UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

December 3-4, 1932 

Volume 5 - Pages 110-116

                       REGENTS MEETING
                       December 3, 1932

The Board of Regents met in the Office of President Clark Satur-
day morning, December 3, 1932 at 10 o'clock.  There were present
Judge Brown, Chairman, Mr. Williams, Dr. Olmsted and Mr. Ross.

On motion of Regent Williams the minutes of the September 17,
1932 meeting were approved by the following vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye

President Clark read the following letter from Comptroller

    To the Hon. Board of Regents and
    To Walter E. Clark, President
    University of Nevada

    The University Fund balances in banks on December 1, 1932
    are as follows:

        United Nevada Bank                  $ 18,129.41
        Reno National Bank                    66,471.68
        Bank of Nevada S & T Co.               3,047.41
        Riverside Bank                        20,441.95
            Balance in closed banks         $108,090.45

    First National Bank Open a/c            $  6,386.09
    First National Bank Savings a/c            3,047.44
    Cash in Office                               979.60
    University Revolving Fund                    610.92
        Balance available                   $ 11,024.05

    Total                                   $119,114.50

    The November payroll totals             $ 34,847.70

    That portion of the November payroll payable from State
    Funds is as follows:

        University State Tax                $ 13,681,26
        A & M College                          4,166.67
        90,000 Acre Grant Int                    495.84
        Public Service Tax                     1,765.00
        Bureau of Mines                          429.90
            Total                           $ 20,538.67

    In addition to this, the State Claims, exclusive of payroll,
    on List No. 5 of claims against the State, total $4,305.45,
    making a total of $24,844.12 to be received from the State
    when the December taxes are available.

    As it is impossible to pay the November payroll in full with
    the funds available, I recommend that the $24,844.12, when
    received from the State be used to pay the November payroll
    on the following basis:

        Pay all salaries up to $150 in full
        Pay $150 on all salaries between $150 and $300
        Pay 1/2 of all salaries over $300

    This plan will require $25,090.70 or $246.58 in addition to
    the funds received from the State.  Reserve the $11,024.05
    in the First National Bank to pay December bills as present-
    ed.  This will carry the University through December.

    During January the following funds should be received:

        1.  Registration Fees               $15,000.00
        2.  Mackay Funds                     12,000.00
        3.  Experiment Station               22,500.00
        4.  Extension Division               23,244.98
                Total                       $72,744.98

    How these funds are to be used will depend upon the banking
    condition in the State at that time.

    During November we accepted subject to the moratorium all
    checks presented by students in payment of their Dining Hall
    board bills.  The checks so accepted amount to $675.75 which
    we are carrying as cash item until the banks reopen.

    Will the Board of Regents kindly approve the above action?


                         /s/ C. H. Gorman

On motion of Mr. Ross, the Regents approved the general plan for
November salary payments and also approved Mr. Gorman's action in
accepting Dining Hall checks on closed Nevada banks during Novem-
ber.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye

On motion of Judge Brown, List No. 5, Regents Checks Nos. 21 to
33 inclusive, for the net sum of $32,614.77 and List No. 5 State
Claims Nos. 48 to 60 inclusive, for the net sum of $25,960.05
were approved by the following vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye

President Clark read a letter from the Pacific Petroleum Company
and presented the Perpetual Care agreement covering the east half
of plot No. 360, Mountain View Cemetery, Masonic section, the
Rosseau plot, which agreement now becomes part of the Regents'

The President recommended the acceptance of the arrangement work-
ed out by Dean Sibley and the Reno Foundry Company to the follow-
ing effects:

a.  The Company to move the cupola and its equipment to their
    their plant.
b.  University students to have the privilege of coming with
    their Instructor to this plant 4 times in a College year to
    watch or assist in operating a foundry cupola and making
    iron castings.
c.  This agreement is subject to the approval of the Regents.

