UCCSN Board of Regents' Meeting Minutes
November 21-22, 1959

Volume 8 - Pages 191-216

November 21, 1959

The Board of Regents met in the Maude Frazier building on the Las
Vegas Campus on Saturday, November 21, 1959. Present: Regents
Anderson, Arnold, Broadbent, Crumley, Elwell, Germain, Grant,
Tyson; Comptroller Hayden, Engineer Rogers, Academic Vice Presi-
dent Wood and President Armstrong. Dr. Lombardi was absent be-
cause of illness. Dean Carlson was present as an observer. Mr.
Porter represented the Office of the Attorney General.

The meeting was called to order at 9 A.M. by Chairman Grant.

1. Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the meeting of October 9-10, 1959 were ap-
proved upon motion by Mr. Crumley, seconded by Mr. Elwell,
and unanimous vote. The correction in the minutes of
August 15, 1959 was further corrected to show that Mr.
Crumley, as well as Mr. Germain, expressed approval of the
plans for the new Library building with the exception of
the arcade.

2. Comptroller's Claims

President Armstrong presented the claims submitted to him
by Mr. Hayden and recommended approval as follows:

Regents Checks, numbers 90-81 to 90-115 inclusive for
a total of $682,939.13 for October.

State Claims, numbers 90-1024 to 90-1036 and 90-32 to
90-45 inclusive for a total of $299,959.45 for October.

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Elwell, carried
unanimously that the claims be approved.

3. Gifts

Gifts which had been received by the University were pre-
sented by President Armstrong for acceptance as follows:


From Raymond I. Smith, Reno - 4 books on Communism for
the University Library.

From Miles Kennedy, Reno - 14 volumes of general litera-
ture for the University Library.

From Harold Warp, Minden, Nebraska - a copy of "Pageant
of the Pioneers" for the University Library.

From the Washoe County School District - 40 volumes from
the Reno High School Library for the University Library.

From the Wells City Library - 11 cartons of books of
general literature for the University Library.

From Mrs. Eileen M. Bailey, Yerington - 23 volumes of
College textbooks for the University Library in memory
of her son, David Bailey.

From Clark J. Guild, Jr., Reno - $10 for the University
Library in memory of Della Carter, through "Friends of
the University Library".

From Dr. Fred Anderson, Reno - $5 for the Library of
the Orvis School of Nursing, in memory of Della Carter.

From L. E. Parsons, Elko - specimens of calcite-replaced
"Desert Rose" barite for the Mackay School of Mines

From Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Buchanan, Sparks - $100 to be
added to the John Scott Buchanan Memorial Student Loan

From Research Corporation, New York - $3900 as a Fred-
erick Gardner Cottrell grant-in-aid of Dr. Richard
Sill's research program entitled "An Experimental Study
of Solid State Surface Free Energy Using Surfaces of
Controlled Contamination, and Associated Reexaminations
of Basic Theories of Surfaces".

From Pio William Ianni, San Jose, California - $50 for
the Department of Mechanical Engineering under the
General Electric Corporate Alumnus Program. General
Electric will make a matching contribution.

Scholarships, Grants-in-Aid

From Armando Office Supply Company, Reno - $200 to
cover the Armanko Office Supply Company Scholarships
for the 1959-60 school year.

Sidney W. Robinson, Reno - $300 to cover the Mary
Elizabeth Talbot Memorial Scholarship for the 1959-60
school year.

Bruce R. Thompson, Reno - $100 to cover the R. C.
Thompson Scholarship Award for the 1959-60 school year.

From Zions First National Bank, Salt Lake City, Utah -
$1625 to cover scholarships awarded under the Josephine
Beam Educational Fund.

From the Rebekah Assembly of Nevada - $50 to be applied
on the scholarship award to Danny Winters from the
Rebekah Assembly of Nevada.

From the Emporium of Music, Reno - $100 to cover the
Emporium of Music Scholarship for the 1959-60 school

From General Motors Corporation, Detroit, Michigan -
$1700 to cover annual stipends for GM-sponsored stu-
dents at the University of Nevada.

From the Nevada Agency and Trust Company, Reno - $900
from the Estate of Alma Holmshaw to be credited to the
Harry F. Holmshaw Scholarship Fund.

