UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
December 1-2, 1994


Pages 70-98



December 1-2, 1994

The Board of Regents met on December 1-2, 1994 in Rooms 201 and

202, Donald Moyer Student Union, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Members present: Dr. James Eardley, Chairman

Mrs. Shelley Berkley

Dr. Jill Derby

Mr. Joseph M. Foley

Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

Mr. Madison Graves, II

Dr. Lonnie Hammargren

Mr. Daniel J. Klaich

Mrs. Nancy Price

Mrs. Carolyn M. Sparks

Mrs. June F. Whitley

Others present: Chancellor Richard Jarvis

President Anthony Calabro, WNCC

President Joseph Crowley, UNR

Interim President Rita Gubanich, TMCC

Interim President Kenny Guinn, UNLV

President Richard Moore, CCSN

President Ron Remington, NNCC

Vice President Dale Schulke, DRI

Mr. Donald Klasic, General Counsel

Dr. Tom Anderes, Vice Chancellor

Dr. John Richardson, Vice Chancellor

Ms. Mary Lou Moser, Secretary

Also present were Faculty Senate Chairmen (or their representa-

tives) Richard Finn (WNCC), Chris Gaub (Unit), Scott Hawkins

(NNCC), Dan Mc Clure (TMCC), Barbara Nelson (CCSN), Marsha

Read (UNR), James Stivers (UNLV), and John Watson (DRI), and

Student Association Officers.

Chairman Eardley called the meeting to order at 10:45 A.M. Thurs-

day, December 1, 1994, with all members present except Regents

Foley and Hammargren.

1. Report and Recommendations of the Investment Committee

A report and recommendations of the Investment Committee

was made by Regent Daniel Klaich, Chairman.

The following action items were approved by the Investment


1. Handbook Change and Addition, Policies Regarding Gifts

and Additions to the Endowment - to grant permanent

status to any funds placed by the Regents at their

discretion in the permanent endowed pool. This policy

will protect the endowed pool and the amount of funds

UCCSN is able to distribute to the institutions, and

will also protect the Regents from political pressures.

2. Request for Proposal for Custodial Banking Services for

a five-year contract to begin January 1, 1995 through

December 31, 1999, with an option to renew for a two-

year period to be awarded to First Interstate Bank of


3. Acceptance of Sale Offer of $200,000 on property located

on Sinclair Street, Reno, which is part of the Budd

Pecetti 1990 Revocable Living Trust. The UNR School of

Medicine is one of the two beneficiaries of the Pecetti


4. Establishment of the following endowments for CCSN:

Russ Anderson Endowment

Wogali (Worry, Garrett, Liola) Endowment

CCSN Endowment

Mr. Klaich moved approval of the report and recommendations

of the Investment Committee. Mrs. Sparks seconded.

Mrs. Berkley stated that she shared the concerns as pre-

sented during the Committee meeting by Interim President

Guinn regarding the Summer School Endowment. She did not

think it was appropriate to place these funds into an endow-

ment account and felt that the Board of Regents had been

lied to in the past on this issue. Mrs. Berkley stated

that she would be voting against the motion, due to this

particular issue.

Mr. Klaich stated that the funds have already been placed

in the endowment pool. Mr. Klaich stated that although

Mrs. Berkley's statements may be true, it does not apply

to the motion. He did not feel it was appropriate to

discuss this issue at this time. Mr. Klaich explained that

a "quasi-endowment" encouraged donors to think that their

gift was not being placed in the actual endowment account,

but the current policy has removed that impression. During

the Investment Advisory Staff meetings, consultants have

advised UCCSN to be careful where real estate money is plac-

ed and it is because of this advice the policy has been


Dr. Hammargren entered the meeting.

Mrs. Whitley questioned President Moore on the CCSN endow-

ments as to what accounts have been pooled into these en-

dowments, and President Moore was unable to answer the

question at this time, but will report back to Mrs. Whitley

on her inquiry.

It was explained that under this proposed policy, the earn-

ings of those endowment shares would be restricted to the

request made by the donor.

Mrs. Sparks questioned whether the UNR Summer Session budg-

ets' large ending balances are used in the same manner as

at UNLV, and President Crowley explained that no student

money is involved and that the large ending balances have

been a result of indirect cost recovery dollars and a gift

from International Game Technology. The Summer Session

program has a long term view with regard to their account.

Upon questioning, Mr. Klaich explained that it was his

understanding that about ten years ago a request was made

of the Board of Regents to endow the remaining balance of

the Summer Session Budget. He could not recall the exact

reason for this request, but speculated it was to build

an account and earn interest income to be used for Summer

School students. He stated that an option for these funds

could be to extract these funds and return them to UNLV

to be utilized by the President in the general fund of the

institution. Mr. Klaich recommended against that option.

A more positive suggestion is to insure that income would

be specifically utilized as scholarships by Summer Session


Dr. Guinn agreed with that suggestion, and added that the

income should be placed with the scholarship office and

equally dispersed. Students should be the recipients.

Motion carried.

Chairman Eardley stated that he understood the intent of

this endowment was to raise funds for construction of a

new building for the Summer Session Program.

2. Report and Recommendations of the Academic, Research and

Student Affairs

A report and recommendations of the Academic, Research and

Student Affairs Committee was made by Regent Dorothy

Gallagher, Chairman.

The following action items were approved by the Academic,

Research and Student Affairs Committee:

1. AAS Deaf Studies, CCSN

2. Institute for Business and Industry's Industrial

Safety Training Center, TMCC

3. M. S., Ph. D. Biomedical Engineering, UNR

4. Addiction Training Center, UNR

5. Department Move, UNR - to move the Department of

Computer Science from the Mackay School of Mines

to the College of Engineering at UNR

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the report and recommenda-

tions of the Academic, Research and Student Affairs Com-

mittee. Mr. Klaich seconded. Motion carried.

3. Report and Recommendations of the Audit Committee

A report and recommendations of the Audit Committee was made

by Regent Nancy Price, Chairman.

