular work day.

Signature authorities on this account are:

Robert N. Dagitz, Director

David W. Attaway, Associate Director

Robert Allen, Associate Director

Thomas L. Judy, UNR Controller

Arthur C. Roberto, UNR Deputy Controller

Any two signatures are required to issue a check.

(16)  Approved a lease between UNS and Channel 5 Public

Broadcasting Inc. for the use of facilities for broad-

casting purposes at UNR.  The lease is for 10 years,

Channel 5 will render broadcast services, including

training for broadcast students, as rental.

Mrs. Fong moved for adoption of the Consent Agenda.  Mrs.

Gallagher seconded.  Motion carried.

2.  Approved Sale of Bonds

Vice Chancellor Dawson reported on the progress of the con-

solidation of certain University "Student Fees and Improve-

ments and Refunding Revenue Bonds, Series 1984".

Mr. Dennis Ciocca, E. F. Hutton, presented a proposal to the

Board for the purchase of the bonds at 10 1/8% interest.

Proposal and purchase contract are on file in the Regents'


Vice Chancellor Dawson requested that there be no dipping

into the 7th dollar and that the monies being rendered to

the Universities, $1.3 million to UNLV and $41,000 to UNR

are firm figures.  Mr. Ciocca assured the Board that the

amounts contained in the proposal and contracts are firm

and accurate.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval to sell the bonds.  Mrs.

Kenney seconded.  Motion carried.

Mr. Klaich moved approval of the contract.  Mr. Karamanos

seconded.  Motion carried.

Chairman Mc Bride introduced Dr. Paul Meacham, President of Clark

County Community College, who was attending his first Board meet-

ing after commencing his new position on November 1, 1983.

3.  Report on UNS Engineering Study

Pursuant to a Board request in December, 1982, the National

Academy of Engineering was contacted to do a site visit and

study of engineering education within the System.  The study

team, with Chairman Dr. Paul Chena, a member of the National

Academy of Engineering, visited the State in March, 1983.

Their report was submitted to Campus Presidents for review.

The Board asked that a System plan for engineering education

be submitted for their consideration.

Chairman Mc Bride welcomed some 125 guests from around the

State to the meeting who were attending in support of en-

gineering education in the System.  He explained that the

Board was accepting public testimony at this time, and

further expressed his desire to see the group work in con-

junction with System personnel at this time and into the

next several Legislative Sessions for an orderly growth of

quality education in the field of engineering.  He also made

it clear that the first priority of the System at the 1985

Legislative Session would be for faculty salaries, and that

engineering needs would be considered by the various Campus-

es, as they always have been, in conjunction with the other

programs and needs of those Campuses.  He stressed that this

was not a budget hearing process but a consideration for

strengthening the program at UNR and the initial discussion

for a program at UNLV.

Vice Chancellor Fox presented an overview of steps taken to

date, and presented the following observations and recom-


UNLV, UNR Joint Statements

1.  Current State Effort - Current levels of State support

for engineering education are not sufficient to attain

the quality desired, nor the number of desired graduates

in engineering.

2.  Accreditation of University of Nevada, Reno - The Uni-

versity of Nevada, Las Vegas, supports all efforts to

protect and maintain the accreditation of engineering

programs at the University of Nevada, Reno.

3.  Doctoral Degrees at the University of Nevada, Reno - For

the feasible future, at least 10 years or more, the Uni-

versity of Nevada, Las Vegas, supports the location of

all doctoral studies in engineering in Nevada at the

University of Nevada, Reno.

4.  Masters' Degrees - Disciplinary masters' degrees in

civil, electrical, geological, mechanical, metallurgi-

cal and mining engineering will continue to be offered

by the University of Nevada, Reno, and a general mas-

ter's degree program will be implemented at the Uni-

versity of Nevada, Las Vegas.

5.  Resource Support

A.  Any expansion of engineering programs at the Uni-

versity of Nevada, Las Vegas, will not take place

at the expense of necessary additional resource

support for the University of Nevada, Reno, and

any expansion of engineering programs at Reno will

not be at the expense of the University of Nevada,

Las Vegas.  No programs will be moved from one

Campus to another.