From Harold's Club, Reno - $1500 to be used as a special
scholarship for Mrs. Grace E. Puddington over a period
of a year and a half, beginning with the Spring semester

From the National Association of Secondary School
Principals, Washington, D. C. - $500 as the 1959 Betty
Crocker Search Scholarship for Marilyn Cobbley, awarded
by General Mills, Inc.

From the Indian Education Division, Department of Educa-
tion, Carson City - $160 as special scholarships for the
year 1959-60 for Barbara Williams, Erman T. Bill and
Whitney Brown.

From the Elks National Foundation, Boston, Massachusetts
- $500 to cover the Elks National Foundation Scholarship
for the 1959-60 school year awarded to Mrs. Barbara
Berg, a Sophomore student attending the Southern Region-
al Division. Mrs. Berg was selected by the Nevada State
Elks Association.

From Southern Nevada Section, Women's Auxiliary, Ameri-
can Institute Mining and Metallurgical Engineers - $100
to be used as grants-in-aid of $50 each for two deserv-
ing Senior Engineering students in the Mackay School of

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Elwell, carried
unanimously that the gifts be accepted and the Secretary
instructed to write a note of thanks to the donors.

4. Travis Estate

President Armstrong presented a statement in the amount of
$550 for legal services on the part of Thelen, Marrin,
Johnson & Bridges furnished in connection with the Hannah
Travis Fulton Trust under the Will of Wesley Elgin Travis.
President Armstrong recommended that the statement be al-

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Broadbent, carried
unanimously that the Administration be authorized to pay
the sum requested.

5. Personnel Recommendations

Personnel recommendations were presented by the President
with his recommendation for approval as follows:


Appointment as follows:

Roger W. Mills as Assistant Agricultural Agent in Washoe
County at an annual salary rate of $5400 based on 12
months service, effective November 15, 1959 (replace-
ment for Rollie Weaver, transferred).


Appointment as follows:

Arthur B. Anderson as Chemistry Laboratory and Storeroom
Technician at an annual salary rate of $5000 based on
12 months service, effective November 1, 1959 (replace-
ment for Robert Moyers).


Appointment as follows:

Yvonne Thornton as Supervising Teacher for the Fall
semester 1959 at a salary of $75 for the semester.


Appointment as follows:

Muriel G. Alexander as Reference Assistant (Technical)
at an annual salary rate of $4200 based on 12 months
service, effective October 16, 1959 (replacement for
Lura Mathews, resigned).


Appointment as follows:

Anthony L. Payne as Associate Professor of Mining, ef-
fective December 15, 1959, at a salary rate of $8100
for the academic year 1959-60 (replacement for Wm.
Smyth, retired).


Appointments in the Evening Division, Fall Semester 1959,
as follows: (Assignment in Reno unless otherwise indicated)

Harold N. Brown, School Administration - $225
Harry M. Chase, Jr., History (Yerington) - $375
Truman M. Cheney, School Administration (Hawthorne) -
Robert E. Clute, Political Science - $337.50
Richard Dana, Psychology - $337.50
Willard Day, Psychology (Carson City) - $375
Henry Domingos, Fundamental Electronics for Servicemen -
Don W. Driggs, Political Science - $225
Lloyd A. Drury, Elementary Education - $337.50
Kathryn H. Duffy, Real Estate Review - $337.50
Roland Ellmore, English (Stead AFB) - $375
Merel M. Fielding, Accounting (Hawthorne) - $500
Eli Grubic, Business Administration - $337.50
William Halberstadt, Philosophy - $337.50
Felton Hickman, Music (Ely) - $450
Jack E. Hull, Business Administration (Elko) - $375
Glen Johnson, Real Estate Clinic - $225
J. Patrick Kelly, Education (Elko) - $450
Lawton B. Kline, Spanish - $225
Barbara J. Lane, Physical Education - $112.50
Ira La Rivers, Biology - $337.50
Joseph E. Lauck, Accounting - $450
Frederick A. Lawrence, Chemistry (Ely) - $500
Russell D. Lloyd, Economics - $300
Thomas Mc Dermott, Elements of Supervision - $225
Robert Mc Queen, Psychology - $337.50
Lyle Markhart, Accounting - $337.50
William C. Miller, Speech - $225
C. W. Oakley, Mathematics - $225
Stuart L. Pearce, Accounting (Elko) - $500
Robert A. Pierotti, Chemistry - $450
Donald G. Potter, Education - $337.50
Calvin Reed, Elementary Education (Winnemucca) - $412.50
A. U. Ricciardi, "American Dental Assistants" - $225
Robert T. Roelofs, Philosophy - $337.50
John H. Rowland, Mathematics - $225
Irving Sandorf, Fundamental Electronics for Servicemen -
Gerald R. Shelby, Education (Ely) - $375
David B. Slemmons, Geology - $337.50
Eugene C. Sprout, Advance Surveying - $70
James Tigner, History (Stead AFB) - $375
Robert Thompson, Mathematics - $225
Murray Tripp, History (Ely) - $375
Thomas T. Tucker, Jr., School Administration - $337.50
Edward Vietti, "Medical Assistants" - $225
Roy D. Willey, Elementary Education (Lee Vining, Calif.)
- $412.50
Clair D. Woodward, Music (Elko) - $250