The following action items were approved by the Audit Com-


1. Request for Proposal for External Auditors, UCCSN -

selection will be for a 3-year period ending June 30,

1997 and the recommendation will be made by a 9 member

selection committee that represents the entire UCCSN.

2. Audit Report and Recommendations, Center for Business

and Economics, UNLV

3. Audit Report and Recommendations, Office of Undergradu-

ate Admissions and Records, UNLV

4. Audit Report and Recommendations, ASUN Bookstore, UNR

5. Audit Report and Recommendations, Upward Bound, UNR

6. Audit Report and Recommendations, Lawlor Event Center,


The following information items were reported to the Audit


1. Audit Requirements Defined in Contract of New Basketball

Coach, UNLV - additional information will be reported to

the Committee in the future.

2. Follow-Up Report on Intercollegiate Athletics, UNLV

3. Follow-Up Report on Athletic Development Department,


4. Follow-Up Report on Intercollegiate Athletics, UNR

5. Follow-Up Report on Cashiers Office, UNR

6. Report on Theft/Embezzlement

7. Developing a Plan of Action, per the Quality Assurance

Review and the June 1994 Meeting on the Future of

Internal Audit - a meeting will be scheduled to discuss

this issue in great detail.

Mrs. Price stated that the same process used by the Invest-

ment Committee in selecting the Custodial Bank will be used

to select the external auditing firm.

Mrs. Price noted that the theft and embezzlement report

will be continually updated, and that this first report

covered 1 1/2 years.

Mrs. Gallagher left the meeting.

Mrs. Price moved approval of the report and recommendations

of the Audit Committee. Mrs. Sparks seconded. Motion car-


4. Report and Recommendations of the Status of Women Committee

A report and recommendations of the Status of Women Commit-

tee was made by Regent Jill Derby, Chairman.

Dr. Derby announced that Dr. Richard Moore will serve on the


A joint meeting of the Regents' Committee on the Status of

Women and the Campus Status of Women Committee Chairs was

held October 19, 1994.

The following information items were reported to the Status

of Women Committee:

1. Updated Campus Implementation Plans - the Campus Com-

mittee Chairs presented updated implementation plans

to the Committee.

2. Review of Data Requirements: annual Campus progress

reports to the Board of Regents; sexual harassment

incident reports; salary/job category data compilation;

UCCSN Affirmative Action Report

3. Changes to the UCCSN Code - due to the legal nature of

the document and the wide applicability of the provi-

sions, the task of revising Chapter 6 is outside the

expertise of the Committee and the Campus Chairs; there-

fore, the Committee agreed to seek assistance from

Campus personnel with legal background who could work

with UCCSN's General Counsel to draft proposed language

to address the concerns.

4. Spring, 1995 Meeting - to be scheduled around the March

30-31, 1995 Board of Regents' meeting

Dr. Derby moved approval of the report and recommendations

of the Status of Women Committee. Mr. Klaich seconded.

Motion carried.

5. Introductions

Chancellor Jarvis introduced Dr. Richard Moore, President

of CCSN, and Dr. Thomas Anderes, Vice Chancellor of Finance

and Administration.

Mr. Klaich introduced Mr. Mark Alden, Regent-Elect.

Mrs. Berkley introduced Senator Bob Coffin.

The following introductions were made throughout the meet-


Chairman Eardley introduced Interim President of TMCC

Rita Gubanich.

Mr. Dale Schulke, Vice President of Finance and Admin-

istration at DRI, introduced Dr. Robert Wharton, Vice

President of Research at DRI.

Dr. Ron Smith, Interim Vice President of Academic

Affairs at UNLV, introduced Rebecca Mills who has been

named the 1994 Nevada Professor of the Year by the

Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching.

Chairman Eardley introduced Mr. David Phillips, Regent-


President Calabro introduced Misty Thompson and Kara

Craig, WNCC Senators.

Jason Frierson introduced Allison Johnson, ASUN


Mrs. Gallagher returned to the meeting; Mr. Klaich left the


6. Approved the Consent Agenda

Approved the Consent Agenda, which contained the following

(see Ref. A, filed in the Regents' Office).

(1) Approved the minutes of the regular meeting held

October 6-7, 1994, the special meeting held October

19, 1994 and the special teleconference meeting held

November 4, 1994.

(2) Approved the tenure on hire for Diane Barone, De-

partment of Education, College of Education at UNR.

This faculty member was previously tenured at UNLV.

(3) Approved the transfer of Dr. Friedwardt M. Winter-

berg's employment with tenure at the Desert Research

Institute to employment with tenure at the University

of Nevada, Reno.

(4) In accordance with Board of Regents' policy, Title 4,

Chapter 3, Section 13.3, Sick Leave, approved the ex-

tended sick leave for David Wilkins, TMCC, from

November 21, 1994 through June 30, 1995.

(5) Approved monies expended by the Thomas and Mack Center

at UNLV for printing of a catalog in excess of the

stated bid limit.

During late Summer, the Thomas and Mack Center solic-

ited 3 phone quotes for printing the Fall catalog for

the Rebel Store. Thomas and Mack personnel selected

the lowest bidder (Burch Incorporated in Benton

Harbor, Michigan) and agreed to pay $11,507 for the

printing. This amount was considerably lower than

either of the other bids; however, the Thomas and

Mack Center failed to follow the bid process mandated

by the Board of Regents involving the purchase of

items costing $10,000 or more.

(6) Approved the authorization to utilize General Improve-

ment Funds at WNCC in the amount of $5000 for the

purpose of providing proctors and other services

associated with placement testing.

This request will help ensure that students are placed

for success. Consequently, completion and retention

rates will be improved.

(7) Approved the authorization to utilize Capital Improve-

ment Fee Funds at UNR in the amount of $250,000 to

continue to expand fiber optic capabilities on Campus.

Projects planned for this year include expansion of

the north-south Campus link backbone to allow addi-

tional individual users and allow future addition of

video and voice services, purchase routers to control

switching and provide more efficient use of multiple

fiber optic lines, install Ethernet hubs in Sarah

Fleischmann and Mack Social Science, enhance fiber

link to Physics and Fransden and, purchase addition-

al network software/hardware for rapid repairs.

