UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
December 1-2, 1978


Pages 102-125

                         BOARD OF REGENTS


                         December 1, 1978

The Board of Regents met on the above date in the Teacher

Education building, University of Nevada, Las Vegas.

Members present:  Fred M. Anderson, M. D.

                  Mr. James L. Buchanan, II

                  Mr. John Buchanan

                  Mrs. Lilly Fong

                  Mr. Chris Karamanos

                  Mrs. Molly Knudtsen

                  Miss Brenda Mason

                  Mr. John Tom Ross

Members absent:   Louis E. Lombardi, M. D.

Others present:   Chancellor Donald H. Baepler

                  President William H. Berg

                  President Joseph Crowley

                  President Brock Dixon

                  President Jack Davis

                  President Paul Kreider

                  President Lloyd Smith

                  General Counsel Larry Lessly

                  Secretary Bonnie Smotony

Also present were:  Regents-elect Robert Cashell and John

Mc Bride; Senate representatives Aiazzi (NNCC), Blauert (WNCC/N),

Kendall (Unit), Jacobsen (DRI), Mattson (UNLV), Page (UNR), and

Rosich (CCCC); student representatives Caesar (CCCC), Braxton

(WNCC/N), Neuweiler (UNR), White (UNLV), Schefcik (USUNS), and

Schenk (WNCC/S).

The meeting was called to order by Chairman Buchanan at 9:50 A.M.

Chairman Buchanan introduced Regents-elect Robert Cashell and

John Mc Bride who will take office in January.

 1.  Adoption of Consent Agenda

     Chancellor Baepler recommended approval of the following

     items contained in the Consent Agenda:

     A.  Acceptance of minutes of October 20, 1978.

     B.  Acceptance of gifts and grants as reflected in Ref.

         C-1 (filed with permanent minutes).

     C.  Increase in the 1978-79 salary for James Clifford

         Mitchell, Director of Physical Plant, CCCC, from its

         present $19,015 to $21,500.

     D.  Approval of postretirement appointments at CCCC for

         1979-80 academic year for Dr. Ernest Searles, Mr.

         Jesse Stroud and Mr. Jim Stacy.

     E.  Extension of leave of absence without pay for one

         year for J. Richard Allredge of the Agricultural

         Experiment Station, UNR, in order that he may

         complete his research at Texas A & M University.

     F.  Authorization to write-off the following outstanding

         loans determined to be uncollectible:


               University loans            $1,800.00

               Emergency loans              2,332.50

             WNCC                             500.00

     G.  Allocation of $2,000 from the Board of Regents Special

         Projects Account to supplement funds available to NNCC

         for travel expenses of the President and Senate Chair-

         man for Board meetings and Advisory Cabinet meetings.

     H.  Allocation of $5,000 from the Board of Regents Special

         Projects Account to supplement the DRI Interview/

         Recruiting Fund.

     I.  Allocation of $730 from the Board of Regents Special

         Projects Account to assist in funding a dedication

         ceremony of the UNR Art Gallery recently renamed in

         honor of Craig and Yolande Sheppard.

     J.  Approval of a transfer of $24,848 from the Ending

         Fund Balance of the Computing Center's Estimative

         Budget to Operating to provide additional operating

         funds for the computing function at UNLV.

     K.  Approval of the following augmentation of the Estima-

         tive Budget for Miscellaneous, N. O. C., DRI, to

         cover some unbudgeted equipment purchases, increased

         costs of liability insurance and other inflationary


                                  Approved  Revision  Revised

                                   Budget  Requested   Budget

         Operating                $50,000   $20,000   $70,000


           Indirect Cost Recovery $50,000   $20,000   $70,000

     L.  Approval of a transfer (#79-501) of $14,510 from NNCC

         Contingency Reserve to Part-Time Salaries to be used

         for off-campus instruction.

     M.  Approval of a request from Clark County Public Works

         Department for an easement in connection with construc-

         tion of Swenson Street and a temporary construction

         easement that would be returned to the University when

         the street is completed.  The easement requested is an

         additional .15 acre of land on each side of a culvert

         to be constructed over the Tropicana Wash.  The land

         is located on both sides of the easement already given

         to Clark County and is approximately 100 yards south

         of Flamingo Road.  The granting of the easement would

         not be detrimental in any way to the University and

         should assist in future flood control work.

         The temporary easement is in the same area of the

         Tropicana Wash and is merely to allow Clark County to

         have areas on which to place equipment during the

         construction of the culvert.

