UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
November 28-29, 1891


Volume OB - Pages 156-158

Reno, Nevada

November 28, 1891

At a meeting of the Board of Regents held this day, a full Board

being present, also the President of the University, the follow-

ing business was transacted.

Minutes of the meeting held October 31 read and approved.

On motion of Governor Colcord, seconded by J. W. Haines, the

request of the faculty regarding the University Register for

1892 was granted and the same to be submitted to the Board at

the regular meeting the last of February.

Inasmuch as the State Mining Laboratory is now finished and furn-

ished, it is hereby ordered that Professor Jackson be required

to immediately proceed to perform the work required of him in his

position as Principal of said Laboratory and it is further order-

ed that Professor J. W. Phillips be required to assist as far as

possible in his Department in carrying out the work of said Lab-

oratory as required by the statute.

On motion of J. W. Haines, it was ordered that Mr. Brown be

instructed to construct as many alcoves in Mining Laboratory

building as the President of the University considered necessary

for present use.

Nothing further appearing, the Board adjourned to meet at 7:30

P.M. at the Office of the First National Bank of Reno.

November 28, 1891

7:30 P.M.

An adjourned meeting of the Board was held at the Office of

the First National Bank, all members of the Board being present

except J. W. Haines.

Claims were allowed against the Contingent University Fund.

Mary W. Emery 154.16

Mrs. Schulke 40.00

S. G. Kendall 75.00

Donald Mc Kay 75.00

Geo. H. Taylor 25.00

S. C. Durkee 15.00

J. W. Haines 51.00

Reno Mill & Lumber Co. 243.14

Charles Bryant 47.50

J. Helfer 17.25

Geo. Holesworth 48.00

James Paterson 16.00

E. May 36.75

S. May 42.00

Charles Newquist 47.50

John F. Aitken 6.00

W. O. H. Martin 4.60

C. A. Thurston 19.25

Robert Lewers 42.65

R. N. Smith 175.00

Subtotal $1,222.80

Laboratory Fund

W. O. H. Martin 52.50

Geo. A. Booth 89.50

E. C. Sessions 91.00

Samuel Durkee 12.00

Subtotal $1,467.80

Claims were also allowed to be paid from the Agricultural

College Fund as follows:

J. W. Phillips 150.00

J. M. Neall 150.00

Robert Lewers 150.00

S. A. Jones 216.66

W. Mc N. Miller 166.66

R. D. Jackson 166.66

Henry Thurtell 150.00

T. W. Cowgill 150.00

H. K. Clapp 100.00

Richard Brown 125.00

Geo. H. Taylor 77.71

U. S. Army & Naval Journal 6.00

A. H. Smythe 13.37

C. J. Brooking 18.50

E. B. Hancock 100.00

G. Haskins 92.00

James Paterson 80.00

Gus Lundberg 62.50

Charles Sehn 65.00

Crane Company 5.00

Falsom Mills 48.75

Reno Mill & Lumber Co. 143.36

Bausch & Lomb Optical 114.23

Gladding W. Beauka 66.75

John Taylor & Co. 208.45

A. A. Manning 530.17

Saul Carson Co. 125.90

Total $3,347.67

No further business appearing, the Board adjourned to meet

January 2, 1892.

E. T. George


Geo. H. Taylor