(8) Approved the authorization to utilize Capital Improve-

ment Fee Funds at TMCC in the amount of $110,444 for

the following projects at TMCC:

Western Addition Project $ 60,444

Furniture, fixtures and equipment

New Library Building 50,000

Furniture, fixtures and equipment

(9) Approved the authorization to utilize Capital Improve-

ment Fee Funds at UNLV in the amount of $250,000 for

the continued lease of trailers at UNLV.

The estimated lease cost for FY 1995 is $250,000.

UNLV has 33 mobile units on lease with planned re-

duction and probable phase out by the end of FY 1998.

The mobile units provide 38,000 sq. ft. of space

which is used primarily for faculty offices and rest-


(10) Approved for authorization to utilize Capital Improve-

ment Fee Funds at CCSN in the amount of $104,500 for

the following projects at CCSN:

Construction of growing beds for $ 18,750

newly erected Greenhouse on the

Henderson Campus

Retrofit a vacant area on the second 9,750

floor into a room that can be utilized

for exercising, including doors, heating

and air conditioning, tile floors, lighting

and sheetrock

Construction of video camera loft in the 12,500

control room of the large lecture room

to accommodate long distance learning

Installation of a sliding window to 1,500

accommodate a more efficient monitoring

system in the Physical Education area

The remodeling of Sahara West Center was 35,000

accomplished during August and September

with operating dollars. The institution

is requesting Capital Fee dollars so the

Physical Plant operating accounts can be

reimbursed. The retrofit had to take

place so that classes could begin, thus

the reason for not requesting Capital Fee

dollars prior to beginning the remodeling.

Retrofit existing lights in the Art Gallery 19,500

to provide adequate lighting for Art Shows,

Cheyenne Campus

Retrofit two separate spaces to create an 7,500

enhanced working environment and maximize

space utilization, creating one office

complex and one work area, Cheyenne Campus

(11) Approved the following appointments to Advisory

Councils at UNLV:

A. Civil and Environmental Advisory Committee - add

Mr. Calvin Black

B. Information Science Research Institute (ISRI)

Advisory Board - delete Dr. Barbara Cerny and Dr.

Mike O'Donnell; add Dr. Donald R. Morrison and Mr.

Daniel J. Graser

(12) Approved the following additional appointments to a

Rural Advisory Committee for the University of Nevada

School of Medicine:

Robert Hammond

Joan Hall, R. N.

Virgil Getto

(13) Approved a 5 1/2 year contract with Pepsi Cola Bot-

tling Co. for advertising and pouring rights for UNLV.

(14) Approved the Self-Supporting Budgets at UNR, as fol-


Mackay School of Mines

Indirect Cost Recovery

1993-94 1994-95

Actual Estimate


Opening Account Balance $ 75,379 $ 94,861


Indirect Cost Recovery 141,953 121,500

TOTAL SOURCE OF FUNDS $217,332 $216,361


Professional Salaries $ 24,095 $ 44,200

Fringe Benefits 2,134 8,398

Graduate Assistant Salaries 0 32,584

Fringe Benefits 0 391

Classified Salaries 12,477 20,495

Fringe Benefits 3,244 5,329

Wages 17,312 15,000

Fringe Benefits 208 180

Equipment 16,662 30,000

Operating 33,291 35,200

Travel 8,048 10,000

TOTAL EXPENDITURES $117,471 $201,777



TOTAL USE OF FUNDS $217,332 $216,361

College of Engineering

IGT Professorships




Opening Account Balance $ 0


Gifts 350,000



Professional Salaries $ 56,763

Fringe Benefits 10,785

Graduate Assistant Salaries 26,000

Fringe Benefits 31

Classified Salaries 62,646

Fringe Benefits 16,288

Wages 5,500

Fringe Benefits 50

Operating 18,000

Travel 6,000




(15) Approved the following interlocal agreements:

A. UCCSN Board of Regents/UNR and the Nevada Army

National Guard (Interlocal Contract)

Effective Date: Date approved by the Board of

Regents though March 29, 1996

Amount : $41,731.56 to UNR

Purpose : To develop a comprehensive

planning document which will

identify the status of national

resources located on lands under

its jurisdiction and correlate

these resources with long term

budget requirements and the mis-

sion of the Nevada Army National


B. UCCSN Board of Regents/UNR and the Nevada Housing

Division (Interlocal Contract)

Effective Date: Date approved by the Board

through June 30, 1995

Amount : $34,996 to UNR

Purpose : To identify other relevant

agencies which control resources

that could be used for housing

and community development pro-

grams; to develop a consolidated


C. UCCSN Board of Regents/UNR and the Nevada Housing

Division (Interlocal Contract)

Effective Date: Date approved by the Board

through June 30, 1995

Amount : $7,500.72 to UNR

Purpose : To conduct a semi-annual Washoe

County Housing Conditions Report.

D. UCCSN Board of Regents/UNR and the State Indus-

trial Insurance System (Interlocal Contract)

Effective Date: September 1, 1994 through

March 30, 1995

Amount : $29,187 to UNR

Purpose : UNR to evaluate current SIIS

client database to determine the

information and format available,

for a report analyzing recent

client service utilization.

E. UCCSN Board of Regents/UNR and the Nevada Divi-

sion of Wildlife (Interlocal Contract)

Effective Date: February 1 through March 31,


Amount : $6,600 to UNR

Purpose : Use of University Inn between

2/1/95 and 3/31/95.

F. UCCSN Board of Regents/UNR and the Nevada Office

of Protection and Advocacy (Interlocal Contract)

Effective Date: November 1, 1994 through

June 30, 1995

Amount : $7,500 to UNR

Purpose : To produce quarterly newsletter

entitled "Nevada Times" on topics

of concern to Nevadans with dis-


With regard to item (13), above, it was explained that

CCSN would like to be relieved of this contract because

they have a different type of deal that is a profit maker

to the College. However, UNLV would like to continue with

this contract and General Counsel Klasic stated that is was

his understanding that only 5 year employment contracts

would be presented to the Board for consideration.

