UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
December 1-2, 1950

Volume 6 - Pages 273-279

                    UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA
                       REGENTS MEETING
                     December 1-2, 1950

Regents Ross and Arentz and Regents-Elect Lombardi, Hardy and
Crumley, Mr. Hayden and President Love assembled in the Presi-
dent's office at 11:30 A.M. on December 1 for a general get-
acquainted meeting.  Mr. Springmeyer was also present.  Because
there was not a quorum present, the meeting was not called to
order and an informal discussion followed.

At 12:15 noon the group went to the University Dining Hall for
luncheon to which the Deans were also invited.

The meeting reassembled in the President's office at 1:45 P.M.
for further informal discussion on general University matters.

The regular meeting of the Board of Regents was called to order
by the Chairman at 9:15 A.M., Saturday, December 2, 1950, in
the President's office.  Present were Regents Sheerin, Arentz,
Ross; Regents-Elect Lombardi, Hardy, Crumley; Comptroller Hayden
and President Love.  Regent Hilliard was absent because of ill-
ness and Regent Cahlan was unable to attend.

Minutes of Previous Meeting

    Motion by Mr. Sheerin carried unanimously that the minutes
    of the meeting of October 27, 1950 which had been previously
    distributed, be approved as submitted by the Secretary, and
    that the reading thereof be dispensed with.


    Motion by Mr. Sheerin carried unanimously that the following
    claims, approved by the Executive Committee, be approved by
    the Board:

        Regents Checks Nos. 01-66 to 01-92 inclusive, for a
        total of $180,059.48.

        State Claims Nos. 01-100 to 01-135 inclusive, for a
        total of $102,630.21.

Mr. Springmeyer came into the meeting at 9:25 A.M.

President's Recommendations

1 - Bequest Forms

    The President discussed the desirability of adopting forms
    for bequests, trust, etc., so that they might be readily
    available for persons wishing to make such arrangements for
    gift to the University.

    Motion by Mr. Arentz carried unanimously that the forms, as
    presented by the President, be adopted, subject to the ap-
    proval of the Attorney General, for inclusion in the forth-
    coming catalogue.

                     FORM OF GENERAL BEQUEST

    I hereby give and bequeath to the Board of Regents, Univer-
    sity of Nevada situated at Reno, Nevada, and to their suc-
    cessors forever, for the use of said institution in fulfill-
    ment of its general corporate purposes _____________________
    (State here the sum of money desired to be given or describe
    the property or securities constituting the bequest.)


    I hereby give and bequeath to the Board of Regents, Univer-
    sity of Nevada situated at Reno, Nevada, and to their suc-
    cessors forever, in trust the sum of ________________________
    (State here the sum of money desired to be given or describe
    the property or securities constituting the bequest.)
    as an endowment to be known as the __________________________
    Endowment Fund, the same to be invested and the income used
    for _________________________________________________________
    (Indicate here the particular use for which the income from
    the bequest is to be used, or the particular interest or
    phase of the work of the institution which it is desired to

                        TESTAMENTARY TRUST

    In pursuance of the resolution and declaration of trust known
    as The Uniform Trust for Public Uses adopted by the _________
    (Here insert the name of the bank or trust company to act as
    on the _____________ day of ___________________ 19_____  (The
    correct date must be inserted.) and upon the terms and con-
    ditions therein expressed I give (devise) and bequeath to
    said corporation and its successors forever the sum of ______
    dollars to be held and administered as a (or otherwise des-
    cribe the gift) charitable trust (if desired add:) in memory
    of _________________________________ by whose name the fund
    shall be known to collect and pay over or apply the income
    arising therefrom to the Board of Regents, University of
    Nevada situated at Reno, Nevada, for the general corporate
    purposes of that institution (or name a particular corporate

    NOTE:  If the trust is not to be perpetual, continue after
           the words "for its general corporate purposes" with
           the following words or some modification thereof
           having approval of counsel as for example:

          "until in the opinion of its governing board, after
           ____________ years from the date of my death (or
           other date) its best interests shall require an ex-
           penditure of some part of the capital of the trust
           and then to apply or expend such portion (not to
           exceed __________ percent) thereof in such sums and
           for such corporate purposes as said governing board
           shall from time to time direct."

