UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes

November 26-27, 1938 

Volume 5 - Pages 229-234

                       REGENTS MEETING
                      November 26, 1938

The Board of Regents met at the University at 9:30 A.M. Saturday,
November 26, 1938.  Chairman Ross, Mr. Williams and Judge Brown
of the Board and Dr. Hartman were present.  Absent:  Dr. Olmsted
and Mr. Wingfield.

On motion of Judge Brown, the minutes of September 24 & 27 were
approved and the acts of the Executive Committee of October 27
and November 1 were confirmed and ratified.

Dr. Hartman read a letter from Principal Wooster of Reno High
School in which Mr. Wooster asked if Mackay Field might be avail-
able for a possible high school football contest December 3 be-
tween the Reno and Las Vegas High School teams.

If the field is not in use by University players at that time,
the Board is willing to grant Mr. Wooster's request.  Dr. Hartman
is to check with Mr. Martie on this.

Dr. Hartman reported that he had secured Dr. Samuel B. Batdorf
to be Instructor in Physics at $1440 for academic year 1938-39
to be paid in 9 equal monthly installments beginning November 1,
1938.  Dr. Batdorf began work October 3rd.  All 3 of his de-
grees are from the University of California:  the B. A. in 1934,
the M. A. in 1936 and the Ph. D. in 1938.

Dr. Hartman read thank you letters from Dean Traner for flowers,
from Dr. Adams for freedom from responsibility and from Presi-
dents of 7 Land-Grant Colleges thanking the Board for the serv-
ices of Dr. Creel during the past year.

Dr. Hartman read a letter from Governor Kirman expressing his
approval of the retirement of Dr. Clark on a salary of $1800 per

Dr. Hartman read a letter from one Norma Baker commending Coaches
Dashiell and Keller.

On recommendation of Professor Sutherland, approved by Dr. Hart-
man, Judge Brown moved that Fred Collins be advanced in rank from
Instructor to Assistant Professor of Economics, Business and
Sociology, effective at once, with no increase in pay.  Carried

Dr. Wood's request that he be permitted to employ a full-time
Instructor in Mathematics for the year 1939-40 at not to exceed
$1600 for the year was approved by Dr. Hartman.  Mr. Williams
moved the granting of this request.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

The recommendation of Professor Hill that the rank of Eva Adams
be advanced from Assistant to Instructor in English, with some
increase in salary, was approved by Dr. Hartman who suggested the
salary be advanced from $1000 to $1200 per year, effective Janu-
ary 1, 1939.

Mr. Ross moved that these advances be granted Miss Adams as
specified above.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Dr. Hartman read Dr. Gianella's letter asking for a Board ruling
on whether or not he should, while a member of the Mackay School
of Mines staff, be permitted to engage in professional work on
the side.  The Board feels this is amply covered in the Regula-
tions of the University, Chapter XIV, Outside Service:  No full-
time member of the instructional force of the University shall,
during the University session, be employed in any outside work
for which added compensation will be accepted, except with the
approval of the President of the University and of the Board of

Dr. Wood recommends the election of Merton Davies (B. A., Stan-
ford) as Assistant in Mathematics for the 2nd semester of the
year 1938-39, at a stipend of $425, to be paid in 5 equal monthly
installments.  Dr. Hartman approves this recommendation.  Author-
ity was granted for this at the September 24th meeting.

Judge Brown moved that Dr. Davies be elected under the above
conditions.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Dr. Hartman recommended an advance of $300 per year in the salary
of Dr. Sigmund Leifson of the Physics Department, to be effective
from and after January 1, 1939.

Mr. Ross moved this advance be granted Dr. Leifson.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Dr. Hartman presented the request of Miss Mack that she be per-
mitted to attend the meeting of the Deans of Women in Cleveland
next February, without expense to the University.  Judge Brown
suggested that the Board would be willing to pay her rail and
Pullman transportation.

Mr. Williams moved that Miss Mack be granted permission to attend
the Cleveland meeting, the University to cover her railroad and
Pullman transportation.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

On recommendation of the general faculty at their meeting October
27, as presented by Dr. Hartman, Dr. Harold Fletcher was approved
for the Bachelor of Arts degree, as of the Class of 1912.  Dr.
Fletcher completed his medical work at Stanford and is a prac-
ticing physician in San Francisco of long standing.

Judge Brown moved the granting of the degree to Dr. Fletcher.
Carried unanimously.

At the request of Dr. Hartman, Judge Brown moved that the State
Auditor be asked to audit the David Russell Fund account so that
Dr. Hartman might be free to transact the necessary business in
connection therewith.  Carried unanimously.