Mrs. Sparks moved adoption of the Consent Agenda and ap-

proval of the prepared agenda with the authority to change

the order of items as specified throughout the meeting.

Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

The open meeting recessed at 11:20 A.M. for lunch and reconvened

at 1:15 P.M. Thursday, December 2, 1994 with all members present

except Regents Derby, Hammargren and Klaich.

7. Chairman's Report

Chairman Eardley announced the members of the Regents ad

hoc TMCC Presidential Search Committee, as follows:

Dorothy Gallagher, Chairman

Mark Alden

Shelley Berkley

Madison Graves, II

Nancy Price

The Committee will seek members to serve on the Insti-

tutional Advisory Committee prior to its first meeting.

The ad hod WNCC Presidential Search Committee will hold

its organizational meeting on Monday, January 9, 1995,

at WNCC, Carson Campus.

Dr. Derby returned to the meeting.

8. Chancellor's Report

Chancellor Jarvis reported that he has been meeting with

various constituencies around the State: he had had meet-

ings with faculty, staff and students on the WNCC Carson

and Fallon Campuses, UNR, TMCC, CCSN, DRI and UNLV Campuses;

Governor and Mrs. Miller; State Budget staff; and the senior

staff of the Legislative Counsel Bureau. Plans are to meet

with the editorial boards in Nevada, and to begin meeting

with Legislators.

Accountability has been the issue dominating most conver-

sations, and that will be addressed at this meeting as

will the reassignment of Administrators to faculty. Ac-

cessibility must be addressed by the System. There is a

large population of unserved students in Nevada, particu-

larly in the southern part of the State. Enrollment has

not kept apace of the growth of the State. Resources and

revenue streams are other key issues to be addressed. The

System must get beyond the flat enrollments of the past few


9. Information Only: Regents' Workshop

A Regents' Workshop was held on Faculty Workload. The

Campus Academic Vice Presidents along with the System

Office of Academic Affairs presented a workshop on faculty

workload and faculty productivity. An overview of workload

and productivity issues were presented followed by Campus

presentations on faculty activities. Chancellor Jarvis

explained that this presentation of faculty members gave

a picture of what it means to be a faculty member. A

video was presented. Dr. Phillip Boardman, UNR, acting as

moderator, related that over 30 people had helped with

this project on video and publication.

Mr. Foley left the meeting.

Dr. Boardman stated the faculty members were very pleased

to attend this meeting. Further, a study on workload is

underway and will be presented to the Board shortly. He

introduced the following faculty who were present: Robert

Albeert, Kathleen Boardman, Cindy Caruthers, Jane Haven,

Mark Meerschaert, David Sanders and Virginia Vogel.

Dr. Hammargren returned to the meeting.

Presentations were made by:

Anne Mc Dounnough - the importance of advising students

Joe Del Rosario - carrying instruction out in the


Dr. Hammargren left the meeting.

Linda Stetter - importance of bringing individuals

from business/industry/agencies

into the classroom with the stu-


James Deacon - research and creating educational


Scott Hawkins - technology programs/working with

industry needs

Dr. Hammargren returned to the meeting.

Richard Finn - counseling, advising and teaching

Scott Casper - working with graduate students

Mrs. Berkley expressed her appreciation for the faculty.

Mrs. Sparks requested the brochures be sent to Legisla-

tors. Dr. Derby stated she appreciated hearing from the

faculty. Mr. Graves stated he was very proud to be sitting

as a Regent and admired the dedicated faculty. He caution-

ed that those few faculty who are not as dedicated, cause

a negative public perception and that when the faculty

workload is presented he would expect an explanation for

those faculty reported as not teaching a full load. Mrs.

Gallagher suggested that the focus with the Legislature

and public should be on what faculty does produce -- the

education of the students and the very excellent job that

is being done.

The meeting recessed at 2:45 P.M. for a dedication and tour of

the new Robert L. Bigelow Physics building. The meeting recon-

vened at 8:35 A.M. Friday, December 2, 1994 with all members

present except Regents Hammargren and Klaich.

10. Approved Emeritus Status, UNLV

Approved to grant emeritus status as UNLV as follows:

Joseph C. Cathcart, Director of Purchasing and

Contract Management Emeritus, effective October 6,


Mrs. Sparks moved approval to grant emeritus status to

Joseph C. Cathcart. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion


11. Information Only: Appointment, UNLV

Interim President Guinn has announced the appointment of

Dr. Ron Smith as Interim Senior Vice President/Provost,

effective October 11, 1994 at an annual salary of $120,000.

Dr. Cheryl Bowles has been appointed Interim Dean of the

Graduate School.

12. Approved the Fall 1994 Enrollment Report

Ms. Karen Steinberg, Director of Institutional Research,

presented the official Fall 1994 enrollment report. Ms.

Steinberg summarized Campus and System data, and presented

information concerning enrollment by gender, racial/ethnic

designation and full-time/part-time status. The report is

filed in the Regents' Office. It will be forwarded to the

State Budget Office.

Current enrollment for UCCSN is a total of 65,598 State-

supported students. In addition, all Campuses enroll

students in non-State supported programs such as continuing

education, correspondence courses, community services, and

contract education program. The Community Colleges report-

ed an additional 18,223 students (unduplicated headcount)

in self-supported programs.

Following a decline in FTE and headcount student enrollment

in the Fall of 1993, enrollment in the UCCSN experienced a

modest increase in the Fall of 1994. The Fall 1994 State-

supported headcount enrollment of 65,598 students is an

increase of 0.73% from total System enrollment in Fall 1993.

Fall 1994 FTE enrollment increased by 1.3%, to a total en-

rollment of 36,088 full-time equivalent students.