                           LIVING TRUST

    This indenture made this ___________ day of _________________
    19____, by and between ________________________ hereinafter
    referred to as the donor and ________________________________
    (Here insert the name of the bank or trust company to act as
    trustee.) hereinafter referred to as the trustee,


    That said donor desiring to dedicate certain funds to public
    usefulness has this day given and in consideration of the
    covenants and agreements therein contained hereby gives,
    grants, conveys and delivers to said trustee and its succes-
    sors forever, and the said trustee for itself and its suc-
    cessors accepts the following securities, money and property
    with proper supplemental transfers where necessary to pass
    title, viz:  ________________________________________________
    (Here enumerate or refer to schedule attached.)
    and agrees to accept approved additions thereto and to hold
    and administer such gift or gifts as a charitable trust under
    the resolution and declaration of trust known as The Uniform
    Trust for Public Uses adopted by said trustee on the ________
    day of _____________ 19_____ to collect and pay over or apply
    the income arising therefrom to the Board of Regents, Uni-
    versity of Nevada situated at Reno, Nevada, for the general
    corporate purposes of that institution (or name a particular
    corporate purpose).  (See Note on preceding page.)  (Here may
    follow a reservation of income for life, a power to revoke,
    or other clauses having approval of counsel.)

    In Witness Whereof, the donor aforesaid has subscribed and
    delivered these presents and the said trustee has by its
    proper officer executed the same and received the same money
    securities and property the day and year first above mention-

                             ___________________________ Donor.
                             (Bank or Trust Company)

                             By _________________________________

2 - Building Program

    The President presented a statement of building needs for the
    University which he recommended for inclusion in the 6-year
    plan of the State Planning Board.

    Motion by Mr. Sheerin carried unanimously that the list, as
    follows, be approved in principle, with the understanding
    that changes can be made from time to time, if desired, be-
    cause of changing conditions.

                      December 1, 1950

        Report on 6-year plan to be published by the State Plan-
        ning Board.


        Agriculture Biological Science Building         $594,455
        Engineering Addition                             135,450
        Greenhouse                                        13,500


        Student Union Building - State Funds            $250,000
                                 Outside Funds           250,000
        Remodel Old Electrical Engineering Building
            for Home Economics                            33,600
        Grounds Around New Buildings                      25,000


        Classroom Building                              $350,000
        Men's Dormitories                                394,320
        Grounds                                           25,000
        Corporation Yards and Shops                       20,000

3 - Newlands Experimental Farm

    The President reported on the action of the U. S. Department
    of Agriculture in deeding the Newlands Experimental Farm at
    Fallon in fee simple to the State of Nevada, for the use and
    benefit of the University of Nevada.  A letter of acceptance
    by the University has been written.

    Motion by Mr. Arentz carried unanimously that the action of
    the President in accepting the Farm be approved.

Reporter Jean Mc Bride came into the meeting at 9:30 A.M. and
remained until noon.

4 - Athletic Field

    Mr. Wooster, on behalf of Reno High School, has suggested
    that the High School would like to consider rental of Mackay
    Athletic Field for their football games, rather than to con-
    struct a stadium of their own.

    Motion by Mr. Arentz carried unanimously that the Board go
    on record as favoring the plan and that the President be
    authorized to continue further negotiations with Reno High
    School concerning financial and other arrangements, and that
    when a satisfactory agreement has been reached, it be sub-
    mitted to the Board of Regents for approval.

5 - Policy

    Continuing item 1 of the President's Recomendations of the
    meeting of October 27, 1950, mimeographed copies of "Ideas
    and Suggestions Concerning Policy and Principle" had been
    mailed to the Regents, and were distributed to the faculty.
    These were discussed with the administrative group and on
    November 27, a general faculty meeting was held at which
    time members of the faculty were given opportunity for
    general discussion in an open meeting.

    Motion by Mr. Arentz carried unanimously that the Regents
    approve the President's "Ideas and Suggestions Concerning
    Policy and Principle" as the basis for the establishment
    of policy at the University of Nevada.

6 - Student Fees

    The general subject of student laboratory fees was discussed
    and it was the unanimous opinion that study should be given
    to some standardization of fees, taking into consideration
    costs of materials purchased and the comparative costs of
    conducting various laboratory courses, with a view of equal-
    izing fees charged by the different Departments.