Appointment of Supervising Teachers for Fall Semester, 1959,
as follows:

Jo Ann Alexander, E. Otis Vaughn School $150
Robert Benson, Reno High School 75
Bernice Berry, Peavine School 150
Douglas J. Bottorff, Billinghurst Jr. High School 75
John Brunson, Northside Jr. High School 75
James Butler, Sparks Intermediate School 75
Douglas Byington, Northside Jr. High School 75
Nancy Byington, Greenbrae School, Sparks 150
Ray Cable, Reno High School 75
Richard Christensen, Sparks High School 75
Edith Crawford, Sparks High School 75
Marilyn Cusick, Reno High School 75
Rubel David, Anderson School 120
Mae Denevi, Sparks High School 75
Juanita Elcano, Jessie Beck School 150
Robert Foard, Reno High School 75
Buddy Garfinkle, Peavine School 120
Inez Gillies, Greenbrae School, Sparks 120
Ray Gonsalves, Reno High School 75
Naomi Goodish, Reno High School 75
Orsie Graves, Sparks High School 150
Chester Green, Echo Loder School 120
Norma Gregory, Orvis Ring School 150
Gladys Hamm, Sparks High School 75
Josephine Hancock, Veterans Memorial School 150
Robert Hanson, Mary Lee Nichols School, Sparks 30
Patricia Heehs, Central Jr. High School 75
Albert Henry, Northside Jr. High School 150
Michael Horan, Sparks High School 75
Marilyn Hunsberger, Orvis Ring School 150
Lawrence Jenkins, E. Otis Vaughn School 75
Norman Johnston, Sparks High School 75
Dorothy Kalmeyer, Reno High School 75
Robert Kimbrough, E. Otis Vaughn School 75
Florence Lehners, Reno High School 75
Helen Leonard, Sparks High School 150
Claude Mabry, Reno High School 75
Harold Martin, Sparks Intermediate School 75
Fausto Mentaberry, Northside Jr. High School 75
Richard Miles, Hunter Lake School 120
Isabelle Moe, Sierra Vista School 120
Ert Moore, Mary S. Doten School 90
Andrew Morby, Reno High School 75
Bert Munson, Reno High School 75
Marguerite Nelson, Jessie Beck School 150
Roger Newton, Billinghurst Jr. High School 75
Thomas Ogg, Northside Jr. High School 75
James Potts, Sparks High School 150
Virginia Quirk, Orvis Ring School 150
Carl Robinson, Sparks High School 150
Marvin Roth, Reno High School 75
Lyle Roush, Northside Jr. High School 75
Simon Simonian, Reno High School 75
Robert Singleton, Libby C. Booth School 120
Ivan Slotto, Reno High School 150
Lucille Smith, Sierra Vista School 150
Carol Stevenson, Reno High School 75
Lucille Stone, Sparks High School 75
Rachel Struve, Peavine School 150
Tom Summers, Reno High School 75
John Tellaisha, Reno High School 150
Yvonne Thornton, Billinghurst Jr. High School 75
Lloyd Trout, Reno High School 75
Velva Trulove, Sparks High School 75
Fairy Utter, Northside Jr. High School 75
Leon Van Doren, Central Jr. High School 75
Edward Van Gorder, Billinghurst Jr. High School 75
Vaol Ward, E. Otis Vaughn School 75
Grace Warner, Orvis Ring School 60
Vera Warren, Billinghurst Jr. High School 75
Grace Watson, Mt. Rose School 150
Sessions Wheeler, Reno High School 75
Edwin Whitehead, Sparks High School 75
Kenneth Williams, Sparks High School 75
Harry Wolf, Elko County High School 150
Paul Wright, E. Otis Vaughn School 75
Richard Wright, Sparks High School 75


Appointment as follows:

Donald Peterson as Supervising Teacher for the Fall
Semester 1959 - $50

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Elwell, carried unani-
mously that the personnel items be approved.

