UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
November 30, 1889

Volume OB - Page 91

                      Reno, Nevada
                   November 30, 1889

At a regular meeting of the Board of Regents held this day there
were present Regents Fish and George.

Minutes of meeting held November 2nd, 4th, and 5th, were read
and approved.

Claims for the month were approved as follows:

         Le Roy D. Brown                Salary           166.66
         W. Mc N. Miller                Salary           166.66
         H. K. Clapp                    Salary           125.00
         K. N. T. Kupper      Oct.      Salary           154.16
         K. N. T. Kupper      Nov.      Salary           154.16
         W. B. Daugherty                Salary            75.00
         A. C. Ducat, Jr.               Salary            50.00
         Geo. H. Taylor                 Salary            25.00
         S. G. Kendall                  Salary            75.00
         R. D. Jackson                  Salary           150.00
         Reno Water Co.      Sept, Oct, Nov.              50.00
         Alice E. Mac Elroy             Saly.             25.00
         W. O. H. Martin                Misc.              7.50
         D. Appleton & Co.              Books             27.50
         Mauvais Music Store            Music              8.40
         Burke Bros.                    New Building    2500.00
                                    Total              $3760.04

The Secretary was instructed to notify the faculty of an order
passed November 4th relative to purchases of supplies and books
for the Library.

On motion, the Board adjourned subject to the call of the

                             E. T. George

Geo. H. Taylor