B.  The strengthening of engineering education at a

College or University Campus within the System is

dependent upon the State of Nevada's ability and

willingness to do so, along with efforts to seek

private sector support.

6.  Economic Diversification - Strengthened programs in

engineering education are needed in all parts of the

State to support economic diversification in Nevada.

This is supported by the Governor's Commission on

Economic Development, and other studies within the


7.  Other Educational Needs - In addition to engineering,

there are other critical needs in higher education in

Nevada in need of expanded support, some of which are

also important to economic diversification.

8.  Partnership with Community Colleges - Both the Univer-

sity of Nevada, Reno, and the University of Nevada, Las

Vegas, shall work with the Community Colleges on im-

proved transfer and training in the field of engineering


Community College Recommendations

The Community Colleges can contribute to the enhancement of

engineering education within the System through the follow-

ing steps, each requiring more resources than the preceding


1.  Improved articulation between Community Colleges and the

Universities.  Development of 2+2, or Capstone programs,

which can be accomplished with courses currently of-


2.  Add new courses in support of engineering programs.

3.  Provide more technical training.

4.  Provide a full 2-year engineering technical program.

This might imply student selection and assessment.  The

offering of these programs at each of the Community

Colleges would probably not be viable.  Perhaps one

program could be offered in the northern part of the

State and one in the south.  Some type of allotment

system would be needed to provide slots for students

from each Campus.


The Community College Presidents recommend that the student

faculty ratio be lowered to 18:1 in order to provide voca-

tional and technical training.

Universities' Comments

Both the University of Nevada, Reno, and the University at

Las Vegas are essentially in agreement with the National

Academy of Engineering's assessment of the quality of en-

gineering programs within the System.

Each recognizes the issues which exist in relation to size,

quality and standards, and the two institutions are aware

of the needs of not only their own programs, but of each

other - for UNR to provide quality programs which assure

continuing full accreditation; and to create a viable en-

ginning option at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Within the fastest growing State in the nation, the Univer-

sities are concerned with the role of engineering education

not only for their own programs, but for Nevada's future.

University of Nevada, Reno, Priorities

1.  Enhance funding at the University of Nevada, Reno, to

assure high quality and accreditation.  This will re-

quire a one-time, one million dollar equipment alloca-

tion, and $250,000 per year increases in operating


2.  Increased support sufficient to improve the quality of

engineering programs to meet shortfalls identified in

the accreditation report, and the report of the National

Academy of Engineering.  This would aid in educational

quality, and support in Nevada's efforts in economic


University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Priorities

1.  Strengthen the existing programs in electrical, mechani-

cal and civil engineering at the bachelor's level and

group them into a School of Engineering and Computer

Science within the College of Science, Mathematics and


2.  Establish a Master of Engineering program at UNLV, in-

itially with the assistance of the University of Nevada,

Reno, which can also be offered at off-campus locations.

Both of these objectives can be accomplished through the

addition of a minimum of 8 new faculty positions in engi-

neering over the next biennium, with final decisions to be

made on the basis of a UNS Phase I and UNS Phase II report

for new programs.  Capital and equipment needs will also be


President Crowley, UNR, expressed a need for increased sup-

port from the State for engineering and urged the Board to

set priorities in this area for an orderly growth of aca-

demic excellence in the field.

President Goodall, UNLV, reiterated that the System Presi-

dents have concurred with the recommendations presented,

and that he fully agreed with supporting the UNR College of

Engineering and its accreditation as the first priority,

but urged consideration of a College of Engineering and

Computer Science at UNLV to be brought on line in an orderly

and systematic manner in accordance with established System


Mr. Tony Fianaca, representating Western Industrial Nevada,

Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada, and the

Greater Reno-Sparks Chamber of Commerce, expressed his con-

cerns for Colleges of Engineering at both UNLV and UNR,

asking that there not be a duplication of programs.  He

urged the Board to continue funding the UNR College at a

level that will lead to excellence and encouraged the pri-

vate sector to pursue additional non-State funding.