     N.  Concurrence in an award by the State Public Works

         Board of a contract to Ets-Hokin & Galvan Electric,

         Inc. for installation of an underground 12KV power

         system at UNLV for the base bid of $39,833.45 plus

         Alternate A for $7,700, for a total contract of

         $47,533.45.  Bids were as follows:

                                        Base Bid    Alternate A

         Bomberg & Whitney Elec. Inc.  $41,825.00    $8,085.00

         Acme Electric                  51,425.00     9,560.00

         Able Electric Incorporated     67,000.00     8,000.00

         Ets-Hokin & Galvan Elec. Inc.  39,833.45     7,700.00

                                                    Alternate B

         Bomberg & Whitney Elec. Inc.                $4,935.00

         Acme Electric                                2,715.00

         Able Electric Incorporated                   2,000.00

         Ets-Hokin & Galvan Elec. Inc.                4,700.00

         Alternate A - Item 1 - Concrete Encased Underground

                                Conduit Systems

         Alternate B - Item 1 - Concrete Encased Underground

                                Conduit Systems

     Mr. Karamanos moved adoption of the Consent Agenda.  Motion

     seconded by Mrs. Fong, carried without dissent.

 2.  Proposed Meeting Calendar for 1979

     Chancellor Baepler requested adoption of the following meet-

     ing calendar for 1979:

         January 12            UNR

         February 23           UNLV

         April 6               UNR

         May 18                UNLV

         June 29               Elko

         August 10             UNR

         September 21          UNLV

         November 2            UNR

         December 14           UNLV

     Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr.

     Karamanos, carried without dissent.

 3.  Proposed Revision of University Code

     Chancellor Baepler recalled that a revision of the Code was

     proposed by the UNR Faculty Senate and, by inclusion on the

     September 22 agenda of the Board of Regents, was referred to

     all Senates, with notice that action by the Board would be

     requested at the December 1 meeting.  The proposed revision

     is as follows:

     Section 1.4.5

         Whenever a vacancy occurs in the position of President,

         a Divisional or Community College recruitment and

         screening committee shall be selected following pro-

         cedures contained in Divisional Bylaws.  The committee

         shall present to the Chancellor an unranked slate of

         not less than three candidates for transmission to the

         Board of Regents.  The Chancellor shall make a recom-

         mendation from the slate to the Board of Regents.  The

         committee shall meet with the Board and the Officers

         in executive session to discuss the candidates.  Should

         the Board decline to appoint from the slate presented,

         or should any of the slate not be available for appoint-

         ment, the committee shall be requested to reconvene and

         present a new slate.  Procedures contained in Divisional

         Bylaws will also be followed in the selection of an

         interim President.

     Chancellor Baepler noted that no negative responses had been

     received from the Senates or from the Presidents and he re-

     quested approval of the proposed revision.

     Chancellor Baepler also commented on a publication from the

     American Council on Education, entitled Selecting Academic

     Administrators, the Search Committee, which describes a

     standard procedure for selection of a President and which,

     he noted, the UNR, UNLV and CCCC search committees are fol-

     lowing.  A copy of a flow chart from the publication was


     In the discussion following, it was suggested that the

     Regents were not sufficiently involved in the screening of

     applicants and the selection of final candidates, and that

     perhaps a Regents committee or one or two Regents on the

     search committee would be desirable.  It appeared to be

     the consensus of the Board that a progress report to the

     Board from the search committee would be appropriate and

     that a Regent could always inquire concerning the status

     of the search; however, the Board would formally enter the

     process when the finalists had been identified.

     Concerning the proposed Code revision, there appeared to be

     some reluctance to require the same procedures for selection

     of a recruitment and screening committee for an interim

     President as for a permanent appointment.  It was suggested

     that should a situation arise where an acting President

     needed to be appointed quickly, activation of a committee

     could seriously hamper the appointment.  Chancellor Baepler

     agreed that action by a committee to identify a nominee for

     interim President would require some time, but pointed out

     that such action could occur well within the three days re-

     quired under the open meeting law to call a meeting of the

     Board of Regents to act upon such an appointment.  He also

     pointed out that the selection of the interim Presidents at

     UNR and UNLV was accomplished following the procedure re-

     quired in the Code revision and suggested that it had worked

     very well in each case.

     Mr. Ross agreed that the procedure had been successful but

     objected to adopting a Code revision which would dictate

     that the procedure be followed in the appointment of

     interim Presidents.

     Mrs. Fong moved approval of the Code revision as proposed.

     Motion seconded by Mrs. Knudtsen, failed by the following

     roll call vote:

         Yes - Dr. Anderson, Mrs. Fong, Mrs. Knudtsen, Miss Mason

         No  - Mr. John Buchanan, Mr. Karamanos, Mr. James


         Abstain - Mr. Ross

     Mr. Ross moved that the matter be tabled and that a special

     committee be appointed to work with the Officers to develop

     substitute wording.  Motion was seconded by Mr. John

     Buchanan, carried without dissent.

     Chairman Buchanan appointed a special committee composed

     of Mr. Ross, Mr. Karamanos and Mrs. Fong.

 4.  Special Equipment Requests to be Submitted to 1979


     Chancellor Baepler requested authorization to submit a re-

     quest to the 1979 Legislature for funding in the amount of

     $5.7 million for special equipment purchases by the Divi-

     sions and the Computing Center.  Detailed list contained

     in Ref. C (filed with permanent minutes).

