UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
December 6-7, 1951

Volume 6 - Page 337

                       December 6, 1951

The Executive Committee of the Board of Regents met in the Pres-
ident's office on Thursday, December 6, 1951.  Present:  Regents
Hardy, Lombardi, Ross and President Love.  The meeting was called
to order at 4 P.M. by Chairman Ross.

Heating Plant

    The President presented a proposal from Russell Mills,
    covering the Heating Plant items now contemplated.  The
    report was accepted for further study, and later action.


    The Regents discussed the letter which has been received
    from Mr. Furrh, Attorney, concerning the salary contract
    of Mr. Joe Sheeketski.  It was the unanimous decision that
    the Chairman request the opinion of the Attorney General
    on the following questions:

    (1)  Do you think the Board of Regents have the power or the
         right to settle a contract, as suggested by Mr. Furrh?

    (2)  If it is proper for us to make a settlement, do we have
         the authority to use funds appropriated by the Legisla-
         ture for the budget of the University?  (Understand
         that if Mr. Sheeketski had been retained as Football
         Coach the funds for paying his salary would come from
         receipts in the Athletic Department.  Without a football
         program, these receipts are considerably reduced and
         there is no balance in that Department which can be used
         for that purpose.)

    (3)  If a settlement is not made in accordance with this
         request of Mr. Furrh, it is quite evident that a suit
         will be brought by Mr. Sheeketski for the recovery of
         his salary under the contract.  Is it possible for an
         individual to sue the State?  Under what circumstances
         would an individual be able to sue the State?

    (4)  If it is not possible for an individual to sue the State
         what liability, if any, accrues to any agency other than
         the University of Nevada or to any individual concerned
         with the athletic program of the University?  What li-
         ability, if any, would accrue to the members of the
         Board of Regents as individuals, or to members of the
         Board of Athletic Control as individuals?

    (5)  If a suit is carried and damages are allowed, how would
         the money to pay such damages be obtained from State

    (6)  Would the Attorney General's office be legal counsel for
         the Board of Regents in event of suit?  If so, could the
         Attorney General retain additional counsel if requested
         by the Board of Regents, and are funds available in the
         budget of the Attorney General's office to defray such


    The following communications were read by the President:

    (a)  Mrs. Fleischmann

         It is with deepest appreciation I send my sincere thanks
         for the worthy tribute to the Major in your resolution
         of October 26.  Also for the beautiful flowers at both
         of the services and the kind note with the lovely red
         roses when I was in Reno.  I am most grateful for all of
         your expressions of esteem and they are a comfort to me.
         They make me feel very close to the University.  With
         kind regards, yours sincerely,

                             Sarah H. Fleischmann

    (b)  Mrs. Thompson

         May I express for myself and my family, our thanks to
         the Board of Regents for their expression of apprecia-
         tion of Mr. Thompson's years of service to the Univer-
         sity.  Such acknowledgement of the affectionate regard
         in which he was held warms our hearts.


                             Mrs. Thompson