In re. future handling of delinquent tickets, Dr. Hartman sug-
gested that the Regents authorized him:

1.  To instruct the Comptroller that any holder of a delinquent
    ticket whose name is on any University payroll shall have
    the amount of his delinquency subtracted from the 1st or
    2nd check due such student employee, if the amount of the
    check is sufficient to cover this delinquent amount or, if
    the check is not sufficiently large, a prorated amount
    shall be deducted monthly in order that all delinquent
    amounts may be paid not later than December 1 and May of
    each University year.

2.  To instruct the Registrar that final grades in any semester
    are not to be entered on the record of any student who has
    been issued a delinquent ticket which is unpaid in its total
    amount at the time grades are being recorded, and in no case
    to give any final grades or transcript of record to any one
    for such delinquent student.

3.  To have these rulings included in the catalog and/or any
    bulletin issued for the guidance and information of the

Mr. Williams moved the requested authority be granted Dr. Hart-
man.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Mr. Ross moved that the request of the Alumni President that his
Committee on the athletic situation be granted until December 15
to make their report to the Regents be granted.  Carried unani-

Dr. Hartman presented the request of Major Bassett that he be
permitted to park his automobile on the Campus during the after-
noon since he has to make frequent trips to and from the Campus.
The Board did not care to establish a precedent by granting this

Dr. Hartman presented Mr. Martie's query whether a football
schedule was to be prepared for the 1939 season.  Judge Brown
moved that the Football Coach and the Head of the Department of
Physical Education and Athletics for Men be instructed to pro-
ceed with the preparation of the 1939 football schedule.  Car-
ried unanimously.

Judge Brown moved that the Sagebrush bill of $62.50 for the first
semester of the academic year 1938-39 be approved for payment.

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Dr. Hartman presented the following letter from Dr. J. E. Church
of the Department of Classics:

                             November 20, 1938

    Dear Dr. Hartman:

    Following our telephone conversation of yesterday, I take
    pleasure in reporting formally to you and to the Board of
    Regents, the following offer of a gift through the Depart-
    ment of Classics to the University and the public from Mrs.
    Ludovica D. Graham of Reno.

    This gift, actuated by her admiration for your broad under-
    standing and sympathy in Science and the Fine Arts, consists
    of the collection of all-Italian marbles made by the late
    Cardinal Rampolla of approximately 1000 pieces in the form
    of small sections beautifully polished.  This is probably the
    only collection of its kind.

    To guard and display this collection, arrangement has already
    been made with the University Librarian, Miss Thea Thompson,
    to use the present Art Exhibit room in the Library, where
    tables are available for display.

    Following in part the donor's original plan, these sections
    will be arranged in harmonious patterns beneath table tops of
    heavy glass.

    However, it is hoped that sometime the plan can be carried
    out in its entirety -- viz. to arrange the panels in a per-
    manent base where they will suggest more readily the color
    of ancient Rome.  The Emperor Augustus in his published
    "Achievements", understated the city's attraction.  His
    words, "I found Rome brick and left it marble" should have
    been, "I found Rome brick and left it colored marble."  The
    Greeks with their exquisite lines in architecture were un-
    able to search the world for colors and contented themselves
    with plainer pigments.

    The original setting of such marbles can be quite vividly
    reproduced by the presence of one or two tiny fountains.
    The University and Reno are indeed fortunate to become re-
    cipients of such a gift.

    It will be most fitting to call this gift the Ludovica D.
    Graham Collection of Italian Marbles.

                             Most sincerely,

                             J. E. Church

Mr. Ross moved that the Regents accept the gift of Mrs. Ludovica
D. Graham, as set forth above, and the President be instructed
to thank her for this gift.  Carried unanimously.

The request of Mr. R. B. Jeppson, State Director of Vocational
Education, that he be permitted next year to inaugurate the farm
mechanics plan authorized September 24, 1938 by the Regents, was
unanimously granted.

On motion of Mr. Williams, the following "Appreciation of the
Life and Character of Clarence H. Mackay", as prepared by Dr.
Hartman, was unanimously adopted and the President was asked to
forward a copy of this Appreciation to the Mackay family:

    In the passing of Clarence Hungerford Mackay, who died
    Saturday, November 12, 1938, the University of Nevada has
    suffered the irreparable loss of a good friend and a gener-
    ous benefactor.

    Beginning with 1907 when Mr. Mackay and his mother, Marie
    Louise Mackay, donated to the University the Mackay School
    of Mines building, the Mackay Athletic Field and Stadium,
    the Mackay Training Quarters and a fund to beautify the
    Campus through the creation of the Mackay Quadrangle, his
    keen interest in the University and its student body has
    been steadfast and unfailing.  Of all the scions of the
    families whose fortunes came from Nevada, he alone has mani-
    fested for this State a grateful remembrance which has con-
    tinued for more than 30 years.