     Mr. John Buchanan moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr.

     Ross, carried without dissent.

 5.  Main Station Farm Parcel #3

     President Crowley recalled that in September the Board had

     directed that new bid specifications be developed for Parcel

     #3 of the Main Station Farm and that a proposed course of

     action be brought back to the Board.  He further recalled

     that in October the Board deferred action to permit adequate

     review of the lease documents and bid specifications which

     were in their final stages of completion.  President Crowley

     briefly reviewed the terms of the proposed lease as included

     in the Invitation to Bid (identified as Ref. G and filed

     with permanent minutes), and requested authorization to ad-

     vertise this parcel for lease when the status of the recent-

     ly BLM land adjacent to the Gund Ranch is known and when the

     need for money for its development is determined.  Chancel-

     lor Baepler recommended approval.

     Mr. Karamanos moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mrs.

     Knudtsen, carried without dissent.

 6.  Report Concerning Instruction Offered by Out-of-State


     Chancellor Baepler recalled that several months previously

     the Board had requested a report concerning the activities

     in Nevada by out-of-state institutions, particularly an

     assessment of the impact of College-level instruction of-

     fered in the service areas of the two Universities.  Ac-

     cordingly, committees were established at UNR and UNLV and

     the reports prepared by those committees were included with

     the agenda (identified as Ref. C and filed with permanent


     Dr. Baepler suggested that the studies conducted by the two

     committees reflect the extent to which out-of-state organi-

     zations are offering educational programs in Nevada, and the

     kinds of programs being offered, and reveal those areas

     where Nevada institutions are not offering programs which

     are apparently attractive to Nevada citizens.  He noted

     that the recommendations contained in the reports, with one

     exception, are being implemented administratively.  Dr.

     Baepler pointed out that the Board of Regents has no auth-

     ority over the out-of-state institutions offering courses

     in Nevada, but recommended that the Board urge the Commis-

     sion on Postsecondary Institutional Authorization, which

     does have the responsibility, to increase its efforts to

     improve the quality of educational offerings by out-of-state


     Dr. Baepler also commented on an article which had been dis-

     tributed earlier containing information on what accrediting

     agencies are doing about the problem on a regional basis.

     Mr. Merlin Anderson, Director of the Commission on

     Postsecondary Institutional Authorization, responded to a

     number of questions from the Board concerning the responsi-

     bilities of the Commission.  He concurred in the statement

     by Chancellor Baepler that the Board of Regents has no

     authority in the area of licensing such institutions.  In

     response to a suggestion that perhaps the Commission should

     include members from the University of Nevada System, Mr.

     Anderson stated that he would be pleased to receive and

     transmit that recommendation to the appointing authority.

     Chancellor Baepler suggested that membership on the Commis-

     sion by a member of the University community, as an official

     representative of the University, would be a conflict of

     interest and would not be appropriate.

     Mr. Anderson further noted that the agenda and minutes of

     all meetings of the Commission are widely circulated and

     attendance by University persons would be welcome.  He

     also encouraged input from anyone in the higher education


     It appeared to be the consensus of those involved in the

     discussion that although the University did not have auth-

     ority in the area of licensing or evaluating courses offer-

     ed by out-of-state institutions, its interest in this area

     was legitimate and the University's concern at this point

     should be whether or not it is meeting the needs of Nevada's

     citizens which should properly be met by public higher


     Dr. Anderson moved that the Chancellor and other Administra-

     tive Officers be instructed to prepare a response to these

     reports, including both a short- and long-range plan for

     meeting the deficiencies identified in the studies.  Motion

     seconded by Mrs. Knudtsen, carried without dissent.

The meeting adjourned for lunch and a meeting of the Investment

Advisory Committee, and reconvened at 1:45 P.M.

 7.  Presentation of Design Development Drawings, DRI Southern

     Nevada Facility

     Architect Harry Wood introduced Leo Borns, A. I. A., who

     presented design development drawings for a building to be

     constructed for DRI on the UNLV Campus.  This project con-

     sists of 33,000 square feet of laboratories, offices, etc.,

     and has a project budget of $2,749,000 ($2,178,000 for

     construction and $231,000 for furnishings and equipment).

     Project will be funded totally from the Higher Education

     Capital Construction Fund.

     President Smith recommended approval of the plan as sub-

     mitted.  Chancellor Baepler concurred.

     Chairman Buchanan objected that the design of the building

     did not include solar energy as a source for heating and

     cooling.  He suggested that DRI should be providing the

     leadership in the area of solar energy research and this

     building should be the vehicle to demonstrate the Insti-

     tute's involvement in and commitment to solar energy


     Mr. Wood pointed out that this building is intended to

     serve as a research laboratory for solar energy applica-

     tions and incorporating solar heating and cooling systems

     into the building is very costly and would do nothing to

     advance the technology in this area and would contribute

     nothing new.