Mr. Richard Arden, President of the College of Engineering

Alumni Association, expressed his concerns, stating that

the College of Engineering, UNR, has had an increase in en-

rollment, has national recognition in the field of Earth-

quake Research, and has been accredited, and that there

needs to be a commitment to the College at UNR.  He esti-

mated UNR would need $2 1/2 million within the next two

years and distributed to the Board estimated financial

costs for the next decade.

Mr. Robert Warren, Executive Secretary of the Nevada Mining

Association, stated that the mining community depends on

engineering education for their employees.  He further

stated he does not take opposition with the College at

UNLV, but wants upgrading throughout the State, especially

in the north to secure the mining needs and to make engi-

neering a Center of Excellence.

Mr. Don Bently introduced Mr. Jim Smith, both of Bentley of

Nevada.  Mr. Smith expressed concerns for the employees in

the Carson Valley, who wish to expand their engineering ed-

ucation in both undergraduate and graduate education and

that new companies considering the Valley for location

would all require strong educational components before

moving families into the area.

Mr. Belie Williams, Chair, Washoe County Commission, pre-

sented a resolution in support of strong engineering edu-

cation and stated that there should be diversification in

the field of engineering, expressing his support in the

Legislature and in the private sector of the State of


Mr. Fred Lewis, Summa Corporation, expressed a need for

diversification within the State, which would require a

College of Engineering at UNLV to serve this expansion.  He

stated his support for the College at UNR, and requested

support for the College at UNLV.  He also expressed support

from the City, State and private sectors for the College of

Engineering, citing this as a criteria for enticing new

industry to the State.

Mr. Tom Hardin, Chairman of the UNLV Engineering Advisory

Council, had sent a report to each of the Regents prior to

this meeting, and refinforced the stated support of the

advisory members to a College at UNLV.

Mr. James Cashman presented a plan for engineering education

at UNLV, complete with estimated costs.

Dean David Emerson, College of Math, Science and Engineering

at UNLV, stated the priorities of the engineering program

such as graduate programs, research opportunities, and

computer science and urged that short and long term goals

be set for the College.

Mrs. Fong moved to accept and take under advisement all

reports, letters and comments on engineering education which

have been submitted to the Board.  Mrs. Gallagher seconded.

Motion carried.

Mrs. Fong submitted the following Resolution:


The Board of Regents reaffirms its commitment to the

College of Engineering, University of Nevada, Reno, in

support of a request for adequate funding to enhance

the College, and to insure its continuing accreditation.

In addition, the Board supports the establishment of an

accredited School of Engineering and Computer Science

at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and will request

adequate funding for an orderly developed program over

the next several years.

The President of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, is

directed to submit to the Board, at its meeting in Jan-

uary, 1984, a Phase I Plan for approval.  If Phase I is

approved, Phase II Proposal should be submitted for

approval by the Board at the February, 1984 meeting.

The Board of Regents also recognizes the need for tech-

nical training in "high-tech" areas within the Community

Colleges and will support adequate funding, as appro-

priate, to meet these Systemwide needs.

The Board of Regents recognizes the limitation of State

funding available for this purpose and therefore di-

rects the respective Presidents to work with their

Foundations, community leaders and others in identifying

and seeking funds from the private sector, in order that

these goals may be met.  The Board members will, indi-

vidually and collectively, assist the Presidents in this

quest for private funding.

Mrs. Fong moved approval of the resolution.  Mr. Klaich


Mr. Klaich stated that he would like to second Regent Fong's

thoughtful resolution in the context of the presentations

this morning for the following reasons:

1.  The resolution endorses the concept of quality in edu-

cation versus mere quantity.

2.  It embraces the Statewide nature of this University

which the Regents all embrace.

3.  It recognizes the inherent symbiotic nature between the

University of Nevada System and the general health and

welfare of the State of Nevada.  Recognition of that

same relationship by the political and business sectors

of the State of Nevada is equally evident by their at-

tendance at this meeting.  It is assumed that they

recognize not only that same relationship but their

commitment to the Board of Regents and people of the


4.  It proceeds fully cognizant of the fiduciary nature of

this Board and the requirement that Regents deliberate

and decide critical issues only upon full information

and in the context of limited State resources and mul-

tiple, pressing institutional priorities.

