UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
November 30, 1994


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November 30, 1994

The Board of Regents met for a Regents' Workshop on November 30,

1994 in the Conference Room, Desrt Research Institute, 755 E.

Flamingo Road, Las Vegas.

Members present: Dr. James Eardley, Chairman

Mrs. Shelley Berkley

Dr. Jill Derby

Mr. Joseph M. Foley

Mrs. Dorothy S. Gallagher

Mr. Madison Graves, II

Mrs. Nancy Price

Mrs. Carolyn Sparks

Members absent: Dr. Lonnie Hammargren

Mr. Daniel J. Klaich

Mrs. June F. Whitley

Others present: Chancellor Richard S. Jarvis

Regent-Elect Mark Alden

Regent-Elect David Phillips

Secretary Mary Lou Moser

Chairman Eardley stated the purpose of the workshop was for an

informal discussion with Chancellor Richard Jarvis on roles for

Regents, the Chancellor and staff, and Presidents, and issues

within the System. Following is a compilation of issues put

forth by Regents:


Chancellor is the CEO of the System.

Spend more time in Southern Nevada

Must have high visibility

Presidents report to the Chancellor; Chancellor evaluates

Presidents and makes recommendations to the Board.

Chancellor must provide a strong presentation to the


Chancellor is the spokesperson for the UCCSN.


Board meeting agendas:

Address policy issues only; remove administrative


Agendas are too long

Discussions should center around issues, missions,

vision for System

Introduce problem/issue; provide background/give

alternatives for solving

Evaluation of Presidents:

Chancellor to evaluate Presidents

Chancellor to establish procedure

Share procedure/measurements with Board, Presidents

Provide opportunity for feedback

Set schedule for evaluations


One person thought they might be unconsitutional;

believes they alter Board decisions and remove

priority setting from the Board

Need review of how they are established

Foundations have been very helpful for institutions

Approved new guidelines, which will increase ef-

ficiency/perceptions of foundations


Vital for UCCSN

Review and update policy on Administrators

returning to faculty

Explanation of "faculty workload"; public perception

Explanation of missions ; teaching, research, public

service, scholarship

Need to look at what the faculty is producing, not

the numbers of credits/hours, etc.


Student assessments


Student Assistance programs

Chancellor and staff

Board not given enough information on issues

Regents feel they are "blindsided" on some issues

Need more control of staff

Who approves legal fees?

Process for information/policies to be forwarded to

faculty -- Administrators need to communicate

with faculty


Board needs to be involved in setting priorities

Need to listen to one another

Regents need to respect one another

Better definition of Regent role

Need to work as a team

Better communication between Chancellor/Regents

Need to work on public perception of Board/insti-


Need to be more pro-active

Need better communications within the System

Media relations

Chancellor is spokesperson for System; Chairman

for Board

Need workshop for Board/Presidents

Need for positive stories

Regent workshops for discussion purposes

Continue this process

Legislative Liaison Committee

Chancellor is spokesperson

Chancellor and Presidents to lead presentations

Regents' committee not needed, if strong CEO

Chairman Eardley stated he has had several meetings with Chan-

cellor Jarvis and asked him to discuss his plans with the Board:

It has been an extraordinary 5 weeks

Had visited most of the Campuses; visits have been good;

there are many exciting things going on

Aware of need for Press/media relationships

Chancellor's Office

Chancellor is staff to Regents; rest of System Adminis-

tration is staff to Chancellor

Chancellor's job is to manage

There will be short/long term changes made

Next six-months will make short-term changes

More changes after legislative session

Will evaluate staff

Will review Code/policies


Workload: Information at this meeting; System

report/procedures in January

Exceptions report will be forthcoming

Administrators returning to faculty: Concepts at

this meeting; policies in January

Agendas: Too complicated. Will be on-going project

until new system worked out

A number of items traditionally brought to Board

are institution prerogatives; i. e., tenure/



Backlog of unserved students in this State

Crisis in Nevada

Southern part of State very much under served

by higher education

Growth, and the demands of that growth, must be



Always will have problems; always have to deal

with transfer students

If System meets needs of growth in State, the

demand will shift loads, and particularly

for the Community Colleges

Would like to implement a "Transfer Bill of

Rights" for students in the System

Board puts in an unbelievable amount of time

Media Relations

Will meet with editorial boards

Have begun building relationships with reports

Pre-emptive announcements on Campuses:

Will discuss this with Presidents

Often Chancellor/staff are not informed by

Campuses and learn of issue from media


Chancellor and Presidents will make presentations

Presidents working well together; outstanding group

Regents will be called as needed; this not an organized

role for Board

Students and alumni will be called upon for assistance

Advocacy will not stop with the Session

Further topics for discussion were offered:

What is higher education?

Differences between Community Colleges and Universities

Broader discussion on foundations; appreciate critical role

they play

Long-range plan for higher education in Nevada

A discussion was held on the policy statements on Principles

and Ethical Considertations of the Board.

Board makes decisions for the Board; not individual members

Chairman is spokesperson for the Board

Should not respond to Press on agenda items until the Board

has met and discussed/taken action

There are times with a general issue when the public is

entitled to have a comment from Regents

Individual answers to media questions will reflect on all

members of the Board

Workshop on media relations will be held and Presidents

will be invited to attend

The workshop adjourned at 6:45 P.M.

Mary Lou Moser