UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
December 5-6, 1985


Pages 3-23



December 5, 1985

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the Lobby, Artemus

Ham Concert Hall, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Members present: Mr. Daniel J. Klaich, Chairman

Ms. Frankie Sue Del Papa

Mr. Joseph M. Foley

Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

Mr. Chris Karamanos

Mrs. Joan Kenney

Mrs. Jo Ann Sheerin

Mrs. Carolyn M. Sparks

Mrs. June F. Whitley

Others present: Chancellor Robert M. Bersi

President William Berg, NNCC

President Anthony Calabro, WNCC

President Joseph Crowley, UNR

President V. James Eardley, TMCC

President George Hidy, DRI

President Robert C. Maxson, UNLV

President Paul Meacham, CCCC

Mr. Donald Klasic, General Counsel

Mr. Mark Dawson, Deputy Chancellor

Dr. Warren Fox, Vice Chancellor

Mr. Ron Sparks, Vice Chancellor

Ms. Mary Lou Moser, Secretary

Also present were Faculty Senate Chairs James Deacon (UNLV),

Christopher Exline (UNR), George Isham (CCCC), Bus Scharmann

(WNCC), John Watson (DRI), Jim Williams (Unit) and Student

Association Officers.

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Klaich at 3:25 P.M.

1. Approved the Consent Agenda

Approved the Consent Agenda (identified as Ref. A, and filed

with the permanent minutes) containing the following items:

(1) Approved the minutes of the regular meeting held Octo-

ber 18, 1985, and minutes of the special meeting held

November 1, 1985.

(2) Approved the gifts, grants and contracts listed in

Ref. C-1, filed with the permanent minutes.

(3) Approved the appointment to the Western Nevada Com-

munity College Advisory Board:

Dr. Greg Betts, Superintendent, Douglas

County School District

(4) Approved the appointment to the Clark County Community

College Advisory Board:

Mr. Sam Armstrong

(5) Approved the appointment to the College of Engineering

Advsiory Board at UNR:

Mr. Donald Schmanski

(6) Approved an extension of Dan Tone's half-time (.5 FTE)

leave without pay from December 1, 1985 through June

30, 1986.

The purpose of this extension is to continue educa-

tional telecommunications activities related to Rural

Television System, a Nevada based nonprofit organiza-

tion which assists rural areas to obtain and operate

educational telecommunications facilities.

(7) Approved authorization to transfer funds from the

Church Fine Arts construction account to the Capital

Improvement Fund.

In accordance with Section 415, Paragraph A of the

bond indenture for the University of Nevada System,

Universities' Student Fees Improvement and Refunding

Revenue Bonds, Series 1984, permission is requested

to transfer funds not necessary for the project. The

Public Works Board certified that funds beyond the

approved budget will not be required for the project.

Currently, there is $798,213 in the construction fund

not required for the project.

This request is being made to provide funds for the co-

generating plan approved earlier by the Board of Re-

gents. A federal loan of $3,110,000 has been secured

to construct the co-generating plant, but up to

$500,000 will be required pending receipt of the fed-

eral monies. In addition, other Capital Improvement

monies will be needed in the near future for projects

such as the purchase of shuttle buses.

Ms. Del Papa moved for adoption of the Consent Agenda and

approval of the prepared agenda with the authority to change

the order of items as specified throughout the meeting.

Mrs. Kenney seconded. Motion carried.

2. Chairman's Report

Chairman Klaich stated information on Question 5 has been

distributed throughout the State, and at the joint meeting

with the State Board of Education held earlier that day it

was discussed and supported by both Boards.

Chairman Klaich reminded the Board and Presidents that

suggestions for nomination for Distinguished Nevadan awards

must be returned to the Secretary by December 31, 1985.

At the joint meeting of the State Board of Education and

the Board of Regents, a joint report on education in Nevada

was approved for publication. Chairman Klaich requested,

that inasmuch as this item had not appeared on the agenda

and was not an emergency item, that this approval be re-

scinded and placed on the agenda for consideration at the

January meeting.

Mrs. Kenney moved to rescind the approval of the joint re-

port by the State Board of Education and Board of Regents.

Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

3. Chancellor's Report

Chancellor Bersi reported on the success of the Comdex

Computer Show held in Las Vegas. UNLV Professors Scott

Locicero and Gary Palmer sponsored the program entitled,

"Window on the Humanities" in the Apple booth.

