UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
December 1-2, 1881


Volume OA - Page 156


                     December 1, 1881

Board of Regents met at their Office.  Present:  J. S. Mayhugh

and T. W. Stone.

Bills allowed:

    Charles Gardner     Janitor for November              $ 15.00

    James Penrod        Cutting wood                        17.25

    Thomas Van Drilen   5 cent wood                         35.00

    Brown & Gooding                                         60.50

    Payne & Fernald     Wood & lumber                       67.80

    Thompson & West     Work in their History of Nevada    180.00



The Board not having heard how the funds ordered transferred

from U. S. Bonds to Nevada Bonds on September 30th had been made,

ordered that Mr. Mayhugh should visit Carson for the purpose of

ascertaining the facts.

Board adjourned.

                             T. W. Stone