6. Bid Opening

President Armstrong read the report of the "Bid Opening for
Paving, Fleischmann Agriculture Building" as follows:

Bids were opened for the Paving, Fleischmann Agriculture
Building in Room 205, Morrill Hall at 4 P.M., Friday, Novem-
ber 20, 1959. Those present were Mr. Brian J. Whalen, As-
sistant University Engineer, Mr. P. W. Hayden, Comptroller,
and Miss Mary Moulton, Administrative Assistant in Comp-
troller's Office.

The results of the subject bid opening were as follows:

Ready-Mix Concrete Company
Accompanied by bid bond $4650

Isbell Construction Company
Accompanied by bid bond $4875

George E. Miller Construction Company, Inc.
Accompanied by bid bond $5490

Tholl Paving, Inc.
Accompanied by bid bond $7887

It is recommended that the low bid, as submitted by Ready-
Mix Concrete Co. in the amount of $4650 be accepted and a
contract be drawn with them. This bid is within the esti-
mate as prepared by the University Engineer's Office and
the funds are available in the Buildings and Grounds Repair

Respectfully submitted,

James D. Rogers
University Engineer


P. W. Hayden, Comptroller
Charles J. Armstrong, President

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Germain, carried
unanimously that the awarding of the bid to Ready-Mix
Concrete Company be approved and a contract drawn with
that firm.

7. Insurance and Retirement Plans for Professional Staff

President Armstrong reported. Prior to the formation of the
University Council, a faculty committee was appointed to
study the various types of insurance and retirement plans.
The findings of this committee were subsequently taken under
study by a committee of the University Council, and recom-
mendations of the Council Committee were discussed at a
faculty meeting. Resolution covering the recommendations
was put to vote by secret ballot of the entire faculty.
Ballots were counted and reported as follows:

In favor 218
Opposed 11
Number of Ballots Mailed 321
Number of Ballots Returned 229

The Resolution is now being presented to the Board of Re-
gents for consideration and appropriate action.

To assist the Regents in their consideration, the Chairman
requested the Administration to study the approximate cost
of participation in these insurance and retirement plans
and report to the Regents.

Motion by Mr. Arnold was seconded by Mr. Crumley that the
Chairman appoint a special committee of the Regents to study
these faculty proposals on Insurance and Retirement Plans.

Mr. Tyson suggested an amendment to the motion that the
study include insurance and retirement benefits for classi-
fied personnel also. The amendment was accepted, and the
motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Grant appointed the following committee:

Mr. Crumley, Chairman
Mr. Tyson
Mr. Germain

8. Leave of Absence Policy

President Armstrong reported. The document presented to the
Regents herewith is the result of a study by a committee
which was originally a committee of the Faculty Forum and
continued under the new organization under the Chairmanship
of Dr. Slemmons. Last Spring he solicited comments and dis-
cussion from the faculty and the matter was brought up at a
general faculty meeting this Fall and modified somewhat. It
was then sent to the faculty for secret ballot, the results
of which were as follows:

In favor 226
Opposed 5
Number of Ballots Mailed 321
Number of Ballots Returned 231
Ballot Returned Not Checked 1

The Proposed Policy Statement is now being referred to the
Board of Regents for consideration and appropriate action.

It was Mr. Porter's opinion that the policy should be taken
to the State Personnel Board, and if they do not have au-
thority to act on it, it should then be presented to the

Motion by Mr. Tyson, seconded by Mr. Elwell, carried unani-
mously that the Chairman appoint a special committee to
study the Policy Proposed on Leaves of Absence and Related
Matters, and if necessary to have a preliminary discussion
with the State Personnel Board and report at the January

Mr. Grant appointed the following committee:

Mr. Arnold, Chairman
Mr. Tyson
Mr. Broadbent

The Board recessed at 9:50 A.M. to go through the new building on
the Las Vegas Campus. The meeting was called into session at
10:20 A.M. by the Chairman.