4. Approved Sabbatical Leaves, 1986-87

Nevada Revised Statutes and Board of Regents Policy provide

for the total number of sabbatical leaves which may be

awarded each year. See Ref. B, filed in the Regents Office.

Utilizing the criteria which have been followed in previous

years, the maximum available leaves for 1986-87 are: UNLV -

9; UNR - 12; CCCC - 4; NNCC - 1; TMCC - 2; WNCC - 1; DRI -

2; and Unit - 1.

A. University of Nevada, Las Vegas - President Maxson rec-

ommended the sabbatical leaves available to UNLV be

awarded to the following:

Satish Bhatnagar, Mathematical Sciences, Academic Year


Sheilagh Brooks, Anthropology, Academic Year 1986-87

Maurice Finocchiaro, Philosophy, Fall 1986

Edward Goodin, Business & Economics, Academic Year


Russell Hurlburt, Psychology, Fall 1986

Alan Miller, Management, Fall 1986

Ellis Pryce-Jones, Theatre Arts, Fall 1986

William Thompson, Management, Spring 1987

Hart Wegner, Foreign Languages, Spring 1987


Rudolf Koester, Foreign Languages, Spring 1987

Mary Ann Michel, Health Sciences, Academic Year 1986-87

Robert Bigler, Political Science, Fall 1986 or Spring


Thomas Logan, Psychology, Fall 1986 or Spring 1987

Virginia Bakay, Accounting, Academic Year 1986-87

Joseph F. Raney, Psychology, Academic Year 1986-87

See Ref. C for summary of proposed projects, filed in

the Regents Office.

B. University of Nevada-Reno - President Crowley recommend-

ed the sabbatical leaves available to UNR be awarded to

the following:

Pierre Mousset-Jones, Mining Engineering, Academic Year


Peter Winkler, Physics, Academic Year 1986-87

John N. Chappel, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences,

Spring 1987

R. Allen Gardner, Psychology, Academic Year 1986-87

Jerome E. Edwards, History, Academic Year 1986-87

Donald L. Hardesty, Anthropology, Spring 1987

Donald C. Noble, Geological Sciences, Academic Year


Francesco Manca, Foreign Languages & Literatures,

Spring 1987

Richard E. Brown, English, Spring 1987

Mark G. Simkin, Accounting & Computer Information

Systems, Academic Year 1986-87

Robert J. Morrison, Art, Academic Year 1986-87

Ellen Pillard, Social & Health Resources, Academic

Year 1986-87


Frank Lucash, Philosophy, Fall 1986

Edward W. Martinez, Art, Academic Year 1986-87

Ronald R. Williams, Music, Fall 1986

See Ref. D for summary of proposed projects, filed in

the Regents Office.

C. Clark County Community College - President Meacham rec-

ommended the sabbatical leaves available to CCCC be

awarded to the following:

Dru Raney, Social Science/Service Occupation, Academic

Year 1986-87

Larry Tomlinson, Social Science/Service Occupation,

Fall 1986

John Keith, Social Science/Service Occupation, Academic

Year 1986-87

Chuck Ayoub, Industrial Technology, Academic Year



Sandra Goodwin, Business, Academic Year 1986-87

Dorothy Dickerson, Student Services, Academic Year


See Ref. E for summary of proposed projects, filed in

the Regents Office.

D. Northern Nevada Community College - President Berg rec-

ommended the sabbatical leave available to NNCC be

awarded to the following:

Karen B. Martin, Social Science, Academic Year 1986-87


Louis Horton, Agriculture, Academic Year 1986-87

See Ref. F for summary of proposed projects, filed in

the Regents Office.

E. Truckee Meadows Community College - President Eardley

recommended the sabbatical leaves available to TMCC be

awarded to the following:

Jeanny Pontrelli, Arts & Science, Fall 1986

David Wilkins, Industrial/Technical, Math Department,

Fall 1986


Kelsie Harder, Arts & Science, Art Department, Fall 1986

Allen Lewis, Business, Fall 1986

See Ref. G for summary of proposed projects, filed in

the Regents Office.

F. Western Nevada Community College - President Calabro

recommended the sabbatical leave available to WNCC be

awarded to the following:

John Tylczak, College Services, Academic Year 1986-87

See Ref. H for summary of proposed projects, filed in

the Regents Office.