     Dr. Smith agreed, noting that the building will be very

     flexible and at such time as funds are available and the

     technology is sufficiently advanced to be cost effective,

     solar heating and cooling can be added.  At this point,

     however, he believed that the Institute's proper involve-

     ment in solar research is to continue its research at the

     Boulder City facility, citing the plans for a passive solar

     house to be constructed in Boulder City for demonstration

     purposes as one of its projects.

     Mr. John Buchanan moved approval of the design development

     drawings as presented.  Motion seconded by Mr. Karamanos,

     carried with Mr. James Buchanan opposing.

 8.  Discussion of Proposed Law School

     Chairman Buchanan reported that at the request of the Prelaw

     Association at UNLV, he had scheduled a presentation by that


     Ms. Lisa Wyman, President of the UNLV Prelaw Association

     presented the following resolution of the CSUN Senate:

         Whereas the students of UNLV have voted overwhelmingly

         in favor of the establishment of a Law School in the

         State of Nevada, Be It Resolved that the CSUN Senate

         supports and encourages such a Law School.

     Speaking in support of a Law School were Judge John Mendoza,

     Dr. Ralph Roske, Attorney John Foley, and students Liz

     Foley, Lisa Wyman, Leigh Ann Morejon, Susanna Riaz and

     Chuck White.

     Chuck White, on behalf of CSUN read the following


         That the Board of Regents, UNLV Administration, stu-

         dents and faculty set up a committee to work with the

         Prelaw Association to advise them on the issue for the

         purpose of moving this up on the Regents' priority list

         of a set of objectives for UNLV.

     In the discussion following, there were several expressions

     of concern that the feasibility study done in 1975 had not

     yet been updated, and the position of the Nevada Bar Asso-

     ciation had not yet been determined.  Chancellor Baepler

     pointed out that when the concept of a Law School was ap-

     proved in 1975, money was raised for a feasibility study

     which had clearly shown that such a school was feasible.

     The only thing that has changed since that time would be

     the statistics which, given the increase in population,

     would probably make the argument in favor of a Law School

     more convincing.  He also agreed that the support of the

     Nevada Bar Association is critical to the success of such

     an undertaking but support or lack of support of that or-

     ganization should not control the decision of the Regents

     if they wished to reaffirm their earlier decision to en-

     dorse the establishment of a Law School.

     Miss Mason moved that the Board of Regents endorse the con-

     cept of a Law School in Nevada to be located in Las Vegas.

     Motion seconded by Mr. Karamanos, carried by the following

     roll call vote:

         Yes - Mr. John Buchanan, Mrs. Fong, Mr. Karamanos,

               Miss Mason, Mr. James Buchanan

         No  - Dr. Anderson, Mrs. Knudtsen

         Abstain - Mr. Ross

     Although not part of the motion, it appeared to be the

     consensus of the Board that the Feasibility Study of 1975

     would be updated, the attitude of the Nevada Bar Association

     would be determined, and the Committee requested by CSUN and

     the Prelaw Association would be established.

 9.  Bid Opening, Remodel of Water Resources Building for

     Computing Center

     Chancellor Baepler reported the following bids received for

     the remodel of the Water Resources building:

     Bidder                  Base Bid   Alt A    Alt B    Alt C

     Ian Mc Sween            $142,689  $3,650   $3,293   $4,441

     Nevada Builders          156,870   6,773    1,963    6,956

     Symbol Construction      158,852   3,386    4,167    4,781

     Clem Byetham             159,505   3,680    3,141    5,030

     Alternate A - Install fire control system

     Alternate B - Acoustical privacy of designated rooms and

                   relocation of doors

     Alternate C - Suspended ceilings, lighting, ducts and dif-

                   fusers in designated rooms.

     Chancellor Baepler recommended concurrence in the award by

     the State Public Works Board of a contract to Ian Mc Sween

     for the base bid and three alternates in the total amount

     of $154,073.

     Miss Mason moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr. Ross,

     carried without dissent.

10.  Appointment of System Development Officer

     Chancellor Baepler commented that on a number of occasions

     individual Regents have discussed the desirability of em-

     ploying a fund raiser in an effort to increase the Univer-

     sity's endowment fund for the benefit of all Divisions of

     the University.  He reported that Regents Karamanos and

     John Buchanan had now recommended that such a person be

     employed on a system-wide basis beginning January 1, 1979,

     and had asked for consideration by the Board of such an


     Dr. Baepler recommended that Mr. Lyle Rivera be appointed

     as System Development Officer, effective January 1, 1979,

     and that $26,900 be allocated from the Board of Regents

     Special Projects Account to provide salary for Mr. Rivera

     and a secretary, and operating and host funds for a six-

     month period.  This would be a temporary appointment for

     six months during which time an open search will be con-

     ducted in order that the position can be filled on a per-

     manent basis after July 1.