9. Building Program

Present in addition to those listed at the beginning of the
meeting were Mr. Bissell and Mr. Miller of the State Plan-
ning Board, Mr. Alexander and Mr. Vhay of the architectural
firm for the Library building.

Dr. Anderson as Chairman of the Regents Building Committee
read the following minutes of the meeting of October 23,
1959, as follows:

The Committee met at 4 P.M. on the above date in the office
of the President of the University, with Dr. Armstrong,
Chairman, presiding. Other members of the Committee present
were Mr. Arnold and Mr. Tyson; also present were Mr. Rogers,
University Engineer, and President Armstrong.

The chief item of business was discussion of final plans for
the Health and Physical Education buiilding on the Las Vegas
Campus. By action of the Board of Regents at its meeting on
October 10, the Building Committee had been authorized to
approve the final plans in consultation with the Las Vegas
members of the Board. Mr. Rogers reported a conversation
by telephone with Mr. Grant concerning their review of the
final plans, and explained several items which they had
noted as needing correction, namely a second door for the
boiler room, additional shelves in the grooming room,
changing the form of outside access to the storage area
and changing the type of sealer to be used on the Gymnasium

The Committee gave careful consideration to the plans for
the building and made the following observations:

1. Observation windows for the locker rooms provided in
faculty rooms 201 and 203 on sheet 9 should be eliminat-

2. A question was raised concerning the fixed plate glass
windows shown on sheet 10 for the east elevation of the
building. The Committee felt that this would create a
serious heat problem from sun radiation.

3. On sheet 12 the roof area over the girls' shower room
shows no insulation.

A few additional details which were noted by Mr. Rogers and
marked on the plans were also approved for referral to the

On motion the final plans were approved by the Committee
with the exceptions previously noted, including the points
raised by the Las Vegas Regents, which are to be brought
to the attention of the architects for correction.

The Committee also reviewed the matter of the site location
of the new Library and gave consideration to possible re-
location as a result of studies done recently by Mr. Rogers.
After considering all of the possible alternatives, the Com-
mittee voted to reaffirm its original judgment in locating
the Library as presently contemplated.

The meeting adjourned at 5:15 P.M.

Dr. Anderson discussed the meeting of the Regents Building
Committee held on November 19. Final plans for the Agri-
cultural-Mechanics building were reviewed and approved. A
suggestion from the faculty committee was approved, calling
for sign on the building to read "Agricultural Mechanics".
The architects were present at the meeting on November 19,
as were the members of the faculty committee, and agreement
was reached that the final plans were satisfactory.

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Broadbent, carried
unanimously that the action of the Regents Building Commit-
tee in approving the final plans for the Agricultural-
Mechanics building be ratified.

At the same meeting of the Building Committee, final plans
for the Library building were reviewed and discussed. Cer-
tain changes had been made as requested. The architects
discussed the plans; present also were representatives of
each phase of design such as lighting, plumbing, etc., to
discuss these areas.

Mr. Alexander explained to the Regents in this present
meeting with use of a drawing, building materials proposed
for the various parts of the building, described the land-
scaping and interior decorative and artistic features of
the building. Plans included a small outside pool at the
base of the wall, an interior smaller pool and patio with
sunken garden. He proposed two carpeted areas, the Di-
rector's Office and the space in front of the display case,
which would be handled as alternates.

The meeting recessed at 10:50 A.M. for dedication ceremonies for
the Maude Frazier building. The meeting was called to order at
11:30 A.M. by the Chairman.

Mr. Alexander continued his discussion of the building and
covered those items which are expected to be handled as
additive alternates. He asked for discussion on the part
of the Regents as to whether or not his firm should include
in the bids demolition of the present Infirmary.

Mr. Bissell called attention to the fact that no more money
can be spent on the building than was appropriated for it,
so that if money were received for tearing down the Infir-
mary it could not be added to the building fund. He further
called attention to the fact that a clean site has to be
guaranteed to the architects.

The Regents discussed again the location of the Library
building and the changes which would be necessary in the
Campus layout if the building were located farther to the
north, especially in that the Stadium would have to be
moved. The decision was reached that, in view of the fact
that the Legislature is desirous that the University pro-
ceed with the construction of the Library building without
further delay, the site already agreed upon be reaffirmed.

Motion by Mr. Tyson was seconded by Mr. Arnold that the
final building plans for the Library building be approved
in accord with the recommendation of the Regents Building
Committee. The motion carried with Mr. Germain not voting
and all other Regents voting "aye".