Mrs. Kenney moved approval of the System Sabbatical Leaves,

1986-87 with 2 openings for DRI to be approved as to specif-

ic individuals when identified. Mrs. Gallagher seconded.

Motion carried.

5. Report on Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive

Research (EPSCoR)

Deputy Chancellor Dawson reported that the goals of EPSCoR

are to improve the quality of science, to increase the abil-

ity of scientists and engineers to compete successfully for

federal funds, and to make improvements in the institutional

and State research environment beyond the National Science

Foundation (NSF) support period. EPSCoR was mandated by

Congress to improve geographic distribution of federal

research funds. The states eligible are Nevada, Idaho,

North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Kentucky,

Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Vermont and Puerto Rico.

There are up to $3 million from NSF during 5 years plus

the successful states will be required to match a minimum

of $3 million in new funds. 8 states will be selected for

5-year NSF grants. Selection will be made on the quality

of the scientific proposal, the perceived long-term impact

that the proposal (grant) will have on science and engineer-

ing throughout the State, and the commitment of the State

to develop a science and engineering base.

The Nevada EPSCoR Committee has narrowed the proposals to

5. The proposal is due in March, 1986 to NSF with announce-

ment of the award to be made November, 1986 and a starting

date of July 1, 1987.

Deputy Chancellor Dawson informed the Board that the match-

ing funds will be placed on the critical needs budget.

Chairman Klaich questioned what would happen if the award

was granted to Nevada but the Legislature could not match

the funds. Mr. Dawson answered that the funds would be

returned to NSF or the UNS would be asked to match the

funds from their instructional sources.

6. Report on Systemwide Enrollments, Summer and Fall 1985

Vice Chancellor Fox submitted the Summer and Fall 1985 En-

rollment Report, as contained in Ref. I, filed in the Re-

gents Office. Mrs. Karen Steinberg presented a System

overview and summary of the enrollment figures.

The number of students enrolled at the University of Nevada

System institutions reached an all-time high this Fall.

The System is currently serving a total of 45,731 students.

This represents a 4.9% increase in students over enrollment

during Fall 1984. Student FTE enrollment has also increased

to 21,856 students this Fall, up 2.5% over Fall 1984.

The report also analyzed Fall enrollment data trends from

Fall 1981 to Fall 1985. Over this period, headcount enroll-

ment has increased 9.9% and FTE enrollment has increased

6.4%. This year's increases follow a 2-year period of

leveling off in the System and may be predictive of con-

tinuing increasing enrollment in the State over the next

several years.

In analyzing the Fall enrollment data, the report focused

on 5 issues: 1) population growth, 2) high school gradu-

ates, 3) the nontraditional student, 4) student migration,

and 5) retention and attrition rates. The report recom-

mended that the University of Nevada System:

a) Continue to monitor and better define trends concerning

the population as a whole, high school graduates, and

nontraditional students.

b) Gather and disseminate more data on migration of Nevada


c) Study the impact of attrition on enrollments at the


d) Examine the impact of increasing headcount and declining

FTE on institutional resources, especially at the Com-

munity Colleges.

Mrs. Gallagher commended Dr. Fox and Mrs. Steinberg on the

execellent report. Chairman Klaich requested a letter and

the report be sent to each Legislator. Mrs. Steinberg

thanked the Institutional Research staffs on each Campus

for their assistance with the report.

President Eardley felt that headcounts are not true figures

in that there is a large turnover at the Community College

level, with one reason being that Nevada is a transient

State. He suggested a separate category be developed to

address the true headcount issue. Dr. Fox and the Council

of Presidents were directed to address this issue.

Regent Karamanos entered the meeting at this time.

Mrs. Kenney moved approval of the Summer and Fall 1985 En-

rollment Report. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

Chairman Klaich declared a recess in order for the System Govern-

ance to finalize their report to the full Board.

7. Report and Recommendations of the System Governance


A report and recommendations of the System Governance Com-

mittee meeting held December 4-5, 1985 were made by Regent

Foley, Chairman.

The Committee submitted a report, as contained in Ref. J,

filed with the permanent minutes.