    Each succeeding generation of students has felt the impress
    of his character and personality.  These young people have
    realized that in him they had a guide and friend whose in-
    spiring message, "Keep Your Standard of Life High", was ever
    before them in the words of the motto he chose for the Mackay
    School of Mines Library.  By precept and example he repre-
    sented the best ideals of our national life.  He exercised
    the finest kind of influence upon the development and charac-
    ter of our young men.  This broad knowledge, his wide inter-
    ests, his deep culture, his wise counsel, his human sympathy
    and his rare personal traits endeared him to all who knew
    him.  In him we found the true scholar-gentleman.  We shall
    miss his annual Mackay Day and Home-Coming messages through
    which he maintained his contact with our student body and
    made student and Professor alike cognizant of his personal
    interest in our University.

    His spirit of reverence, his devotion to his father and moth-
    er, his genuine appreciation of the eternal value of a real
    man, however humble, his sincerity, his honesty of purpose
    and the nobility of his character remain a great heritage and
    inspiration for future generations of our youth.

    We mourn his loss.  We say truly that a prince and a great
    man is fallen and gone from our midst.  Future generations of
    our young people shall rise up and call him blessed.

Dr. Hartman recommended that the Board authorize the holding of
a Summer Session in 1939 on the same understanding of that ob-
tained in 1938, that the Session should not cost more than $4000
and should be as nearly self-supporting as possible.

Judge Brown moved that the requested authority be granted.  Vote:

    Judge Brown          Aye
    Mr. Williams         Aye
    Mr. Ross             Aye

Dr. Hartman read the following letter:

           Engineers' Council for Professional Development
                A Conference of Engineering Bodies
                      29 West 39th Street
                      New York City, N. Y.
                        October 22, 1938

    President Walter E. Clark
    University of Nevada
    Reno, Nevada

    My dear President Clark:

    I beg to advise you that on October 22nd the Engineers'
    Council for Professional Development took the following
    action in regard to the curricula submitted by your insti-
    tution for consideration by the E. C. P. D. Committee on
    Engineering Schools:

        Civil Engineering       Not to accredit
                                (Leave status unchanged)

        Mechanical Engineering  To accredit for one year

    Should you feel that you might be further informed regarding
    the reasons for any of the actions noted above, it is sug-
    gested that you plan to communicate directly with the Chair-
    man of your regional committee, who will cooperate in any
    way he can in providing you with the information desired.

    The accredited list as it will appear in published form will
    contain only the curricula which have been accredited by the
    E. C. P. D., and, where unfavorable action has been taken,
    the Council will omit from any material made public the name
    of the institutions or the curricula which have been unfavor-
    ably acted upon.  The list will be subject to continual re-
    vision at the discretion of the Council.

                             Very sincerely yours,

                             Stephen L. Tyler

On recommendation of Dean Stewart, approved by Dr. Hartman, Mr.
Williams moved that Ernest Brooks, Assemblyman-Elect, be granted
a leave of absence from his duties as Dairy Instructor from
January 1 to April 1, 1939.  Carried unanimously.

Dr. Hartman presented for the information of the Board the Re-
Organization Plan of the Postal Telegraph and Cable Corporation
showing in detail the effect it would have on the University.

Dr. Hartman said that the preparation of plans for the Engineer-
ing building would be presented in two forms:  One for Civil
Engineering only and the other for Civil Engineering with a wing
added for a mechanical laboratory.  Mr. Ross asked that these two
plans should be in not later than December 15th.

A group of Farm Bureau representatives appeared before the Board
to discuss ways and means of improving the status quo of the
College of Agriculture in particular and of the University in
general and expressed their eagerness to assist the University
in any way possible toward the securing of additional funds for
the University and in legislation making possible the sale of the
University Agricultural Farm on the South Virginia Road.

Recessed until afternoon.

Recessed meeting took up at 1:30 P.M.

Comptroller Gorman presented in detail his comparative statement
of University income and expenditures for the past several years.

The Secretary was instructed to acknowledge receipt of Dean
Butler's letter of November 21, 1938 to Mr. Ross and to file it
with E. C. P. D. correspondence.

Chairman Ross presented his report on his visit as the guest of
President Creel of the Land-Grant College Association at Chicago
November 14-16, 1938.  He expressed his thanks that the Regents
had authorized him to accept Mr. Creel's invitation to be present
at these sessions which had been of inestimable value to him.
Mr. Ross felt that a larger number of Deans and Directors should
be encouraged to attend the annual meetings of their organiza-

Judge Brown moved that the Acting President be requested to ap-
point a Committee of the faculty to make a study of the question
of the retirement plan for the members of our staff and that the
Committee so appointed be requested in due time to make a report
to the Board of Regents.  Carried unanimously, the Committee to
be asked to report, if possible, by the January meeting of the

Recessed to some date to be set by Chairman Ross in December,
but not earlier than December 15th.