Mrs. Sheerin reminded the Board that the National Academy

of Engineering stated that there was a need for a Systemwide

plan for engineering in the State and in the System.

Mrs. Sheerin amended the resolution to include mandatory

Phases I and II and also a Statewide plan.  Amendment died

for lack of a second.

Ms. Del Papa reemphasized that the joint objective statement

speaks to the Statewide plan.

Mrs. Gallagher stated that the resolution could not encom-

pass all problems within the State, that the Board does not

want to endorse any "half" done programs, but rather sup-

ports engineering at UNLV and supports excellent engineering

in both the north and the south.

Motion carried.

Mrs. Kenney requested from Mr. Cashman a breakdown of funds

for the UNLV program as proposed by the Advisory Committee.

Mrs. Fong presented to the Board a check in the amount of

$500 from the Nevada Society of Professional Engineers, and

a gift of 275 shares of Frontier Savings and Loan stock

donated by Mr. Wing Fong and herself.

Dr. Allen Mori, UNLV Faculty Senate, stated that there

should be a "total" State education system, and Vice Chan-

cellor Fox confirmed that the Phase I and Phase II review

process will consider the Statewide issue.

Mr. Bill Siegel, ASUN President, stated his support for the

UNR engineering program, but felt that the program at UNR

was not meeting student needs nor was it property funded.

Mrs. Joan Doggrell, CCCC Faculty Senate, stated her concerns

not only as a member of the System, but also as a citizen of

the State of Nevada, for the future needs of the System's

educational programs.

4.  Approved a Master Plan for Dandini Research Park, DRI

Approved the master plan developed by Anschen & Allen for

the development of the Dandini Research Park, and the

management plan in development of the Park.  See Ref. C,

filed in the Regents Office.

Dr. Al Gold, in a slide presentation, discussed the archi-

tectural plans for the Dandini Research Park.

Mrs. Kenney moved approval of the master plan, and of the

management plan in principle and delegated authority to the

Chancellor, after review and by Legal Counsel, to approve

the contractual documents necessary for their implementa-

tion, with the stipulation that periodic reports be made to

the Board.  Mrs. Whitley seconded.

Mr. Klaich expressed concern that the right of rescission

referred to on page two of Ref. C is really not a right of

recission, but rather a right of reassumption.  The manage-

ment plan that Dr. Gold outlined is intended to give DRI

the flexibility of developing this plan in a businesslike

manner.  The right to reassume the leases is meant to in-

sure the ability of the Regents to take over any leases

which have been entered into as well as to reassume control

over any undeveloped portions of the site should they at

any time determine that it is not being handled or managed

properly.  He asked that this be a part of the motion, to

which the maker and the second agreed.

Further, Mr. Klaich explained that this right of reassump-

tion also insures that Regents have ultimate control over

the funds that are generated from these leases such that

if the funds are not being applied through the Foundation

for the purposes of the DRI, that the Board specifically

approves, then the assumption could be called into effect.

Also, Mr. Klaich pointed out that the right of reassumption

by the Board was unlimited and that the Board must retain

the right to reassume any lease without reason necessarily

expressed if it is determined to be in the best interest of

the University System.

Mrs. Kenney and Mrs. Whitley agreed to the addition to the

motion of the right of assumption.

Motion carried.

5.  Resolution Regarding the "Wolf Pack" Football Team, UNR

Chairman Mc Bride submitted the following resolution to the



WHEREAS, the University of Nevada, Reno, football team,

known as the "Wolf Pack", has achieved national ranking

among NCAA Division IAA teams during the 1983 season,


WHEREAS, the "Pack" completed the regular season with a

record of 7 wins against 4 defeats, and

WHEREAS, that record earned the team its first Big Sky

Conference Championship and entry into the Division

Championship Tournament, and

WHEREAS, thrilling tournament victories over Idaho State

(27-20) and North Texas State (20-17) have advanced the

team into a semifinal match against Southern Illinois,

December 10, 1983, and

WHEREAS, this game brings national recognition to the

University as typified by CBS TV network coverage, and

WHEREAS, Coach Chris Ault's able leadership has combined

superb individual athletic performances into a powerful

team effort, and

WHEREAS, the team has earned the appellation "Team of


RESOLVED, that the Board of Regents hereby offers hearty

congratulations, commendation and appreciation for these

achievements and best wishes for continued success.