     Mrs. Fong expressed concern that Mr. Rivera has no record

     as a fund raiser, and also objected to the expenditure for

     more positions in the Chancellor's Office, stating that

     with the addition of the Community College Coordinator,

     more than $100,000 will have been spent for additional

     positions.  She also suggested that Mr. Lessly be used for

     this purpose rather than hiring additional people.

     Dr. Baepler pointed out that the addition of the Community

     College Coordinator was in response to a recommendation of

     a legislative subcommittee and funds for that position, as

     well as supporting secretarial staff and operating monies,

     would be released by the Budget Office from the 1977 appro-

     priation.  It was also noted that the University has only

     two attorneys and the legal affairs of the University do not

     allow time to solicit gifts from potential donors.

     It was suggested that the title of Development Officer was

     misleading and should be changed, perhaps to Endowment

     Officer or fund raiser.  There was also considerable discus-

     sion of whether such an appointment should be made at the

     System level or for the UNLV Campus.

     Mr. Karamanos moved approval of Dr. Baepler's recommendation

     for employment of a System Endowment Fund Raiser.  Motion

     seconded by Mr. John Buchanan.

     Dr. Paul Page, UNR Senate Chairman, read the following

     motion which he reported had been adopted unanimously the

     following evening by the UNR Senate:  "That the Board of

     Regents be requested to postpone action on the appointment

     of an Endowment Fund Raiser in order to provide adequate

     time for a study which would include recommendations from

     all Divisions of the University concerning the need for

     and implications of the position."  Dr. Page stated that

     some of the questions raised by the UNR Senate were:

     (1)  What will be the relationship of this position to

          the Development Officer at UNR?

     (2)  How will unrestricted funds raised by this person

          be used?

     (3)  Why is there such a hurry to make an immediate


     Dr. Vernon Mattson, UNLV Senate Chairman, reported that the

     UNLV Senate Executive Committee had requested that this mat-

     ter be tabled until the UNLV Senate is consulted and given

     time to examine the merits of the proposal.  Dr. Mattson

     stated that it is believed that faculty ought to be involved

     in some way in the establishment of fund raising efforts.

     They are concerned that this might be another way to raise

     more money for the athletic program; rather, they wanted

     assurance that this type of fund raising would be focused on

     academic excellence.

     Mr. Cliff Blauert, WNCC/N Senate Chairman, also expressed

     concern that there had been no opportunity to discuss this

     with the Senates, and asked that it be postponed for a


     Motion carried by the following roll call vote:

         Yes - Mr. John Buchanan, Mr. Karamanos, Miss Mason,

               Mr. Ross, Mr. James Buchanan

         No  - Mrs. Fong

         Abstain - Mrs. Knudtsen

         (Dr. Anderson was not present when the vote was taken.)

11.  Report of Investment Advisory Committee

     Mr. John Buchanan submitted the following recommendations

     of the Investment Advisory Committee:

     1.  Purchase by Security National Bank of $45,000 in notes

         issued by the Federal Home Loan Bank, with a rate of 9%

         and due date of November 1983.

     2.  Purchases by Valley Bank with a 10% leeway above or

         below quoted prices:

         Numb.                       Proposed     Total Present

         Shrs. Company                 Price      Value  Price

         2000  Walt Disney Productions   35     $ 70,000  37 1/2

         2000  Dow Chemical              24 1/2   49,000  25 1/2

         1000  International Paper       36       36,000  38

         1500  Exxon                     44       66,000  49

         1700  Kerr-Mc Gee               40       68,000  45

         2500  United Air Lines          28       70,000  29


         Valley Bank also requests authorization for the

         following bond purchases:

                                             Present  Yield to

                                              Price   Maturity

         100M   U. S. Treasury Bonds,        98 3/4     8.73%

                8 1/2%, due 5/15/99

         100M   U. S. Treasury Bonds,        99 5/8     8.79%

                8.75%, due 11/15/08

     3.  Withdrawal of authorizations for purchase and sale.

         Each of the banks wishes to rescind some recommenda-

         tions made at previous meetings, and the Investment

         Advisory Committee recommends that the Board allow the

         banks to rescind the following recommendations:

         a)  First National Bank wishes to withdraw a recommenda-

             tion made at the September meeting for sale of stock

             in Harrah's and International Harvester from the

             Mac Millan portfolio and sale of International

             Harvester stock from the pooled endowment portfolio.

         b)  Security National Bank wishes to rescind all its buy

             and sell recommendations made at the September meet-

             ing.  These involved the sale of approximately

             $237,000 in Southwest Bell, Standard of Ohio, PG & E

             as well as Federal Bankers Trust, California Federal

             Savings and Loan and Commercial Credit Corporation.

         c)  Valley Bank wishes to rescind its recommendation

             made at the April meeting for sale of 500 shares of

             Sears @ $29; and also its recommendation made at the

             August meeting for the following purchases:

                 900 shares Disney Productions @ $44

                 700 shares General Electric @ $55

                 600 shares Mc Donald's @ $59

             (It will be noted that Valley Bank's present recom-

             mendation is for purchase of Disney stock at a lower

             price than at $44 authorized in August.)