General Counsel Klasic stated the report does not contain

one of the recommendations made by the System Governance

Committee whereby the Chancellor is to consult with the

Presidents before appointing System committees. This was

omitted inasmuch as the UNS Code already has such a pro-


General Counsel Klasic stated that Bylaw changes require a

first reading before the action is to be taken, and UNS Code

changes must be circulated for comment 30 days before final

action. Mr. Foley recommended the report be accepted and

that it also be considered as the first reading for the

Bylaw changes, and that Mr. Klasic be authorized to circu-

late the UNS changes.

Chairman Klaich extended his gratitude to Mr. Foley and the

Committee in meeting the time schedule.

Mr. Karamanos stated he felt there was a definite need for

a strong Chancellor with line authority over the Presidents.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the System Governance Re-

port and accepted the Bylaw and Code changes as the first

reading. Motion carried. Mr. Karamanos voted no.

8. Report and Recommendations of the Audit Committee

A report and recommendations of the Audit Committee meeting

held December 5, 1985 were made by Regent Whitley, Chairman.

(1) Internal Audit Director Sandi Cardinal presented the

audit of the Clark County Community College Registra-

tion and Cashiering. The audit report is filed in the

Regents Office.

Mrs. Cardinal recommended the following:

A. The residency verification procedures be followed

by the College and that the paperwork for changing

residency be consistently completed by students.

B. Billings be sent to the students in the future.

C. All extensions of the refund policy be approved by

the Board prior to the extension. All refund forms

should be properly completed and authorized. All

exceptions to the refund policy should be better


D. The Admissions and Records Office work with the UNS

Computing Center to develop a report that would

show all changes to transcripts to ensure that un-

authorized changes are not being made.

E. The petty cash funds be balanced on a regular ba-

sis; checks not be written until they are needed

for registration; deposits for the Henderson Campus

be made on a daily basis; and separate cash drawers

being maintained for each cashier and be balanced


F. The College be more careful in reporting FTE. Also

the Business Officers review the FTE procedures to

ensure consistency between institutions.

G. A procedures manual be developed to serve as an im-

portant reference tool for the registration and

Bursar's offices.

Mrs. Cardinal stated that the recommendations were be-

ing acted upon at the Campus. President Meacham in-

formed the Committee that the procedures manual has

been completed.

Mrs. Whitley moved approval of the report and recommenda-

tions of the Audit Committee. Ms. Del Papa seconded.

Motion carried.

9. Report and Recommendations of the Budget and Finance


A report and recommendations of the Budget and Finance Com-

mittee meeting, held December 5, 1985, were made by Regent

Sparks, Chairman.

(1) Approved a Handbook change, Title 4, Chapter 17, Sec-

tion 10, Student Fees, UNLV and UNR. Presidents

Crowley and Maxson recommended raising the graduation

application fee from $10 to $15 to cover costs incurred

for graduation.

(2) Approved UNR Summer Session salaries for 1986 be in-

creased by 5% to make them comparable with those paid

for the academic year. No increase in the per credit

fee is required to fund the proposed salary increase.

(3) Approved the following 1985-87 Equipment Staffing for

the Purchasing Department at UNR:

85-87 Equipment Staffing

Opening Cash Balance and Revenue

Opening Cash Balance $ 0.00

Transfer from Other Funds

(Equipment Appropriation)

Assessment of 1% of Total 74,123.00

Total Revenue $74,123.00

Expenditure and Fund Balance

Classified Salaries (2.00 FTE) $20,461.00

Fringe Benefits 5,616.00

Ending Fund Balance 48,046.00

Total Uses $74,123.00

(4) Approved the following special course fees at WNCC:

Music 151 Piano $155

Music 153 Voice $155

Music 251 Piano $155

Music 263 Organ $155

This is an increase of $50 per course.

(5) Vice Chancellor Ron Sparks presented an update of the

Legislative Committee Studying Funding for Higher Edu-

cation. The initial meeting was held on November 5,

1985. Chairman Klaich submitted a position paper which

was well received by the Legislative Committee. Mrs.

Gallagher felt the initial meeting was positive and

that there will be support for present goals. The

Legislative Committee requested a 10-year plan from

UNS which the Council of Presidents has under consider-

ation which will be presented to the full Board at the

January, 1986 meeting. The Legislative Committee will

meet next on February 10, 1986.