Mr. Bissell discussed the old Gymnasium building and asked
if the University desired a variance so that the building
might continue to be used when the new Library building is
constructed. He asked that the Planning Board be advised
if the building will be torn down within a definite period
of time; otherwise, certain changes would have to be made
to meet the building code, because of its proximity to the
new Library building.

Motion by Mr. Broadbent, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried
unanimously that the Planning Board be informed that within
a year after occupancy of the new Library building, the old
Gymnasium building will be removed.

The Board recessed for luncheon at 12:20 P.M. and was called
into session by the Chairman at 2:10 P.M.

10. Sales Proceedings, HHFA Projects

President Armstrong presented the Sales Proceedings proposed
by the bonding firm of Dawson, Nagel, Sherman & Howard which
were approved as to form by the Office of the Attorney Gen-
eral. He suggested January 16, 1960, as the date for the
next meeting of the Board of Regents and for opening of the
bids. At that meeting the Regents would adopt a resolution
accepting or rejecting the bids. Interim financing will
carry the project to about 75% of completion, which will
probably be the end of February or the first of March.

The Sales Proceedings were read by the members of the Board,
in accord with the requirement of bond counsel.

11. Names of University Buildings

In accord with action of the Board of Regents at the last
meeting, Dr. Anderson had sent to the members of the Board
a list of buildings for which names are needed. He dis-
cussed at this meeting proposals which had been made to him
that the following individuals be so honored: James C.
Scrugham, Walter E. Clark, Reuben C. Thompson (for the old
Education building), A. C. Grant and Cyril Bastian (for the
Agricultural-Mechanics building).

Mr. Crumley proposed that the new Library building be named
immediately for Noble Getchell, who is 84 years old and ill
at the present time. Mr. Crumley said that he is authorized
to inform the Regents that the University is to receive a
sizable bequest from the Estate of Mr. Getchell, in line
with his deep and continued interest in the University of
Nevada. Mr. Crumley further proposed that a building be
named for George Wingfield because of his service to and
interest in the University and the State of Nevada. Mr.
Germain added his support to Mr. Crumley's suggestions.

Motion by Mr. Crumley, seconded by Mr. Germain, carried
unanimously that the new Library building be named for
Noble H. Getchell, the exact wording to be worked out with

Motion by Mr. Crumley, seconded by Mr. Germain, carried
unanimously that the new Engineering Mines building be
named for George H. Wingfield, the exact wording to be
worked out with him, unless by the date of the next meeting
of the Board in January it shall be determined that a very
substantial bequest or contribution to the University would
be jeopardized as a result of so naming this building, in
which case the Physical Sciences building shall be named
after Mr. Wingfield.

Mr. Broadbent discussed his proposal that the Agricultural-
Mechanics building be named for Cyril Bastian, saying that
it was Mr. Bastian who sold the idea of the building to the
faculty, to the Regents, and then to the Legislature. Mr.
Porter believed that, since Mr. Bastian is a member of the
Legislature, this action might produce an obstacle in that
Mr. Bastian could be considered to have a personal interest.
No action was taken, pending study on this point.

Motion by Mr. Elwell, seconded by Dr. Anderson, carried
unanimously that the present Education building be named
for Reuben C. Thompson.

12. Infirmary

Dr. Anderson discussed moving the Infirmary facilities. It
had been the plan to use the present Dining Hall for this
purpose but it is now evident that the Dining Hall will not
be vacated by the time the Infirmary needs the space. Dr.
Anderson proposed that 3 of the 7 dwellings of the North
Virginia Street property which has been acquired by the
University be used for Infirmary facilities. Two of the
buildings are so located that they can be connected, and
thus provide several bed spaces. The Health Committee in-
spected the houses and believes that they will serve In-
firmary needs for the present.

Motion by Dr. Anderson, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried
unanimously that plans be expedited by the Administration
through the Health Committee and the University Engineer
toward use of these buildings for Infirmary purposes.

Motion by Mr. Germain, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried
unanimously that the Administration be authorized to seek
bids for demolishing the present Infirmary building.

13. New Women's Dormitory

Dr. Anderson said that the thinking had been that the new
Women's Dormitory would be on the site of the present Dining
Hall, and suggested that formal action be taken, if the
Board is in agreement. President Armstrong reported that
word has been received from HHFA that funds have been set
aside for the project.