     4.  The Committee recommends that the Board designate

         $10,000 contributed to the Shelby Williams Memorial

         Scholarship Fund as a quasi endowment to be placed in

         the pool managed by Valley Bank.

         An initial contribution to this memorial fund was made

         in 1977, and it was planned that when the total contri-

         butions to it reached $10,000, it would be made an en-

         dowment whose income would be used for scholarships for

         the College of Hotel Administration.  That total has

         been reached, and further contributions are anticipated.

         The Board is asked to authorize the creation of the en-

         dowment and the addition of the money to the endowment


     Mr. John Buchanan moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mrs.

     Knudtsen, carried without dissent.

12.  Proposed Revision of USUNS Constitution

     Chancellor Baepler recommended approval of a revision to

     the USUNS Constitution as proposed by that organization

     (revision identified as Ref. D. and filed with permanent


     Presentations concerning the activities of USUNS were made

     by student representatives White, Neuweiler, Braxton,

     Schenk and Schefcik.

     Miss Mason moved approval of the revision as submitted.

     Motion seconded by Mr. Karamanos, carried without dissent.

13.  Reconsideration of Denial of Tenure

     Mr. John Buchanan moved for reconsideration of action taken

     at the May meeting denying tenure to Dr. Lawrence Ita.

     Motion seconded by Mr. Karamanos, carried by the following

     roll call vote:

         Yes - Dr. Anderson, Mr. John Buchanan, Mr. Karamanos,

               Mrs. Knudtsen, Miss Mason, Mr. Ross

         No  - Mrs. Fong

         Abstain - Mr. James Buchanan

     Mrs. Knudtsen moved that the Board convene in Personnel

     Session to discuss the matter of Dr. Lawrence Ita.  Motion

     was seconded by Mr. Karamanos, carried without dissent.

     Upon reconvening in open session, Mr. John Buchanan moved

     that tenure be granted to Dr. Lawrence Ita.  Motion second-

     ed by Miss Mason, failed by the following roll call vote:

         No  - Dr. Anderson, Mrs. Fong, Mrs. Knudtsen

         Yes - Mr. John Buchanan, Mr. Karamanos, Miss Mason,

               Mr. Ross

         Abstain - Mr. James Buchanan

14.  Bid Opening, Lightning Protection and Freezer-Cooler, DRI

     Vice President Dawson reported the following bids received

     November 16, 1978:

     Bidder                 Base Bid    Alt A     Alt B    Alt C

     Eagle Constr. Co., Reno $40,900    $2,750   $10,800   $5,000

     Olympian General, Reno   43,497     2,841    12,005    5,494

     OSO Constr. Co., Reno    44,127     2,345    12,127    5,797

     Alternate A - Base cabinets with sink and accessories

     Alternate B - Wood floors and storage shelves

     Alternate C - Adjustable shelving

     Mr. Dawson stated that the State Public Works Board had rec-

     ommended the award to Eagle Construction Co. for the base

     bid and Alternate A for a total contract of $43,650, which

     will be within the amount authorized by the Lesiglature.

     Award of Alternates B and C will exceed authorized amount.

     President Smith recommended that the Board of Regents concur

     in the award by the State Public Works Board of a contract

     to Eagle Construction for $43,650 (base bid and Alternate A)

     and that DRI be authorized to contract separately with

     Eagle Construction Company for Alternate B for $10,800 and

     Alternate C for $5,000, plus up to $1,000 for any additional

     administrative costs, with the separate contract to be

     handled from operating funds within the Institute.  Chancel-

     lor Baepler concurred.

     Mr. John Buchanan moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr.

     Karamanos, carried without dissent.

15.  Appointment of Scientific Information Officer, DRI

     President Smith recommended the appointment of William L.

     Spencer as Scientific Information Officer and Assistant to

     the President, effective January 1, 1979, at an annual

     salary of $35,000.  Biographical material for Mr. Spencer

     was included with the agenda.

     There was objection expressed by several Regents to the sal-

     ary proposed for Mr. Spencer, particularly in comparison to

     salaries of other information officers within the System.

     Mr. Karamanos moved approval.  Motion was not seconded.

     Mr. Karamanos moved to deny the appointment.  Motion was

     seconded by Mr. Ross, carried without dissent.

