UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
November 30, 1925

Volume OE - Page 448

                         Reno, Nevada
                      November 30, 1925

The Committee of the Board of Regents, consisting of Mr. Pratt,
Mrs. Williams and Judge Talbot, met at 9 o'clock in the morning
of Monday, November 30th, in the Office of President Clark.

On motion of Judge Talbot, List No. 12, Regents Checks Nos. 5117
to 5131, for the net sum of $54,509.49, and List No. 11, State
Claims, Nos. 114 to 123, for the net sum of $32,834.53, were
approved.  Vote:

    Mrs. Williams        Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Judge Talbot         Aye

Judge Talbot moved that the expenditure of $300 be authorized
for 85 copies of the 1926 Artemisia, payment to be made on de-
livery of these Artemisias to the President's Office.  Vote:

    Mrs. Williams        Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Judge Talbot         Aye

On the recommendation of President Clark, and at the request of
Director Doten, Judge Talbot moved that Miss Matilda Marshall
be employed as clerk in Mr. Headley's Farm Development work in
the Nevada Agricultural Experiment Station, at a compensation
of $125 per month, effective January 1, 1926.  Vote:

    Mrs. Williams        Aye
    Mr. Pratt            Aye
    Judge Talbot         Aye

The above item is to be approved by Mr. Williams and Mrs. Hood
before being formally recorded in the minutes.

President Clark read portions of Mr. Brickham's report on the
heating problem and gave to Mr. Pratt a copy of the report.

Adjourned to meet December 19th at 9 o'clock, with understanding
that Mr. Pratt, Mrs. Hood and Mrs. Williams, the Executive Com-
mittee, would be present.  Mrs. Williams might be in Virginia
City but would come down for the meeting.  Judget Talbot is to
come if he is in Reno at that time.

                             Walter E. Pratt

Carolyn M. Beckwith