(6) Vice Chancellor Ron Sparks reported on the status of

the 1987-89 budget process and stated that the Legis-

lative Committee Studying Funding for Higher Education

position paper guidelines are being developed along

with the budget. He suggested the definition of the

base budget be expanded to include items, such as stu-

dent/faculty ratios, to be returned to 1979 ratios;

maintenance funding for one-shot equipment approved

by the 1985 Legislature; MIS maintenance; inflationary

increases (i. e., wages, operating, equipment).

Mr. Sparks indicated several needs for the Enhancement/

Critical Needs Budget, which include salaries, merit

increase to include all professional positions, formula

to include support personnel, student faculty ratio for

developmental programs at Community Colleges to be en-

hanced, seek changes in full-time and part-time support

ratios, increase numbers and funds for graduate assist-

ants, telecommunications, preventive maintenance for

all facilities, and a minor number of new programs.

These suggestions are all under review and will be

finalized for reporting at the January, 1986 meeting.

The Capital Improvement Requests must be submitted to

the State Public Works Board on February 15.

Ms. Del Papa inquired about the Mackay School of Mines

grant. President Crowley stated it was a complicated issue

with several projects involved. Congress has appropriated

$10 million for the construction of Phase II of the Mines

building, establishment of a policy center for strategic

minerals research and development of a generic minerals

research institute. President Crowley is hopeful that this

appropriation will pass in Congress fairly soon. This $10

million project relates to other UNR projects.

Mrs. Sheerin moved approval of the report and recommenda-

tions of the Budget and Finance Committee. Mrs. Whitley

seconded. Motion carried.

10. Report and Recommendations of the Academic Affairs Committee

A report and recommendations of the Academic Affairs Commit-

tee meeting, held December 5, 1985, were made by Regent Jo

Ann Sheerin, Chairman.

Chairman Sheerin requested of the Secretary that a summary

of Phase I programs be submitted when approving Phase II


(1) Approved the Phase II Proposal for a Baccalaureate in

Computer Science at UNR, as contained in Ref. AA-1,

filed in the Regents Office.

This program, sponsored jointly by two Departments,

would offer the following degrees: A B. S. in Computer

Science through the Department of Electrical Engineer-

ing in the College of Engineering, and a B. S. with a

major in Computer Science to be offered through the

Department of Mathematics, College of Arts & Science.

Standards developed by two professional organizations

have been used as a guideline for the development of

the curriculum. Both tracks will require 130 credits,

25 of which would be in core courses in computer sci-

ence. Students would enroll as pre-computor science

majors with full admission in the Junior year based

upon performance and resources.

Accreditation would be sought, with a full review re-

quested in the 5th year of the program.

Funding needs are established at $155,500 for the 1st

year, increasing to $271,400 by the 4th year. A por-

tion of this budget would be earmarked for maintenance

and support of computer equipment, as well as replace-

ment of obsolete equipment. Existing space would be

adequate for the present.

A computer science option and field of concentration

have been offered by the two Colleges for a number of

years. This proposal would consolidate and strengthen

existing programs and provide students with an oppor-

tunity to receive a formalized degree. There continues

to be a high demand for gradutes of 4-year computer

science programs. Two consultants were brought in to

evaluate the proposed program and, overall, this as-

sessment was positive.

(2) Approved the Phase I Proposal for an Associate of

Science degree at Northern Nevada Community College,

as contained in Ref. AA-2, filed in the Regents


Currently, the primary two-year transfer degree offer-

ed by System Community Colleges is the Associate of

Arts degree which requires a minimum of 21 credits in

the social sciences and humanities. However, students

who major in science or engineering at either of the

Universities require only 9 to 18 credits in these

courses for graduation. Currently, many Community

College students who transfer to University programs

in science areas do so without acquiring an Associate

degree. The Associate of Science degree would encour-

age these students to pursue the completion of a Com-

munity College program in science or mathematics, and

facilitate entry into programs at the Universities.

The curriculum is designed to facilitate transfer into

four-year science or engineering mathematics programs

at UNLV and UNR. 60 to 64 credits would be required

for completion.

Enrollment for students is estimated at 20 FTE students

during the 1st year of the program, increasing to 40 by

the 4th year. Funds would be required primarily for

equipment and facilities and should total $82,000. It

may be necessary to request a supplemental appropria-

tion from the Legislature, because capital improvement

funds may not be sufficient.