16.  Bid Opening, WNCC Phase III/North Campus

     Mr. Wood reported the following bids received for Phase III

     of WNCC/North:

     Bidder                        Base Bid    Alt A     Alt B

     S. J. Amaroso Construction   $5,109,000  $60,000  $161,000

     Joint Venture

       Nielsen Nickles Co. &

       Vasko & Assoc.              5,196,000   42,000   196,000

     F. P. Lathrop Construction    5,343,000   58,800   247,400

     Stolte, Inc.                  5,350,000   59,000   249,000

     Bidder                                    Alt C     Alt D

     S. J. Amaroso Construction              $166,000  $182,000

     Joint Venture

       Nielsen Nickles Co. &

       Vasko & Assoc.                         124,000   135,000

     F. P. Lathrop Construction               162,800   155,400

     Stolte, Inc.                             159,000   171,000

     Alternate A - Add landscaping at parking lot

     Alternate B - Add kitchen areas

     Alternate C - Add parking lot construction and landscaping

     Alternate D - Add parking lot construction and landscaping

     Mr. Wood noted that the estimated cost of this project was

     $5,690,867 and the staff of the State Public Works Board

     had recommended award of the contract to S. J. Amaroso

     Construction Company for the base bid and four alternates

     in the total amount of $5,678,000.

     Dr. Davis and Chancellor Baepler recommended approval.

     Mrs. Fong moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr. Karamanos,

     carried without dissent.

17.  Proposed Lease for Fallon Campus, WNCC

     President Davis reported that the City Council of Fallon

     has offered to lease a 30-acre site at Mt. Toyeh for the

     Fallon Campus of WNCC.  He noted that the lease would be

     for a period of 99 years at a rate of $10 per year.  Dr.

     Davis also stated that the City of Fallon has indicated

     that they will provide water and other utilities to the

     site at no cost to the College.  Chancellor Baepler recom-

     mended approval.

     Mr. Ross moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mrs. Knudtsen,

     carried without dissent.

18.  Establishment of New Department, CCCC

     President Kreider requested authorization to establish a

     Department of Real Estate and Finance within the Business

     Division of Clark County Community College.

     Chancellor Baepler concurred, noting that Board policy

     requires that a proposal for a new Department shall be

     introduced at one meeting with action to be taken no

     earlier than the following meeting.  Accordingly, this

     request will be included on the January agenda for action.

19.  Allocation to Presidential Recruiting Committees

     Chancellor Baepler requested an allocation from the Board

     of Regents Special Projects Recruitment and Screening Com-

     mittees to defray expenses anticipated by the committees as

     they proceed through the final stages of recruiting.

     Mr. John Buchanan moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr.

     Karamanos, carried without dissent.

20.  Appointment of Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs,


     President Dixon recommended the appointment of Dr. Robert

     Glennen as Acting Vice President for Academic Affairs, ef-

     fective January 20, 1979, with the resignation of Dr.

     Arthur Gentile.

     Mr. John Buchanan moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr.

     Karamanos, carried without dissent.

21.  Marie Barbara Woodrich Estate

     President Dixon reported that UNLV has received a bequest of

     $300,000 from the estate of Marie Barbara Woodrich, "to be

     added to its scholarship fund and used for the benefit of

     needy students."  He recommended acceptance of the bequest

     and placing of the funds in an endowment with the income to

     be used for scholarships, as requested by the donor.  Chan-

     cellor Baepler concurred.

     Mrs. Knudtsen moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr. John

     Buchanan, carried without dissent.

22.  Phase II Proposal - Master of Music, UNLV

     President Dixon requested approval of a Phase II proposal

     for a Master of Music degree to be offered by UNLV, effec-

     tive Fall, 1979.  Copy of proposal on file in Chancellor's


     Dr. Dixon noted that implementation of this program will

     not require a specific appropriation from the Legislature.

     Chancellor Baepler recommended approval.

     Miss Mason moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr. John

     Buchanan, carried without dissent.

23.  Request for Allocation for Scientific Symposium, UNLV

     President Dixon requested an allocation of $3,000 from the

     Board of Regents Special Projects Account to assist in

     financing a scientific symposium in May, 1979, and to

     celebrate Dr. Bruce Dill's 88th birthday.  He noted that

     approximately $17,000 of the estimated total cost of

     $20,000 had been raised from other sources.

     President Dixon also noted that in addition to UNLV students

     an attendance of 100-200 scientists is expected for a pro-

     gram consisting of invited papers by Dr. Dill's former col-

     leagues and students.  These papers will be published and

     the royalties turned over to the Dill Scholarship at UNLV,

     which presently has a balance of $1,020.93 derived from

     royalties from a previous publication.  Chancellor Baepler

     recommended approval.

     Mrs. Fong moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr. Ross,

     carried without dissent.

24.  Amendment of Legislation Authorizing Revenue Bonds for EPA


     President Dixon recalled that in 1975 the Legislature au-

     thorized the University to issue $10 million in revenue

     bonds for construction of a building on the UNLV Campus to

     be leased to the Environmental Protection Agency.  Due to

     inflation, the need to rehabilitate the four existing build-

     ings, and plans by EPA to construct a laboratory building

     rather than an office building, EPA officials have request-

     ed the University to seek an amendment to that permissive

     legislation to increase to $20 million the amount of revenue

     bonds that may be issued.  Chancellor Baepler recommended


     Mrs. Fong moved approval.  Motion seconded by Dr. Anderson,

     carried without dissent.

