UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
November 27-28, 1894


Volume OC - Pages 48-50

Reno, Nevada

November 27, 1894

The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Regents was held at

their Office in the Dormitory building on Tuesday the 27th day

of November 1984, at 9:30 A.M. Present: J. W. Haines, C. E.

Mack and H. L. Fish, also the President of the University.

Minutes of previous meeting read and approved.

President Stubbs read his monthly report dealing at length with

the following subjects:

1. The Secretary's financial statement showing the balance

on hand in the several funds on November 1 and amount

classes allowed this day.

2. The enrollment of student at thus is 223. The order and

spirit of the student has been good. The progression of

course of study by the General Special Committee of the

faculty is well advanced, and the detail report will be

submitted to you at your next meeting. General assembly

has been well maintained.

3. The President has given two University Extension

lectures in Carson in the past month. Class now

numbers 104. The President believes that this Depart-

ment can be made a valuable department to the University

in the coming years.

4. University price of raising means to build and equip a

Gymnasium and Armory has been put on file. There will

be changes in the Management of the Boarding Hall

sometime in December.

5. Recommends that the Board of Regents ask the

Legislature to provide the following appropriations:

Contingent University-Fund 30,000

For a Boys Hall 25,000

For a Girls Cottage 10,000

Library 1,000

Additional lawn on the West Side 3,000

of campus grounds

Total 69,000

6. That the President be authorized to make use of one page

of the Student Record and pay Five Dollars a month for


7. That the Regents consider the advisability of building a

President's Residence on the University grounds in the

near future.

8. That the Regents invite the Governor, Governor elect and

newly elected Regents and Attorney General elect with

the Board to their December session to consider all

questions which the Board of Regents may wish to submit

to the Legislature.

Signed J. E. Stubbs, President

On motion, the recommendation of President Stubbs, relative to

appropriations to be asked for by the Regents for the next two

years. Approved.

On motion, the recommendation of President Stubbs relative to a

course of study in Domestic Economy be established as soon the

funds would permit, was approved.

On motion, the President was authorized to make use of one page,

the Student Record paying 5.00 a month for said.

On motion, the Secretary was instructed to invite the Governor,

Governor Elect, Attorney General elect, and Regents elect to

meet with the Board at their December session to consider all

questions which the Board may wish to submit to the Legislature.

Salaries were presented and allowed as follows:

Contingent University Fund

November Pay Roll Saly afc 389.16

November Pay Roll Labor afc 61.10

Mrs. H. Pratt 50.10

Conel Transfer Co. 4.00

Reno Water Co. 6.60

J. F. Aitken 25.00

S. J. Hodgekinson 5.85

F. Lenz & Bros. 22.15

Student Record 5.00

Total 568.96

Mining Laboratory Fund

November Salaries 195.00

A. P. Mack 3.85

John F. Aitken 33.00

Reno M. & L. Co. 4.80

John Taylor Co. 23.29

Total 259.94

AG & Mechl College Fund

Nov Salary Roll 1681.67

A. A. Manning 42.43

W. O. H. Martin 46.93

Henry Neil Chemical Co 51.90

Reno Mill Co. 23.88

G. W. Alexander .70

Geo. H. Taylor 50.90

Payot Upham & Co. Appd 20.00

W. Daxey Appd 10.69

Journal of Commerce Co Appd 2.00

Geo. W. Taylor Appd 3.50

Total 1934.60

No further business business appearing, the Board adjourned to

meet Thursday, December 20, 1894.

H. L. Fish


Geo. W. Taylor