A number of other states offer the Associate of Science

degree to provide the background for bachelor's pro-

grams in engineering, agriculture or science. This

degree would require fewer general education courses

than the A. A. degree, but it would fulfill the System

core requirements. It should provide a strong founda-

tion for the last two years of bachelor of science

programs in science, engineering or mathematics.

The date of implementation is planned for Fall, 1986.

Mrs. Sheerin inquired about how this degree program

would articulate with other Community Colleges. Pres-

ident Berg stated the degree is originating from trans-

ferrable credits and can be worked out with the other

institutions upon transfer.

Vice Chancellor Fox stated, if carefully planned, the

student can transfer to the Universities with the 1st

two years accomplished. He stated individual College

requirements are different, but felt the requirements

could be met. The core must be met at all institu-

tions. He noted that the Associate of Science would

be a new transfer degree, and that there will have to

be Bylaw changes to accommodate the Associate of Sci-

ence degree.

(3) Approved the Phase I Proposal for an A. A. S. degree

in Manufacturing Engineering Technology at WNCC, as

contained in Ref. AA-3, filed in the Regents Office.

This is a highly specialized program designed as a

terminal occupational degree which will provide train-

ing necessary for employment in the robotic manufactur-

ing field. Individuals who could benefit from the

program include those currently employed in the field,

as well as engineers, managers and technicians who wish

to upgrade their training. The degree also would pro-

vide a background for College instructors and vocation-

al education teachers. There are no other programs of

this type offered within the UNS.

Enrollment in the program is estimated at 15 FTE during

the 1st year, increasing to 30 FTE by the 4th year.

The new facility at Stewart would house the program,

and, at present, sufficient equipment is available.

Funding needs are anticipated to be $16,000 for the

1st year of the program. This would be used to hire

adjunct faculty and offer courses taught by full-time

faculty. The College instructional budget would be

the primary source of funds.

Existing faculty, as well as personnel from local in-

dustries, would be used as instructors for the program.

President Calabro stated there is an interest from in-

dustries in providing scholarships and also employers

paying for student fees. There is approximately 16% of

total payroll in manufacturing jobs. He mentioned

Nevada Manufacturing Association's interest in this


President Calabro informed the Committee that they will

be visiting the Stewart facility during WNCC's program

review in March.

(4) Information Only: President Maxson reported on the

Executive MBA program at UNLV.

The College of Business and Economics at UNLV will open

an Executive version of the Masters in Business Admin-

istration early in 1986. Established at the University

of Chicago in 1943, the EMBA is now offered at more

than 200 urban Universities.

The proposed Executive version of the MBA is similar in

content and quality to the existing MBA program, but

would be presented in a lockstep format on alternative

Fridays and Saturdays rather than weekday evenings.

EMBA programs are designed for and have attracted rel-

atively high-level executives.

Faculty for such programs are selected based upon out-

standing teaching ability and significant executive

experience. The EMBA at UNLV would establish a much

needed connection between the College of Business and

Economics and key officials of southern Nevada busi-

nesses and key governmental agencies.

President Maxson stated there was a great need for this

program and employers are willing to pay the fees in-

volved. There may be other fees, but will make it as

self-efficient as possible.

Mrs. Sheerin referred to the articulation issue and

felt there should be a way to transfer Community Col-

lege credits to the Universities in Junior standing.

Mrs. Sparks felt this issue might be a counseling


President Calabro informed the Board that he was work-

ing with Vice Chancellor Fox on articulation issues

reviewing such processes in other systems, and a report

should be expected in the near future.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the Academic Affairs Com-

mittee report and recommendations. Mrs. Kenney seconded.

Motion carried.

11. Approved Handbook Addition, Title 4, Chapter 17, Section

8.4.c, Refund Policy, CCCC

Approved the Handbook addition to Title 4, Chapter 17, Sec-

tion 8.4.c, Refund Policy at CCCC with the following:

(5) A verifiable incapacitating illness or injury which

prevents the student from returning to school for the

remainder of the semester.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval of the Handbook addition regard-

ing Refund Policy at CCCC. Mrs. Kenney seconded. Motion


It was requested that General Counsel Klasic review UNS

refund policies.