25.  Sabbatical Leave Recommendations for 1979-80, UNR Nevada

     Revised Statutes and Board of Regents policy provides for

     the total number of sabbatical leaves which may be awarded

     each year.  Utilizing the criteria which has been followed

     in previous years, the maximum available leaves allocated

     for 1979-80 are 11 for UNR, 7 for UNLV, 3 for CCCC, 1 for

     NNCC, 3 for WNCC, 1 for DRI and 1 for the Unit.

     President Crowley recommended the 11 sabbatical leaves

     available to UNR for 1979-80 be awarded as follows:

         Verle R. Bohman, Agriculture, academic year

         Warren d'Azevedo, Anthropology, academic year

         Neal A. Ferguson, History, academic year

         Nazir A. Ansari, Managerial Sciences, academic year

         Edward E. Loveless, Education, Fall Semester

         Mary Ellen Glass, Oral History Project, one semester

         David L. Harvey, Sociobiology, academic year

         Husain Haddawy, English, one semester

         John G. Houghton, Geography, academic year

         Eva L. Essa, Home Economics, one semester

         M. Richard Ganzel, Political Science, academic year


         1.  William C. Metz, Journalism, one semester

         2.  William D. Rowley, History, Spring semester

         3.  Gordon I. Zimmerman, Speech & Theatre, one semester

         4.  Gerald Kimble, Mathematics, academic year

     Summary of proposed projects was included with agenda

     (identified as Ref. F and filed with permanent minutes).

     Miss Mason moved approval.  Motion seconded by Mr. John

     Buchanan, carried without dissent.

26.  Remodeling of College Inn

     In order to add the necessary office and meeting room space

     to house personnel and programs of the Division of Extended

     Programs and Continuing Education, the National Council of

     Juvenile and Family Court Judges, and the National Judicial

     Colleges, President Crowley stated that some remodeling of

     the College Inn is required.  To that end, some preliminary

     specifications have been developed which outline the space

     requirements of these three units.  An architect is now

     needed to translate these specifications into a structural

     plan with estimated construction costs.

     Dr. Crowley noted that there is some urgency in the funding

     for this project.  Dean Lou Mc Hardy has received encour-

     agement from private sources who are interested in finan-

     cially supporting the project.

     In addition, EPCE wishes to submit a proposal to the Kresge

     Foundation which supports selective renovation or construc-

     tion of facilities at Colleges and Universities through

     challenge grants.  A proposal for such a grant must be sub-

     mitted between January and March.

     Dr. Crowley reported that the College Inn Policy Committee

     feels that through combined efforts of EPCE and the Judicial

     Colleges, funding can be secured from foundations and pri-

     vate sources to finance the needed addition.  However, pro-

     posals cannot be written and interest generated until an

     architectural plan is completed.

     President Crowley requested approval from the Board to ap-

     point the architectural firm of Dolven and Larsen to develop

     plans for the renovation to be accomplished through private

     funding, and allocation of $10,000 from the Board of Regents

     Special Projects Account for development purposes, with this

     amount to be repaid from private funding when it becomes

     available.  Chancellor Baepler concurred.

     Mr. Ross moved approval.  Motion seconded by Miss Mason,

     carried without dissent.

27.  Change in Effective Date of Tuition Adjustment for Medical


     President Crowley recalled that at the October meeting the

     Board approved a change in the tuition to be assessed out-

     of-state medical school students not receiving WICHE support

     and made the change retroactive to the Fall semester, 1978.

     The recommendation for that effective date was based on the

     mistaken information that no substantial refunds would be

     necessary; however, Dr. Crowley reported that new informa-

     tion indicates that a number of Fall tuition payments have

     already been made from federal grants.  In order that UNR

     not be required to refund this tuition, he recommended that

     the effective date of the tuition change be established at

     the Fall semester, 1979.  Chancellor Baepler concurred.

     Dr. Anderson moved approval.  Motion by Mr. John Buchanan,

     carried without dissent.

Chairman Buchanan noted that this represented the last meeting

for Mr. John Buchanan and thanked him for his service to the

Board for the preceding four years.

Chairman Buchanan also noted the retirement of Dr. Fred Anderson

after 23 years as a member of the Board of Regents.  Dr.

Anderson's service was recognized by a standing ovation from the

Board, Officers, faculty and students present.

28.  New Business

     Miss Mason requested a report be submitted to the next meet-

     ing on the feasibility of an intercollegiate athletics pro-

     gram for Clark County Community College.

The meeting adjourned at 4:30 P.M.

                             Bonnie M. Smotony

                             Secretary to the Board