Motion by Mr. Germain, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried
unanimously that the new Women's Dormitory be built on the
site of the present dining facility.

14. Nursing Building

For discussion only, Dr. Anderson brought up the fact that
at the Campus Development Committee meeting, Dean Gilkey had
requested that space between the Agricultural building, the
Mackay Science Hall and the Home Economics building be re-
served for the Nursing building. It was thought by some
members of the Committee that this location would crowd the
area. A sub-committee of the Campus Development Committee
has been appointed to study this and other possible sites.

15. Ladino Dairy

Mr. Crumley gave a progress report on his activities con-
cerning sale of the Ladino Dairy Farm, following his ap-
pointment to carry on some preliminary negotiations for
the contemplated sale of the Farm. He contacted several
people and has received one definite offer. Mr. Crumley
asked, for his guidance, if the Regents want to require
that the Farm be sold in one block or if they want to
think in terms of selling it piecemeal, whether it should
be sold for cash or for down payment and the balance on
terms. Mr. Porter said that the matter of time payments
has been checked and that this procedure is all right.

It was agreed by the Regents that it would be preferable
to sell the Farm in one block; that a down payment of at
least $100,000 is necessary; that occupancy could be given
9 months from date of sale; that items of equipment listed
by Dean Adams will be removed by the University, but that
other improvements will be included in the sale of the Farm;
that payments over a period of 10 years would be acceptable;
and that bids be sought as soon as Mr. Crumley and the At-
torney General can prepare the publicity and other details
for advertising for bids.

16. Capurro Property

In accord with previous action of the Board that the Office
of the Attorney General be asked to study the option on the
Capurro property and advise concerning date, President
Armstrong received a letter, which he read, stating that
the University may purchase an additional 40 acres on or
before June 23, 1963.

17. Lake in Housing Area

Mr. Rogers reported that the amount of fill which would be
necessary to raise the lake bed to the correct level could
be secured from the excavation for the Library building and
from the hill south of the Married Housing site. Ample
funds for the project will probably be available from HHFA
money for the Married Housing Contingency Fund.

Motion by Mr. Germain, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried
unanimously that the lake be filled as described by Mr.
Rogers, if and when the contingency fund becomes available.

18. North Virginia Street Property

The President reported that he had received notice from the
Planning Board that all the property north of the Fine Arts
building had been purchased except the Weller property and
that $9,283 remained in the fund of the $150,000 appropri-

19. Las Vegas Property

President Armstrong said that the University has a tentative
offer of 86 acres of land. The owner, Mr. Mc Leod, agreed
to charge $145,000 for 69 acres and upon such purchase would
donate 17 adjoining acres.

Motion by Mr. Germain, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried
unanimously that the University request an option on the
86 acres and that the Chairman of the Board be authorized
to contact Mrs. Wilbourn about possible purchase of addi-
tional land.

20. Transportation, Las Vegas Campus

Mr. Germain explained the need for transportation facilities
for trips for the Science and other classes as well as ath-
letic trips, etc., and urged immediate purchase of a station
wagon or small bus. Since this item has not been included
in the budget, it was agreed that the President be instruct-
ed to study the situation to see if some means can be found
to provide transportation facilities.

21. Health and Physical Education Building, Las Vegas

Mr. Rogers discussed suggested changes in the plans for the
building. Mr. Miller, architect, also discussed them and
said that the firm had checked and had taken care of all
the changes with the exception of the glass item on the
east side of the building which he hoped would be left as

Motion by Mr. Elwell, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried unani-
mously that the final plans be approved, and the Chairman
authorized to sign on behalf of the Board.

22. Sales Proceedings (Continuation of Item 9)

The members of the Board had by this time read individually
the Resolution in the form provided covering the Sales Pro-
ceedings for the revenue certificates for Men's Dormitory,
Dining Hall and Married Housing.

Motion by Mr. Crumley, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried
unanimously that the Resolution be adopted as follows and
that the date for receiving bids be set for January 16,
1960, in the President's office.

(See Pages 205-216 for Resolution No. 59-9.)