Mrs. Sheerin moved approval of the resolution.  Mrs. Whitley

seconded.  Motion carried.

6.  Reports from Bank Investors

A.  Mr. Bud Bodell submitted the report for First Interstate


B.  Mr. John Chrissinger submitted the report for Nevada

National Bank.

C.  Mr. Murray Foster submitted the report for Security Bank

of Nevada.

Mr. Klaich requested Vice Chancellor Dawson and Mr.

Foster to continue working on the Planetarium Account.

D.  Mr. Monte Miller submitted the report for Valley Bank

of Nevada.

7.  Report from Professional Staff Council, UNLV

Ms. Nancy Forni requested the Board to formally recognize

the Professional Staff Council at UNLV.

Mrs. Gallagher moved to recognize the Professional Staff

Council and to develop a constitution for consideration.

Mrs. Whitley seconded.

There was further discussion on the history of the dis-

association of the professional staff from the Faculty

Senate, which took place in 1978.  General Counsel Klasic

stated that the Code allows for more than one Faculty

Senate on a Campus.  Ms. Del Papa suggested that this

issue be referred back to the Campus for further discus-

sion before Board action is taken.

Chairman Mc Bride relinquished the gavel to Vice Chairman


Ms. Del Papa moved to table the discussion on the Profes-

sional Staff Council at UNLV until the January meeting.

Motion carried.

Chairman Mc Bride returned and resumed the gavel.

8.  Approved an Addition to Handbook, Enrollment Reporting


Approved a System Enrollment Reporting Policy which will

establish a time for data collection to allow for improved

comparability between institutions and/or between reporting


Currently, student FTE and headcount enrollments are re-

quested by the Chancellor's Office from each Campus accord-

ing to dates approved by the Board of Regents for April and

October enrollment reports.  These reporting procedures do

not take the enrollment schedules of the Community Colleges

into account to allow comparable enrollment data to be col-

lected each semester.

The Presidents' Council, Chancellor and Office of Academic

Affairs suggested the following addition to the Handbook:

Chapter 20, Academic Program Review and System

Articulation Policy

Section 13.  Enrollment Count

1.  The enrollment count for each Campus will be made

as of the last day to drop/add for regular enroll-

ment.  However, due to the ongoing nature of Com-

munity College enrollments, the Fall semester en-

rollments will be collected as of October 15 (Regis-

trar's First Reports for Universities) and reported

to the Chancellor's Office no later than November 1.

Spring semester enrollments will be collected as of

March 15 (Registrar's First Reports for Universi-

ties) and reported to the Chancellor's Office no

later than April 1.

2.  In addition to FTE student enrollments, each Campus

shall report student headcount for State supported

courses, plus a student headcount total for all

credit courses regardless of the funding source

(this will include continuing eduction at the Uni-

versities, and community service or sponsored pro-

grams at the Community Colleges).

3.  All enrollment reporting requirements shall be co-

ordinated through the Office of Institutional Re-

search and reported to the Board of Regents at the

next scheduled meeting date following collection.

Mrs. Whitley moved for approval.  Mrs. Gallagher seconded.

Motion carried.

9.  Revision of Institutional and Student Government Bylaws


Approved the Bylaws for Northern Nevada Community Col-

lege as contained in Ref. D, and filed with the perma-

nent minutes.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval and commended NNCC.  Mrs.

Whitley seconded.  Motion carried.


