UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
November 30, 1875

Volume OA - Page 107

                        State Land Office

                          Carson, Nevada

                        November 30, 1875

The Board of Regents met at the call of the President.  Present:
Alfred Helm, C. C. Stevenson and W. C. Dovey.

The minutes of the preceding meeting were read and approved.

On motion, the following described bills were allowed:

    W. A. Jones         Clearing grounds of sagebrush    $  10
    C. C. Tracey        Tracing boundaries of grounds       10
    John Miller         Making well at Dormitory            25
    George Farmer       Janitor, Sept & Oct, 1875           40
    Garbutt & Lake      2nd payment on Dormitory & fence  2000

On motion, the Board adjourned to meet at the call of the Presi-

                             Alfred Helm

Sylvester H. Day