Mr. Williams moved the approval of the above arrangement.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye

The President presented Governor Balzar's formal approval of the
granting of pensions by the Regents to Joseph D. Layman and
Edward Hancock, retired.

The President presented the offer of Mr. Layman to return to
service in the University of Nevada in the Library, or elsewhere
for full- or part-time, as best fits into the University plans,
at no salary beyond the regular pension which he is receiving
but asks if possible that he be given a heated room in which
to lodge, rent-free, during his University service, which is
understood as effective for a period not to exceed 2 years.

On motion of Dr. Olmsted, the Regents accepted Mr. Layman's
generous offer and authorized the President to see that the
rent-free lodging was tendered to Mr. Layman, in Lincoln Hall,
if possible, during the continuation of this fine service by
him and to express to Mr. Layman the appreciation of the Re-
gents for his timely help.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye

President Clark presented the following arrangement for the
teaching of certain courses in the College of Agriculture, as
submitted to him by Dean Stewart, with the recommendation that
the arrangement be approved:

a.  That Clarence J. Thornton be employed as Instructor next sem-
    ester to teach one course in Poultry Husbandry, Farm Poultry
    Management, at a salary of $40 per month for 5 months and
    that he be allowed $25 for transportation of his students to
    visit his own and other poultry ranches.

b.  That Ernest Brooks be engaged as Instructor to assist in the
    work in Dairy Husbandry next semester, likewise at a salary
    of $40 per month for 5 months and that $25 be allowed for
    transportation of dairy students.  If this arrangement is
    approved, Mr. Brooks will assist in laboratory work and in
    a dairy judging course.  Dean Stewart has arranged that the
    herd and other material of the Model Dairy will be available
    for this work.

Mr. Ross moved the adoption of the arrangement as outlined.

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye

President Clark recommended that Wayne Buerer be discontinued as
a full-time Instructor on December 31, 1932 and, at the request
of Dean Sibly, that he be employed to handle 2 courses during the
coming semester for a $250 stipend, to be paid $50 each month for
the 5 months beginning January, 1933 as part-time Assistant in
Mechanical Engineering.

President Clark presented his 8th biennial (1933-34) budget to
the Regents for approval, as follows:


1.  Net Grand Total for General and Departmental
    expenses for 1933-34, due to be met from the
    9 cent State Tax Operating Fund Fees and Con-
    tingency Fund, after the salary cut outlined
    below is allowed for                            $438,213.48

2.  Net Grant Total for Public Service Departments,
    expenses for 1933-34, due to be met from 2 cent
    State Tax for Public Service, after salary cut
    outlined below is allowed for                   $ 75,000.25


In connection with the necessary savings to make possible balanc-
ing the budgets both for General and Departmental and for Public
Service items, as summarized above, the President recommended
the reduction of University staff salaries in accord with the
following schedules:

1.  Salaries of $1500 or less               No reduction
2.  Salaries over $1500 up to and includ-
    ing $3000, excepting Dr. Wood's salary  5% reduction
3.  Salaries over $3000 up to and including
    $4500                                   7 1/2% reduction
4.  Salaries above $4500 up to and includ-
    ing $6000                               10% reduction
5.  The President's salary to be set at
    $8500 without any added allowance
6.  Staff salaries throughout the University payroll in all
    Departments and Divisions to be reduced in accord with
    the above 5 schedules, such reductions to be in effect
    from January 1, 1933 to and including June 30, 1934.


The President estimated:

1.  University receipts applicable for 1933-34 to General and
    Departmental items, after allowing for salary reductions,
    to be $438,695.00, giving therefore a balanced budget with
    an apparent surplus of $481.62.

2.  University receipts from Public Service 2 cent tax rate ap-
    plied to estimated net State General Property total valua-
    tion of $287,500.00 per year as a total of $75,000 for 1933-
    34, giving a balanced budget in the Public Service Division
    with an apparent deficit of $8.25 for the biennium.