Systemwide, State-supported Fall headcount enrollment has

grown 61.5% from 1984 to 1994. In 10 years, enrollment has

grown from 40,613 students to 65,598 students, an increase

of nearly 25,000 students. Total enrollment in the four

Community Colleges has increased by more than 63%, from

20,197 students in 1984 to 32,980 in 1994. The 12,783

student increase at the Community Colleges from 1984 to

1994 accounts for 51% of the total System headcount enroll-

ment growth over this period.

Systemwide Fall FTE enrollment has grown 69.2% from 1984 to

1994, a larger growth rate than headcount enrollment over

the same period. Over the 10-year period 1984 to 1994,

Systemwide FTE enrollment has grown from 21,331 to 36,088,

an increase of 14,757 FTE students. Total FTE enrollment

in the two Universities has increased 59.6% from 14,165 in

1984 to 22,603 in 1994. This increase of 8,438 students

accounts for 57 of the total System FTE enrollment growth

from 1984 to 1994. FTE enrollment in the four Community

Colleges increased 6,319 FTE students from 7,166 in 1984

to 13,485 in 1994, a growth rate of 88.2%.

The majority of UCCSN students attend on a part-time basis.

33% of 1994 students attend UCCSN Campuses full-time, an

increase over the proportion of students who attended full-

time in 1993. 85% of Community College students attend

part-time, and 49% of University students attend part-time.

56% of students attending UCCSN Campuses are women, and

73.6% are white.

Mr. Graves questioned the proportion of full-time and part-

time students in UCCSN. Mrs. Steinberg stated that UCCSN

has far more part-time students than other States, probably

because of the State's economy. Mr. Graves requested ad-

ditional information at the next meeting.

Mrs. Price questioned whether an attitude study has been

done. Mrs. Steinberg reported that UNR and UNLV may have

information that would be made available.

Mrs. Berkley stated she was concerned with the flat enroll-

ment at UNLV when Las Vegas is the fastest growing community

in the country. A discussion on enrollments, funding and

legislative strategy with enrollments ensued.

Chancellor Jarvis related he had reviewed the last several

years of constrained budgets and flat enrollments, and

found that there has been progress with diversity, which

is very encouraging and shows that the Campuses have good,

strong efforts in this area. There is a concern, however,

for the black minority which does not show an increase.

He continued that graduate education has increased. Chan-

cellor Jarvis stated that there is a growing backlog of

students for UCCSN to consider and that unserved and grow-

ing population must be addressed. At the same time, UCCSN

cannot abandon quality for its students.

Mrs. Berkley moved to accept the enrollment report. Mrs.

Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

13. Information Only: Outstanding Faculty Recognition

At the request of the Board of Regents, each Faculty Senate

Chairman reported on the outstanding faculty achievement

for the institution. Ref. B is filed in the Regents' Of-


University of Nevada, Reno

Joseph R. Hume

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Bill R. Wagonseller

Western Nevada Community College

Connie M. Cappurro

Community College of Southern Nevada

Richard Nuzzo

Northern Nevada Community College

John S. H. Smith

Mrs. Whitley left the meeting.

14. Information Only: Outstanding Students Recognition

At the request of the Board of Regents, each Student

Government Officer reported on the outstanding student

achievement from the institution. Ref. C is filed in

the Regents' Office.

University of Nevada, Reno

Janelle R. Silva

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Graduate Students:

Shawn Cruzen

Kenneth Maurice Harlan

Michael Lee Rodrique, II

Nicole Thomas

Western Nevada Community College

Jacqulyn M. Schneider

Northern Nevada Community College

Marcia Barker

Truckee Meadows Community College

Antiporn Simsiri-Wong

Mrs. Whitley returned to the meeting.

15. Information Only: Outstanding Classified Employees

At the request of the Board of Regents, each President

reported on the outstanding classified employees' achieve-

ment from the institution. Ref. D is filed in the Re-

gents' Office.

Community College of Southern Nevada

Millie Vuksanovic

Western Nevada Community College

Pat Caliva

A sort recess was called, and upon return all members were pres-

ent except Regent Klaich.

16. Information Only: Public Comment

Ms. Toni Horne, ASTM President, commented on the presenta-

tion by faculty stating that they had been very modest in

their remarks; that the faculty does a lot more for the

students going above and beyond what they are asked to do.

She declared that the faculty deserves a great deal of

recognition and they are really appreciated by the students.

17. Information Only: UCCSN Mission Statement

The UCCSN Planning Schedule calls for Board Review and ap-

proval of the System Mission Statement in December 1994/

January 1995. The System Mission Statement is the first

component in the UCCSN integrated planning process that

includes the System strategic directions, Campus mission

statements, academic master plans, and capital and budget

priorities. The current mission statement, contained in

Ref. E and filed in the Regents' Office, was approved by

the Board in November 1992.

Vice Chancellor Richardson discussed this mission statement

and requested Board action on a UCCSN mission statement at

the January Board meeting.

18. Report and Recommendations of the Ad Hoc UNLV Presidential

Search Committee

A report and recommendations of the ad hoc UNLV Presidential

Search Committee was made by Regent Jill Derby, Chairman.

The following information and action items were reported to

and approved by the ad hoc UNLV Presidential Search Commit-

tee at its October 14, 1994 meeting:

1. Publication of the Leadership Statement - UNLV News and

Publications Department provided camera-ready copy of

the position announcement and published the Leadership


2. Position Announcement was approved. The date of Novem-

ber 28 was set to begin review of applications. The

application files are maintained in the President's

Office at UNLV, with a set of files to be sent to the

Regents' Office in Reno.

3. Consultants - Four search firms had been contacted and

two made presentations. The consultant is to help

identify candidates and persuade them to allow their

names to be used in the pool; however, Committee mem-

bers, Chancellor Jarvis and Regents will also assist

in the recruitment of candidates. Applications will

be open.

4. Interviews of Search Firms - The Committee chose to

hire Dr. John Phillips, A. T. Kearney Company, as a

consultant to the Committee.

5. Procedures - The position announcement would be placed

in publications immediately.