    Motion by Mr. Arentz carried unanimously that student fees be
    studied with a view to establishing a limited number of in-
    creases in keeping with increased cost of laboratory supplies
    and services.

Reporter Burns came into the meeting at 11:10 A.M. and remained
until noon.

7 - Athletic Policy

    The President explained the procedure in arriving at the pro-
    posed athletic policy.  10 items adopted at the July meeting
    of the Regents were considered basic and were used in the
    construction of the proposed tentative policy.  Meetings were
    held with the administrative group of the Campus, Board of
    Athletic Control, Alumni, general faculty, Faculty Eligibil-
    ity Committee, students, coaches and all have approved it.

    Motion by Mr. Sheerin carried unanimously that the athletic
    policy be adopted as a tentative policy and that it be made
    a part of the record the meeting of this date, as follows:


      I - That a New Board of Athletic Control be established
          with the following composition, responsibility and
          method of appointment:

          (A)  Two Alumni members appointed by and to represent
               the Alumni Executive Committee; Two faculty mem-
               bers to represent the faculty (the method of ap-
               pointment to be left to the discretion of the
               faculty); Two students to be elected by the Stu-
               dent Body as specified in the Associated Students
               of the University of Nevada Constitution and to
               represent the Associated Students; the Comptrol-
               ler of the University of Nevada; the Chairman
               of this Board to be elected by the members of the
               Board from year to year.

     II - This 7-man Board of Athletic Control will have juris-
          diction over intercollegiate athletics subject to the
          approval of the policy and appointments by the Presi-
          dent and the Board of Regents.

          (A)  Policy

               1.  Plans will be developed on the basis of an
                   attempt to continue playing schools of similar
                   caliber to those we have been playing in the
                   past few years.

               2.  It is the hope of the University of Nevada to
                   cooperate with such schools in our area in the
                   organization of a conference.

               3.  The program of athletics on the Campus will
                   include a definite commitment to a Freshman
                   program and will be based on the expectation
                   that we will have men competing on our team
                   who will be spending 4 years in the Univer-
                   sity.  In other words, our basic plan will
                   not place undue emphasis upon the use of
                   transfer students for building our teams.

               4.  While we will continue to accept students
                   from outside the State, we will put a definite
                   emphasis upon attracting Nevada high school

               5.  Intercollegiate athletics are to be consider-
                   ed as a desirable part of the University pro-
                   gram and will be integrated into the total
                   University program.

          (B)  Appointments

               1.  The staff of the Intercollegiate Athletics
                   Department will be selected in the same way
                   that faculty members are selected.  They will
                   be expected to participate in our total Uni-
                   versity program just as others participate
                   and will be expected to accept and support the
                   general statements of policy that have been
                   approved by the Board of Regents for the Uni-
                   versity.  At some future time it is hoped
                   that this will result in a faculty relation-
                   ship on the part of this staff which will not
                   differentiate it from the rest of the faculty
                   members, they will have a part and will par-
                   ticipate in the regular University program.

               2.  The duties of the staff of the Athletic De-
                   partment will be broad in nature and will be
                   defined as covering a positive relationship
                   to the needs of students on the Campus, in-
                   cluding the maintenance of high ideals, a
                   regard for definite statements which will
                   lead to training programs for those students,
                   and a positive attitude toward the educa-
                   tional program.  Duties will include a posi-
                   tive program in the area of public relations
                   and the acceptance of the general understand-
                   ing that public relations is not a personal
                   right, but an all-University concern and,
                   therefore, that any statements or releases
                   to the Press will be made in accordance with
                   University policy.

    III - (A)  A Faculty Eligibility Committee of not less than
               5 members be set up.  This Committee will be ap-
               pointed in the same manner as all Faculty Stand-
               ing Committees, i. e., recommended by the Admin-
               istrative Council and approved for appointments
               by the President of the University.

          (B)  The Duties of the Committee shall be:

               1.  To certify the eligibility of all students
                   participating in extra-curricular activies,
                   intercollegiate athletics included.  Students
                   who participate in athletics must meet en-
                   trance requirements, etc.

               2.  To check on and to report to academic Deans
                   and the Director of the particular extra-
                   curricular activity those students who, in
                   the Committee's opinion, are endangering their
                   scholastic record by reason of participation
                   in extra-curricular activities, intercollegi-
                   ate athletics included.