In February, 1983 the Board adopted Resolution 83-2,

which requires that each institution revise its Bylaws

in conformity with the UNS Code, also adopted at that

meeting.  In May, 1983 that Resolution was amended to

give Camuses ample time in which to complete the


Mrs. Gallagher moved approval to extend the Bylaws re-

porting timeframe at UNR until April.  Mrs. Sheerin

seconded.  Motion carried.

President Eardley reported that the TMCC Bylaws are in

final draft and will be presented at the January meet-


President Meacham reported that the CCCC Bylaws are

still in draft form and will be presented at the April


Mrs. Whitley moved to extend the Bylaws reporting time-

frame at TMCC until January and CCCC until April.  Mrs.

Fong seconded.  Motion carried.

President Calabro reported that the WNCC Bylaws have

been submitted to General Counsel for review and will

be presented at the April meeting.

Mrs. Fong moved to extend the Bylaws reporting timeframe

at WNCC until April.  Mrs. Kenney seconded.  Motion


Acting President Kocmond reported that the DRI Bylaws

have been submitted to General Counsel for review and

will be presented at the April meeting.

Ms. Del Papa moved, with the exception of NNCC's Bylaws,

which have been approved, all other Bylaws presentations

are extended until April.  Mrs. Kenney seconded.  Motion


Dr. Allen Mori, UNLV Faculty Senate, reported that the

Bylaws Committee will be meeting with the Regents Liai-

son Committee to discuss their Bylaws.

Mr. Rick Bareuther, Unit Faculty Senate, reported that

the Unit Bylaws are in final draft and will be presented

at the January meeting.


In June, 1983 Student Officers were requested to review

Bylaws and/or Constitutions and to present for adoption

needed changes to conform with accountability require-


Ms. Karen Silva, USA President, reported that the Stu-

dent Constitution will be presented in January.

Mr. Bill Siegel, ASUN President, reported that the Stu-

dent Constitution will be presented in April.

Ms. Linda Barrett, ASTM President, reported that the

Student Constitution will be submitted to General

Counsel for placement in the Handbook, there having

been no changes in their Constitution.

10.  Report of System Compensation Committee

Dr. Gary Jones, Chair, System Compensation Committee, pre-

sented a report and recommendations concerning professional

salary and benefits requested for the Biennium 85-87.

11.  Approved Budget Parameters for 1985-87 Biennial Budget

Director of Financial Planning Ron Sparks presented the

parameters for the 1985-87 Biennial Budget as contained in

Ref. E, and filed with the permanent minutes.

In addition to the parameters contained in Ref. E, the Uni-

versities will be requesting a restoration of the $150,000

in State funding cuts from their athletic budgets by the

1981 Legislature in their base budget requests.  In addi-

tion, a request will be made for the State to pick up 1/5

of the grants-in-aid over the next 5 years in their critical

needs budget.

Concerning the business centers and accounting functions,

support positions and operating funding will be requested

in the base budgets to bring them to an acceptable level.

These requests will meet growth related needs in the Uni-

versities and Community Colleges which have not been met in

past budgets and the centers and Campuses have therefore

been unable to keep pace with the demands for services.

Mrs. Sheerin moved approval of the Budget Parameters for

1985-87 Biennial Budget.  Mrs. Gallagher seconded.  Motion


12.  Approved Sabbatical Leaves, 1984-85

Nevada Revised Statutes and Board of Regents Policy provide

for the total number of sabbatical leaves which may be

awarded each year.

Utilizing the criteria which have been followed in previous

years, the maximum available leaves for 1984-85 are:

UNLV =  8    UNR  = 11   CCCC =  4    NNCC =  1

TMCC =  2    WNCC = 1    DRI  =  2    Unit =  1

The following sabbatical leaves were approved.