The following action and information items were reported

to and approved by the ad hoc UNLV Presidential Search Com-

mittee at its October 25, 1994 meeting:

1. A fee of $30,000 for the services of Dr. John Phillips,

A. T. Kearney Company, for a full range of consultant

services for the UNLV Presidential Search.

2. Advertisements have been placed in the "Chronicle of

Higher Education", "Black Issues" and "Hispanic Hot-


3. The new President must have an academic background with

administrative experience at the institutional level.

4. All correspondence and files would be maintained by

the office of the Vice President for Development Lyle

Rivera, with the assistance of Ms. Dianne Redsull, As-

sistant to the Vice President.

5. Assignments were made and a calendar was adopted:

December 6, review of applicants/develop evaluation

criteria of applicant files

December 19, begin formal screening process/determine

top 20-25 candidates/assignments for further recruiting

January 11, determine semi-finalists/develop and ap-

prove interview documents

January 21-22, interview semi-finalists

January 30-February 10, visits by candidates to Las

Vegas and Reno

February 15, finalists recommendation

February 17, special meeting of Board of Regents,

interviews with finalists

February 23-24, Board of Regents Meeting, appointment

of President

Dr. Derby moved approval of the report and recommendations

of the ad hoc UNLV Presidential Search Committee. Mrs.

Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

19. UCCSN 1993-97 Legislative Planning Report

Nevada Revised Statutes 396.505 calls for the Board of

Regents to prepare a comprehensive System plan. Such

planning reports are published on a biennial basis and

forwarded to the Legislature at the beginning of each


The UCCSN 1993-97 Planning Report focuses on the System

Strategic Directions and Agenda for Action, Campus academic

plans and UCCSN budget priorities over the next 4 years.

An overview of students, degrees awarded and enrollment

projections provides a profile of the UCCSN. The report

is filed in the Regents' Office.

Mrs. Price left the meeting.

Dr. Richardson stated that a report of this magnitude re-

quires a great deal of effort by a number of people and

commended Sunny Minedew, Karen Steinberg, Tamela Gorden

and Mary Anne Green.

At the last session, Dr. Richardson stated the report,

which is mandated by the Legislature, was presented to two

non-budget committees with an extensive overview. Much of

the information is covered in other reports made by the

UCCSN to the Legislature. This report is used, however,

for many other purposes such as to distribute information

to other agencies and other states, recruitment during

the Chancellor and Presidential searches. It provides

an overview of the System of where it is going and where

it has been.

Mrs. Gallagher suggested an executive summary be prepared.

Mr. Foley suggested an advocacy document is needed and

this could be used as backup. President Calabro stated

this provides a consistent message for all institutions

to use.

Mrs. Berkley moved to approve the 1993-97 UCCSN Planning

Report. Mrs. Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

Mrs. Price returned.

20. Approved the Principles for Senior Administrator Reassign-

ment to Faculty

Chancellor Jarvis presented a proposal concerning senior

administrative reassignments to faculty. Working with

the Presidents, he presented the following:

An Administrator returning to the faculty should be

compensated for faculty work.

Salary recommendation should be based upon an evaluation

by the Supervisor.

Professional development leave should be available in

order for the Administrator to get up to speed in his

field. Students, institution and System all will

benefit. Administrator will present a proposal which

will be reviewed by the Supervisor and appropriate

length of leave will be determined by the Supervisor.

The process will be:

The Chancellor will determine the appropriate rank,

term of contract, and salary that reflects a leading

faculty member of discipline that the Administrator

is returning to. If the Department does not have

senior faculty members, the Chancellor will need the

flexibility to research and make a recommendation to

the Board. A professional evaluation and salary

recommendation will be made by the Chancellor. Pro-

fessional development leave will usually be for a


These considerations should be applied to Presidents and

Presidents will be asked to apply them to their Vice


Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the principles and proc-

ess as presented. Mr. Foley seconded.

Mrs. Price questioned whether the Board would evaluate the

President. Chancellor Jarvis stated he would evaluate the

President and make a recommendation to the Board and the

Board would evaluate the Chancellor. Mr. Graves reminded

the Board that the Chancellor job description addressed

this issue. He continued that this is the first step

toward accountability. Mr. Graves stated he felt tenure

should be offered when a President is hired.

President Crowley related that during his presidency he

has taught introduction courses, but that if he were to

go back to the classroom, he would need to "re-tool",

because the technology has changed so much.

Motion carried.

21. Information Only: Periodic Review of Current Fiscal


Chancellor Jarvis and Vice Chancellor Anderes held a dis-

cussion on a process for periodic review of current insti-

tutional fiscal activities.

Vice Chancellor Tom Anderes presented a handout outlining

a procedure which would provide an early warning of fiscal

stress. A committee of the financial officers will review

all institutions on a regular basis and will inform the

Chancellor of any possible discrepancies so that action

can be taken. The Chancellor can then inform the Board as


Mrs. Gallagher stated she was delighted with the concept and

requested the Chancellor to have this put into policy. Vice

Chancellor Anderes stated that the Presidents are in support

of this concept. He stated that the deficit at UNLV would

have been caught immediately with this process. A plan will

be laid out on how the funds are expended, and as expendi-

tures are made, major shifts or transfers will raise many

questions. He continued that the intent is not to deny the

flexibility of use of funds, but as changes in priorities

occur, this process will identify and uncover significant

problems. This will not be a hindrance on expenditures on

funds by Presidents.

President Guinn stated that this is a shared process and

for it to work, the Chancellor will notify the President.

This will provide a flag so that changes can be made to

correct the situation.

Mrs. Sparks commended the Chancellor and Vice Chancellor

for the concept.

The open meeting recessed at 11:35 A.M. for lunch and reconvened

at 12:35 P.M. Friday, December 2, 1994, with all members present

except Regents Foley, Hammargren and Klaich.

The UNLV Choral performed holiday songs and invited everyone to

attend the Winter Choral Celebration.