Following is a detailed summary of the General and Departmental
Budget and the Public Service Budget for the 2 years 1933 and
1934 as presented by President Walter E. Clark and as adopted
by the Board of Regents at their meeting December 3, 1932:

    THE TWO YEARS 1933-1934


     1.  Grand Total General and Departmental expens-
         es due to be met from State Funds and Fees   $459,793.73

     2.  Deduct total salary cut for 18 months begin-
         ning January 1, 1933, including only reductions
         from salaries included in above Grant Total of
         General Departmental Expenses                  21,695.25

     3.  Net Grand Total to be met in 1933-34 on
         General and Departmental Items               $438,098.48

     (Note:  This compares with $532,526 as total of same items
     drawn for 1931-32 and that budget was drawn very economical-


     1.  State Tax Receipts                           $337,500.00
         (Actual State Valuations for 1933 is
         $196,183,633.  Estimating a shrinkage to
         $187,500,000 because of tax delinquencies,
         at tax rate of 9 cents gives above amount)

     2.  Tuition by non-Nevadans                        27,000.00
         (Estimate 90 per semester for 4 semesters
         at $75 each)

     3.  Fees                                           49,000.00
         (Estimated at $12,250 per semester, 4 semes-
         ters actual average receipt last 3 semesters
         was $13,115.43 per semester)

     4.  Dormitory Income
         a.  Estimate 70 women per semester at $72 each
             per year gives, for 2 years                10,080.00
         b.  Estimate 70 men per semester at $78.50
             each year gives, for 2 years               10,990.00

     5.  University Contingent Fund, 2-year receipts     4,125.00
         (Actual receipts for year ending June 30,
         1932 was $2,064.97)


This leaves an apparent balance for 1933-34 of        $    596.62
                                         (note:  actually 596.52)


Number of Class of      Total Salaries   Percentage  Total Amount
Salaries  Salary        Each Class       Reduction   Reduc/Year

   38     $1500 & -      $42,210             0           0
   38     $1500-$3000    $89,670 (omit W)    5        $ 4,483.50
   22     $3000-$4500    $80,400             7 1/2    $ 6,030.00
    5     $4500-$6000    $25,200            10        $ 2,520.00
Reduce President from $12,000 to $8,500               $ 3,500.00
                             Total for One Year       $16,533.50

Total reduction for 18 months                         $24,800.25

Less reduction for Mackay School and State Bureau
Mines salaries included above, which reductions
credit respectively to Mackay funds and to State
Mines Bureau                                          $ 3,105.00

Net total of salaries reductions to be deducted
from total estimated expenses General and Depart-
mental                                                $21,695.25

List of additions which should be made to I - Summary of General
and Departmental Expenditures for U. of N. in 1933 and 1934 if
the University were restored to a normal budget:

1.  Two Summer Sessions                              $  4,000.00
2.  Restoration of Salaries                          $ 21,695.25
3.  Return of Staff Members on Leave                 $  6,600.00
4.  Restoration of Departmental Personnel            $ 14,600.00
5.  Repairs and Improvements, Buildings and Grounds  $ 17,500.00
6.  Temporary Help, Equipment, Supplies and
    Furnishings, Buildings and Grounds               $  7,250.00
7.  Library Books and Added Help                     $ 11,500.00
8.  Departmental Equipment, Replacement and
    Repairs                                          $ 20,000.00
                             Total                   $103,145.25

Note:  The above is a conservative estimate of the added funds
needed to operate a University of Nevada for 1933-34 on a con-
servative running basis instead of upon the rigorous retrench-
ment basis covered in the estimated expenditures given in Table
I.  The added total of $103,145.25 does not include any net in-
creases in staff beyond the staff before the retrenchment of the
last 2 years nor does it include any increase in salary standards
above those in effect prior to the last 2 years of retrenchment.
It should be noted, too, that, with salaries restored, the aver-
age salaries for the respective professional ranks in this Uni-
versity of Nevada are approximately 20% lower than the average
salaries paid for the same professional ranks in 70 publicly
supported Colleges and Universities of the United States.  (See
page 77, Vol. 5)

Summary estimate of some other sources of probable income or
savings affecting the University during 1933-34 Biennium.  Such
extra receipts will safely cover losses through variations from
the estimates as given and will take up the approximate $6000
the University is in arrears at the end of the first quarter of
the fiscal biennium ending June 30, 1934.