A.  University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Rita Deanin Abbey, Art, Academic Year 1984-85

Thomas Clark, English, Academic Year 1984-85

Patricia Geuder, English, Academic Year 1984-85

Ed Goodin, Management, Academic Year 1984-85

Charles Levinson, Hotel, Academic Year 1984-85

Dina Titus, Political Science, Spring 1985

Bill Wagonseller, Special Education, Spring 1985

Evalyn Dearmin, Secondary Education, Academic Year



Corinne Mathieu, Foreign Languages, Fall 1984

Thomas Schaffter, Math, Academic Year 1984-85

Marie-France Hilgar, Foreign Languages, Academic Year


B.  University of Nevada, Reno

Thomas F. Cargill, Economics, Academic Year 1984-85

David A. Lightner, Chemistry, Academic Year 1984-85

Richard D. Burkhart, Chemistry, Fall 1984

Bruce M. Douglas, Civil Engineering, Academic Year


Catherine S. Fowler, Anthropology, Academic Year 1984-85

Charles B. Rose, Chemistry, Academic Year 1984-85

Willard F. Day, Jr., Psychology, Academic Year 1984-85

Gary L. Vinyard, Biology, Academic Year 1984-85

Ira B. Pauly, Psychiatry & Behaviorial Sciences, Aca-

demic Year 1984-85

Richard W. Rust, Biology, Academic Year 1984-85

Michael J. Brodhead, History, Fall 1984


Keith A. Pierce, Counseling & Guidance Personnel Serv-

ices, Academic Year 1984-85

William F. Wilborn, English, Academic Year 1984-85

Stephen C. Mc Farlane, Speech Pathology & Audiology,

Fall 1984

James K. Mikawa, Psychology, Academic Year 1984-85

C.  Clark County Community College

Candace Kant, Social Sciences, Spring, 1985

Caroline Collins, Science & Health, Academic Year


Pat Caldwell, Communication & Arts, Academic Year


Norma Cleveland, Science & Health, Academic Year



Robb Bay, Student Services, Spring 1985

George Carpenter, Social Science, Spring 1985

D.  Truckee Meadows Community College

Ray Embry, English, Spring 1985

Paul Davis, Political Science, Spring 1985


Frank Barnes, Administration of Justice, Spring 1985

Mary Ann Lambert, Nursing, Spring 1985

Bill Baines, English, Academic Year 1984-85

E.  Western Nevada Community College

Howard R. (Ron) Panik, Communication/Math/Science,

Fall 1984

F.  Northern Nevada Community College

Amy Emerson, Math & Development, Academic Year 1984-85

G.  Desert Research Institute

John Hallett, Atmospheric Science Center, Fall 1984

Friedwardt Winterberg, Office of the President, Fall


Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the 1984-85 sabbaticals.

Mrs. Sheerin seconded.  Motion carried.

14.  Approved Outside Auditor Selection

Mrs. Whitley, Chair of the Selection Committee, stated they

recommended Kafoury, Armstrong & Company as the UNS outside

auditor firm, and that the Committee's prime consideration

was that of improved services.

Mrs. Whitley moved approval of Kafoury, Armstrong & Co. as

UNS outside auditor with the fee of $58,000.  Mrs. Gallagher

seconded.  Motion carried.

15.  Approved Acceptance and Sale of 200 Shares of Gannett Stock,


President Crowley requested approval of an emergency item.

Ms. Del Papa moved to accept the emergency item.  Mrs.

Gallagher seconded.  Motion carried.

President Crowley requested that the Board accept 200 shares

of Gannett stock and authorize the sale of the stock in

order to purchase the items for which the gift is intended:

2/3 of the proceeds from the sale of the stock to be

directed toward the purchase of a Russian language

composer for use by Dr. Paul Macura.

1/3 of the proceeds is to be devoted to the purchase

of a photocopying machine for the School of Medicine.

Ms. Del Papa moved to accept 200 shares of Gannett stock

and further moved approval of the sale of said stock.  Mrs.

Sheerin seconded.  Motion carried.

16.  Approved Addition to Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 13,

Section 2.  Delinquent Accounts

In October, 1983 the Board approved a change in the policy

on the collection of delinquent student accounts by setting

the amount of an accounts receivable at $50 or more which

would prohibit a student from registering for classes, re-

ceiving a diploma or transcript.

At that time, President Crowley discussed a concern with

Library fines which are included in the above policy.