12. Transfer of Funds, DRI

Mr. Foley moved to table this item until further information

and a per forma statement is supplied and accepted by the

Chancellor's Office regarding the transfer of $150,000 to

the DRI Research Foundation from accumulated non-State funds

to mount a 1-year marketing effort for the Dandini Research

Park. Mr. Karamanos seconded. Motion carried.

13. Approved Handbook Change, Title 4, Chapter 17, Section 17.2,

Stead Campus Apartments, UNR

Approved the Handbook change to Title 4, Chapter 17, Sec-

tion 17.2, Stead Campus Apartments at UNR, as follows:

2. Stead Campus Apartments

a. Except as further limited below, Stead Campus Apart-

ments shall only be rented, with priority of rental

in descending order as follows:

(1) Married, full-time UNR student or staff, living

with spouse and their natural, adopted or step-

child(ren), with first priority to married stu-


(2) University affiliated students and staff as

necessary to maintain 100% occupancy.

b. Apartments shall rent unfurnished, except stove and

refrigerator, as follows:

Student Effective January 1, 1984

1-bedroom $190 per month

2-bedroom $220 per month

Employee Effective July 1, 1983

1-bedroom $250 per month

2-bedroom $275 per month

Rent shall be payable one month in advance. Before

moving in, the tenant shall pay the first and last

month's rent (partial month pro-rated), plus a $100

cleaning and damage deposit, and a $12.50 key deposit.

The $112.50 key, damage and cleaning deposit shall be

refunded in whole or in part upon the termination of

the rental agreement and the peaceful surrender of the

rented premises with the premises left in a clean and

habitable condition (ordinary wear expected) and with

a complete inventory of furnishings. Inspection will

be made by an authorized agent of the University. One

month's notice shall be given to vacate. Rent not re-

ceived by 5 P.M. on the fifth (5) day of the month will

be considered delinquent and will be subject to a ten

dollar ($10.00) late charge. Rent or other charges not

paid by the twenty-fifth (25th) of the month when due

will result in termination of the rental agreement o

the last day of the month when due.

Mr. Karamanos moved approval of the Handbook change regard-

ing Stead Campus Apartments at UNR. Mrs. Kenney seconded.

Motion carried.

14. Approved Sale of Property, UNR

Approved the sale of property to the Nevada Department of


The Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) is acquiring

land necessary for the alteration and reconstruction of the

intersection at the corner of Pyramid Road and Queens Way

in Sparks. UNR owns a 1.52 acre parcel at the northeast

corner of that intersection. NDOT is seeking to buy 7219

square feet of land to round-out the corner of the new in-

tersection and wants to take possession by January, 1986.

The property was donated to UNR by Dr. and Mrs. Frank Stokes

of Sparks in 1981 with the provision tht it was to be sold

for not less than the appraisal value of $170,000. 1/3 of

the proceeds from any sale were to benefit the Nevada Coun-

cil of Boy Scouts of America. The remaining 2/3 were for

use in the Dr. Frank C. Stokes Scholarship Endowment. The

initial offer from NDOT was $14,500, but has now been set

at $20,150.

Mr. Karamanos moved approval of the sale of property to

the Nevada Department of Transportation in the amount of

$20,150. Ms. Del Papa seconded. Motion carried.

15. Approved Lease, UNR

This lease covers rental for assigned work area of 110

square feet of office space, limited storage in the north-

east corner of the Holly Park Field Laboratory "shop/equip-

ment area", with vehicle parking.

Annual rental fee is $900 and includes utilities and cus-

todial services.

Approved the lease agreement with the State of Nevada, De-

partment of General Services, Division of Buildings and

Grounds on behalf of the Department of Wildlife.

Ms. Del Papa moved approval of the lease agreement with the

State of Nevada, Department of General Services, Division

of Building and Grounds on behalf of the Department of

Wildlife. Mr. Karamanos seconded. Motion carried.

16. New Business

A. Ms. Del Papa requested the real estate property located

near the UNR Campus be reviewed for purposes of refi-

nancing with the money being placed in a separate pool

to acquire more property.

B. Ms. Del Papa requested Vice Chancellors Fox and Sparks

to review the grants-in-aid policies for out-of-state

students in order to increase efforts of bringing to

Nevada out-of-state valedictorians.

The meeting adjourned at 5:30 P.M.

Mary Lou Moser