    Such savings are appreciable each biennium - actually above
    $12,000 in Biennium 1931-32 due to 3 deaths and several res-
    ignations and absence leaves.

2.  PAYMENT DELINQUENT TAXES - Such delinquencies on approximate-
    ly $9,000,000 of State property 1932 and in budget above an
    estimate of over $8,000,000 more for 1933.  On this total of
    $17,000,000 of delinquents in just these 2 years the Univer-
    sity would be due to receive ultimately $15,300 @ 9 cents.
    The delinquent taxes must be paid some time and probably dur-
    ing 1933-34 will come in $5,000 to $10,000.

    OR MORE OF RECEIPT ITEMS 1, 2, 3 AND 4 may yeild appreciably
    more than estimated.  For example, if delinquents should
    leave 1933 net State valuation $190,000,000 instead of
    $187,000,000 as estimated, then U. would receive $2250 more
    in 1 year of $4500 more in 2 years.  Again, if an average of
    100 tuition payers per semester instead of estimated 90,
    then in 2 years would receive $3,000 more:  $1,500 to $5,000.




     1.  Agricultural Experiment Station             $ 4,600.00
     2.  Agricultural Extension Service               15,500.00
     3.  Good and Drugs, etc. Net Total               16,616.25
     4.  State Hygienic Laboratory, Net Total          9,898.50
     5.  State Analytical Mining Laboratory           12,929.50
     6.  State Veterinary Control Service             15,465.00
             Total Estimated Expenditures            $75,008.25*
     * Actually 75,009.25


     To cover above, the University is due to receive
     2 cents tax levy on same estimated $187,500,000
     as used in Table A - II, in 2 years giving      $75,000.00

Dr. Olmsted moved that the Board of Regents approve the budget
for general and Departmental and public service items as pro-
posed by President Clark, including the salary cut arrangement,
which is to be generalized throughout the University payroll in
all Departments and Divisions.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye
    Dr. Olmsted          Aye

President Clark presented the following 3 items of program to
present to the forthcoming Legislature for the consideration of
the Board of Regents:

1.  Ask for legislation authorizing the Regents to add to the
    present list of University fees a general fee to be known
    as a Registration and Incidental fee to be paid by all
    students provided that such fee shall not exceed $30 per

2.  Ask for legislation authorizing the transfer from the Uni-
    versity's accumulated Permanent Construction Fund to the
    University's General Fund for operating expenses of the sum
    of $50,000 to offset in part the University losses during
    the past 2 years and during the coming 2 years due to de-
    creased Nevada State property valuations, increased tax de-
    linquencies and decreased income from non-resident tuition.

3.  Ask for legislative authority permitting the Regents to
    draw on the University's accumulated Permanent Construction
    Fund for the purchase of additional land adjacent to the
    University Campus.

Regent Ross suggested that the money in the Permanent Construc-
tion Fund should be invested and that if the State Board of Ex-
aminers should not themselves do this, that the Regents be per-
mitted to take up some of the bonds outstanding on Campus build-
ings at the present time.  At any rate, the Fund should be in-
vested and thus accumulate a little more.  All present heartily
agreed with Mr. Ross.

With respect to the above items of program, the Board decided
to take these under advisement.

Adjourned with understanding that the next meeting would be held
at 10 o'clock on Saturday, January 7, 1933.

                             George S. Brown

Carolyn M. Beckwith