23. Technician Training Program

Mr. Bunten of the State Board of Vocational Education was
present to answer questions of the Regents. President
Armstrong presented two proposed agreements submitted by
the State Board for Vocational Education. One agreement
is to operate an Electronics Technician Training Program
in cooperation with the State Board for Vocational Educa-
tion. The other agreement would be carried on cooperatively
by the University, the State Board for Vocational Education,
and the Washoe County School Board, to provide technical
training programs on the Reno Campus similar to those
already approved for Clark County. Both are part of the
program of the National Defense Act of 1958 under Title

Motion by Mr. Germain, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried
unanimously that the agreements be approved.

24. Vacuum Gauge Laboratory

Dr. George Barnes stated in letter of November 12, 1959,
to Dr. Armstrong, that the Regional Air Research and De-
velopment Command office is requesting, in connection with
the vacuum gauge research project the following: (1) state-
ment designating Dr. Barnes as security officer for the
vacuum laboratory, (2) two copies of the minutes of the
Board of Regents covering the requirement from the Depart-
ment of Defense manual that such persons other than those
required to be cleared shall not require nor shall have,
and can be effectively denied, access to classified in-
formation in the possession of the institution, and do not
occupy positions that would enable them to affect adversely
the institution's policies or practices in the performance
of classified contracts for the Department of Defense, and
(3) a certified list of all the Regents of the University.
President Armstrong recommended that these things be done.

Motion by Mr. Germain, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried
unanimously that Dr. Barnes be designated as security of-
ficer, that copies of the minutes as requested and a
certified list of the Regents be furnished.

25. School Administration Course Fee

President Armstrong presented the request of Dean Holstine
to waive the course fee for School Administration 590,
Supervision of Student Teaching, 2 semester credits, for
all persons who are to be awarded a letter of appointment
as Supervising Teachers for the College of Education, be-
ginning with the second semester of the current school
year. The course will be taught by Dean Holstine and will
be required of all those accepting appointment unless the
appointee has previously completed the course. President
Armstrong recommended approval.

Motion by Mr. Arnold, seconded by Mr. Elwell, carried unani-
mously that the fee be waived in accordance with the above
request and recommendation.

26. Soils and Water Laboratory

As requested by the Regents at the last meeting, the Office
of the Attorney General looked into the law covering the
Soils and Water Testing Laboratory, especially regarding
the two points in question - (1) whether or not testing
should be done for landowners of Nevada who are not resi-
dents, and (2) whether or not testing is permitted on a
courtesy basis for State and Federal agencies. President
Armstrong reported that the opinion is that, according to
the law, neither of these services can be provided, since
the law clearly states that testing is limited to those
only who are legal residents of the State. Dean Adams
suggested that legislation be sought to permit service to
these two groups.

Motion by Mr. Germain, seconded by Mr. Arnold, carried
unanimously that a bill be drafted to permit testing of
soils and water for landowners in Nevada who are not
residents, and for State and Federal agencies on a courtesy

27. Dr. Lyle M. Bender

Dr. Armstrong reported the death of Dr. Lyle M. Bender,
Associate Director of Agricultural Extension, on November
18 and suggested that Dr. Bender's salary be paid through
November and if possible through December. Mr. Porter's
opinion was that there would be no question about paying
the salary through November, but that he would have to
check to see if it could be carried beyond that time.

28. Retirement Policy, Classified Personnel

Nothing has been done on this matter because the State
Personnel Department is discussing the question with regard
to all State agencies. In view of this fact, the Office
of the Attorney General advised that no action should be
taken by the Regents at this time.

29. Radiological Laboratory

Mr. Hendricks, architect for the Science and Technology
building, spoke to the Regents on the establishment of the
Radiological Laboratory in Las Vegas by the U. S. Public
Health Service. He said that the agency is pleased with
prospects of space in the addition to the Technology build-
ing on the Las Vegas Campus. The Public Health Service will
furnish thousands of dollars worth of equipment in the Labo-
ratory plus many other services and benefits to the School,
and will employ 9 men holding the Ph. D. degree.

Mr. Bissell discussed permissive legislation for the con-
struction of the addition to the Science and Technology
building, saying that his agency had indicated that per-
missive legislation will be sought by the University. The
State Planning Board will make the request for the appro-
priation. The matter was discussed by the President and
the Regents, with Mr. Porter, who advised that in his
opinion permissive legislation is not necessary - that
the matter can be taken directly to the Governor.

Dedication ceremonies for the Radiological Laboratory in
Las Vegas have been set for Friday, December 4.

The meeting adjourned at 4:15 P.M.

A. C. Grant

Alice Terry