22. Information Only: Preliminary Report on Differential

Tuition and Related Matters

Last Spring when the Board of Regents adopted tuition and

fee rates for 1995-97 staff were requested to bring back

information to the Board on differential tuition and re-

lated matters. Chancellor Jarvis and staff presented the

requested report. Ref. G, filed in the Regents' Office,

provides background information.

Chancellor Jarvis stated this was the first of several

proposals which will be made to the Board on matters

related to tuition and fees. After discussion at this

meeting, proposals will be presented for action at the

January meeting.

A slide presentation on Differential Tuition was given.

The Good Neighbor Policy provides that students are charged

current in-state fees plus 50%, which is less than the

normal out-of-state tuition.

The WICHE/WUE program provides that students from WICHE

states except California and Arizona may enroll. Nevada

exports more students than come into the State through

this program, and does not cap or restrict by volume and


The Children of Alumni Program provides students pay in-

state fees plus 50%.

Grants in Aid are limited to less than 3% of the matricu-

lated students of the previous semester.

Dr. Hammargren entered the meeting.

Of the 1,182 students enrolled in these programs, 1,140

come from California. The Good Neighbor enrollment began

in 1988 with 253; there are 1,182 students enrolled in

1994. This is larger than Grants in Aid Program. Children

of Alumni had 28 enrollees in 1992, and 219 in 1994.

There are 4 issues to be considered in these programs:

rapid growth in enrollment; subsidy to California; possibly

lost revenue; and probably reduced access for Nevadans.

There is no reciprocity to Nevada students, except in

certain California counties for Community College students.

Policy elements to be considered are: cap/reduce enroll-

ments; grandfather current students in the programs; pro-

vide equity with cost of instruction; move all nonresident

students to a tuition per credit.

Mr. Graves suggested a re-evaluation of the residency guide-

lines which were recently adopted. Dr. Derby questioned

whether Nevada students were being denied access.

President Crowley related that the former residency policies

were impossible to enforce and were into the direction of

what California was doing. Limits can be set on nonresident

students, as is done in Nursing and Medicine.

Mr. Graves questioned the information received from NFA

that Nevada is way below the national average in student

aid and actually ranks 50th in the nation. Chancellor

Jarvis replied that will be addressed during discussions

on in-state tuition. He related that in January a pro-

posal of the elements on these policies will be presented.

Tuition and fees need to be discussed on Campuses with

students before presenting any recommendations to the

Board. It is, however, a continuing discussion on budg-

etary matters at this time. Mrs. Gallagher stated it would

be smart to have a fall-back position due to possible legis-

lative decisions which may be made concerning the UCCSN


Vice Chancellor Anderes reported that in tentative dis-

cussions with the Governor's staff, UCCSN may be looking

at a formula whereby the institutions would have to raise

their tuition. They are interested in how higher education

meets its highest needs. They have been very supportive.

Mrs. Berkley stated that a sensible tuition policy is

needed, but that she did not want to reverse her vote not

to raise tuition this biennium. Only if additional pro-

visions are given for the students would she change her


President Crowley stated the tuition and fee increases

were always painful; however, the object is to provide

the best education for the students. He suggested that

specific items might be guaranteed for students if tuition

is raised. Mrs. Price asked that demographics of students

and families be considered in any decisions.

Mr. Frank Cady, Susanville, California, presented informa-

tion on Lassen County students attending UCCSN institutions

under the Good Neighbor Policy. California Senator Lessly

was instrumental in passing SB 2000 in California which

allows for reciprocity for Community College students. He

stated there were some 43 Lassen students attending Nevada

institutions, and 58 Nevada students attending in Lassen


Mr. Ross Stevens, Susanville, stated that California has

3 separate systems and further research would be needed

to assure reciprocity for University students. Mr. David

French, aide to Senator Lessly, stated that California

provides funds to their institutions to offset the costs

of Nevada students who attend their colleges.

Dr. Derby and Mrs. Whitley left the meeting.

Mr. French offered the assistance of his office to facil-

itate meetings with California representatives and to

provide additional data of this great program.

A resolution from the Lassen County Commission was pre-

sented which stated that they supported the Good Neighbor

Policy. Also, it was indicated that the State line is

invisible because of shared watersheds and mountain ranges.

39% of their retail sales goes to Reno. Problems of water,

roads and land use have often been discussed with the

Washoe County Commission. Currently, internship programs

are offered to UNR students. Many of the residents of

northern California are more attached to the State of

Nevada through these ties.

The Lassen Community College Faculty Senate President

related that there are Nevada students at their College

and that they rely heavily on UNR. They have faculty

members from UNR, and many of their faculty come back to

UNR for professional development.

ASUN President Jason Frierson urged that when the Board

considers in-state tuition increases, they keep in mind

benefits for the students from such increases. He stated

that students will do their part, but they must see these

benefits as a result of the increases. David Hernandez,

CCSN, related that many Community College students work,

are single parents and rely on financial aid. Tuition

raises could stop them from attending College.

ASB President Laura Burger spoke about being accountable,

and urged that the Governor also needs to be accountable

to higher education and the students. Toni Horne, TMCC,

stated that fees for students went up, but she felt

services went down. She continued that there is a need

to concentrate on Nevada and make higher education a top

priority in the State.

23. Approved Nevada Student Alliance

Approved the re-establishment of the Nevada Student Al-

liance, whose purpose is to give the students of the UCCSN

a unified voice before all Systems and legislative bodies.

Approved the Constitution of the Nevada Student Alliance

as contained in Ref. I, filed in the Regents' Office.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of re-establishing the Nevada

Student Alliance and its Constitution. Mrs. Sparks second-

ed. Motion carried.

Chairman Eardley stated the students can be a great help

in the Legislature. Mr. Frierson stated this will assist

in the Campuses pulling together and offered that they

are most willing to help during the legislative session.

24. Approved Amendment, UCCSN Code

Approved an amendment to the UCCSN Code, 1.5.4(a), Presi-

dential Search Committee, as found in Ref. H, filed with

the permanent minutes.

As provided by policy, this document has been circulated

to Presidents and Faculty Senate Chairmen for comment.