Vice Chancellor Dawson requested approval of an addition to

Section 2.  Delinquent Accounts, by adding the following


If the individual institution finds it to be necessary

and has appropriate procedures in place, the $50 amount

specified in this Policy may be reduced.

This would provide the flexibility to each institution to

establish appropriate procedures for the collection of

amounts owed that are less than $50.  Ashok Dhingra, Vice

President for Finance and Administration, UNR, states that

they now have in place the necessary mechanism so that all

fines are reported to a central location and are available

to the Cashier's Office for collection purposes, enabling

the student to contact only one source for payment and the

removal of any holds placed on records.

Mrs. Fong moved approval of the change in the Handbook re-

garding Delinquent Accounts.  Mrs. Gallagher seconded.

Motion carried.

17.  Approved to Disband the Nevada Southern University Land


In 1967 a nonprofit corporation for the acquisition of land

for the Nevada Southern University was created.  The name

was changed in 1969 to University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

This corporation has been inactive for a number of years.

The Secretary of State has requested a list of officers, or,

if a list is not filed within 9 months of the anniversary

month for the corporation, the charter will be revoked.

General Counsel Klasic requested Board action in order to

appropriately reply to the request of the Secretary of


Mrs. Whitley moved to disband the UNLV Land Foundation.

Mr. Klaich seconded.  Motion carried.

18.  Approved Recission of Handbook, Title 4, Chapter 4,

Section 3.  Distinguished Professors and Section 4.  Post-

retirement Appointments

The Board of Regents currently does not have a retirement

policy for employees, but follows both State and Federal

laws.  Therefore, Vice Chancellor Dawson and General Counsel

Klasic recommended that the Board rescind Title 4, Chapter

4, Section 3.  Distinguished Professors and Section 4.

Postretirement Appointments.  It is further recommended

that the Board refer Distinguished Professors to the Cam-

puses for the development of a new policy, should one be


Mrs. Whitley moved approval to remove Title 4, Chapter 4,

Section 3 in the Handbook.  Mrs. Gallagher seconded.

Motion carried.

19.  Chancellor's Report

Chancellor Bersi discussed the status of the Legislative

Agenda.  He suggested a workshop with the Presidents and

Regents at the next meeting to discuss this in further


20.  New Business

A.  Mr. Klaich reported on the progress of the DRI Presi-

dential search.

B.  Mr. Klaich reported that the MIS report is being devel-

oped by Deloitte, Haskins & Sells, and they are planning

to meet their deadlines.

C.  Mr. Klaich requested a status report on the Contingency

Reserves which were approved at the same time the recent

fee increases were approved.

D.  Ms. Del Papa reported on the progress of the Director

of the University of Nevada Press search.

E.  Ms. Del Papa reported on the Land Grant Institute meet-

ing she attended.

F.  Mrs. Sheerin reported on the Committee on College


G.  Mrs. Sheerin reported that the Governor's Commission on

Higher Education will meet in Las Vegas during the week

where they will conclude policy decisions.  Also, that

there has been a grant proposal submitted on Vocational/

Technical Education for the State.

H.  Mrs. Sheerin reported that a 5-year Athletic Plan has

been requested and suggested the ad hoc Committees on

Athletics meet in January, 1984.

I.  Mrs. Fong reported that she testified at a hearing of

the EEOC, stating that, in her opinion, she feels UNS

continuously underhires minorities.

J.  Mrs. Fong reported on the Clark County School District's

local Committee on Education.

K.  Mrs. June Whitley discussed the issue of underhiring

minorities.  Ms. Del Papa requested General Counsel to

prepare a program for visiting each institution in order

for this issue to be resolved.

L.  Vice Chancellor Fox stated that the report on System

Development on Remedial Education will be presented in

the Spring.

Friday, December 9, 1983

The meeting reconvened at 8:30 A.M.

Upon motion by Mrs. Whitley, seconded by Mrs Gallagher, the Board

moved to a personnel session for the purpose of annual evalua-

tions of Officers.

The Chairman reconvened the Board in public session at 12:05 P.M.

The meeting adjourned at 12:07 P.M.

Mary Lou Moser

Secretary of the Board