UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
December 1-2, 1913

Volume OD - Page 492

                         Reno, Nevada
                       December 1, 1913

The Finance Committee met in the President's Office at 3:00 P.M.,
December 1, 1913.

There were present Regent Codd (Chairman), Reid, O'Brien; Presi-
dent Stubbs, and C. H. Gorman, Acting Secretary.

Moved by Dr. Reid, seconded by Mr. O'Brien, that the resignation
of P. B. Kennedy as Head of the Department of Botany, Horticul-
ture and Forestry be accepted, subject to ratification by the
Board of Regents, to take effect January 1, 1914.  Carried.

Moved by Dr. Reid that a committee consisting of J. C. Scrugham
and C. H. Gorman be appointed to investigate the matter of oil
burners and oils and report to the Board as soon as possible.

Moved by Dr. Reid, seconded by Mr. O'Brien, that a leave of ab-
sence be granted President Stubbs, same to be confirmed at regu-
lar meeting of the Board.  Carried.

Moved that we require a statement from Mr. Eickbush certifying
that the work of the Savage Plumbing and Heating Company in the
Dairy building is complete and in keeping with the statement from
the architect.  Seconded and carried.

Moved that $100 be paid to Messrs. Freidhoff and Hoeffel for
change from stone to brick in Dairy building when approved by
Mr. Eickbush.  Seconded and carried.

Adjourned to meet at the call of the Chairman.

                             H. E. Reid

C. H. Gorman
Assistant Secretary