General Counsel Klasic ordered a change to add the word

"technical" inasmuch as DRI has a technical employees


Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the UCCSN Code amendment

with the inclusion of the word "technical". Mrs. Sparks

seconded. Motion carried.

25. Approved Handbook Change, Authority and Responsibility,


Approved a Handbook change, Title 4, Chapter 9, Section

3.4, Authority and Responsibility, as outlined below. This

change is in response to a recommendation from the Quality

Assurance Review presented to the Board at its October 1994


Designing, installing and operating systems are not

audit function; however, the internal auditor's

objectivity is not adversely affected when the aud-

itor recommends standards of control for systems or

reviews procedures before they are implemented.

Mrs. Sparks moved approval. Mrs. Gallagher seconded.

Motion carried.

26. Approved Sale of Property, CCSN

In view of existing budget constraints, approved the sale

of approximately 13 acres of land located near I-5 and

Washburn Road which was donated to CCSN, with the proceeds

placed in the UCCSN Endowment Investment Account. Based

on preliminary information of comparable property sales in

the area, the sale of this property will generate approxi-

mately $200,000. The return from investment in the endow-

ment account will provide annual resouces to be used for

faculty development activities.

Mrs. Sparks moved approval of the sale of property. Mrs.

Berkley seconded. Motion carried.

27. Approved Sale of Property, UNR

Approved the sale of 160 acres located 13 miles east of

Eureka for UNR. The Pinto Creek Ranch, which adjoins the

land, has agreed to purchase the property for $60 per acre

or $9600. This property has been rated by the Agricul-

tural Extension Agent in Ely as "low to poor" range land,

and in 1986 was valued at $40 per acre. Given the low

appreciation rate in this area, $60 per acre appears to

be above market value. A new appraisal of the property

at this time would cost approximately $1000 nullifying

any possible gains in net proceeds.

A preliminary evaluation of information available on the

area by Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology indicates the

likelihood of an economic mineral deposit is low. However,

as a condition of sale, the University will retain 100% of

all mineral and petroleum rights.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the sale of property.

Mrs. Sparks seconded. Motion carried.

28. Approved Purchase of Property, UNR

Approved the plan to purchase a 40-acre parcel of property

known as the Burrus Mine located some 30 miles northeast

of Reno for UNR. This property will be developed into a

mining laboratory and used for teaching and research at

UNR. The Commonwealth Mine, which is currently being

used, is depleted of local natural resources and will be

replaced by the Burrus Mine in function.

The acquisition cost is estimated at $40,000, of which

$10,000 has been allocated by ASUN and $30,000 is being

raised by the Nevada Mining Industry.

Mrs. Gallagher moved approval of the purchase of property.

Mrs. Sparks seconded. Motion carried.

29. Approved Purchase of Property, UNR

Approved the purchase of a single family residence at 1081

Evans Avenue for UNR. The agreed upon purchase price is

$112,000. The property is situated within the University

of Nevada, Reno Master Plan for land acquisition. This

is one of the last remaining properties to be acquired on

the west side of Evans Avenue.

Mr. Graves moved approval of the purchase of property. Mrs.

Gallagher seconded. Motion carried.

30. Discussion of an Audit, UNLV

Recognizing the problems that have been identified, Dr.

Hammargren requested an independent audit of the University

of Nevada, Las Vegas to address future fiscal accountabil-

ity, with the scope and cost of the audit to be recommended

to the Board of Regents by the Chancellor and the Audit

Committee. He stated he felt the Board should posture

themselves correctly before the Legislature declares an

audit should be done. Mrs. Gallagher questioned why another

audit should be commissioned when UNLV has been audited by

outside auditors. Dr. Hammargren replied that it is the

attitude that is important here. Mrs. Gallagher stated

that another outside audit is not needed during the middle

of a search for President at UNLV; that UNLV does not need

anymore negative Press.

Mr. Graves moved to approve the concept in spirit. Mrs.

Price seconded.

Mrs. Price stated there was nothing negative in this idea;

that there have been audits, but only superficial audits.

She stated that the Board does not know whether there are

other "secret" contracts out there, and that this should

be taken as a positive step and will assure that there

will not be problems. She added that Presidential appli-

cants want to see that UNLV is correcting its problems.

Mrs. Gallagher stated she was not objecting to taking steps

to correct problems; however, if an audit is done, it will

come out of the budget. Steps have been taken to make


Mrs. Sparks stated that Dr. Guinn has reviewed every area

and Department and should be consulted on whether there

is any possible reason to revisit these areas that won't

be handled by this new policy.

Dr. Guinn replied that mechanisms are in place to assure

it won't happen again and that there is no need to do

another audit. Changes have been made, and more will be

forthcoming. No one has taken money that they shouldn't


Vice Chancellor Anderes stated that the Audit Committee is

in the process of looking at audit functions and frequency.

Additional auditors have been requested in the biennial

budget and additional funds have been requested for the

external audit function. He continued that this will deal

with issues in the future and he wants to keep focused on

the future.

Mrs. Berkley stated that the protection implemented should

have a chance to operate, but if they do not work, she

pledged to propose this idea once again.

Motion failed on roll call vote:

Aye: Regents Price, Hammargren, Graves

Nay: Regents Sparks, Gallagher

Abstain: Regent Berkley, who stated she was not

against the principle of an audit, but it was

not appropriate at this time.

31. Information Only: Follow-Up Report, UCCSN Center for

Workforce Development

Regent Hammargren requested a follow-up report on a UCCSN

Center for Workforce Development. Dr. Robert Hoover, Vice

President for Academic Affairs at UNR, and Mr. Doug Burris,

Director of Community Colleges, presented the report. Dr.

Hoover provided a video presentation on manufacturing and

business/college partnerships.

32. Information Only: New Business

Mrs. Berkley stated she will request an agenda item to

discuss the controversy of the use of the name "University

of Nevada" by UNR.

The meeting adjourned at 3:15 P.M.

Mary Lou Moser

Secretary of the Board