UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
November 30, 1895


Volume OC - Pages 85-88

Reno, Nevada

November 30, 1895

The Board of Regents met at their Office on Saturday, November

30, 1895 at 10:30 A.M. Present: W. E. F. Deal, H. L. Fish and

H. S. Starrett.

Minutes of September 28 were read and with the following change,

"All students who have not been vaccinated be required to be

vaccinated and those who have been must furnish a Certificate

of some Physician in good standing, claiming that they have been

vaccinated within the past five years", stand approved as read.

W. E. F. Deal offered the following resolution which was carried:

WHEREAS Richard Ryland, the Contractor, has been and will be

delayed in completing the Boys Dormitory building without

fault on his part, and three weeks more time will be neces-

sary to complete his contract.

RESOLVED, that the time of completion and delivery of said

building to the Board of Regents be extended to December 21,


Mr. H. B. Rule appeared before the Board in behalf of Scheeline &

Osborne Agents, regarding insurance on University property, and

on motion of Regent Deal, seconded by Regent Starrett, the Secre-

tary of the Board was instructed to offer them the following


$ 318.00 Expiring December 7, 1895 on 18 Rifles Ordinance

and Accoutrements in the name of the United States

of America in the Aetna Insurance Co.

$4000.00 in the Aetna Insurance Co. expiring December 9, 1895

on Stewart Hall building, all for three years at a

rate not to exceed 1%, the last two policies in the

name of the State of Nevada.

The President of the University made a report as follows:

Finances. Agricultural College Fund will be even in about

3 months. Experiment Station Fund about even. Contingent

University Fund overdrawn about $4500.00, which can be re-

duced monthly for about $350.00 for the next 13 months.

On motion of Regent Deal, it was ordered that no student be

admitted to the University hereafter, without the production of

a Certificate from some Physician in good standing to the effect

that the applicant for admission has been vaccinated within five

years from the time of application.

On the recommendation of President Stubbs, it was ordered that

in entering the University and thereafter at the beginning of

each term, each student will be required to pay a deposit term

fee of $50.00, out of which all damage to University property

by students shall be made good. Whatever remains of said deposit

fee at the end of the term, shall be returned to the student.

President Stubbs reported that a case of smallpox had broken out

at one of the Boys Room at Whitaker Hall and that after consulta-

tion with the President of the Board and the State Board of

Health, decided to take every precaution to keep it from spread-

ing and placed all students at Whitaker in quarantine.

The President of the University was authorized to ask Contractors

and Builders to present sealed bids for the "Annex" to the

Mechanical building, according to plans and specifications now

on file in his Office, to the Secretary to the Board of Regents

on or before Wednesday, December 4th at 7:30 P.M., at the Office

of the Board, the bidders to be notified that when making esti-

mates, that the Regents will make a contract, provided they have

secured at the time of opening bids sufficient money to warrant

them in letting the contract to build said Annex.

On motion of Regent Starrett, the bill of J. M. Mc Cormack was

laid over until the next regular meeting of the Board.

Claims for the month were allowed as follows:

Agricultural and Mechanical College Fund

Salaries Profs & instr. 1511.67

Geo. H. Taylor 1.25


Insurance Fund of Agricultural and Mechanical College

W. J. Westerfield Transfer Fund 1500.00

Geo. H. Taylor Freight bill 15.52


Contingent University Fund

Salaries Prof & instr. 494.16

Salaries Mining Lab 62.50

Salaries Secty Board 25.00

Salaries Janitors 102.00

Student labor 78.84

Salaries Janitors 50.00

F. M. Linscott 8.00

Reno Mercantile Co. 153.85

Reno Mill & Lumber Co. 15.00

John Taylor & Co. 24.15

C. J. Praaline 12.70

Schreiber & Holberg 11.00

Reno Water & L Co. 50.00

J. E. Stubbs 15.40

Richard Brown 31.10

Nevada Bell Telephone Company 2.50

Geo. H. Taylor 4.75

C. E. Clough 38.00

W. J. Westerfield 3.00


Library Fund

Hicks Judd Co. 7.23

Library Bureau 59.10

Geo. H. Taylor 8.43


Building Fund, Boys Dormitory

John Barrett Cutting stone 260.00

Cala Electrical Works Wiring 144.00


Building Fund, Girls Dormitory

Adams & Holmes 310.05

Adams & Holmes Assigned to Mc Cormack 100.00

Frank Peacock 8.45


No further business appearing, the Board adjourned.

H. L. Fish


Geo. H. Taylor