               3.  To report their actions to the President.

               4.  To recommend to the President from time to
                   time such changes and improvements as are

               5.  To elect its Chairman and to draw up Bylaws
                   which shall govern the Committee, said Bylaws
                   to be approved by the President, and the Board
                   of Regents.

          (C)  The rules of the Pacific Coast Conference which
               have been printed this year and then as modified
               by our Eligibility Committee will be applied to
               determine a student's eligibility.  These regula-
               tions will have, as their basic purpose, to see
               to it that students who participate in athletics
               are in College for the purpose of receiving an
               education rather than primarily to play in inter-
               collegiate athletics.  The following present 5
               basic assumptions of academic eligibility on
               which the rules are constructed.

               1.  Students will meet the entrance requirements
                   of the University.

               2.  Students who participate in athletics like
                   all other students are subject to the rules
                   and regulations of the University which deal
                   with probation and suspension.

               3.  Students participating in athletics will be
                   required to carry 12 hours of work during the
                   time they are participating in the program.

               4.  In order to be eligible to participate, stu-
                   dents will be required to have passed 10 hours
                   their previous semester.

               5.  A student on scholastic probation is entitled
                   to participate in extra-curricular activities
                   including intercollegiate athletics.

     IV - (A)  That raising of funds for grants-in-aid and em-
               ployment compensation for athletes be delegated
               to the Alumni Association of the University of

          (B)  That funds for grants-in-aid and employment com-
               pensation to athletes be received and disbursed
               by the University of Nevada through the Comptrol-
               ler's office upon recommendation of the Director
               of Athletics and the approval of the Board of
               Athletic Control.

          (C)  This Board will establish standards of merit and
               qualifications on the basis of which athletic
               scholarships will be granted.

               1.  These awards will be made to students because
                   they have outstanding athletic ability as one
                   of the qualifications.

               2.  Personal conduct, personal standards, main-
                   tenance of academic standing, participation
                   as an all-around student in the University
                   program and the acceptance of the spirit of
                   the University of Nevada will be other
                   qualifications that will be required.

               3.  It is the belief of this Board that students
                   who come to the University of Nevada should
                   be granted scholarship help whenever such
                   scholarship funds can be obtained, but that
                   the men who receive scholarships in the area
                   of athletics must have the attitude that such
                   aid has been extended to them in order that
                   they might attend College rather than on the
                   basis of the assumption that they are being
                   paid for playing in athletics.

          (D)  We will expect the students in our athletic pro-
               gram to be so completely interested in the educa-
               tional program and in the total University program
               that they will accept willingly standards set up
               for eligibility, citizenship and the training pro-
               cedures required for athletic participation.

The Board recessed at 12 noon for luncheon in the University Din-
ing Hall.

The recessed meeting was called to order at 1 P.M. with all those
present who were at the morning meeting, with the exception of
the reporters.

Financial Problems

    Financial problems relating to the athletic program were dis-
    cussed at length.

    Motion by Mr. Arentz carried unanimously that the President
    be authorized to proceed with the current athletic program,
    including the minor sports, and incur whatever indebtedness
    may be involved in so doing, until the January meeting of
    the Board, at which time a decision will be reached as to
    plans for the athletic program in the future.

    Mr. Ross, in voting "aye", stated that he did so with the
    provision that the action of the Board in continuing the
    athletic program, does not admit the University's liability
    in the matter of the Coach's salary.

A Thank You letter was read from the Home Furniture Company
thanking the University for its help in the recent flood in al-
lowing the use of Mackay Stadium for drying carpets.

Mr. Sheerin, this being his last meeting during his term of of-
fice, thanked President Love, Mr. Hayden and Mr. Ross and other
members of the Board for their many courtesies to him during his
service as a member of the Board.  He praised Mr. Ross for his
sense of fairness and his patience in presiding over the meet-
ings of the Board.  Mr. Sheerin promised his support to the Uni-
versity, though retiring from the Board of Regents.  He stated
that he felt the Regents had made a fine choice in the new Pres-
ident and expressed confidence in the future of the University
with the Regents and the President working together.  Mr. Ross
expressed the thanks of the Board to Mr. Sheerin for his fine
and loyal service as a Regent.

The next meeting was set for 10 A.M., Friday, January 12, 1951.